Legend of The Flaming Force

By Mysterious

Part 6: Eternal Flames of Love and Hate


The journey back was proving to be a long one. With Sage in her condition it was slowing them all down, but with the time for much needed rest it was also welcomed. Link sat up, like he did every night staring into the fire. Wondering over many things, it had nearly been a week since they had left Hyrule. What had become of his father’s Kingdom was frightening to even entertain at this moment.

            Remembering how he had awaken to the Kingdom in what seemed like another lifetime now, held no hopes. Then there was the matter of survivors and Impa and even Zelda. Why Ganon even took her he couldn’t understand. The Triforce had left her body and was now kept in the Scared Realm along with the Triforce of Courage. She had nothing he wanted. Then again none of it made sense anymore. The meaning of life in general held no importance to Link at that moment. It felt yet again like none of this was for him in any way. Thrust into a future he barely wanted or expected.

            Along with the mixed feelings with Sage it was all wearing on him a great deal. Causing more and more conflict. There he sat like every night wondering over his many thoughts while looking over Sage. As time passed she seemed to grow worse. Her fever was climbing by the day, and sometimes during her sleep she would lash out in violent fits. Yet what caused the most pain to watch was the look on her face. The soft tanned complexion now an odd pale color marked with beads of sweet. The look of unbearable pain fixed upon her face.

            The pendent seemed to be burning at her chest now more so. Almost attached it looked at this point ever glowing of bright red, as if it had been sitting in a ragging fire for a day then placed upon her chest. Link had found himself staring at her once again.

“Can’t sleep again I see.” A voice called out to him. Looking to his side Link saw Lance sitting up right. “You should rest. We will all need our strength.”


“I will be alright. I just want to make sure nothing happens while we are resting.” Link responded glancing back into the small dim fire.


“If you are concerned about that then maybe we should take turns. That way we all get some rest?” Lance suggested again, but this time Link did not respond. “Or maybe it isn’t being attacked you are worried about?” Again there was no response. “Link your sin is done; we can do nothing now you know that. Sitting there and torturing yourself over it, will do nothing to help her.”


“It isn’t her I am worried about.” He replied firmly. “I am worried about what might come of us… If she lives then it might mean the end of us all.”


“Then so be it. We will have to fight her, and true we will be no match but in the end isn’t that our own fault?” Link just huffed in reply. He didn’t want to admit it, but it was his fault for acting so harshly toward her. “Have you even thought what may happen if we bring her back into Hyrule? We might not be able to protect Sage, Ganon will surly want his daughter returned now that all the pieces are together… Then there is always the matter of her banishment. Bring her back into Hyrule will sentence her to death by your ruling.”


            Link had frozen when he heard those words. It was true just but a few days ago he had banished her from the Kingdom. Under punishment of death no less, Sage’s return to Hyrule would mean her death by his own hands. The thought stuck in the back of his mind. Link’s blue eyes fixed across the dieing fire to the ill Sage. As the thought of her death washed over him Link could do nothing but harden his heart even more. It was as if he wasn’t even talking, but more like another person within him speaking.


“Maybe that is for the best. If she doesn’t live then everything just might turn out alright.” Lance wanted to lash out, to slap Link in hopes it would bring some sense to him. Yet the prince reframed and kept his calm composer.


“Is that really what you think? You have sinned once and the result is unbearable for you. Do you wish to make another mistake?” Link’s view snapped toward Lance with a glare. He knew it was all a mistake on his part, but Link didn’t want to hear that.

            Link had gone to respond in some form or another but there was no time. As his lips parted to breathe out a word, a dark blood chillingly familiar laugh filled the darkness. Before Link could even speak his name he was bound. Held back and drawn to his feet like Lance and Eric. The shadowy hands holding them all firmly as Ganondorf’s yellowish eyes pierced through the darkness at them.

            Letting out a growl Link pulled against the shadow demons although knowing he couldn’t break free he still tired. Stepping forth from the darkness The King of Darkness stood over Sage. With an evil smirk he looked to his daughter then back to the others with a laugh.


