Finding Your Soul

By Pata Hikari

Chapter 7: Innocence Lost

"Dress for success, they always say."

Kasuto glared at Malon, "Don't encourage her." She sighed and leaned against the wall. "How long can it take her to get dressed?"

"You're a strange girl, you know that?" Malon asked with a smile.

"I'm a Gerudo." Kasuto rolled her eyes, "Taking ten minutes to get dressed isn't practical."

Malon laughed, "Get used to it." She patted Kasuto on the shoulder, "You're going to have to deal with her quirks for a long time."

Kasuto gave Malon a sideways glance, "And just what does that mean?"

"Take it however you will." Malon said slyly.

"Oh very funny." Kasuto deadpanned, she then looked at the small stall where Zelda was getting dressed, "We don't have all day Zel!" She shouted.

"Have some patience!" Zelda shouted from behind the door. "The Goddesses didn't make the world in a day you know?"

"This isn't making the world, it's you putting on two strips of fabric." Kasuto said, knocking at the door.

"Ah the trials true love must go through." Malon said poetically.

"What was that?" Kasuto and Zelda asked.

"Nothing my friends." Malon laughed softly.

"I'm ready!" Zelda announced, she pushed open the door.

Malon raised an eyebrow, "Sexy." she commented, "I like." She looked to her right, "Kasuto?"

"Uhhh..." Kasuto found herself unable to breathe.

Zelda blushed, "Um...err..." She was wearing an...interesting outfit, to say the least. A short black skirt that barely covered everything important. Her top was a black strip that, like the skirt, barely covered everything important. Complete with black shoes that just accented the whole thing. Her hair dropped around her shoulders loosely, forming a deadly appearing look.

"I take it you like the ‘beautiful yet dangerous' look." Malon said, grinning at Kasuto.

"It looks good..." Kasuto said quietly.

"Thanks, they never let me wear stuff like this." Zelda spun around, "I feel good!" She laughed, "Come on! Let's go out Kas!" She said in an happy tone.

"Later." Malon interjected, "Remember Zelda, you have a job to do."

"Oh, right." Zelda smiled uneasily at Kasuto, "Well, we can have some fun later, OK?"

"Right..." Kasuto said softly.

"Anyway," Malon coughed, "We need to set out our plan fully."

"OK..." Kasuto said.

Malon gave Kasuto a dry look, "Zelda, dear, please change out of that clothing. We need you both at full brain power."

"What does that mean?" Kasuto suddenly remembered how to speak coherently.

"Take it as you will." Malon said lightly.

"Does anybody remember why we put up with you?" Kasuto asked.

"Well, at least things can't get any stranger." Impa muttered, as she looked over some old papers. "Seers, terrorist plots, old family comes back." She shook her head, "The life of a Sage, it seems." Impa looked at them all, every single official report on the OWR there was currently rested in her hands. Quite a few unofficial reports as well. "Damn it, why can't these people do their jobs!" Unfortunately, none of those reports told her much. The OWR was very good at keeping its secrets. Impa had, at best, a partial list of members, some details of the organizations funds, (Apparently they ran some businesses in Holodrum and Indelina. She would have to try and get them shut down.) and a few murky details on its leadership. Other then that, there was nothing. The whole organization was shrouded in so much mystery that even Impa was vaguely impressed. Of course, this made her even more determined to beat them. "Marial, I swore I would avenge you." She whispered, "And if these bastards think they can stop me with their hidden crap, they've never met a determined Sheikah!"

"Impa?" It was Harikan, "Are you alright?" he entered her office with some food, "I heard that you were working on something."

"Shouldn't you be doing your job, Your Highness?" Impa asked dryly.

Harikan laughed, "If anything major comes up, I'll get right on it."

"Lazy bum, the whole family is filled with them." Impa muttered loudly.

"Hey, I heard that!" Harikan sat down next to her, "Pastry?" he asked, holding up a box filled with them.

"Thanks." Impa grabbed a danish.

"What are you working on anyway?" Harikan asked.

