Finding Your Soul

By Pata Hikari

Chapter 2: Fires of Beginning

Zelda's eyes snapped open, her face quickly moved from a peaceful look to one of shock. "K-K-Kasuto?" she said. "You're here?"

"Hi." Kasuto smiled weakly, "Um, I was forced to come here"

Malon waved eagerly, "Hi!" She shouted, grinning.

"...but I'm kind of glad she did. It's nice to see you again." Kasuto helped Zelda stand up, before giving her a quick hug.

"It's nice to see you too, Kasuto." Zelda felt relieved, the Gerudo apparently still considered her a friend. "But I have a question," Kasuto raised an eyebrow. Zelda continued, "Where in the name of Nayru have you been!"

Kasuto took that in for a moment, before starting to giggle. A minute passed, and the giggle turned into laughter, and then Kasuto grabbed the tree to support herself as she continued to laugh.

"What's so funny?" Zelda was confused, why was Kasuto laughing?

"I' Hyrule...bwahahahaha...Castle City...hehehehe...the whole time!" Kasuto continued to laugh, finally, she calmed down. "Sorry," she grinned sheepishly, "I just found it funny, you probably looked everywhere else, didn't you?" Zelda got a bad look on her face. "You did, didn't you?" Zelda nodded, blushing with embarrassment.

Malon walked over to the two, "See, was that so horrible?" She patted both girls on the shoulders (She had to stretch a little for Kasuto), "I'm sure everything will work out fine."

"Yeah, I guess so." Kasuto examined Zelda, she really did look like Sheik, someone who didn't know them would probably call them brother and sister. Kasuto was frightened about how easy it was to connect the two. Zelda had a face that had a bit more hardness to it then the average girl, while Sheik had a softer face then the average boy. Both had gentle bodies, that hinted at great strength. Zelda was a bit more curved, but that was to be expected. Kasuto shook her head, she needed to stop thinking about this.

"Hey," Zelda spoke up, helping end Kasuto's stormy thoughts. "Where have you been? I mean, if you were staying at Castle City, where were you?"

Kasuto smiled, "I was given a job, I work at the Happy Mask Shop in exchange for food and a place to stay." She laughed a little, "I'm surprised you never saw me."

"Er..I've never gone there." Zelda frowned, "In fact...I've never even heard of it." Zelda shook her head, "How strange"

"Well, that's odd, then again, we don't get many costumers." Kasuto rolled her eyes. "My height makes me look older then I actually am. So sometimes some young men, about sixteen or so, come into the shop to hit on me." She sighed, "I guess they-"

"What?" Zelda shouted, "Why are they doing that! I mean, what are they thinking? What are you think-"

"Sounds like someone's jealous!" Malon laughed.

Zelda growled, "I am not!" her face got a little bit of blush on it. "They just should know you're only thirteen!"

Kasuto sighed, "I know that, I tell them that, they usually choke, and apologize. We then have a good laugh. But I don't know why the do it, I'm not that pretty. I guess I'm just...I don't know. I must look easy or loose or something." Kasuto's face grew somber.

"That's not true!" Zelda grabbed Kasuto by the shoulders. "You're not like that at all, you're a very beautiful girl Kasuto, believe me."

Kasuto blushed, "'re wrong. I'm not like that"

"Isn't it sweet?" Malon commented, clearly enjoying this.

"Err, thanks, Zelda." Kasuto turned to glare at Malon, "This girl is irritating" she muttered.

Malon grinned, proud of herself, "So, what do you two want to do to catch up?"

"Um, what can we do? I can't leave the castle without a bodyguard." Zelda sighed. "Stupid rules"

"You can't," Malon grinned, "But I know someone who can."

Two girls, and one boy, were walking to the Market.

"Should I ask where we're going? Or should I just let Malon drag us off to who knows where?" Sheik said.

"Surrender, it's useless to fight me." Malon laughed. "Don't worry, I'll give you two some time alone." The red head winked.

"You have a dirty mind." Kasuto responded, she felt more comfortable around Sheik, it was easier to deal with him. "Though...that does have an appeal" She winked back.

"I hate you both" Sheik muttered, blushing.

"No you don't." Malon said, "Ah, I was looking for something to do, well, I found it!"

"Meddling in our lives?" Sheik asked sarcastically.

"Yes. Yes it is." Malon answered.

Kasuto and Sheik groaned.

"Why should we have to deal with them?" The man shouted, he had been assigned to say their message, to ensure that more people would hear it, so when the judgment came, there would be less traitors. "I ask again, why should we have to have our way of life threatened!" Some people nodded in agreement, while some still looked unsure. Others left, the traitors. "Look at them, the Gorons! They hide away in their caves, eating dirt. And that's just the beginning!" He turned to look at the crowd, he was getting to some of them, he could tell. Now, all had to do was convince them.

