Finding Your Soul

By Pata Hikari

Chapter 6: Revelations

Zelda stared at Kasuto for a moment, her eyes showing surprise. "Are you serious?" she asked.

Kasuto nodded slowly, "I have no doubt." she said quietly. Looking at Zelda, fear was the expression most prominent on her face. "In one week, you someone will try to assassinate not only you, but all of Hyrule's leaders."

Zelda sat down, closing her eyes, she took a deep breath, "Kasuto…you know this is hard to believe. What proof do you have?"

Kasuto opened her mouth, only to close it a moment later, "I..I don't have any proof…I'm sorry." she said, sounding crushed.

Zelda sighed, "It's OK Kas," she said gently, "Just, what made you think someone is trying to kill me?" Someone being after her life was nothing new to Zelda, she had been in that state for seven years.

"It's just…" Tears came to Kasuto's eyes as the memory returned to her, "I had a dream, where Hyrule was in Civil War, people were dieing, so many had died…it was horrible." Kasuto started to sob as she spoke, "Nothing was as it should be! And, it all starts a week from now, if we don't do something…I'm afraid my dream will come true."

Zelda looked at Kasuto for a moment…"A dream? Tell me, did it end with you leaving the world somehow? Then did a kind, mothering voice comfort you?"

Kasuto looked up at Zelda…"Yes…" she whispered.

"We need to talk to Impa." Zelda said, standing up, "I believe you just had a vision of the future."

Malon entered Castle City. Smiling slightly, she looked around. Today she was dressed in a green shirt and blue skirt, with black shoes. Taking a deep breath of the city air, Malon looked around. Castle City was going through some problems, first Shadow, and now the fire, it seemed that hard times were coming.

"Well, that's nice." A hushed voice said, "You're telling my that children stopped it?"

"Yes sir…" another voice said.

Curiosity overcoming Malon, she moved over to where she could pick up the faint voices.

"Well, I want to find out who they were! They need to be dealt with."

"But the spirit-"

"I don't care what it said! They are a threat! Find out who did it, use some Followers in the Royal Guard to investigate. I'm busy, I expect a full report by tomorrow."

"Y-yes sir."

Malon quickly moved away, just as an angry looking man stormed by, a moment later a much less intimidating man slinked out, clearly scared.

"What the heck?" she muttered to herself. Something about what she had overheard in the currently empty alleyway disturbed her, yet she couldn't tell how…

Impa sat down in her room, looking at a book. She wondered what that Gerudo Zelda had befriended had been here for. It had been funny, to tell the truth, she had been pretty vague on how she had met Kasuto. Which had only caused Impa to smile, something about the girl that was good for Zelda. Though, there was something about Kasuto…

"Hey Impa, you there?" Zelda knocked at her door, "I need to talk to you."

Impa looked up from her book, "Sure, come in." the door opened, and Zelda walked in with Kasuto trailing behind her, looking really nervous.

"We need to talk." Zelda said.

Impa raised an eyebrow, "Really? What is it?"

Zelda turned to Kasuto, "Tell her Kas." she pushed Kasuto forward.

"Why do I have to tell her?" Kasuto asked.

"Because, you're the one with the vision." Zelda said matter-of-factly..

"Vision?" Impa asked, "What do you mean by that?"

"I…I had a dream, a horrible dream." Kasuto sighed, "Everything had gone wrong, I think it was the future, and that if we don't do something, it will come true."

Impa examined Kasuto for a moment, she looked so nervous under the Sheikah's examination. "So, you think you had a vision of the future?"

Kasuto nodded weakly, "I think someone's going to try to kill Zelda in a week."

Impa closed her eyes, "Oh Great Goddess Din, can't things ever be peaceful around here?" she said, opening her eyes, she looked at Kasuto again, "Alright, so, you claim to have a vision of the future, now, the Hylian Royal Family, among others, has some prophet tic powers. But you, however, are not known have such blood, that means you would have to be a Seer."

Zelda looked at Impa, "A Seer? You're serious?"

Kasuto paused, "What's a Seer?" she asked.

Impa smiled grimly, "A Seer is a person born with the power to see the Past, Present, and Future. They can see Mana, and no magic can fool them. Seers are very rare, being born with their powers which are almost impossible to duplicate. I can think of only one who is alive, Syrup Relom, and the only way to prove someone is a Seer is for another Seer confirms it." Impa sighed, "So unless you have proof that your family has the gift of Prophecy, or that you are a Seer, nothing can be done about your dream."