“I knew you wouldn’t let me down boy… You mortals... So predicable.” He mocked them as he knelt down. Bring his hand to Sage’s face he brushed a free strains of hair from her cheek.


“Don’t touch her!!” Link yelled shocking even himself at such a reaction. Still the thought of Ganondorf even being that close to her sickened him. Ganondorf only laughed in reply as Dargon emerged from the shadows with a look of disgust.


“I don’t understand why you have even allowed her to live up till now father.” Stated in a most unpleased manner. Ganondorf’s smirk fell as he looked back to his son.


“Do not question me boy!” Was all he said before taking Sage into his arms. Standing with the ill Sage he looked back to Link and the others with a smile. “Thank you so much Link… I really couldn’t have done it without you.” Taking a few steps back into the shadows he shouted an order. “Kill them!” Was what it was as Dargon faded into the darkness as well. Watching along side his father as the shadow creatures carried out their orders.

            By this time pure rage had taken over Link. What had brought it about he couldn’t be sure. Rational thought was gone in his mind and the warrior instinct had kicked in. Eric was still dizzy from his rude awakening and Lance struggled against his captors. As the Shadow Creatures came at Link first to deliver a death blow, Link extended his foot out and knocked the attacking one down.  Still that did nothing to help the situation. There were simply just too many. Link was restrained as another creature took the others place. Its shadow blade coming down upon the hero, and it felt like the end. Lance and Eric screaming to spare the hero from his fate, still that didn’t stop the mindless creature that was about to take his life. Link could also feel it. The feeling of the end and the silence of death as he clenched his eyes shut. Preparing for the worst as the weapon inched closer to his body in a slower motion then it really was. Still Link waited until his curiosity to why he was still breathing forced him to open his eyes.

            The creature was there trying to slam through what appeared to be a wall of fire. Each time the blade tried to thrust into Link the barrier formed forting the creatures attack.  Looking pass the attacks it was Sage. She had weakly held out her hand casting the powerful barrier. Ganon growled at his daughter’s attempts as he called of his servants.


“It seems my daughter has taken pity upon you.” He stated as Sage’s hand fell and she laid back taking a deep painful breathe. “Should I agree with her mercy?” Ganon asked as if talking to himself.


Whatever part of Link still remained loyal to what falseness he had followed to this point yelled out.

“She can save her mercy… We do not want mercy from a traitor!” He stated so coldly. Cringing at his words Sage drew herself closer to her father as a tear rolled from her clenched eyes. This only received an evil laugh from Ganon.


“Well done... Once again you have proven yourself to be useful Boy… Leave them.” Ganondorf ordered his minions as they vanished. Ganondorf and Dargon fading away as Link growled.


“What have you done!?!” His cool clam nature overwhelmed with grief now, as Lance yelled. “You bastard, you have destroyed her…. You have taken a pure heart and destroyed it!” Lance yelled from his knees nearly crying himself seeing Sage in such a state. Eric by this time had to force his view elsewhere. He couldn’t look at Link now. The man he once knew to be although clumsy, and late yet still so honest and good was something other then that. He had become tainted by his own hate.


Standing Link just spoke coldly down to Lance.

“It was her choice. She choose that path of darkness, her heart was never pure.” Rising in anger now Lance had gone to strike at Link but Eric managed to restrain him.


“No Lance it isn’t worth it.” Was all he had to offer as Link stared him down. As Lance gave up clenching his fists, his view turning from Link.


“Get ready to ride.” Link ordered as he made way to his horse. His mind swimming with questions now, but still the thing that stuck with him most was that tear. The single tear that fell from Sage’s closed eyes. He couldn’t see the heart break but he still knew it was there. He could feel it, as if he had shared in it.  That image was burned into his mind as he mounted his horse

“Lets go, it won’t take long for her to complete the transformation now. We have to stop Ganondorf before then and kill Sage.”


“Link, are you out of your mind? This is Sage, no Andrea we are talking about.” Eric pleaded with him, still Link would not listen.


“That… woman will be the death of us all if we allow her to live. Remember our duty is to Hyrule first and foremost.”