"Hey, someone's getting a crowd around them." Malon pointed to an group of people, who were all listening to someone else shouting something. "I wonder what hes saying?"

"Come on, who cares what some guy is ranting about in the middle of the Market?" Kasuto said.

"I'm kind of curious myself.." Sheik added in. "Let's check it out."

"Fine." Kasuto said, and the three kids began to move through the crowd. "Lets see what the guy has to say."

The man who was gathering the crowd was a sharp looking Hylian, wearing a brown suit, his red hair stood out, and he seemed very charismatic. "Now, you're probably wondering this; What should we do? Well, allow me to give you the answer: Remove them from our land!" Some of the people called out in agreement.

Malon raised an eyebrow, what was he talking about? "Um, excuse me mister!" Malon shouted, catching his attention. "But I just got here, who do you want to kick off our land?" Malon put on her best innocent face, knowing that people usually answered her questions when she used this face.

"Who, little girl?" The man leaned in looking at little Malon. "Why, those creatures that live else where!"

"What?" Malon asked, "What creatures?"

The man clearly thought Malon was stupid, taking to her like she didn't understand anything. "Why, those animal Zoras for one, stop the from filthing up out rive!" Malon narrowed her eyes. "The idiotic Gorons, keeping the wealth of the mountains to themselves, and eating them." Kasuto heard this, she growled. "The demonic Sheikah." Sheik jerked up, he was going to give that man a piece of his mind! "And the whores and thieves called Gerudo."

Kasuto stood up, her golden eyes shining with anger. "Now wait a Goddess-Cursed minute!"

"Yeah!" Sheik stood up too. "What gives you the right to call me a demon!"

"" Kasuto clenched her fists.

"Well, I know you're wrong." Malon commented.

The man glared at Sheik and Kasuto with open contempt. "So, what makes you think I should listen to a naïve child? Especially ones such as you two?"

"Well, at least I understand that the Goddesses created all of us equally." Sheik countered, "Unlike you, who holds on to the not only scientifically, but theologically disproved theory of Racial Superiority." Sheik smiled smugly.

"Like anyone listens to a demon child like you." The man answered.

"Why should we listen to you?" Kasuto said, "I know I'm not like you say, so screw you."

"I'm not interested, whore." The man snarled at Kasuto. "You Gerudo are the lowest of the low anyway, the only reason you're alive is because your slut of a mother spread her legs for some rupees."

Kasutos stopped, "Don't you ever say that about my mother again." she said slowly.

"What's the matter? Are you afraid of the truth?' the man sneered, he seemed to have noticed that he had hit a sore point.

"Kasuto's an orphan" Sheik whispered to Malon.

"After, all, I wouldn't be surprised to you've had another one of those little things already. Do you know how many men your mother fu-" He never got to finish that sentence.

"Soul Lance!" Kasuto thrust out her hands, a ball of Sprit Magic formed in-between them, before launching out in the shape of an spear. The attack spell slammed into the mans stomach, sending him flying, slamming against a wall. "Don't you ever say that about my mother again!" Kasuto then tried to jump at him, but she was held back by Sheik and Malon.

"Kasuto! Stop!" Malon was being slowly pulled foreword as Kasuto struggled. "It's not worth it!"

"I'm going to teach him a lesson he'll never forget!" Kasuto continued to struggle "Let me go damnnit!"

"Kasuto, calm down!" Sheik shouted, "I think he got the point, please, stop!"

The combined effort of the two calmed Kasuto down, she finally stopped struggling. They let her go.

"What is going on here!" Some guards had shown up after Kasuto had started the commotion.

"Great" Sheik sighed.

"Um, Michael was just attacked, by a Gerudo." One of his followers reported.

"I see.." he commented. "I want that Gerudo punished as soon as possible, nobody attacks followers of the One Right Way and gets away with it, though you don't have to kill her if Michael lives, just, teach her a lesson." He gave his follower a nasty smile, telling the follower exactly what he meant by that.

"Of course Sir." His follower left.

Kasuto was in the one place she had never expected to be: a jail cell. "Why me?" She asked nobody, "It's not my fault"

"Actually, it is." A new voice said, it was a guard, a Sheikah woman, with brown hair, shorter then Kasuto with laughing eyes, she wasn't wearing her armor. She walked into her cell and sat down in a chair next to Kasuto's. "Hello there, my name is Sarae." She smiled reassuringly. "I just want to talk."

