Finding Your Soul

By Pata Hikari

Chapter 3: Periods of Grace

Malon was being examined by a Hylian doctor; he looked at the burns on her arms with that strangely detached look they always kept up. Malon didn't like doctors. Sheik and Kasuto were waiting outside, probably talking about what had happened. Malon looked around; the hospital had about twelve other people in it, all more badly burned then her. Victims of the fire. Is this why Link fights? Does he see the pain that other people feel? Malon felt a strong urge to find whoever caused this, to bring them to justice. To help, without any thought of what happened to her. Was this what it meant to be a hero? Could she help them? Sure, she had aided Link a month ago when Shadow attacked, but she had played a passive role then, she had even caused Saria to lose her memory! Could she take the initiative and work on her own? What if she screwed up? Saria's cry of anguish when she couldn't remember Link still echoed through her mind. It had been her fault; she had been the one to use Farore's Wind, allowing Shadow to take Saria where he chose. What if she made a mistake and made things worse? Like today, she had made the fire worse...

"Miss Lon!" The doctor shouted, snapping her out of her thoughts, "I believe you can leave, just put this ointment on your burns daily." He handed her a bottle filled with some blue lotion.

"Oh, thanks." Malon took the bottle and placed it in her Kokiri bag, a strange magical item that could hold anything and never get full, Link had tried to explain how it worked, but it had kind of sailed over Malons head. She nodded, "I'll be leaving now doctor. I think you should go check on someone more injured then me." She left that room as quickly as possible.

She hated hospitals, places where Thente always kept watch over.

Kasuto looked around, they were in the waiting room, Malon was being taken care of, and they were stuck sitting here, well, Kasuto was sitting, Sheik was doing some kind of meditation, so he wouldn't get bored, Kasuto could though, and she was bored. They had been waiting for half an hour, and Kasuto did not want to read magazines that looked they were from the Warring Times. Which only left her thoughts, and Kasuto did not want to think at the moment. How could she have gone from trying to kill a person, to trying to save some? Who could make a switch so casually? "I'm not cut out for this business..." she sighed.

"Cut out for what?"

Kasuto jerked her head up; standing over her was a middle aged woman, a Sheikah by the looks of it. She was tall, taller then even Kasuto could ever be. Her body was clearly not delicate, strong muscles could be seen covering her arms. Her red eyes were sharp and piercing, seeming to say that she knew everything about you and that she knew what to do with that knowledge. Silver hair went down her back; she was wearing a red cloak that had the mark of the Sheikah emblazoned on it, as well as the Triforce. A longsword was strapped on her side. All in all a very intimidating woman, and she was looking straight at Kasuto.

"Nothing." The Gerudo muttered quickly. "Just thinking out loud."

"When people do that it means that they have too many thoughts troubling them. It's best to talk about it." The Sheikah woman said simply. "I'll listen." She sat down next to Kasuto. "Well?"

"Why should I tell you? I have no idea who you are, and you don't know me either." Kasuto snapped at the woman.

She rolled her eyes. "Your name is Kasuto. You were born in the village of Fritel. Your mother is dead, you're an orphan. You have talent in magic, and can see Mana as it's being used. Oh yes, you work at the Happy Mask Shop." She smirked. "I think I know you a little."

Kasuto would have fallen down had she not been sitting, "How did you know all that?"

"I have my sources." She smiled mysteriously. "My name is Impa Abbar, of the Shadow Clan of the Sheikah race. I am Princess Zelda's teacher, bodyguard, attendant, and friend. I am also the Sage of the Shadow Temple."

"Um," Kasuto was a bit taken aback by all the information, "Pleased to meet you."

"Likewise," Impa looked at Kasuto for a moment, "Hmm, now that I've met you, I can't help but think that you look familiar. I've seen your face somewhere before...but no matter. Will you tell me of your troubles now?"

"Err..." Kasuto sighed, "I don't see why not." She looked up at Impa. "I tried to kill a man today." She quickly expected judgment, for Impa to get angry or something.

Nothing, she just looked at Kasuto, "Continue." She said.

"Oh, well, I tried to kill him, but then, just a short while later; I risked my life to save some people. How can I do that? I shouldn't be able to help others if I don't have regard for someone else's life."

Impa shook her head, "It sounds like you have some problems, but still, you're wrong." Impa smiled at Kasuto, "Everyone makes mistakes, everyone sins, the best you can do is try to atone. Nobody is beyond repentance, believe me, I know." Impa tussled Kasuto's hair, "Remember, do what you think is right, and don't keep your heart hidden away, never deny your soul." Impa stood up, "Well, I must be going now, but can you do me a favor?"