“We don’t stand a chance against Ganondorf in our conditions. This is madness.” Lance added. It was true they were wounded, tired, and worn beyond measure at this point. Endless days of traveling, battle after battle. It had left both their bodies and spirits worn.




The chillingly dark room light by the glow of the charm embedded in Sage’s chest.  Still struggling with the awesome power that had threatened to take over her body. A few strains of sweat covered hair swiping over her face as she tossed her head from side to side.  Ganondorf’s loveless hand coming to brush the strains of black hair aside. Smirking down at his suffering daughter.

            Dargon’s look was more then a pleased one as he came beside Ganondorf.

“I don’t see why we need her… The pendent itself is enough to ensure us the world father.” He pleaded again for his rightly earned recognition.


“Stupid boy, your sister is a much more promising heir then you have proven yourself.” Ganon said back with a cold glare. Not pleased at all with Dargon’s success thus far.


            Leaning down to Sage’s ear he stroked her hair softly. Being as fatherly as possible as he spoke to her ever so softly.

“My beautiful daughter I know you are scared, afraid of the power… Afraid of becoming what he thinks.” His words like poison as he spoke to her. Sage’s breathing short and shallow she was dieing already, lacking the strength to fight any longer against the burning power.  “But he has already rejected you. Tossed you aside for what you might become… The pain, you feel it I know you do.  He should be the one suffering, help me show him Sage.  Show him the power he fears you have.  Let him see what he has caused you.  Accept it Sage it is yours, your density.” He nearly demanded of her.

            Hovering over her body Ganon watched as her breathing grew more intense only to completely stop. Growling at his daughter’s choice he stood straight. Dargon giving a happy huff at the failure.  The silence overwhelming almost as Ganon turned in disappointment only to snap his head back to Sage. Her body arching as she let out a gasp.

            The pendent turning into flames that spread over her body covering completely in reddish fire.   Burning off her clothing as she gasped for air still.  The flames spawning from her flesh changing from the bright red and darkening to a sinister black. The Sheikah marks on her forehead disappearing but the one under her eye remaining as the flames died down. Ganondorf and Dargon having stood back shield their eyes from the brightness and intense heat of Sage’s flames.

            Sage’s body rose slowly as she sat up. Her long now mixed black and red hair falling over her body. Shielding her perfect figure from their view slightly. Dargon was mused not very sure what had just taken place but his father’s had a devilish smirk plastered on his face. Opening her eyes the lively mortal sparkle gone replaced by the cold harsh reality of heart ach. Taking a breath she closed her eyes flexing like a creature that had been freshly awakened.

“They're right.” She said softly her voice holding more darkness in it then ever before. “Power can be overwhelming” She joked partly jumping from the stone bed she had been placed on.

“Well are you two just going to look at me or do I get to have some clothes.Ganondorf’s hands came to her shoulders embracing her lightly.


“That’s my girl… Dargon bring some clothes for your sister.” He demanded of the shocked boy. Who only mumbled under his breathe as he left them to do as his father requested.




            It hadn’t even been a few hours before the dark clouds covering Hyrule had seemed to grow even darker. The land crying as fire seemed to fall from the sky. The three of them standing on the edge of the boarders looking outward at their dieing homeland.

“Please tell me this doesn’t mean what I think it does?” Eric gasped in thought. Speaking more out loud then he wished too.

“Yes, I think Sage has made her decision. She is now on her father’s side, and now the enemy. I have to know now if anyone has any doubts about what we must do then let them be known. Because as of this very moment we are all that is left to save Hyrule.” Link said in tone starting out cold like before with reference to Sage. Yet softening as if guilt had partly taken hold of him.

            Lance just growled partly yelling now at Link. He didn’t approve of any of it.


“This is your fault and now an innocent must die because of your foolishness and wounded pride. I will go and I will help defeat Ganon but if Sage must die you will be the one doing it Link.” He said just like a noble prince would.


“I agree with the Prince, Link. I will do my duty to the land, but Andrea is still under my protection and I will not strike at her.” Link just growled at them both. Mainly his harsh behavior wasn’t due to their statements but more of anger at himself. He had to go through with it now. After everything he had said and promised. What kind of King would he make if he should go back on his word now? What would his followers think if he could not destroy the evil pledging their country?