Zelda looked at Impa worriedly, "But, you believe us, don't you?" Impa noticed that Kasuto was just looking down at the floor. "Well?" Zelda asked again.

Impa looked at the two girls, "I can't say I don't believe you, I don't know enough to make a decision yet."

Zelda glared at Impa, "Well I believe her, and I need some help!"

Impa looked at Zelda, she had never seen her act irrationally like this before. "Zelda, I'm not saying Kasuto is lying, I'm just saying that I need a bit more evidence." Impa turned to the Gerudo, "Kasuto, can you tell me, in as much detail as possible, what happened in your dream?"

"I…guess so." Kasuto whispered.

Andire entered his house, it was a rather small home on the eastern side of the city, he lived here whenever he was forced to spend time in the capitol. "Such a filthy city." he muttered to himself, it had all gone to pot when Marial had been crowned, along with that fool Harikan. His younger sister had been the heir according to Hylian law, because the natural order put women in power. And Andire was a firm believer in the natural order.

But not a day went by that he didn't wish his sister hadn't been born.

Because she was a mockery of the right way! She continued to stay a member of that idiotic confederacy, instead of pressing forth the Hylians proper place in the world! And now, because of the Hyrule Confederacy's example, almost all the other Hylian nations on Tore were the same way! He gritted his teeth at the weaknesses in the rulers. Yet, despite that, he knew that soon everything would be right.

Though, he didn't want to deal with the problems of power that would come afterwards.

Looking outside, he saw a Hylian man playing with two Gerudo children, apparently his own. Leaning out his window, he shouted at the top of his lungs, "Get off my property you brats!" He glared as the two little girls ran to their father. The father tossed an angry look at Andire, "Remove your pet's spawn before I call the Guards for them trespassing!"

The traitor shot Andire a look of pure rage, not that Andire cared, just someone else who would pay.

"…and then I woke up." Kasuto sobbed, her whole body was shaking. The poor girl was clearly shaken by the mere memory of the dream. Kasuto finally began crying, tears flowing down her face.

Zelda was in tears as well, choking a sob, she quickly wrapped her arms around the Gerudo. "There, there Kas, it's OK. I'm here." she whispered.

"I was alone again…" Kasuto sobbed, "I was alone, I never want to be alone."

Zelda shushed Kasuto gently, running her hands through Kasuto's hair. "I promise I won't let you end up alone, never again."

"Thank you…" Kasuto whispered.

Impa watched this, feeling the emotion that Kasuto had put out, it was just to real for her. Kasuto surely felt that this event would happen. She watched as Zelda comforted Kasuto, it was a touching scene. Zelda looked somewhat strange, wrapping her arms around the noticeably taller girl. But despite that, the two projected a feeling of closeness that Impa had rarely seen. "You two are truly close friends." she said. Smiling slightly as Zelda looked at her for a moment, while Kasuto blushed. Well, well, that could explain what is strange about her. Little Kasuto may want a bit more then friendship. Impa knew how Gerudo were sometimes, so she wasn't really bothered or confused by it.

"You think so?" Zelda asked, "I guess we are." She wiped a tear from her eye, "Sorry about that."

Impa shook her head, "It's OK, not much more can help convince me that you really had a vision then how you reacted when you told me."

"Really?" Kasuto sniffled a little, "The you believe us?"

Impa nodded, "From what you told me, it looks like you actually had a vision. Now, the question is; What are you going to do about it?"

Zelda paused, "Kas, what did you say the group causing the most trouble called?"

Kasuto shuddered, "Saria told me they called themselves the One Right Way."

Impa paused, "The One Right Way? I knew they were no good." she said with disgust.

"You know about them?" Kasuto asked.

Zelda nodded, "It's a group that opposes the Confederacy on the basis of 'Hylian Supremacy' among other things. They think we should, at the least, break off. At the most, they want us to conquer the other races militarily."

Kasuto looked slightly confused, "So, the guy who was preaching in the Market yesterday thinks the same way."

Impa nodded, "He was probably a member."

Kasuto gave a big smile, "Well, we know what's going on! Let's stop them!"

"We can't do anything Kas." Zelda muttered, "All we have is your dream, that isn't enough to do anything."