"What?" Kasuto asked.

"Let's keep this meeting a secret." Impa winked.

"OK." Kasuto smiled, "I can do that, what did you come here for anyways?"

"Oh, just to make sure my charge is safe, she is." Impa smiled, "Farewell, Kasuto, till we meet again." Impa left.

Edward walked through the burnt remains of The Bazaar, it had been reduced to a pile of firewood, Guards had sealed off the area, and Magic specialists were examining the whole area, looking for some clue over what had started the whole thing.

Of course, what unnerved him the most was the stone shaft that was sticking out of the ground, it was still warm. The strangest part was the fact that it was so perfect, magic used to manipulate the earth, a combination of Fire and Shadow magic, was rarely this precise. Even stranger, there was no sign of either element being used to make the shaft. "Well?" He asked a specialist examining the stone, "Do you have any idea how this was made?

"Oh, Sir," the specialist stood up, "Well, I have a thought, I think someone used Din's Fire to make this."

"I see..." Edward shook his head, "You do realize, that the only people sighted were three kids, tell me, do you know of any kid that can cast Din's Fire? Because I sure don't, most mages have to practice for years before they can even use the basic version of the spell, this does not look like the basic version."

"I know Sir, I know, but that's the only theory we have."

Edward groaned, "By Nayru...why does this have to happen?"

To say he was angry was an understatement. What had happened? A large part of the city was supposed to burn, the Fire Sprit was supposed to have ensured that, instead, only one building was burned down, and only minor injuries! "What ruined it!" He shouted, many of his followers winced, understandable, he was fighting when angry. "Tell me! Does nobody here know what went wrong!" Nothing. "Very well... Transer!" He pointed to one of her followers, a summoner, "Summon the Fire Sprit again, have it explain what went wrong. Since none of you can."

He turned and left, leaving his followers to do their task.

After Malon was given a clean bill of health, the three left the hospital, a heavy feeling hovered over them, so unlike the lightheartedness that had started the day. Sheik looked at Kasuto, she seemed to be in a better mood though, something had happened in the waiting room while he had been meditating, but Sheik didn't feel a need to know, as long as Kasuto was happier, Sheik was fine with it.

"Hey, I think we should go home now..." Kasuto said, "I need to get back to work anyway. Thanks Malon, even though the day was completely screwed up, I'm glad it happened."

"Aw thanks." Malon grinned, "Just remember, I'll always be ready to help!" She laughed, "Yeah, I think Daddy will be here any minute, I should go wait at the entrance to the city, bye!" Malon dashed off, leaving Sheik and Kasuto.

"The Happy Mask Shop is at the northern end of the city, it's on the way to the castle." Kasuto said, "Lets go, we can split off once we reach it."

"Oh, right." Sheik gestured forward, "Lead the way." He fell in step beside Kasuto.

For a few minutes they walked in silence. Neither of them said anything. Was there really anything to say? Their history was a strange one, to say the least, and a both felt slightly uncomfortable now that Malon wasn't there.

Finally, Kasuto broke the silence, "Sheik," she looked at the boy, "Can...can you answer a question?"

"Hmm?" Sheik glanced at Kasuto, "Sure, ask away."

" do you feel about me?" Kasuto turned away, her cheeks a burning red, "Um, you don't have to answer..."

Sheik blushed a little, "Well, um, Kasuto, you see..." Sheik mumbled, he didn't know what to say, really. "I guess the truth is, I don't know." Sheik sighed, "I'm sorry for giving you such a crappy answer."

"No, I don't mind, you told the truth, that's what matters..." Kasuto smiled.

"Um, how about you?" Sheik asked.

Kasuto thought about it for a moment. "Tell you what, I'll write my answer down and put it in an envelope, and then you open it when you figure out how you feel, OK?" She smirked.

"I don't see why not." Sheik laughed, "I'll come by tomorrow to pick the letter up."

"Wait, do you promise that you won't open the letter until you figure it out?" Kasuto eyed Sheik suspiciously.

"I swear in the Name of Nayru." Sheik said, a flash of gold appearing on his hand, "If I break this oath may her wrath come down upon me."

"Wow, OK, I believe you!" Kasuto laughed, "Look, we're here!" The Happy Mask Shop was a small building, which didn't seem to stand out, despite the strangeness of it. "I'll be right back." The Gerudo girl dashed inside, leaving Sheik standing out on the pavement.