“Fine, I will do it should it come to that.” He stated kicking his heals deep into Epona’s sides riding hard to the castle town gates. He knew Ganondorf would be waiting for them, no reason to be sneaky about it now. With Sage Ganondorf would know just where they would be coming from. Better to meet death head on as Link so often thought.




            The stone reeked of death, the once white stone stained with blood both fresh and old. Just opening her yes brought Zelda to tears. Seeing all the chaos that had befallen her father’s Kingdom. It wasn’t but a month ago the four of them were sitting just in the other room waiting for supper to be ready. The memories seemed too childish now in light of everything that had happen. The mood so much more serious then before and tragedy was everywhere.

            Ganondorf just huffed sitting in what was once the King’s throne. The blood stained throne proving to be useful in his over powering mood.

“Where is that girl?!” he growled with an annoyed tone. His fist slamming into the arm of the throne caused her to look up. Chained and worn Zelda was helpless and restrained against the wall. Even her magic couldn’t break these chains for some reason. Either Ganondorf had grown stronger or she had grown weaker.


“So very demanding.” A dark yet familiar voice called out as Zelda’s head snapped the other way. Hoping her ears were just as worn as the rest of her body. “Aren’t you father.” Sage said stepping out of the shadows.

            Her once noble pure aura was now so dark and it caused Zelda to shudder. Clenching her chains as Sage walked into the room Zelda hung her head. It was like a defeat she never thought could come.


“My lovely daughter you shouldn’t keep us waiting like that.” Ganondorf announced standing for her while Dargon just merely rolled his eyes. Sage was not his sister, and traitor for all he was concerned. That was all he would ever see her as.

            Taking his daughter in his arms Ganondorf kissed her forehead sweetly and Zelda had to look away. Bring a twisted smirk upon his face.


“Now then your powers are nearly complete and our heroes will be here within the hour I think it is time you open the scared realm for us… Just two pieces of the Triforce are left to reclaim my dear.” His hand coming up along Sage’s chin lifting her view to him in a fatherly way. Sage just laughed taking his hand as she walked around him, Zelda gasping at the conservation.


“It seems your guest does not like the idea, perhaps she is right.” Ganondorf’s head shot around to look at Sage not sure if this was now all an act. But Sage didn’t let her father respond she only continued with her master plan. “Yes I could open it and offer up to you the Triforce of wisdom and courage. Your wish could be complete then and nothing would stop us from swallowing the world into our dark void, but since we have all waited this long I would suggest we let our guests enjoy it as well.” Her offer was still doing little for his nerves and desire for the artifact.


“Come now father, wouldn’t it be all the better to slowly crush your weak rival, and let him watch you take that which he once processed. Using it to completely destroy his new found kingdom and all the people he has cared for. Letting him watch near death at our glory. That would make it all the more sweeter do you not agree father.” She whispered sweetly into his ear.

            Sage’s plan was causing Dargon to have second thoughts about it all, and Zelda was interested now too. Even if Sage was evil at this point something in her heart could not let go that she was still her sister, and Andrea would never prolong anything without good reason.

            It took slightly longer for Ganondorf’s answer to come this time. He had to think just who’s side she was on, but it was true just by looking at her. The acceptance of her powers this weapon was now his to use at whatever time he so wished. The fear of failure pushed so far away it was not even a thought as he turn taking Sage into his arms.


“You know me and my desires better then anyone. We shall wait, it will not be long.” Ganondorf chuckled holding his seductively dressed daughter as they exchanged wicked smiles.




            The castle town was more then just depressing it was like a faint nightmare they all wished would never come to past. The buildings lay in burnt ruin, and bodies lined the streets. Not like the last time the dark palace had taken its place. This time there was nothing left at all that might have been the best way. With nothing left there is no one left to oppose you. Standing just insides the gates the three warriors glanced around. Eric shocked by all he was seeing and Lance remembering just how he found his own home. Link’s blue eyes scanned the town and the only thing he felt was rage. Everything he loved was gone, and now hate and rage were taking its place.


