Full Circle

By Alexandra Spears

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At long last, Link was marrying the girl of his dreams.  Princess Zelda.  She'd finally gotten it through her head that Link loved her dearly, despite his bad jokes and his constant utterings of "Well ex-CUUUUSE ME, Princess!"  One evening they'd sat down for a heart-to-heart and Zelda had found that Link wasn't just trying to get her to be his first sexual conquest.  He just didn't really know how to express himself, other than through joking.

Besides, Zelda's father, King Harkinian, really liked Link.  He'd actually encouraged Link to pursue Zelda.  And after having had snooty nobles from neighboring countries making her mad, Zelda realized that Link was the right choice for a husband.  Any man who would put himself through what Link put himself through for her was worthy, when she thought about it.

Also, Zelda told herself, if she was so hung up on marrying royalty, she should remember that she and Link were both descended from a much earlier Princess Zelda and her husband, Sir Link.  They had been the first to fight Ganon, back when he was Ganondorf, a Gerudo.  It was only through the passing of the crown to the oldest son, or lacking a son, the oldest daughter, that Zelda was the next heir to the throne.  Link did have royal blood, although diluted.  You just wouldn't guess it.

All this ran through Zelda's head as her father escorted her down the aisle.  Link was standing there at the altar, dressed in green finery, waiting for her.  She saw a combination of love and desire in his brown eyes as he took her hand.

Link took her other hand, and they stood there as the sage performed the ceremony, looking into each other's eyes.  It had only been weeks ago that each had had their first kiss, and tonight they would do much more than that.

Finally the sage pronounced them husband and wife, and they kissed.

Six months went by.  Zelda never regretted marrying Link.  She loved the way he held her close at night when they were in bed.  She enjoyed his creative lovemaking.

It was fall now, and they were in the den together, snuggling under a blanket in front of the fireplace.  It was late at night and Zelda's father was in his room, sleeping.

"Link, I have some news for you, something I found out today."

"What is it?"

Zelda snuggled up to him.  "We're going to have a baby.  That's why I've been feeling sick in the mornings."

"Us?  Have a baby?" Link asked.  "Zelda, that's great!"

He hugged his pregnant wife.  "I'm going to be a father," he murmured as he held her.  "We've got to tell your father!"

"I will in the morning," said Zelda.  "He'll be so happy, he's always wanted to be a grandfather."

"I'm getting a little tired.  Shall we go to bed, my princess?" Link said.

"All right," said Zelda.

Link carried her to their bedroom and laid her down on the bed.  They put on their sleepwear and snuggled next to each other under the blankets.

"I'm going to be a father," Link mumbled again as he drifted off to sleep, holding the woman he loved in his arms.

Months later, Zelda gave birth to a daughter, Princess Kerri, who had her father's brown hair and her mother's green eyes.  Zelda was sitting up in bed a few hours after she'd given birth.

"My little granddaughter," King Harkinian smiled as he looked at the child in his son-in-law's arms.  He gently took the child into his own arms.  "Hyrule's newest princess," he said proudly.

Zelda watched as her husband and father admired the baby.  Kerri was a beautiful little girl and she looked a lot like Link.

Link and Zelda wanted to hold off on having any more children, as Ganon was still a threat.  Harkinian willingly babysat his granddaughter while the child's parents went off and fought Ganon.

Kerri was now ten years old and every bit as mischievous as her father, who was now twenty-seven, same age as her mother.  She insisted that her mother teach her archery and her father teach her some swordfighting.  They agreed to it, as it could one day save her.

At first Zelda had been a bit worried about whether Link would be a good father, but soon her fears were proved groundless.  Link adored his little daughter and doted on her.  He did a lot when it came to taking care of her.

One day Link was playing with Kerri in the courtyard.  Kerri liked it when her father took her by the hands and swung her around, and he was doing that now.

"Faster, Daddy!" Kerri shrieked happily.