He chuckled, "Such a strange girl..." he smiled, "But, that's what I like about her."

"Done!" Kasuto ran back out, holding a sealed envelope. "It's in here, remember, no peeking until you figure yourself out." Kasuto smiled, grabbing Sheik and giving him a hug. "Bye." She said, before walking inside.

Sheik stood there for a minute, "Damn, I'll never understand her." He smiled, "But then, where's the fun in that?"

"Malon!" Her father exclaimed, "What happened to you?" Talon pointed to the shiny burns that were on her arms.

"I'm fine daddy..." Malon smiled weakly, "There was just a fire and I was there, and I got a little burnt...I got off easy, most of the people were injured pretty badly."

Talon sighed; "I're just my baby girl and if anything were to happen to you..." he trailed off.

"I'll be fine Daddy, I'm a tough girl, I got it from you." Malon walked over to the carriage that they rode in, "I'll be fine..." She told her father.

But could she say the same for herself?

Zelda collapsed onto her bed, she was tired. She hadn't been this drained for a long time. But wait, she couldn't rest easy until she discovered who had caused the fire! "Joy..." she muttered, Zelda knew that she was pretty much on her own when it came to "adult" support. Nobody would listen to a twelve year old girl, or twelve year old boy for that matter. Despite the fact that she was really nineteen. Nobody but a select few knew that. Not even Kasuto knew about it. "Crap." She muttered, "I need to tell her about the seven lost years." That would be an interesting tale.

She sat up, "Alright Zelda, you need help. As such, you go to the only help that isn't bogged down by other obligations, of course, the only people capable of helping you are, ironically, two people which a part of you really doesn't want to see." But wait, hadn't she decided she had gotten over Link? So there really was no reason to keep it up. "I guess I'm asking for help..." She was still wearing Sheik's clothing, but that really didn't matter, she would go as-is. Grabbing a harp that was in a display case on her dresser, she began playing a Song of Power. A Song that carried in its notes a story of life, one that was never ending. The Minuet of The Forest echoed through her room.

A flash of green light, and she was gone.

Kasuto slumped against the wall. Her boss had cheerfully greeted her, saying he hoped she had enjoyed her time off.

He then promptly gave her a box full of masks to sort, a big box. Kasuto had by now placed at least sixty different masks on shelves, and that didn't count the ones that had to be thrown away due to damage. It wasn't physically exhausting, just mind-numbingly repetitive. Which is why Kasuto was taking quick break, otherwise the masks would blur together and she'd put a Keaton Mask in a pile of Bunny Hoods, or something like that. And her boss was a bit obsessive about everything being neat, that and scary when mad. As such, Kasuto made sure that everything was in order, and that meant the occasional break.

"How does he stand this line of work...?" She muttered, fingering a strange mask with the label Stone Mask (Powered)-Warning: Do not put on if you are anti-social. "Ugly little thing, ain't ya?" she said, looking over the misshapen face that made up the mask. "Who in their right mind would wear something like this? Another thing, what's with that warning?" She had sorted Stone Masks before, but none of them had that warning on it. "Then again, I sometimes fine masks that are "powered." They have the warnings on them." She remembered the "powered" Bunny Hood, it had the warning "Do not use when patience is necessary." Of course, any "powered" masks were to be put in her Bosses hands, he would then put them in that weird pack of his and go off selling some of them, or he might just keep it, she could never tell with him.

"What's so special about this mask anyway?" Kasuto asked, she turned it around, "Might as well..." She slipped it on.

Nothing. Kasuto didn't feel any different. She could see through the mask just fine, it seemed to become transparent to her when it was put on. But other then that, nothing, no strange feeling, no sudden power, or anything like that.

"What a rip-off, I put on this ugly mask, which comes with a warning label, and nothing happens." Kasuto stood up, groaning. "Heh, might as well go outside and see how people react." She snickered. "Taking a five minute break!" She shouted.

"Fine." Her boss responded.

"Thanks." Kasuto left the storage room, heading outside. Once out there, Kasuto looked around, checking for any reaction from the people. Nothing. "Are they used to people wearing ugly masks or something?" She muttered. She walked out a little bit; some people were still out in the afternoon, though not as much. Nobody even glanced at her! "Surely somebody would notice?" she asked herself. Someone ran into her, knocking her to the ground.

"Hey, watch where you're going!" She snapped at the Goron that had knocked her over.

"Hmm?" The Goron looked down, "Lost my balance there for a minute, guess I must have tripped over something." He commented, before walking off, stepping over Kasuto.

