Finding Your Soul

By Pata Hikari

Epilogue: Finding your Soul

It was a day of celebration.

People from all over the country had come to celebrate the eighty-fourth year of peace in the Confederacy of Peoples and Races.

Every known race that lived in Torre was in Castle City right now. From the common Hylians, Sheikah and Zoras. To the slightly rare Gorons, Harincos and Gerudo. To the extremely rare Ayikes and even a couple of Devas could be seen.

Hyrule Castle City had become the world's largest playground. It was a truly joyful time for all.

Even some people who had once had reason to feel sorrow couldn't help but smile.

"Come on!" Kasuto called out, trying to catch people's attention, "Don't you want a fun festival mask?"

"Perhaps. But that would cover my face."

"Oh!" Kasuto smiled, "Hey Malon!" Then she rolled her eyes, "A Mask is supposed to cover your face."

"Oh yeah..." Malon shrugged, "But that's just the norm. Why can't I say... wear a mask on my butt?"

"Har har." Kasuto just shook her head, "So, how are things going?"

"Fine." Malon leaned against the counter. "How are you?"

Kasuto sighed, "I'm fine... somewhat. After that night, I've only seen Zel once in the past three days. She told me she needed time to think."

"Oh." Malon shook her head. Oh well, it's not like I need new teasing material. "Well," She gave Kasuto that grin; "She'll be out in the Market Square soon. Perhaps we could visit her then."

"Sure." Kasuto liked that idea, "I'll just go tell Boss to take over for a bit."

"When I become queen... the first thing I'm doing is banning hats." Zelda muttered as she finally managed to shove a hat that was too small onto her head.

Zelda was wearing what she liked to call her "casual formal" wear. It was a long, light pink dress that completely covered her legs and feet. In the front of the dress was a blue bar that had her family's coat-of-arms on it. On her head was a tight cap that covered up her hair. It too was pink and blue. Though on the front there was a golden medallion with the Triforce on it sewn on. A white cloth dropped behind it to ensure that no hair would be visible. Zelda hadn't worn this outfit in months.

"Geez... to think I used to like this outfit." She muttered, looking at herself in the mirror. "Though it would be good if the hat wasn't part of it." She did like pink though.

She paused as she realized that this had been what she had been wearing when she met Link for the first time. "Wow... has it really been that long?" She asked herself. "Life takes me in such unexpected places."

Zelda smiled as she remembered all the memories and experiences she had. Many of them bad, yes, but there was a fair bit of good there too. "How might things had been different if I hadn't met Link that day... I wonder." Well, she wouldn't have met Kasuto for one... that would be bad.

"Well, things wouldn't be as interesting, for one." A voice said behind her.

Zelda spun around, "Who's there?" She slipped into a defensive stance.

"Whoa! Whoa!" The girl behind her waved her hands rapidly, "I just came to talk." She walked around Zelda, giving her a look over. "You impressed me. A lot. I kinda expected you to screw up at some point." She smiled, "Then again, what else can I expect from the Champion of Nayru?" She laughed at Zelda's surprised expression, "Heh. Yeah, I know. I know a lot of things."

"Who..." Zelda looked at the strange girl who wore nothing but black and white, "Who are you?"

"You can call me Mimei." She smirked, "Remember it." She waved her hand, "Bye."

And she was gone.

"Oh come on!" Kasuto shouted, "I'm her-"

The Guard shook her head, "I'm sorry Miss. But only those with permits are allowed to get any closer to the Council."

Sure enough, Zelda had come to the Market Square. Along with her dad, Impa, a few dozen Guards, and the rest of the Confederate Council. Then, for two hours, speeches had been made. There was applause, and a good time was had by all.

Except for Malon and Kasuto. Who just wanted to get to Zelda. But a stubborn Guard was getting in their way.

"Look..." Malon said dryly, "Last year people could go wherever they wanted."

"Well security is tighter this year!" The Guard snapped.

"I'll have you know that we are personal friends of Princess Zelda." Kasuto growled, "So please let us through."

"Do you have any proof?" The Guard asked, "I'm sorry. But I'm going to assume that you're lying and-"

"They have my support. Is that enough?" Impa said coolly.

"L-Lady Abbar!" The Guard stuttered, "Of course it is!" She waved her hand, causing a gap to appear in the magic barrier that surrounded the Market Square, "Go right in." She said quickly.

"Thanks Impa." Kasuto nodded.

"You're both welcome." Impa smiled, "Zelda's by the fountain. Go talk to her."

Impa tapped Edward on the shoulder. "Hey Edward."

"Huh?" He glanced at her, "What is it?"

"Go to the fountain. There's something there for you." Impa laughed quietly.

"Huh?" Edward blinked, "What do you mean?"

"Oh just go!" Impa rolled her eyes, "That's an order." She patted him on the shoulder, "I think you'll like it. OK?"

Edward sighed, "Fine. For you Impa." He winked at her.

"No... it's for you." Impa said simply.

"Hi Zel!"

Zelda looked up from the fountain waters, surprised to see Kasuto and Malon grinning at her.

"Hi there Princess!" Malon laughed, "How are ya?"

"I missed you." Kasuto whispered, grabbing Zelda and pulling her into a tight hug.

"Sorry..." Zelda hugged Kasuto back, "I was just... depressed, you know?"

"I can understand that." Kasuto let Zelda go, "But you're OK now?"

"Pretty much." Zelda sighed, "I don't think I'll ever be OK with it. But I'll live."

"OK. Now's about the point where you sneak off to make babies." Malon commented.

"MALON!" Zelda and Kasuto shouted.

"Couldn't resist!" Malon laughed. The other two glared at Malon for a moment, before they too burst out laughing.

"E- Excuse me..." A quiet, nervous voice asked.

"Huh?" Zelda looked over. "Edward?"

Edward was standing there. Staring at the three girls. A look of nervousness on his face that Zelda had never seen before.

"I... I..." He kneeled down to Kasuto's eye level. "By Farore... is it really you?"

Kasuto blinked... "Zel... you know this guy?"

Zelda nodded, "Though he's never acted like this before. Are you OK Edward?"

"What's... what's your name?" Edward asked Kasuto, "Can you, please, tell me your name?"

"Kasuto Lilla." She responded. Then Edward suddenly burst into tears.

"It is you!" He sobbed, "All this time!" He suddenly wrapped his arms around Kasuto, "Thank the gods! You're safe!"

"Ack!" Kasuto looked at Zelda in panic, who merely shrugged.

"I m-missed so much. You're almost an adult..." Edward continued to sob. "I'm sorry Kasuto. I'm so sorry!"

"Um... who is he?" Malon asked slowly.

"Don't you remember me?" Edward pulled back, so Kasuto could see his face clearly. "Then again... you might not. You were so little..."

Kasuto stared at Edward for a time. Her inquiring eyes taking in every detail of his face. Her eyes lost focus, as she seemed to recall something. Finally, she snapped back into reality. Her eyes wide, tears beginning to form. "D- Daddy?"

It took all their will power for Zelda and Malon not to faint on the spot.

"Yes!" Edward smiled, "You remember me!"

"Daddy..." Kasuto whispered, tears flowing down her face. "I don't believe it..." Suddenly Kasuto began to laugh. Her whole body shaking even as she continued to cry.

"Kas?" Zelda asked, feeling some concern, "You OK?"

"This has been the best damn week of my life!" Kasuto shouted joyfully.

As long as you have friends, family, and loved ones, you will never be alone.

The End

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