"I'm getting dizzy, Kerri!" Link told her.  He slowed down and collapsed playfully, Kerri falling with him.

"Daddy, are you okay?" the child asked.

"Just waiting for everything to stop spinning," Link deadpanned.

"Where's Mommy?"

"Taking a nap--she's tired right now," Link told her.  Zelda had just become pregnant again and she got tired during the first few months of pregnancy.

Suddenly, they heard a scream.  "Zelda!" exclaimed Link.  "Kerri, go to your grandfather.  Your mother--"

"I wanna come, Daddy!"

"Kerri, no.  And I've got to help your mother!"  Link took off in the direction of his bedroom.

Kerri went to her room.  She noticed that some Molblins had made their way into the castle.  It was worse than she'd thought.

She sat on her bed, frightened.  Her mother was going to have a baby in about seven or eight months.  She knew all about that.

There was fighting going on outside her door.  The guards had obviously jumped into the fray.  Kerri went to her closet and got her belt.  As a gift for her tenth birthday her father had given her a Kokiri sword, which had belonged to his ancestor, also named Link, known as the Hero of Time.  Both her parents were descended from that Link and his wife Princess Zelda--they were very distant cousins.  The lost race of the Kokiri had been a child-like race, so a Kokiri sword was the right size for a child like Kerri.  Her father carried the Master Sword, which the earlier Link had wielded centuries ago.  In fact, the towns were named after some of the people from that era--Saria, who'd helped raise the child Link until the age of ten; Mido, who'd been leader of the Kokiri; Ruto, a Zora princess, to name a few.

Kerri put on the belt, which had a pouch and a sheath her father had made for her sword.  He didn't mean for her to be in battle at such a young age, but she liked pretending while he trained her and he'd humored her.  She sheathed her Kokiri sword and found a magic bow and some bombs in the pouch.

Suddenly, the door to her room flew open.  A Molblin grinned at her.  "Link's little girl!" it said dumbly.

Kerri unsheathed her sword.  Her father had been training her since she was five.  "Get out of here!" she cried.

"Oh, she pretend to be her father," the creature grinned.

Kerri zapped it, and it disappeared--back to Ganon's Evil Jar in the Underworld.  She realized that an invasion had to be going on.  In that case she wouldn't be safe with her grandfather.

She had to find him.  Kerri ran through the corridors of the palace, her sword drawn.  Any evil creatures she came upon she sent back to Ganon with her sword.  Her father had trained her well over the past five years.

Kerri heard something.  She ducked into the room where the noise was coming from and saw her grandfather tied to a chair.  "Grandpa!" she cried as she untied and ungagged him.

"Kerri!  Ganon's men have taken your mother!  They want me to surrender Hyrule to Ganon or I'll never see your mother again!"  He looked terribly upset.

"We heard Mommy scream and Daddy went to help her," said Kerri.

"I thought they'd taken you too," King Harkinian said as he hugged his beloved granddaughter.  He held her at arm's length.  "You look so much like your father like that."

Kerri was wearing a green jumper over an orange blouse.  Her wavy brown hair, the exact same color as her father's hair, flowed to her waist.  Anyone could see that she wanted to be like her father.

"Where are Mommy and Daddy?" she asked.  "Didn't Daddy get to her?"

"I don't know, Kerri."  He got up and looked out the door.  "It looks like the creatures are gone.  We have to wait for your father to bring your mother home."

"I don't want to wait, Grandpa!  I'm going to find them!" Kerri declared.

"Kerri--wait--" Harkinian called.  But his grandchild had already run off.  He sat back and sighed.  "Impetuous like her father, stubborn like her mother," he murmured.  He was too old to be chasing after her.  He could only hope that she used the intelligence she possessed.

Kerri had searched the castle.  No sign of her parents anywhere.  She knew where there was an Underworld entrance in the nearby forest, so she went there.