"Oh some favors for Edward." Impa said casually, "His workload is pretty high as of late, you know?"

"Aren't all of ours heavy as of late?" Harikan asked.

"Yeah," Impa looked around, "Don't tell Edward about this, but I think I've found a long lost member of his family."

"Edward has family?" Harikan said in mock-shock, "I thought he just appeared, fully formed, in the army."

"Well, no." Impa said, "Don't tell him about it though, I'm don't have everything one hundred percent yet."

"Got it." Harikan said, "So, who's the relative?"

Impa smirked, "Her name is Kasuto Lilla. She's a Gerudo, age thirteen. According to Gerudo records she vanished about a month ago. But she's been seen here."

"Really?" Harikan said, "Where?"

"Here, in the castle." Impa said amusedly, "Remember the girl who snuck in earlier? That was her."

Harikan laughed, "No way! She's one of Zelda's little friends?"

"Yup." Impa smirked, "How ironic that Edward had called sick at the time, otherwise he might have met her."

"Very strange timing...." Harikan shook his head, "By the way, what is young Kasuto's relationship to Edward anyways?"

"Oh," Impa took a bite of her pastry, "She's his daughter."

"What?" Harikan said, "He has a daughter?"

"Oh come on, you know he was married to a Gerudo before Ganondorf came into power and kicked all the Hylians out." Impa said, "Is it that much of a stretch that he would have had a daughter?"

"Why aren't you telling him again?" Harikan asked, "You sound pretty confident."

"It's...not the right time. Edward would get distracted. Once this small crisis passes, I'll reintroduce the two." Impa answered.

Harikan raised an eyebrow, "You know, if she's friends with Zelda, then keeping her out of the castle is impossible."

Impa snickered, "Good point."

"What's so funny?" Harikan asked.

"Nothing...just a little suspicion I have." Impa shook her head, "Nothing will come of it even if it's true."

"Do tell Impa, you've sparked my curiosity." Harikan said playfully.

"Oh it's nothing really." Impa smiled, "It's just that I think Kasuto has a bit of a crush on Zelda. You know how Gerudo are, don't give a damn about the gender until it's time for a baby."

Harikan chuckled, "Good point, well, this has all been interesting. I guess you want me to keep it a secret?"

"Yes, please." Impa said.

"Right." Harikan walked out of her office. "See you later Impa."

Impa sighed when he left, she felt somewhat guilty for not telling Harikan about what she was looking for. But as good a person he was, subtly wasn't his forte. Odds are he would launch this huge, noticeable, investigation that would give them warning and time to destroy any records that might incriminate them. "Damn it, I hate keeping secrets..." she whispered.

"It's afternoon already?" Kasuto looked up at the sky. "Wow, we've been out for a while..."

Malon nearly jumped ten feet into the air, "Oh goddesses! I'm dead!" She said, "Dad is going to kill me! I have chores, I promised Dad that I'd do them!"

"Panicked, aren't we?" Sheik asked dryly.

"Sorry, but I really have to go!" Malon said nervously. "See you later, come by my place, bye!" Malon gave them both a quick hug, then dashed away at high speeds.

Sheik and Kasuto stared at the sight, "Well," Sheik commented, "She just keeps getting weirder and weirder."

"Yeah." Kasuto said, "Why do we put up with her again?"

"Because she's a good friend?" Sheik said.

Kasuto nodded, "Oh yeah, damn."

"So," Sheik said, "Do you think we can set up our plans without her?"

Kasuto thought about this for a moment, "Probably, let's go take care of things."

The two went off, neither of them aware of the people who were starting to shadow them.

Andire walked out of the meeting feeling some relief. The whole thing had gone off without a hitch. Now his business had some new suppliers. "Appearances are a must," He said to himself. He continued to walk down the street, as he did. He couldn't help but notice some people. People who looked familiar to him.

"Hello there." He said calmly.

"S-Sir!" One of the men turned around, "What are you doing here?"

Andire shrugged, "Doing business, what are you seven doing here?"