"In other words, you want to interrogate me, but you want me to be comfortable, so you hide it in nice phrasing." Kasuto replied, folding her arms.

Sarae laughed, "You're a sharp one, well, are you still going to talk to me?"

"Sure, it's not like I can profess my innocence." Kasuto sighed, "I mean, I freely admit to blasting that man, so you don't have to worry about that."

Sarae smirked, she seemed slightly amused by their conversation, "You want to know what I think?"

"Why not?" Kasuto answered.

"Well, I think you're a good kid, but something just set you off. Am I right?"

Kasuto looked surprised, "That's exactly right, how'd you guess."

Sarae just kept on smiling, "I've seen a lot of criminals in my life, you aren't one. Care to tell me?"

"The man is a racist bastard." Kasuto said matter-of-factly. "He called my mother a whore, so I hit him with a Soul Lance. I'd do it again if given the chance."

Sarae's eyes widened, "Well, I can see why you're annoyed...but really, is that-"

"My mother is dead. Did I forget to mention that?" Kasuto continued.

"I see" Sarae said, "You do know that he's in the hospital now, he'll be in there for about a week." She tilted her head, "You have pretty potent magical strength for a Gerudo."

"Thanks, but what does that have to do with anything?" Kasuto was wondering what this woman wanted from her.

"No point really." Sarae stood up, "I just wanted to ask you some questions, and tell you that two friends of yours put up bail, you're free to go." She laughed at Kasutos face. "Don't worry about it, you don't have a criminal record, plus you were provoked. I'm sure you'll get off easy"

Kasuto groaned, great, she now had a criminal record. That would mean that for the rest of her life they would look at her, and instead of a girl who tried to defend her mother, they would see someone who attacked a man. Without even knowing the facts behind it they would judge her, like she had always been judged. "Great"

"Kasuto?" Malon said, Kasuto had apparently reached the exit, Malon and Sheik were there, "Are you alright?" Malon looked worried. Sheik was there to, the look on his face did not help Kasuto feel any better.

"What the hell were you thinking!" Sheik was trying not to shout, but it was difficult. "You could have killed him!" He was angry at her, furious. "What would you have done then Kasuto! Well?"

Kasuto winced, "But...I couldn't just take him-"

"Yes, Kasuto, I know, but that doesn't mean you can attack him!" Sheik stopped her excuse, "If you think you can-"

"Yes I do think that!" Kasuto shouted, "I" She trailed off"I'm" What was she doing? Why was she being so hateful? "I...I'm sorry." Kasuto sobbed out, running past them, out into the crowd.

"Kasuto!" Sheik shouted.

His name was Cless. He ran a very successful general store called The Bazaar. It was one of the best, thanks to his network of friends across Hyrule, he sold everything from Gerudo Silk to Goron Armor. It was a very successful business, making so much money, all thanks to the products he sells from other races.

He is a traitor.

Another man was setting it up, within a few minutes it would be dealt with, and this tratior would be punished. The Follower of the One Right Way left the shop, leaving a gift, close to a storage of explosives.

What kind of horrible person am I? Kasuto thought as she ran. How could I have done that? Tears were streaming down her cheeks, she didn't mean to, she had just lost her temper. Then, she had been foolish enough to let the anger stay, growing in her heart, until she had lashed out against Sheik, for no reason! "How could I?" She sobbed, tears blurring her vision, she quickly went into a building, she just wanted to find a place to sit down and cry.

She had entered a store of some kind. A successful one ,judging by the amount of products on the shelves. Nobody even noticed that a crying girl had entered. She just moved to a bench, and plopped down. "I'm such a moron" she sighed, all her tears were used up, it seemed. She'd just have to settle for moping. "Hmm" something caught her eye, a strange red glow, with more red light moving towards it from all directions. A spell, one that was building up power fast, dangerously fast. There was no order to the spell, it was just building up as much Mana as possible as fast as possible. Kasutos eyes widened, she could mope later. "Get down!" She shouted, standing up, and forming a crude barrier of Mana in front of her.

For a moment the spell flashed, and Kasuto could see an image: A flaming dragon, with it's jaws open to swallow everything in it's path.

Then all Hell broke loose.

"Did you see a Gerudo run past here?" Sheik asked a woman, he really needed to find Kasuto!

"Well, young man, I think I saw a Gerudo run into The Bazaar, poor girl, she looked so sad." The woman responded.

"Thank you ma'am!" Sheik quickly dashed off.

Malon smirked, "Awkward semi-couple." She explained. "They're just being stupid about it."

"How sweet." The older woman commented.

"Well, I'd better go make sure things don't go down the tubes!" Malon dashed after Sheik. "Hey, Sheik! Wait for me!"