Kasuto looked at Zelda with shock, "But-"

"She's right Kasuto." Impa said, "Evidence is needed."

Kasuto looked down on the ground, "I see…" she sighed sadly.

Impa stood up, "I need to go do some work, I'll be looking up ways for us to figure things out, until then I want you to be careful Zelda, do you understand?"

"Crystal clear." Zelda said.

Impa rolled her eyes, "Alright, goodbye, I'll see you later" She left her room, leaving Zelda and Kasuto alone.

"What are we going to do now?" Kasuto asked.

"Well, you and Sheik are going out." Zelda grinned evilly.

Kasuto blinked, "But didn't Impa say-"

"She didn't say anything about Sheik." Zelda giggled, "So get going!"

"Did she phrase it that on purpose?" Kasuto asked.

"Yes, yes she did." Zelda grinned, "She knows me all to well."

"Edward." a voice said, knocking at his door, "Edward!"

Edward sat up, staring at the door, "What is it Impa? I called in sick!"

"Edward, in all the years that I've known you, you have never gotten sick. So answer the damn door!" Impa called out.

Edward groaned, he got out of his bed and walked over to the front door. "Fine, I'm coming!" he called out as he moved.

Opening the door, he glared at the Sheikah, "Yes?" he asked.

Impa took one look at Edward, "By Farore, you look terrible." She commented casually.

"What do you want Impa?" Edward demanded.

Impa just smirked, "Oh Din, thank you!" She looked up to the heavens, "It is truly Autumn now. The leaves are falling, the days are shortening, and Edward is depressed!"

"Oh shut up." the knight snapped.

Impa shook her head, "You've been like this for ten years. Every autumn you get all depressed, it's irritating."

"You are the second most frustrating woman I have ever met, do you know that?" Edward said.

"Only number two? I must not be trying hard enough." Impa grinned.

Edward rolled his eyes, "Impa, I know you didn't just come over here to bother me, you prefer to just wait at work to do that." He looked her straight in the eyes, being one of the few people who were as tall as her, "So what is it?"

Impa's face instantly became serious, "All right, now, I believe that some group is going to attempt to assassinate the leaders of the Confederacy."

There was a long pause.

"Are you being serious?" Edward asked.

"Would I joke about something like this?" Impa yelled.

Edward waved his hand, "I understand, so, who do you think is the one behind it? Or do you even have that?"

Impa sighed at Edward's skepticism, "Would you believe the OWR?"

"Impa…" Edward sighed, "Not this again…"

"Edward, this has nothing to do with that!" Impa snapped, "This is them finishing the job!"

"Impa, there is no proof that Terris Mortil was-"

"They killed Marial!" Impa growled, before she calmed down, "But that doesn't matter, this is a different thing. Besides, you're one to talk. You who won't let the memory of Kilya rest."

Edward recoiled, "Impa…that was low." he hissed.

"It's the truth!" Impa shouted, "Every year you act like this, and now you're pretending to be sick while you mope! There is no excuse-"

"I thought I saw her today!" Edward shouted, "I was leaving my house when I saw her run by!"

"She's dead Edward…" Impa sighed, "You were just seeing things."

"You never met her." Edward whispered, "You don't know what she was like."

"Edward…" Impa sighed, "Please, do it for me, your oldest friend. At least have a few people investigate it."

Edward looked up a Impa, "All right, but just because I probably owe you a lot more then I can ever hope to repay."

Impa nodded, "Thank you." she smiled, "Can I come in for a while?"

"Sure." Edward mumbled.

"So enthusiastic." Impa smirked, "Now lets see…Nayru, your house is a mess." She looked around for a moment, "Is it in a man's nature to be filthy?" she asked nobody.

"Sorry, I'm normally cleaner." Edward muttered.

"Oh, Edward, I'm sorry I never got to meet Kilya, I'm sure she was a wonderful woman." Impa said, picking up yesterday's laundry. "Come on, I'll help you clean up, then you can go to work."

Edward smiled, "Sure, Impa."

The city was starting to fill up, but the streets were still clear. This was just the way Malon liked it. She entered the building that was her destination, the Happy Mask Shop.

"Hello?" she asked as she entered, "Kasuto?"

"I'm afraid Miss Lilla isn't here right now." the Happy Mask Salesman said, standing behind the front counter. "She went out to visit Zelda. Though I'm sure she'll be back soon."