"I am a descendant of the Hero of Time.  He was fighting monsters when he was ten years old, same age I am now," she whispered to herself as she descended into the Underworld, her sword in her hand.  "That Link fought monsters with this sword."  Saying this to herself gave her the courage and confidence to keep going.

There were hardly any monsters around.  Kerri knew that if she zapped any of them, Ganon would probably know she was here.  Mostly she tried to avoid them if possible.

Finally she made it to Ganon's throne room.  Quite a commotion was going on.  Peering through the doorway, she saw her mother chained to the wall and bleeding--blood was in her leggings and Kerri knew that her mother had probably lost the baby.  Not only that, it looked as though her mother had been beaten.  Right now her father was furiously fighting Ganon and his cronies.  He looked pretty angry, and who could blame him?

"I'll teach you to harm my wife, Ganon!" Link was growling.

A Stalfo was about to stab Link from behind.  Kerri quickly pulled out her bow and shot it from behind.

"A child!" Ganon shrieked.

Zelda looked over, saw her daughter.  "Kerri!" she cried.

Link didn't question his daughter's presence at that point.  He concentrated on fighting Ganon.

Kerri made her way over to her mother and freed her from the chains.  "Kerri...I lost the baby...I know I did," she said as she slumped to the floor.  "Help your father...."

Kerri seemed to know what to do.  Link was getting ready to zap Ganon with his sword, and she aimed her Kokiri sword at Ganon at the same time.  This was the same villain their ancestor had fought.

Link and Kerri wound up zapping Ganon at the same time, and the pig-faced villain wound up inside his own Evil Jar, dead.

"I thought I told you to stay home, Kerri," Link said.  "But I'm glad that you didn't listen this time."  He went over to Zelda, who was clutching her belly.

"Link...I lost the baby...he beat me so badly," she gasped.

"I know, honey...I'll get you home," Link told her as he lifted her into his arms.

Kerri saw the red glow of the Triforce of Power.  Suddenly, the entire Underworld started to shake.  

"Kerri, come on, let's get out of here!  We defeated Ganon once and for all and the Underworld is going!"

The child darted to the Triforce of Power and grabbed it.  "Let's go!" cried Link.

Link hurried through the collapsing corridors with Zelda, his daughter following behind, clutching the Triforce.

When they made it back to the Overworld, the entrance disappeared.  "Ganon is gone forever--thanks to Kerri," said Link as he carried Zelda home.  "We'll get you home and get you fixed up, Zelda."

"I have something," said Kerri.

Zelda looked at her daughter.  "You got the Triforce of Power!" she said.  "Hyrule will be at peace...."  She closed her eyes.

Hours later, Link was sitting at Zelda's bedside.  Kerri came into the infirmary, saw him sitting there.  "Is Mommy okay?" she asked.

Link pulled his daughter onto his lap.  "She was hurt pretty badly but she's going to be all right," he said.  "But she lost the baby and she won't be able to have any more children.  You won't have any brothers or sisters.  She was hurt badly there."

"I'm sorry I disobeyed you, Daddy."

"Well, you didn't have any choice.  Your grandfather told me that they were invading the castle.  Besides--you got the Triforce of Power for us and helped me beat Ganon once and for all!"  He kissed Kerri's cheek.  "Ganon first fought our ancestor Link, the Hero of Time.  He was imprisoned but he kept causing trouble."

"And he and that Zelda married at seventeen," Kerri said.

"Your mother and I were sixteen when we married," said Link.  "That Link and Zelda had a son and a daughter.  I was descended from the daughter, your mother from the son," he said.

On the bed, Zelda stirred.  She opened her green eyes.  "Link...Kerri...."

Kerri jumped off her father's lap and hugged her mother carefully.

"You're the only child I'll have, Kerri," said Zelda.  She squeezed her daughter's hand.  "I'm so proud of the both of you...you saved Hyrule."