The Gerudo stood up, then stared at the Goron, her mouth hanging open. "He didn't see me..." Kasuto couldn't believe it. "This made me invisible!" Kasuto grinned, "That's amazing! With this thing on, I can become invisible!"

"Actually," Her boss said, standing behind her, "The Stone Mask merely makes the wearer unnoticeable, if someone is paying close enough attention, like me for instance, they can see you."

"Oh!" Kasuto grinned sheepishly, pulling off the mask, "Um, sorry, I was just curious and well..."

"I understand Kasuto, but please, if you're going to take a mask, please tell me next time." He shook his head, "Sometimes they had random, extreme effects if not tested first. Once, there was this solider who put on an untested Stone Mask, and her really did become invisible, and he couldn't take the mask off either. You can guess the problem he had."

Kasuto winced, "I, am I in trouble?"

"No, of course not!" Her boss said, "Just ask me if you're interested in masks from now on."

"OK," Kasuto breathed out a sigh of relief, "Can I keep it?" She asked.

"Sure, consider it a gift."

Zelda walked through the Lost Woods; she did not fear any magic that surrounded her, as the Time Sage the Forest accepted her. Walking through without impediment, she reached her destination. A place that most people didn't even think existed, quite possibly the most magically potent place in the world, the Kokiri Village.

The small village was completely in tune with the Forest, homes made from the remains of ancient trees, a stream ran through it, grass and flowers grew through out the clearing, a strange sort of beauty filled the air. The strangest part was that there were no adults. Children moved about, doing their daily tasks. Kokiri, the race that never aged.

Zelda walked into the village, instantly eyes turned to her. She instantly felt the feeling of not belonging; they all said something with their looks. "You don't belong here."

A Kokiri walked over to her, he was short, with dark red hair, barely coming out from his hat, his pudgy, freckled, face held a small amount of arrogance. He beady eyes looked over her for a moment. He finally spoke, with a voice that sounded like he thought she was a lesser being.

"You're in danger; I'll get you a guide out of here." He said, like he had said it a dozen times before.

Zelda rolled her eyes, "I don't need a guide, Kokiri, I know where I am."

The Kokiri scoffed, "The Forest will make sure that condition doesn't last."

Zelda smirked, "The Forest has no power over me, ask your Guardian, he can confirm it."

The Fairy hovering by the Kukri's shoulder spoke up, "She's right Mido, the Forest ignores her..."

Zelda raised an eyebrow, "So you're Mido. Funny, I didn't expect you to look like this." She had expected him to be uglier, due to Link's description of him.

Mido stumbled back, "How do you know me?" He snapped, "Who are you, outsider?"

"My name is Zelda Hyrule, I am known as the Time Sage." Zelda laughed, "I'm here to see Link and Saria, so if you would be kind enough to tell me where they are, I'll be on my way."

Mido growled, "So you must be one of Link's outsider friends." He looked at her, "I must admit, I'm surprised that you know Saria." He shook her head, "She's been acting strange for a while now, spending even more time with Link."

"I'm sure they're very busy." Zelda held in a laugh, Link had said Kokiri really didn't have any clue when it came to romance, because there was no need. "But I need to talk to them."

Mido sighed, "Sorry, but no luck. They both vanished two weeks ago, not a sign of them, the only clue being the weird flare of magic that happened the day they vanished."

Zelda swore in Ancient Sheikah, they were gone? "You mean there hasn't been any sign of them for two weeks!"

"Not a clue." Mido frowned, "Sorry, but I guess you'll be...hey, where are you going!" Mido tried to stop Zelda as she dashed past him, "Where are you going! Outsiders are forbidden to go there!"

Zelda paid him no heed, she needed someone to talk to, she dashed through a passageway, entering a clearing. She knew that this place held someone who knew where Link was.

"You're in trouble now outsider!" Mido panted, he was out of breath, "No outsider has been allowed in here for two thousand years!"

Zelda had ran into a clearing, well, it would be a clearing, if it weren't for the huge tree covering it, the only problem was that the tree looked dead, growing at the base of the mammoth plant, was a smaller tree, ten feet tall, the small tree radiated power though, Zelda knew she was in the right place. She calmly walked over to the tree, ignoring Mido's shouts, until she reached the small tree.

Mido groaned, "You're dead now out-"

-Mido, please be quiet.- A booming voice echoed through Zelda's soul, a voice filled with the sorts of power that she couldn't understand.

"But-" Mido began.