"Oh." Malon paused, before looking around, "So um, I should wait here for a while?"

"Oh yes." the Mask Salesman said, "How about I show you some of my masks." The Salesman began proving that he had earned his title.

Malon was quickly kept busy by the sheer amount of masks that she was shown.

"So, you got the day off?" Sheik asked, as him and Kasuto walked casually past the gate.

Kasuto froze in her tracks. "Day…off?" she asked.

"You did get the day off from your job, before coming here, right?" Sheik asked.

For a moment, you could see Kasuto's mind actually freeze. Then higher brain functions returned. "Shit! I'm dead!" Kasuto began running, "Sheik! I need to get to work and explain, now!" she shouted as she ran.

Sheik stood there for a moment, before bursting out laughing. "Never a dull moment, is there Kasuto?" she said quietly, smiling as she ran.

Neither noticed the Guard watching them.

"And this is a "Mario Mask." The Mask Salesman said, "Does this one interest you?" He was holding up a mask of face that looked remarkably like her had, only the face had a red hat on it.

"That one's kinda creepy." Malon commented, "And no, I'm not here to buy anything!" Malon groaned, she was really getting tired of this! "Please, I'll some back later when Kasuto comes ba-"

The door burst open, and in dashed Kasuto, "I'm sorry!" she shouted, "I just had really pressing business!" The Gerudo stood in front of the Mask Salesman, slightly terrified.

Sheik walked in a minute later, an amused look on his face.

"Well, Kasuto, it's quite alright, your such a good employee, I don't mind if you occasionally take care of other business." The Mast Salesman explained.

Kasuto let out a huge sigh of relief, "Thank you for understanding." she said.

"Ah," The Mask Salesman turned to Sheik, "I take it you had to get your friend from the Castle?

"Sort of." Sheik said with a grin.

"Heh, I bet you were both very busy." Malon commented, only to have both Kasuto and Sheik glare at her.

"I see…" The Mask Salesman's smile got slightly bigger, "Did the Stone Mask I gave you come in handy then?"

"Stone…Mask?" Kasuto said, her brain seeming to freeze again.

"Um, Kas?" Sheik asked, "What's wrong?"

"AAAARRRRRRGGGGGGG!" Kasuto screamed, and then began the longest string of curses that Sheik, Malon, and even the Mask Salesman had ever heard. In all three languages that Kasuto knew. (Gerudo, Common Hylian, and oddly enough, a dialect of Harinco used by the Canis Tribe. The Canis Harinco sure know how to swear…) This went on for about ten minutes, then Kasuto punched a hole through the wall, giving one final scream of "I'm a fucking idiot!" She then turned and looked at the three people who were watching her "What?"

"Wow, you know almost as many swear words as Link!" Malon said cheerfully, "Though he speaks Kokiri as well, so he has a naturally larger vocabulary."

Sheik looked at Malon, "And you would know this…how?"

"Sheik, I'm a farm girl, it's my job to know as many curse words as possible." Malon grinned.

"Well, as…impressive as that was…" The Mask Salesman tried to find the right thing to say, "You damaged my store."

"Oh!" Kasuto blushed in embarrassment, "I'm sorry, I'll pay for it."

"I'm impressed." Malon said, "When your mad, you're pretty strong."

Sheik grinned, "There, there, don't worry Kas. I'll bail you out." He patted her on the shoulder.

Kasuto only blushed deeper, "Thanks…" she mumbled.

Sheik turned to Malon, "Alright, Malon, do you want to help us?"

Malon blinked, "Help with what?"

Kasuto grinned, "Help us stop a whole lot bad stuff from happening!"

"That's one way of putting it…" Sheik said dryly.

Impa looked at Edward, it was nice to see him actually working. The two of them had walked to the castle, now he had entered his office. Impa was still with him though. "What is it now?" he asked her.

Impa raised an eyebrow, "I'm never going to leave you alone Edward. Surely you know that by now?" Laughing slightly, she sat down in a chair. "Now, I'll handle my little investigation, so just give anything your soldiers find to me."

Edward nodded, "Alright, that shouldn't be to hard. I take it that this isn't something on the record?" He grinned.

Impa winked, "Yup, just keep it all in our 'special folder,' OK?"

Edward laughed, the "special folder" was where they stored paper work that they didn't want Perlame to learn about, in other words, stuff that was only partly legal.