"It's time for bed, Kerri," said Link, looking at the clock.  He kissed Zelda.  "I'll be back after I put Kerri to bed."

Zelda gave her child a kiss good-night.  Link lifted Kerri into his arms.  Kerri sat on his arm and wrapped her arms around his neck.  "Mommy's going to be okay?" she asked.

"Yes, she will," said Link.  "Don't worry, Kerri, she'll be fine."  He carried her to her room, where he set her down on her feet.

Link sat down in a chair while Kerri put on her nightgown.  She crawled into bed and her father tucked her in and kissed her forehead.  "Good night, Kerri," Link whispered.

"Good night, Daddy," said Kerri.

Link left the room, knowing that his daughter would be safe.

Months went by.  Hyrule was rebuilding from the repeated attacks by Ganon's monsters.

Kerri thought it would be a good time to go exploring on her own.  She mounted her white horse, Epona, named after the historical horse that had helped her ancestor.  She told her parents that she wanted to go exploring, and they told her to be back before nightfall.  She'd told them this through their bedroom door, and after they'd given their consent she'd heard giggling and knew that they wanted to be alone anyhow.

The girl rode to the town of Mido and bought some biscuits to munch on.  From there she headed south, to the graveyard.  At the old King's Tomb she dismounted Epona and knelt before it.  "We've defeated Ganon, Great-Grandfather," she said.  She had no idea how many greats; just one would do for now.  Next to that grave were the graves of the first Link and Zelda.  They lay side by side, one stone for both graves--together forever.

In the distance she could see Death Mountain.  She headed southwest, going through a swamp.  Something was drawing her here.  She stopped Epona for a few moments and gazed into the distance.  She was at the base of Death Mountain now, and looking to the southwest she imagined she could see Lon Lon Ranch.  South from here would be the Lost Woods and the Kokiri village.  She could see the old Lost Woods from a distance.  Everything else, though, was gone.  The graveyard that had been behind Kakariko Village now took up the space where the village used to be.  No signs of Lon Lon Ranch were around--and why would there be any?  It had been hundreds of years ago.

"Let's go, Epona," Kerri said, giving the horse a gentle kick.  "Let's head for the castle in Midoro Swamp.  That used to be Hyrule Castle."

Epona carried her mistress through the swamp, until they reached the palace there.  It was stone now, the castle looking like an intricately-carved cave.  Her father was responsible for that.  Hopefully there wouldn't be any creatures in there.

Kerri tied Epona to one of the stone columns.  She slowly, hesitantly entered what was now known as the Midoro Swamp Palace, what was formerly known as Hyrule Castle.  Light still shone in, so she didn't need her magic candle to light anything up.

So far there were no monsters here to threaten her.  She did need her candle in a few windowless rooms as she explored further.  Her father had never taken the time to explore here, as he'd had a mission to carry out.

Kerri came upon an ornately decorated set of doors.  She pushed them open and entered the musty room.  In the room was a huge, four-postered bed, its mattress rotted away.  She went over to a dresser that held a cracked mirror and opened a drawer.  Her eyes widened when she took out an object that had been lying there.  Her head seemed to whirl when she picked it up--and saw that it was an ocarina!

Holding the instrument, Kerri looked around the room.  On a wall was an ancient-looking picture of a young couple.  Sir Link and Princess Zelda.

"This must have been their room!" she whispered.  "And this--this must have been Great-Grandfather Link's ocarina!  The Ocarina of Time!"

Using the hem of her jumper, she polished the instrument.  She put it to her lips and blew a few experimental notes; it was fairly easy to play.  For the first time in centuries music emerged from it.

Kerri decided that was enough exploring in the palace for now.  She made her way out, and untied and mounted Epona.  On horseback Kerri explored the terrain--and she found an old, crumbling building.  She decided to investigate this building, which was just southeast of the old palace.

One again Epona found herself tied to a post while her eager mistress went exploring.  Kerri entered and was awed.  On the floor was a faded mosaic--the old symbol of the Triforce!