“Stay together and keep alert.” Was all he said to the others as he started forward. The eerie feeling heavy like a thick fog among the ruins, and silence that only seemed to break as the rain started to fall. A freezing rain much like death as when it freshly comes.


            Link was leading them and Eric couldn’t help but scan every inch of what was left. Lance’s view was more downward which would make it ironic he would be the one to fall first. A trap set for them as a stone fell from under Lance’s feet sending him into darkness with a surprised yell. The others turning quickly to see the stone replace itself.


“No! Damnit they have Lance now too.” Eric exclaimed standing closer to Link.


“There is nothing we can do about it right now. We have to keep going.” Eric only nodded in agreement as they made the brave march to the castle gates. Hovering over a pit of fire and lava was Ganon’s palace. The oddest thing a bridge laid waiting for them. Offering them entrance into the palace.


“Link I don’t like this at all.” Eric said again mainly to break the death like silence.


“They already know we are here, lets not disappoint them.” Link only answered back. An insane look in his eyes as Eric shook his head. The hero had gone through so much of a change. The person he was now was so scary and fear didn’t even seem to touch him.

            Making their way across the bridge Eric was very cautious while Link charged forward without a thought or care.  Link walking slightly ahead moved into the castle before Eric as the gates shut. Leaving Eric just outside of them, where the darkness seemed to flush him out of sight completely. Link only heard Eric’s screams as he rushed to the gates. Growling at himself Link hung his head. Now it was only the broken Hero left the make the climb to the top of the tower.

            It was like a dark dream one he had had so many times before. The awful dark music filling the hallway as Link climbed the stairs at a half run. Sword already drawn he was ready, but this time it seemed too easy. There was no resistance like before; it was as if Ganondorf was not even trying. ‘Was it because of Sage?’ Link was asking himself. The thought of Sage coming to mind nearly made him stop. Could he really do it? Could he really kill her should it come to that?

            Without the others there to distract his new found responsibility, Link found himself looking more truly at the task at hand. His emotions now playing a bigger role. Alone on the steps Link did stop just inches from the final platform. He was thinking about her. Truly thinking about her and every moment he spent longing for her. His duty, his density blinding him to that feeling.

            The dark organ music piercing his thoughts again as he clenched his fist. ‘Enough, what will happen, will happen.’ Link finally told himself rushing up that last few flights of stairs. The door just in font of him now. It was all just an awful memory he thought as he stood there. His hand resting on the grand door as he pushed it open, taking a deep breath before making his grand entrance into what would soon turn into a death chamber.

            There at the organ was Ganondorf playing his awful song, and chained to a tower off to the left was Eric, Lance, and Zelda. They all looked so weak and worn. Link had brought them into this, and now look they were paying a heavy price. Link had to look down as he closed his eyes.


“Awww, do you feel the guilt Hero?” Ganondorf’s dark voice asked as he continued to play. “So much pain you have caused, so many people you have let down… Your kingdom is in ruin, and you have only yourself to blame. Let us take the burden of leadership from you.” Ganondorf offered as Dargon rushed at Link from the darkness. Wielding his father’s sword Link barely had time to bring his Master Sword up the block.

            The blades clashed and sparks flew. Ganondorf’s old sword glowing with malice and the Master sword responding dimly. The Sword was losing its power and Link had to push back to break away. Standing in shock Link could not believe it. The Master Sword was dimming right before his eyes. Dargon just smirked attacking once again. This time as the sword clashed the Master Sword dimmed completely and Link just growled. Pushing away again he would have to depend on his natural fighting skills at this point.

            This time lugging at Dargon for an attack Dargon just mocked him and laughed. Bring his sword up they locked again and then something awful happened. With a flick of his wrist Dargon’s sword moved swiftly and strong breaking the Master Sword in half. The shards of blade scattering around the falling Link as he landed on his back in pure shock. The final battle hardly even a battle as Link had found himself defeated. It was over he had lost and Dargon’s blade was coming to finish it completely.