"By the way," Edward asked, "What is it that made you so sure about this?"

Impa looked at Edward, "It's actually kind of strange. A Gerudo who's a friend of Zelda told me about a dream she had. I'm pretty sure it was a vision."

"Really?" Edward picked up a pen and began writing on , "Interesting, heh, I'd like to meet her, what's her name?"

"Kasuto." Impa said casually.

The pen Edward was holding snapped in half.

Their plans, it seemed, were starting with breakfast. Kasuto hadn't eaten anything, so the three girls were at a restaurant. Malon just got a pastry, Sheik got a big cup of coffee, (Malon and Kasuto wondered how he could stand the stuff.) and Kasuto got a full breakfast.

"So, what you're saying is that we're the only people standing in the way of total chaos and destruction?" Malon asked.

"Pretty much." Sheik answered, taking a sip of his coffee.

"The odds seem to be against us though." Kasuto muttered, "All we know is that everything will go to hell in a week if we don't prevent it."

Malon looked at the two, "And…why haven't we asked Link for help?"

"Because," Sheik said dryly, "He's not here. I checked, no sign of him."

"That can't be good…" Malon groaned, "Why don't we ask other people for help?"

"To far away." Kasuto explained, "Zora Domain is a day travel, so it would take two days to get there and come back. And that's the closest."

Malon sighed, "So…what's the plan then?"

"Err…" Sheik paused, "To tell the truth, we don't know." He grinned sheepishly.

"Heh…" Kasuto rubbed the back of her head. "I have one…"

Malon and Sheik looked at her, Kasuto suddenly felt very nervous. "Well…you see, it's like this. We just need to infiltrate it somehow, find out what their planning."

"And how do you plan to do that?" Malon asked.

Kasuto paused, "Well…" she thought about it, "You and Zelda can do it." She grinned slightly.

There was a long pause.

"That is an insane, suicidal idea." Sheik stated, he looked at Kasuto for a moment. "Let's do it."

"Wait…what?" Malon looked at Sheik, "But you just-"

"Can you think of a better plan?" Sheik deadpanned.

Malon folded her arms, "I'm not doing it, besides, I'm doubt they'd accept me."

"Really, why?" Kasuto asked, "Aren't you a Hylian?"

"Not really." Malon muttered, "My mom was half Sheikah. I'm sure they would do tests and stuff."

"Well, I can suppress my Sheikah traits until they are undetectable." Sheik said, "I can do it, are there any other ideas?"

Both girls shook their heads. "I guess Kasuto does have the best idea." Malon said, "So what are we going to do now?"

"Eat." Kasuto said happily, as she munched down a piece of toast.

Sheik rolled his eyes, "You're hopeless." he teased.

"You love me anyway." Kasuto said with her mouth full.

"Yeah…" Sheik said, taking a sip of his drink.

"Ahem." Malon said, "Was that a confession I heard?"

Both Sheik and Kasuto blushed. "I was just teasing him…" Kasuto muttered.

"Yeah…friendly teasing." Sheik said quickly.

Malon tried not to laugh. She failed, "Whatever you say."

"Daddy!" the young girl said happily, "I read the whole book!"

"Good job!" Edward said, picking up his daughter and hugging her. He smiled as she squealed with joy.

"Edward?" Kilya asked as she entered their house, "Are you there?"

"Yup!" Edward said cheerfully. Kilya, his wife of five years. It had been easy to get a permanent station in Gerudo Valley, all he had to do was show that he was married.

"Oh, we need to talk for a moment." Kilya said, her face showing worry.

"What is it dear?" He asked, setting his daughter down, "Go outside and play, OK?" he told the youth.

"OK!" The toddler ran out the door.

Kilya smiled as she saw her daughter, but her face became serious again once she looked at Edward. "Edward, you know how Ganondorf assumed power last week?"

Edward nodded, it was a strange Gerudo tradition. When a man was born to the tribe, they assumed that meant that this soul was destined for greatness, due to the rarity of it. So they made the male Gerudo their leader after he passed some trials.

"Well…I'm a bit worried, he scares me, to tell the truth." Kilya said.

Edward shook his head, "I doubt that he'll do anything to us. Why would he?"

"You haven't met him Edward." Kilya said, sounding truly scared, "I have, he's evil, I can feel it."

Edward was shocked, Kilya wasn't the type to ever show fear. "Kilya…I'm sure nothing bad will happen." He comforted her, "We promised to stay together forever."