-Enough, the Time Sage has free reign in the Forest, she can go where she wishes, evidentially, she desires my council.-

Mido stumbled back, "I'm...sorry..." The Kokiri ran off, apparently to leave the tree alone.

"Um," Zelda turned to the tree, not just any tree, a god. She bowed respectfully, "It is an honor to meet you, Great Deku Tree."

A soft chuckle filled the air "Zelda, please, we don't need any formalities. I understand you want my help or advice-

Zelda straightened herself, "Oh, err, I guess I was hoping you could tell me where Link and Saria are." She looked at the tree.

-Ah, I'm sorry Zelda, I don't know where Link or Saria are, they are beyond my sight.- The Great Deku Tree sounded sad as he said this.

"But," Zelda gasped, "You're a god! Surely you can see where they are?"

-I'm sorry, but my sight and power is restrained by this mortal form. I can not see very far beyond the Forest.-

"I see..." Zelda sighed, "So you have no clue where they are?"

-A servant of the Goddesses came to Link before he vanished, Saria went along with him. I believe Link is doing an important task, I sense an imbalance in the Earth, Link is probably working on correcting it.-

Zelda sighed, "But...why would Saria-"

-I suspect that she forced the poor boy to take her along.- The Deku Tree chuckled deeply.

Zelda groaned, "I guess Kalo isn't here."

-Yes, he is with Saria.-

"So I wasted my time coming here." Zelda muttered.

-You met a god, that's got to count for something.- The Great Deku Tree said helpfully.

"Thanks..." Zelda pulled out her harp, "I think I'll go home now, it was a pleasure meeting you." The girl played Time's Prelude to Light, and vanished in a flash of gold.

His name was Transer, as a follower of the One Right Way, he had one important duty. He was a master of Sprit Magic, capable of Summoning old Eternal Sprits of all kinds. Summoning was a difficult art, it required hours of preparation for all but the absolute best. The sheer amount of power that the Eternal Sprits contained could overwhelm you, armies of humans stood no chance against one unrestrained, like he had summoned this one.

So the question was, how? How did someone stop it? That was what he was going to find out soon, before he was punished. He had finished drawing the circle, and was now activating the spell, the runes flared to life as Mana ran through them, producing a red glow. Finally, the spell came through, "I summon you, Aresan, Eternal Sprit of Flame!"

Fire flared around the runes, finally, a shape formed, that of a burning dragon "So..." Ithissed, "You summon me yet again human. Yet, this time I am restrained greatly, confined to the summon circle, only my mind and this weak form stand before you."

Transer gulped, dealing with this sprit was difficult, seeing as it represented the destructive side of fire. "I merely wish to ask you some questions, Aresan."

Aresan made a strange noise, "Very well, I shall answer your questions, but only because I am curious as to what questions you could ask a Sprit of Destruction."

"I want to know what stopped you from your task last time I summoned you." Transer said, shuddering slightly.

"Oh, you want to know that little fact." Aresan shook his head, "Three children, a Sprit Woman, a little Light Carrier girl, and a boy Shadow Walker."

Transer knew what her meant, three Children, a Gerudo, a girl Hylian, and a Sheikah boy, had stopped Aresan. "How is that possible?" He asked.

"Ahh." Aresan slithered around the circle. "The Shadow Walker asked Mother Din for some power to strike me down. Mother Din consented." The Sprit shook his head, "Those were no ordinary children..."

"I see..." Transer said, "I'll tell this to-"

"Your master?" Aresan sneered, "Of course, you're far too spineless to have done this on your own. But, no matter. I merely would like to warn you of something."

"And what's that?" Transer asked.

"If you are seeking vengeance against these three, be warned, the Shadow Walker is a Chosen of Mother Nayru, to attack him would be to invite her wrath." With that, he returned to the Spiritual Plane.

Transer shuddered, he hated doing this...

Edward walked through the castle, it had been a long day. He knew that the people would want whoever caused the fire caught. Of course, they were also still clamoring for the head of whoever caused last months troubles, despite the fact that there was no evidence that could point to anybody So the Royal Guard had been busy as of late, with little to show for it. He sighed, "This just isn't my day." He muttered.

Down the hallway, he could see a somewhat familiar face, she was walking with a distracted look on her face, wearing some of her more boyish clothing.