“Wait Brother.” A female voice called out and both the music and Dargon’s blade stopped. Sage coming from the shadows stood by her father, as Dargon glared at her. Looking to her father she gave a soft look.


“Let me do it.” She pleaded as Ganondorf brought his hand up to her cheek caressing it softly.


“He has caused you a great deal of pain my daughter, I know he has. If it is your wish then so be it.” Ganondorf said as Dargon stood down more then upset about it. Standing off to the side as his father walked with Sage toward Link. His hand rising as an unseen force pulled Link to his feet. Ganondorf standing by his daughter looked to Dargon seeing his disappointment.


“You may both strike at once.” He said settling the dispute before it could even arise. This was not what Sage was planning on. She wanted the strike alone but she agreed as a sword appeared from flames in her hand. Dargon also agreed watching Sage as they readied their weapons. Nodding Dargon’s attention focused on the frozen Link who had a mew acceptance in his eyes. Death was coming there was no doubt about it, and now he was facing it like a warrior. Both the blades thrusting toward his chest.

            A gasp the last of life as the blood splashed from the wound. Link’s eyes clenched shut, but the pain never came. The sound of a sword piecing skin was there but he felt nothing. And in but a second the hold on him vanished and he fell to the ground. Looking up Sage’s sword was embedded in Dargon’s chest, and Ganondorf had tackled Sage. His hands holding her down by the shoulders as he growled down at her.


“You traitorous little wench!” He yelled at her. “You never even took on your powers… You deceived us!!”


Sage having taken a blow to the head as she was forced down just smiled up at her father. “I learned from the best.” She still mocked him even now as his nails dug into her shoulders. Causing Sage to scream out in pain. Her father growling loudly as he took hold of his fallen sword. Sage just lay there not even making a move to fight as he looked to the confused and shocked Link.

            He couldn’t figure it out. Why was she doing it? Why now was she helping him when everything seemed against them? Ganondorf raised his sword over Sage’s body and with a final thrust as she smiled to Link her eyes widened. Her view drawn to her father as his sword drove through her body and into the floor. The blood forming in the corner of her mouth as Sage gasped for air.

            Link couldn’t believe it nor even understand his actions as he rushed at Ganondorf weaponless. Tackling him from Sage as the tears filled his eyes. The pain, that pain had returned to him melting away his hatred for her. It was just pain now, and Ganondorf was feeling nothing that is probably why he had gotten the upper hand on Link. Forcing him against the column where the others were chained. As Link’s back pushed against the cold metal it came alive with purple lightening. Ganondorf’s magic coursing through it and their bodies. The others seemed to come alive as well. Yelling in pain as their bodies took in the magic torture.

            Looking up he could see it. The pain in their eyes his friends and sister. They were suffering and for whatever thought had crossed his mind the thought of their suffering pushed him forward. Reaching down for his last once of strength as his hand came up to Ganondorf’s throat. Ganonforf only smirked at the Hero’s efforts as his free hand took Link’s by the wrist. Forcing it back swiftly with a large blast of energy as well. The amount of energy released causing pieces of the broken Master Sword to rise into the air and be pulled toward the column like a giant magnet. Despite the pain Link’s eyes followed the shards. The horror in his eyes as the blood fell downward upon his head. His friends, companions, slain by the Master Sword as the pieces silenced their screams. Link cried out not even noticing the piece in his own gut. The silence of death seemed to take him even before he could react.

            Ganondorf’s smirk was a terrible one as the lightening subsided. The column disappearing as their bodies fell to the ground. Making a soft thud as they landed, causing a pleased twisted laugh to come forth from Ganondorfs lips. One that chilled the blood, and just as it drew out as much as possible. The laughing stopped and formed into a gasp. The shock in Ganondorf’s eyes took the dieing Link by surprise. Ganondorf falling off to the side as Sage stood behind him. She looked so weak and pale it was clear her life would end shortly as well. Still having not accepted her gift she was fighting it even now.

            Link couldn’t figure out why he did it but he had reached out his hand to her. He wanted to be with here. The chilling feeling of death had already taken over his body when her hand had slide into his. Sage collapsing beside him gave a soft smile.