"I know…" Kilya said quietly.

"Mommy! Daddy! A strange man wants to talk to you!" Their daughter called out.

"Who could that be?" Edward asked, the two of them went to the door.

Standing there was a man in black, his red hair looked like fire, he stared at the two with golden eyes. A male Gerudo. Ganondorf.

"Ah," Ganondorf said in a neighborly tone, "Kilya, it's a pleasure to meet you again." He turned to Edward, "Oh, and you are…?"

"Edward Lilla." Kilya said quickly, "My husband."

"Oh, I see." Ganondorf paused, he still had a pleasant smile on his face, "You do realize…that traditionally, marriage isn't something Gerudo get involved in?"

"Yes." Edward said, wondering what Ganondorf was talking about, "But after the Spirit Tribe joined the Hyrulean Confederacy, they adopted laws that would allow marriage. Most Gerudo tribes now allow marriage."

Ganondorf nodded, "Ah yes, well, I'm afraid that I feel that the Spirit Tribe of the Gerudo is no longer having its interests served in the Confederacy."

Kilya's eyes widened, "What do you mean by that?" she asked fearfully.

"It means that we are no longer members of the Confederacy." Ganondorf said, the neighborly tone vanishing from his voice, "So, all Non-Gerudo living here will have to leave, I'm afraid."

Edward was instantly in Ganondorf's face, "What? What makes you think I'm going to leave behind a wife and child?" he shouted.

Ganondorf chuckled, "What wife? All marriages are annulled. I'm abolishing the marriage law."

Edward's mouth dropped open in shock, "What gives you the right to do this? I thought leaders were supposed the serve the people? And last I checked, everybody is happy the way things are now!"

"Edward…" Kilya whispered, "Please…don't get him angry…"

Ganondorf just smiled coldly, "I wouldn't expect a Hylian to understand."

"I've lived here for eight years." Edward growled, "So don't go around telling me that I don't understand the people living here!"

"You obviously don't, Hylian Solider, otherwise you would know that everyone wants your kind out." Ganondorf said icily.

"That's a lie!" Kilya shouted, "Everyone here likes Edward! Everyone here likes having other people around, everyone likes the way things are!"

"You clearly do not know what you want." Ganondorf said matter-of-factly to Kilya, "But don't worry I'll show you, and everybody else, what they really want."

Kilya gaped at what Ganondorf had just said, "You…if this is what you in charge is like, then I'm leaving with him!"

Ganondorf grabbed Kilya's arm, "I'm afraid, that if you or your daughter attempt leave, you will both be executed for treason."

"No trial would convict us." Kilya said, her voice now suggesting that she wanted to kill.

"Who said anything about a trial?" Ganondorf said, returning to that neighborly tone. "Edward, I expect you to be gone by tomorrow, or else you shall be executed."

Impa left the castle in a hurry, berating herself for not seeing it sooner. "Kasuto Lilla! How could I miss it! I'm such a fool!"

She knew that Edward was working on the case, but she also knew that she needed to talk to Kasuto. Impa entered the Happy Mask Shop, "Kasuto!" she called, "Are you here?"

"I'm afraid she isn't here." A voice said.

Impa turned, and met the man who ran this shop. She knew the man, and was disturbed by it, "So…" Impa said, "We meet again, Nameless One."

The Mask Salesman laughed, "Well, it's better the Freak." He walked over to her, "Why do you desire to speak to Kasuto?" he asked, peering into her very soul.

Impa felt uncomfortable, she had met the Mask Salesman before, she knew what he was. "Nameless One." Impa said, "Surely you know who Kasuto is?"

"Oh yes, but I'm afraid she can't know right now." The Mask Salesman said calmly.

"Why not!" Impa demanded, "And no riddles, I know how you work. I want the straight truth!"

"There are often layers of truth Impa." The Mask Salesman said, "I could tell you the truth, yet you could draw a completely different conclusion then what is actually happening. It all depends on what I tell you."

"What role does that poor girl have in Destiny?" Impa asked, ignoring the Salesman, "Can you tell me that?"

The Mask Salesman laughed, "Kasuto's fate is tied to Zelda's. I can see four outcomes from all this, each one just as likely to happen."

"Let me guess, one of them is that Hyrule is plunged into Civil War?" Impa asked dryly.

