A Friend's Fatal Death

By Kayrion


Around today I thought I would never see evil and blood again, not even when I visited my mother's grave. But I was very, very wrong. I knew something was going to happen. I could feel the chills of evil in my blood. My right hand, bearing the Triforce, was stinging again...and it only stings when evil is growing stronger and nearer...


One in the morning. One in the morning, and I am up and not blinking. I just can feel it. The night air, the stars...they tell me so. They tell me...danger's coming. Something's wrong.
My mother is dead, I'm stuck in the castle, and I caught a cold. Do I sound happy?
No...I guess not.
     See, I'm stuck in the castle because...well...someone's out to kill me. I don't think it isn't obvious, since an assassin tried to assassinate me the other day. Zelda almost killed me when I said I was fine. She screamed. Said I should be panicking. Yeah, right. I'm no drama king, sorry if I didn't obey the drama law.
     I think the attempter's name was something like Hikai. Yeah, that's it...Hikai Dragmire. We know that she's definitely related to Ganon, because of the last names...but then again, it could be a coincidence. You never know.
     My Triforce burned. I felt the pain as I heard a creak.
     Uh oh...someone's here.
     The door creaked open. I grabbed my sword from the other side of my bed, peered into the darkness, and...relaxed. It's just Zelda.
     Zelda walked towards me and sat down on my bed. I tense up. What's she doing here in the middle of the night? Sleepwalking?
     She sighs and says, quite softly, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry we had to keep you locked up. I'm sorry I screamed. I guess I just feel so emotional these days, I don't know what to do anymore. It's...well, it's frustrating."
     Wow. I should give her a medal. That was an awesome performance.
     But, I don't want her to think I have the emotional range of a teaspoon, so I smile warmly and say, "It's okay. I understand."
     Zelda smiled happily. "Thanks." Then, quite suddenly...
     She leaned over slowly, and we engaged in the original run-of-the-mill kissing. Except, I don't think anyone has lips like hers. They're...warm. And soft. I like soft.
     She let go. I was so happy. A first kiss! What to do, what to do...I decided to lay back and relax. "Wow."
     She smiled and kissed me again, and then stood up. "Don't forget my kiss. I love you." Then she left before I could say the same thing.


I managed to fall asleep, but I was awoken by a large boom. Then I smelled flames.
     "FIRE!" I heard someone scream. I suddenly became aware that the castle was on fire!
     Good thing I was dressed. I hitched on my boots and straightened my black velvet vest that was over my red tunic. I grabbed my sword and ran out the door. Then I spotted a rope that was leading towards the upper part of the castle--the roof.
     I climbed the rope. And I spotted such a horrific sight...hundreds of Gerudos were outside the castle walls. Along the roof, many Hylians (probably thousands) were alongside me. I seemed to figure it all out--we were about to have a war.
     Dang, I thought. I was right all along. Then, I heard footsteps. I looked to my left and down. There was my friend, Adia Garash. She was the Goth queen of this simple land called Mikansol. It means 'gothically faithful' in Myrian. She's a good person, though, even if she is kind of cold on the outside.
     She sounded the horrendous battle cry, and war began. We all fought, and some people toppled over the roof. Some even died right there on the spot. It was painful. But I killed a lot of Gerudos.
     Suddenly, I heard a scream. I looked to my right, and saw Adia was about to fall over headfirst, back to the ground, over the roof. I ran over and grabbed her hand before she fell. She was looking scared, clutching the roof and her body dangling over the castle. Suddenly, I heard a tiny laugh.
     I looked over my shoulder, and saw Hikai. She looked even more evil than her Wanted poster. I wanted her--to die.
     "How...quaint. The hero saving the Goth queen. Lovely." Then, suddenly, she stepped on Adia's hand. Before I could scream to her not to let go, she fell, slowly, towards the ground.
     Furious with rage, and my hand burning violently, I stepped forward and stabbed Hikai. A scream emitted from her mouth, and she attempted to run through me. I stepped back, then ran forward and let my sword go straight through her chest.
     She choked. Then sputtered. Finally, with a crash, she crumpled and died. A heavenly light hit the ground and wiped out all the evil Gerudos. My Triforce emitted a powerful golden beam and brought heaven's light upon Earth. Then-- the storm was over. We were finally at peace. Everyone was happy. That is, everyone but me. I wiped my eyes and silent tears fell as I thought of how I had failed Adia. My friend.


I sighed heavily and wiped a tear away as the preacher viewed the casket and said the lines from the Bible. Zelda was now married to me, and we were expecting our first child in the fall, a daughter to be named Evelyn. I blinked slowly. When the funeral was over, Zelda kissed me on my cheek and said, "I'll be in the carriage."
     I sniffed as everyone left, and when the yard was empty, I said softly, "I'll never forget you, Adia."
     And, as I dropped a white rose atop her casket, I thought of how much a person could appreciate a friend. I thought of all the things that made life worth having friends. And so, as I bring my story to a conclusion, I learn that friends are most important in your life. You should always love them, no matter what. It' what I learned, and I will never forget the great things Adia had done for me when in pain.

Adia I do believe I failed you
Adia I know I let you down
Well, you know I tried so hard
To take away the pain
It's easy
Let it go...
And we can't anyone to borrow our innocence
Because we are born
Believe me Adia,
We are still

Adia--Sarah McLachlan

This song was not made by me. The author of this song is none other than the wonderful Sarah McLachlan. For comments, e-mail me at Kayrion@aol.com

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