“You’re going to live, because I want you too.” She said in a partly broken voice. Link had gone to nod his head and reply but the wound wouldn’t let him. He didn’t want to live. Not without her and he knew that is what it was going to come too. Her fingers embraced his tightly for a moment. Their blood mixing in their hands as a tear ran down her cheek.

            Closing her eyes Sage released his hand as she forced herself to stand. Glancing around in her dizzy state all she could see was blood and it crushed her. Everything was gone and she remained.

“I have been cursed, and everyone else has had to pay for it.” She said letting the blood drip from her fingertips onto the floor. It was making a pattern as she glanced upward. “I don’t want it… So take it back!” She demanded with what would have been her last few breathes. The blood on the floor coming to life in flames reaching upward from the stone roof and into the skies of Hyrule. Link’s hand reached for Sage again seeing her in the middle of it all. He knew what she was doing and he wanted to call out to her. To tell her not to do it, but the darkness had taken him over and a peaceful sleep had found him now.

            Closing her eyes Sage brought her arms to her chest as flames engulfed her body burning off her clothing and giving her skin a warm glow. The power radiating from her was so great the realm seemed to shake with fear.  She was drawing in the power and energy and pushing it upward into the heavens. Her transformation was becoming complete. Taking in her ‘cruse’ as she put it to do some last good.

            Ganondorf wasn’t going to let at that happen as he stood before her pattern of fire. Just outside the flames his Triforce glowed keeping him alive as his eyes came alive with an insane look.


“You are not going to win!” He screamed at her. Sage’s eyes flashed open and just like that her flames engulfed her father. The dark figure of Ganondorf seemed to burn to ash as she looked at him.  The screaming finally dieing she returned to her task at hand.

            The realm known as Hyrule was dead and Sage was full of life standing her flames. Taking her place in the middle of the flaming Triforce pattern she had created.  The land was darkening the clouds turning so black nothing was able to break through. Just as the darkness completely filled the land everything went silent like before creation. Then in a brilliant flash fire spread over the land. Renewing everything like a phoenix reaching outward restoring the life most recently lost. Giving a new glow to Hyrule as the building seemed to form on their own. The clouds broke as the column of fire disappeared from the middle of castle.

            Groaning Link stirred lightly. The memory of what had happened didn’t even hit him until he opened his eyes. Meeting Eric’s Link sat up. The dark palace was gone, the bloody stone, and he bodies. Everything was gone, and they were in the throne room like he remembered it before Ganondorf’s return.


“What is going on? Ganondorf? And?” Link asked confused. Eric just seemed to hang his head as Zelda stood behind Link.


“She used everything she had left, and it looks like only a few of us have memory of it.” Zelda said having to look away to hide her tears. The land was saved so why was she crying?  Link looked beyond Zelda to Lance who was cuddling someone. There in a torn dress and lifeless was Sage. The wound in her stomach still there and the burns on her body showing Link it wasn’t a dream.

            Link found his feet quicker then ever before as he rushed to Sage’s body falling to his knees. Lancing just gave him a sad look having to glance away shortly after. Link could feel it the tears in his eyes as he looked over her body. She had transformed for them and given it up. Even the pendent was gone as he took her body from Lance. His tears rolling from his eyes and onto her body. The only lively looking thing on her dead body was his fresh tears.

            The land was safe and restored completely ready for Link to take the throne. But as much as it was repaired the four of then had never felt so defeated. Their lives seemed pointless now without her. Link held her crying clenching his eyes shut, he wanted to say he was sorry but now he couldn’t. The last few things he said to her causing the young King to cringe. She was gone there was no making it right now. And as he held her even tighter the Gods wouldn’t even let him cherish her in death. Her body fell to ash right before them as the winds picked up. Taking the ash into the air and out of the palace. Leaving nothing to show she even was alive, expect as Link looked down there it was. His royal pendent he had given her. Even after his harsh words she was still wearing it.

            Taking the object in his hands he held it close to his chest and cried. The others in the room seemed not even to be there as he wept.

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