"Yes, The other three are more pleasant, though I prefer one outcome over the other two." The Mask Salesman said, "It all depends on what Zelda, Kasuto, and Malon do."

"And Edward?"

"He has a role as well, you do too. I'm afraid I can say no more." The Mask Salesman winked, "Tell Edward you are unable to find her. Rest assured, I will make sure that it remains true. Once this ugly incident is over, two of the possible outcomes will allow them to meet. Good luck."

"You will not allow me to reunite a man with his own daughter!" Impa hissed

"All for the best, Shadow Sage, all for the best." The Mask Salesman said.

Of all the stupid plans that she had been involved in, Sheik could safely say this was one of the stupidest.

Of course, Sheik hadn't expected Malon to like playing dress up.

"Do you think this has the whole 'I'm royalty who is casually committing treason' look?" Malon held up a dark blue dress, that was the lowest cut that Sheik had ever seen.

"It seems more like a sluttish look." Kasuto said dryly.

"I like it." Sheik said, "They never tailor these kind of outfits at the castle." Sheik grinned, "So buy it anyway."

OK, so a new wardrobe isn't so bad a thing.

"Can do!" Malon said cheerfully, plopping the dress into the basket, "How about this one?" She held up a black slip that barely fit the legal definition of "dress."

"Come on…" Kasuto groaned, "We want her to look dignified, not cheap!"

"Kas, this thing is one hundred rupees, it ain't cheap." Sheik said.

"You know what I mean!" Kasuto shouted, "I will not have you wearing those!"

Everybody in the clothing shop stared at Kasuto and Sheik, though mostly Sheik. Both youths blushed, trying to becoming invisible.

"I'll laugh at the memory of this for years to come." Malon said cheerfully.

"Um…err…" Kasuto fumbled for an excuse, "Look people! Who are you to look down on someone for their lifestyle choice?"

"Smooth Kasuto, smooth." Malon giggled.

"It isn't what is sounds like." Sheik groaned, "She just lost a bit of control."

"Lets just buy the damn clothing and leave." Kasuto said, "Before things get any worse."

"By the way Kasuto, why should you care what she wears anyway?" Malon asked lightly.

"Shut up Malon Lon before I make you." Kasuto growled.

Being called upon again could be quite a bother.

Of course, being one of the Great Final Sages did mean that service didn't end after death. That bothered him sometimes, missing his Sheikah form was the biggest complaint though.

Of course, none of them had gotten to keep their human forms.

Still, to hear that he needed to watch over them, to make sure things don't go wrong. It was going to be a tough job, even though he actually didn't have to interfere unless things were looking really bad. He took off, his destination; Hyrule Castle City.

Andire looked at the clock, it was ten thirty, which meant that it was time for him to go meet some businesswomen, after all, that was the reason he told Harikan he was here.

Sometimes he wondered why he had ever gone into business, sure, it kept him from being seen as some spoiled prince. But he disliked the job in general.

Letting out a sigh, he left the house.


How long had it been? Ten years since he had seen her, he wondered what she was like. Would she even remember him?

Edward had met the Kilya eighteen years ago, when he was placed in charge of the Hylian Army Base in Gerudo Valley. Three years later, they got married. It had been an amazing thing, he had felt truly happy with his life. Then their daughter had been born, and Edward found out the true joys of parenthood. Kasuto had proved to be a true source of joy in his life. Then, it was all taken away. He still hated himself for not doing more. Why couldn't he have tried smuggling them out? Why did he surrender so easily? So many things he failed in, he found himself getting depressed, something he had never done before.

Finally, Ganondorf vanished, and Edward tried to contact Kilya. Yet he only received news that she had died seven years ago, but nothing was said about Kasuto, though he assumed the worst.

But now, after all this time, he received word that his daughter was still alive. And she was living right under his nose! In Castle City, working at a small mask shop. She was even friends with Zelda! (Edward didn't know exactly how that could have happened, but he suspected it had something to do with Zelda's habit of sneaking out to do stuff.) So now he found himself with another dept to pay Impa, yet he didn't mind, if he could meet his daughter again, it would all be worth it.

Authors Note: Hey there, did anybody guess the relationship between Edward and Kasuto? I guess I just got tired of foreshadowing, yeah. Anyway, I laughed harder then I have in a long time while writing the clothing store scene. It was just to funny. Fare thee well!

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