The first Link's tales had been handed down throughout the generations, and Kerri wondered what would happen if she played the ocarina here as her ancestor had done.  She tried a few songs that she knew, beginning with the lullaby that had been handed down throughout the generations.  She knew how to play a Hylian reed, and she was musically adept.

"Hmmm...how about the Song of Time?" she asked herself.  The songs had been handed down along with the tales and sometimes her mother hummed them to herself.  They were sacred songs.

Giggling, and imagining that she was her ancestor, she put the Ocarina of Time to her lips and blew.  She had figured out which notes were what, and she played what she knew of the Song of Time.

Suddenly, she seemed to be caught in a whirlwind.  She was standing still; yet she was being hurtled somewhere.  Her only thought was that the ocarina still had its powers and that she was going elsewhere in time.

Finally she was standing still.  Her green eyes widened as she looked around the beautiful Temple of Time.  She went over to the altar, saw the red, green, and blue stones in it.  Fire, forest, and water.  She read the ancient inscription next to the stones.

"Wow...it's too bad that it's a wreck in my time," she breathed.

Cautiously, the child stepped out of the temple and followed the path to Hyrule Castle Town.  She walked through the town square, which was bursting with activity.  A girl was chasing a cucco.  People were pushing and shoving their way up to sales counters.  Two kids were laughing by a tree.  A man ran through the square.  Dogs were running around the stone streets.

Kerri saw the path leading to the castle.  She decided to visit it.  She walked up the little road and saw a gate with a guard.  In the distance she could see the castle, looking quite different from the way it looked in her own time.  She knew she had to be in the past.

"Excuse me, I'd like to see Princess Zelda."

"You mean Queen Zelda," said the guard.  "Who are you?"

"Princess Kerri.  I'm related to her."

The guard laughed.  "You look nothing like her.  Off with you now."

Right.  Her ancestors had been blonds.  She was a brunette.  "All right," she sighed.

She had an idea.  She went around the bend, saw the vines growing on the side of the ledge.  She climbed up and went past the gate, giggling to herself.  She dropped to the ground as quietly as she could.  She was about to go around the bend when she ran into a blond man.

"Now how did you get in here?" asked the man, who was dressed in a green tunic, a green hat, and white leggings.

"If I'm not mistaken, same way you did," said Kerri mysteriously.  "Are you Sir Link?"

"Yes, I am.  Who are you?"

"I'm Princess Kerri."

"Princess of what?  Mischief?" Link asked, sounding amused.

"My mother says that," said Kerri.  "Actually, I'm Princess of Hyrule.  I'm from the future."

Link's eyes widened.  "So you say," he said, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

Kerri took out the ocarina and played the lullaby that had survived over the course of time.  "Only people in our family know that," she said.

Link looked shocked.  "And how is it you came here, to your past?" he asked.

Kerri told him about exploring the Midoro Swamp Palace, finding the ocarina, and deciding to pretend that she was him, going back and forth in time.  She told him what year she was from.

"I want to be like my father--and like you," said Kerri.  "I'm ten right now."

Link placed his hands on the child's shoulders.  "To think that I'm seeing one of my descendants...," he said, clearly awed.

"I'm also carrying your old Kokiri sword," said Kerri as she took it out for him to look at.

"I still have mine," he said, examining it.

"This sword is from the future," said Kerri.

"Well, let's go see Zelda and the baby," said Link.  "We have a two-year-old son named Julian and Zelda has another child on the way."

"A girl," said Kerri.

"How do you know?" asked Link.

"We know that you had a boy and a girl.  Julian and Kay.  My mother is descended from Julian, my father from Kay."

"Kerri, don't tell me any more than you have to about the future," said Link as he took her hand and led her to the palace.

Impa was waiting for Link when he and Kerri arrived at the palace entrance.  "Milord, Zelda is in labor!"