"What is it Malon?" Sheik demanded.

"You just need to be careful," The red headed girl explained, "Make sure she realized that you're not mad at her anymore, tell her that you were just worried-"

"Are you giving me relationship advice?" Sheik asked, "Because the only relationship me and Kasuto have is friendship! I'm worried about her, as a friend, so I'm going to comfort her, as a friend!"


The Bazaar exploded, ten foot streams of fire shot out the door and windows, scorching the ground. Fire spread everywhere, spreading to nearby buildings. Like a hungry demon, the fire began to consume the whole area.

"What the hell?" Malon's mouth hung agape, "That can't be normal!"

"Kasuto!" Sheik called forth the power from his Patron Goddess, the one whose power held. "Scared Mother of Water and Sprit, Creator of Time, Bringer of Wisdom. I ask thee for thine power! Nayru's Love!" The power of Nayru gathered around him, taking the form of a transparent blue diamond. Sheik ran towards the burning building, knowing that the spell would protect him from the heat.

Malon sighed, "Does he have to do that?" She asked, reaching into a small sack she pulled out a scepter made from blue crystal. "Lets deal with this." Malon held up the Ice Rod, ready to swing.

"Sprit Wave!" Kasuto thrust her hand out, a wave of orange light rushed over the flames, causing them to die down somewhat. "Magical fire" She muttered, "It's going to take a lot."

Kasutos warning had probably saved some lives, as many of them took it seriously. As such the first wave of fire passed over them. However, the shop was still burning, and some people were trapped. "I wish I had something to help!" She had been pulling some people out of the fire, leading them to the exit, as a Gerudo she was more tolerant of the heat then Hylians "Come on move it!" She grabbed a woman and began pulling her away, "You need to move or you'll die!" She managed to push her out a blasted open window, just before some burning ceiling beams fell down, blocking her path.

"Veiled Force!" A familiar voice shouted, and Shadow Magic washed over some of the fire, wrapping itself around the wood and items it touched, preventing it from burning more. "Kasuto!" Sheik jumped into the building, "Are you alright!" He asked, concern filling his voice

"Sheik...I'm...I'm fine." Kasuto smiled, "Thanks for caring though. But right now we have a problem!" She waved her arm around.

"Yeah, the fire." Sheik grinned sheepishly, "I have Nayrus Love summoned, so I don't have to worry about being hurt-"

"Sheik," Kasuto interrupted, "I'm sorry to interrupt you, but somebody's gathering a lot of Mana for a Water spell." Kasuto could see a blue light forming, beyond the building they were in.

"That's probably the fire fighters" Sheik breathed a sigh of relief, "Well, come on, lets go!"

"That's not all." Kasuto was worried, "The spell that made this fire is reacting to the Water Magic...and not in a good way." The red light that snaked through all the fire was pulsing and waving as the Water Magic grew stronger.

"Wait, this is a magical fire?"

"Almighty Selcian, bringer of Ice and Cold, servant The Three. I call upon your strength." Malon was holding the Ice Rod in her hands, it was now glowing a blindingly bright blue as Mana flowed into the spell Malon was focusing. "Bring forth Winter, allow the frozen wind to blow." Malon focused the spell even more, bringing it all to the jewel at the tip of the Ice Rod. "Unleash your power!" Malon swung the Ice Rod, setting the spell off. "Eternal Blizzard!" The spell was unleashed, waves of Mana pulsed off the Ice Rod, as the raw essence of Winter flew towards the fire.

Malon smirked as the spell connected, the smirk quickly faded, as she saw the results.

"Oh crap."

The Fire Magic reacted to the Water Magic that was pressing against it, however, instead of doing what was normal the spells combined. The fire dimmed, before suddenly bursting out in a flare of white, fire swirled together, focusing on a small area. What Kasuto recognized as the source of the spell.

"This can't be good." Sheik said, watching the white flames swirl and gather. "Someone designed this spell to react to Water Magic, clever." He stepped back, the building was still burning. "We have to put it out!" Sheik began gathering Mana, ready to make a spell that would smother the flames.

"Wait" Kasuto could see orange light building up around the spell, it was glowing brighter and brighter. "Run!" She shouted.

Malon groaned, the fire had absorbed her spell, flashed, and gotten worse. "Great...I hope they're safe" Suddenly the front of the building blew out in a burst of white flame, a moment later Sheik and Kasuto followed, sliding against the pavement. They both stopped in front of Malon, she looked down, they were both at her feet.

Sheik opened his eyes. "That didn't hurt" he mumbled.