Edward smiled as he saw The Hylian's princess. The girl definitely did not fit the stereotype for princesses. She wasn't at all wimpy or helpless, or stupid for that matter. (There goes the blond jokes.) She was frighteningly intelligent, with a sharp wit. To top it off she preferred wearing simple, practical shirts and pants, or simple dresses, whenever possible, instead of the fragile silk dresses that most rich women wore. She practiced combat techniques for at least an hour a day, sometimes more. Though some new soldiers laughed at the idea of "a little princess fighting" all it took was five minutes of watching her train to silence them. Truly an impressive girl, Princess Zelda.

"Hello Edward," Zelda smiled weakly, it was clear she was troubled by something.

"Hi Zelda." He said, "Something's bothering you, care to tell me? Or is it a girl thing?"

"It...nothing." Zelda sighed, "Something I need to handle on my own. Besides, something seems to be troubling you."

"Ah, it's just the troubles we've been having lately, that's all." Edward patted Zelda on the head, "I'm sure that's part of what's bothering you too."

"Sort of." Zelda sighed, "Well, I'd better go, I need to get ready for dinner, and you know how that is." The girl rolled her eyes. "It'll take me at least an hour."

Edward chuckled, "Good luck, you know, it would be faster if you asked some attendants for help." He pointed out.

"Edward, do I look like the type who would ask for help on getting dressed?" Zelda gave him a half-lidded stare.

"No, not at all, good point." He laughed.

Zelda smiled, "See you later, Captain." Zelda entered her room

Edward sighed, he really needed some clue on this whole thing, after all, he was being held responsible...

The sun was setting, a beautiful sight that Malon sometimes went out to watch. Now, she was sitting outside, on her houses roof, doing just that.

"Where do you go when you set?" She asked, feeling a strange sense of wonder, she always asked that question every time she watched it, yet no answer ever came.

She sighed, "I'm to old for my age." She muttered, echoing something her father had once told her. She had never been able to associate with those her age, she just couldn't find any common ground with them, and those older then her refused her company, believing her to be like all the others of her likeness. "How quickly that changed," she smiled, "When I met my first real friend, how many fun times have we had? Quite a few." So many happy memories. She laughed, "So much fun..." she brushed her arms against the roof. "Ow!" Malon pulled them back, "Stupid burns..." The farm girl stood up, "I guess I should go to bed now." Malon looked up at the night sky, already a few stars were starting to show through.

"Thank you Mom, for giving me a chance."

She went inside.

A middle aged man, holding with him the bearing of one who has lived a full life, entered his small home, near the castle.

It had been a long, tiring day for Edward. And things were only going to get harder, he could feel it. "I never expected to be in the service this long." He laughed "The things life does to you." He commented, moving into his living room, it was filled with plaques, certificates, and paintings. He sat down in his chair, eagerly awaiting some well deserved rest. Even as he relaxed, his eyes wandered to a small table on the side, where a framed Pictograph sat.

"Two weeks until her birthday." He said sadly, "Another missed one." He whispered.

Pictured in the Pictograph were three people, a younger version of himself, smiling like he didn't have a care in the world. A young woman, standing next to him, her face showing nothing but pure love. And finally...

A baby girl being held in his arms, her wide, curious eyes looking at the camera, eager to see the world.

"I'm sorry..." he said, to the two in the Pictograph.

The two he hadn't seen in ten years.

Her bedroom was a dark place, but Zelda did not mind, she could see very well in the dark. It was a strange side effect of her Shadow magic training, it was even more prominent as Sheik, he could practically see a bread crumb in a sealed room. But, Zelda wasn't thinking about the dark, no, she was thinking about much more important things then that. The fire and, of course, Kasuto.

The Gerudo's letter was tucked safely away in her drawer. Zelda was tempted to open it, but she had made a promise, and she intended to keep it.

So here she was, awake, when she should be sleeping, worrying about things that wouldn't stop plaguing her thoughts. How was she supposed to stop them? Now, some might argue that Zelda doesn't even have to get involved. After all, isn't it being taken care of? If you think that, you don't know Zelda Eleanor Hyrule, she has to get involved, as the Princess, she has a duty to her people. This, finding those who attempt to harm the nation is, in Zelda's eye, one of her duties. She would not rest until they were stopped.

"I need to discover who did it!" She whispered to herself, "Then," Zelda thought about it for a moment, "I'll decide what to do then." She sighed, she knew better then to plan the whole thing when she had so little knowledge. "Tomorrow, we'll go back to the site." She finally confirmed her plan, and began slowly drifting off to sleep.

Authors notes:Hey, I was wondering, what do you all think of the world I made Hyrule? It's a fair bit different then most interpretations I've seen in fanfiction...Anyway, that's all.

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