"Wow, thanks for telling me, Impa!  Kerri, stay with Impa.  Impa, this is a long story here and I'm sure Kerri will tell it to you."  With that, Link rushed to the bedroom he shared with Zelda.

"He forgets I'm delivering the baby," said Impa.  "Come with me, Kerri."

Kerri followed Impa to the bedroom--the same bedroom she'd seen in ruins hundreds of years in the future.  There she sat and watched patiently as Link and Zelda's second child--indeed a girl--was born.  Without Kerri saying anything, Zelda named the baby Kay.

Link looked at the child who was his many-times-great-granddaughter.  There was no doubt in his mind that the girl was telling the truth.  

A little later, Zelda was sitting up, her infant daughter in her arms.  "So you're going to be Kay's descendant, Link tells me," she said, smiling.  "I believe you.  I've had visions of Ganon's final end--a dark-haired young man and his daughter.  Ganon is imprisoned right now but he will still cause trouble in the future."

Kerri was sitting next to her many-times-great-grandmother's bed.  "That was me and my father.  My mother was hurt, but she's fine now.  She had a miscarriage because of Ganon and she can't have any more kids."

"Well, she's got you," said Zelda.  "Kerri, I need you to do me a favor when you get back to your own time.  Destroy the Ocarina of Time."


"Someone evil could use it to come back here and tamper with history.  I can't tell Link to destroy his--otherwise it won't be there in the future for you to find, and it'll create a paradox."

"All right, I will," Kerri promised.  "I just wanted to see if I could come back here, though, and see what it was like in your time.  And to let you know about me and my parents."

"And I know that my vision will come true--my vision of Ganon's final defeat.  I'm happy that Hyrule will still be there," said Zelda.

Kerri hugged Zelda.  Link came into the room.  "It's almost sunset and I'm not sure if time is still running for you in your own time," said Link.  "I'll escort you back to the Temple of Time if you'd like."

"All right.  And I promise to do what you asked," Kerri told Zelda as she hugged her.  "It's been great meeting you--my ancestors!"

Link smiled and took the child's hand.

In the Temple of Time, Link gave Kerri a scroll that was sealed with wax.  The wax had the crest of the Triforce stamped in it.  "This is for you and your parents," he told her.  "Something to remember us by, and to let you know that we're thinking about you."

"Thanks...Grandfather.  I guess I should call you that.  I don't know how 'great' you are," she joked.

Link laughed at that.  "I am proud of you and your parents," he said.  "Remember that."  He gave the child a big hug.  "And I'm glad that our story lives on, and that in a way we'll live on, beyond our time here on this plane."

Kerri kissed Link's cheek and stood at the altar.  "Good-bye...I'll always think about you," she said as she placed the Ocarina of Time to her lips.

"Good-bye Kerri...my granddaughter," said Link.

Kerri played the Song of Time and she had the same sensation as before, of being blown around while simply standing there.  When the feeling went away, she was standing in the ruins and it was nearly sunset.

"I'd better get home!" she exclaimed as she untied Epona and mounted her.  "Home, Epona!"

"Just in time," said Link as his daughter came rushing in on Epona, speeding past him right at dusk.

"I had a really neat adventure," said Kerri as her father walked up while she was getting Epona settled in the stable.  "I want to tell you and Mom all about it--I met our ancestors Link and Zelda.  This was Grandfather Link's Ocarina of Time."

"You what--?"  Link followed his daughter into the castle.


Kerri told her parents about her adventure through time.  She destroyed the Ocarina as promised and she and her parents read the letter.  It read:

Dear Link, Zelda, and Kerri:

Thanks to Kerri we know about you and know that there is hope for Hyrule.  Zelda's visions of Ganon's demise will come true.

We will be thinking about you though we will be but memories by the time you're born.  Take good care of each other and of your daughter.  She is a fine little girl.

Keep the Triforce united.

Love, Link, Zelda, Julian, and Kay.


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