"Speak for yourself" Kasuto said, "I think my hair is on fire"

"I'm OK" Sheik pulled himself up. "Ow.." he rubbed his head. "Hey Malon, tell me when the world stops spinning, OK?"

"Um, Sheik, shouldn't we be getting ready for it?" Kasuto groaned, pulling herself up.

"Oh yeah...that." Sheik stood up, "And us without weapons"

A shriek filled the air, as The Bazaar collapsed, something leaped out. It was shaped like a dragon, its snake like body moved and twisted, four legs ending with claws, its mouth opened to reveal black teeth. Standing about as tall as Malon, it was wreathed in white flames, with red eyes burning like coals.

"What is that!" Malon shouted.

"Looks like a Fire Sprit," Sheik said, "Strengthened with Water Magic, it's pretty dangerous. It'll absorb Fire Magic, and I doubt Water Magic will do much to it. Since we're unarmed" Sheik didn't want to finish the sentence, but it was pretty clear when he was going to say.

"A Fire Sprit?" Malon asked.

"An embodiment of the Fire Element, with a body made of pure Mana." Kasuto explained. "Summoning is Sprit Magic, a difficult art to master. Nabooru can do it, but I don't know of anyone else. Someone summoned a powerful one, for it to take a form as solid as this it would have to be. At the same time, they didn't control it, so its just doing what it nature dictates, spread its element."

"So it burns everything in its sight?" Malon asked, "Great, so, how do we stop it?"

"Um, kill it?" Sheik said, "Unfortunately, we don't have weapons."

"It's a sprit, so Sprit Magic is bound to hurt it!" Kasuto shouted, "Soul Lance!" The bolt of magic shot towards the Fire Sprit, the dragon jumped over the blast, before attacking with a burst of fire. Sheik pushed Kasuto out of the way, and the fireball slammed into the ground.

The dragon let out a hiss, as it swung its tail, staring down the three humans who wanted to fight it.

Sheik focused his attention on the Sprit, "I have an idea, but I'll need you two to distract it."

"Can do!" Kasuto answered, "Come on Malon, let's do it!"

"Might as well" Malon charged foreword, ready to use the Ice Rod as a club.

"Mighty Parent of Fire and Shadow" Sheik placed his hand on the ground, this was going to be tricky...

Malon swung the Ice Rod at the dragon, it twisted out of the way, but was blown back by a hail of Soul Lances. It looked mad now.

"Mother of Earth"

Kasuto could see a golden light gathering around Sheik, it was spreading into the ground. She continued to shoot Soul Lances, watching with horror as it just charged through them!

"Wielder of Power" Sheik was almost done...just a bit more time...

Malon shot a wave of ice at the dragon, turning its rage to her, it roared, spitting out a pillar of flame.

"Lend me thy Strength!" Sheik was ready, all that was needed was for it to be in the right position.

Malons instincts took over, as a faint blue barrier formed around her, but it was too late, some fire hit her arms, causing her to scream as the burns formed.

The Fire Sprit then turned to Kasuto. Sheik knew he had only a few more minutes. Just move a little bit.

Kasuto shot a powerful Soul Lance at the Dragon, it jumped over the the right position.

Now! "Dins Fire!" Sheik unleashed the spell, the earth itself shook as power gathered around the Dragon, it suddenly split underneath it, before rising up, and crushing the Fire Sprit.

A horrible roar filled the air, as a hot red glow formed around the pillar of stone that had just been formed, massive amounts of white fire rose into the air like a burning geyser, as the sprit was forced back into the Astral Plane. Finally, it stopped. With the source of the flames gone, they faded away, leaving only the smoldering remains of The Bazaar, and some scorched buildings.

"We did it." Malon grinned, " hurts" The outside of Malons arms had some nasty burns on them, it would take a bit of work to heal them.

"Let's go to a healer." Kasuto recommended, "Before people show up again." All the passersby had fled when the Fire Sprit had attacked.

"Good idea" Sheik sighed, "I'm tired"

"Captain?" a Solider asked him, "Um, whatever caused the fire wasn't natural. Reports say a small dragon made it."

The Captain of the Hyrulan Guard groaned, "Great, first those Shadow Monsters, now this"

"Sir, there's more. One of our men made it there, and he says that three kids stopped the Dragon."

The Captain did a double take, "Say what?"

"Three kids, a boy, a girl, and a Gerudo. They worked together to stop it."

"This is insane as the Kokiri sightings" The Captain muttered, "I'll be looking into this, dismissed." The solider left.

"Great Goddesses, answer one question for me," Sir Edward, Captain of the Guard, mused, "Why are the weird things happening before my retirement?"

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