"Following that whore who attacked us yesterday." The man explained. "We're waiting until she's alone before we deal with her."

"I see." Andire nodded, "So, what has she done most of the day?"

"She entered the castle at some point. She then left with a boy, who she's still with, and was with a girl for a while." The man explained.

Andire paused, "Tell me, can you describe the boy and the girl?"

The man blinked, "Well, I'm pretty sure that the girl was a Hylian. But the boy...I think he is a Sheikah."

"I see..." Andire thought about it for a moment, "I must go now, but continue your job."

"Yes sir," The man said as Andire walked away.

Sheik stopped, he moved his eyes to the side quickly.

"What is it?" Kasuto asked him.

"Shh," he whispered, "We're being followed. I just noticed it. They're good."

Kasuto stared at him, "What do we do?" She asked.

"We can't act like we noticed them." Sheik looked at her, she was giving him a look that showed total trust. "I suggest we split up. It'll be harder for them to follow us if we're alone. I'll enter someplace private. Then, Zelda will meet you at the Bombchu Bowling rink. Try to get lost in the crowd, OK?"

Kasuto nodded slowly, "OK, see you later." She whispered, she looked at Sheik for a moment, "Oh, to hell with it!" She said, and quickly kissed him on the cheek. "See you later." She said lightly before dashing off.

Sheik put his hand on the cheek Kasuto had kissed, his face red. "Um...err..." Sheik slumped down, "Damn it..." He sighed, "Do I love her?" It seemed to be a very real possibility. He looked down at the ground, "Well, better get going." He dashed into the crowd.

He kept on moving for a few minutes, finally he looked around for the tale tell sign that people were following him. Nothing, no people that looked familiar around him. Nobody trying hard not to be seen. Nothing. "What? Why aren't they...oh Goddesses! Kasuto!" He spun around and ran towards her.

Kasuto moved through the crowd. She turned into an alleyway. "This should be quick." She said. The back alleys of the city were rather dark, and dogs could sometimes be seen running around. Bust other then that there wasn't much of a problem. She smiled uneasily as she remembered the kiss she had given Sheik. "I hope I didn't go to far." She whispered. Yet she just couldn't help it. "Oh well, I doubt he'll get mad at me." She giggled. "Hmm...I wonder what I'll be doing in ten years." She had never really thought about it before, yet a bright future seemed the thing to think about right now. "Will I be the consort to a princess?" She giggled, "Will I have a brave hero by my side?" She smiled as she slipped into a fantasy, " is good!" Kasuto laughed, "There's no way I'm going to let that bad dream come true. So everything is going to be fine." She stopped as she came to a wall. Apparently this alley was a dead end, "Damn, I guess I'll have to go another way." Kasuto rolled her eyes, "What a bother."

Some footsteps were heard.

"Huh?" Kasuto looked behind her, "Who's there?"

"Well, hello there, little girl." A voice said, as a group of five men stepped in her sight.

Kasuto frowned, "Hello there," She said slowly, a feeling of deja vú coming over her. And it wasn't good. "Is there something the matter?" She asked.

"Oh, just a simple matter of some issues we have." The man leading the group said. "You, I believe, attacked a Hylian yesterday, did you not?"

Kasuto's eyes narrowed, "I was provoked, he insulted me, my family, and my race."

"Truth hurts, I guess." The man said casually.

Kasuto growled, "I guess I shouldn't be surprised. What are you going to do, scare me? Hah! I'm not afraid of a bunch of slobs like you." She held up her hand, letting the faint glow of Spirit Magic appear, "I can defend myself, by the way." She noticed that one of the men was building up a spell, "Don't try casting that spell, by the way, I'll blast you before you can use it." She smirked, "So how about we leave. I have a date, and I'm sure you all need to get drunk off your asses before dinner."

"Very funny, little girl, but we're not here to ‘scare you' or any shit like that." The man chuckled, "We're here to teach you a lesson. About your place in the world."

Kasuto looked at the group, "Impressive, it takes five full grown men to overpower a little thirteen year old girl." She shook her head, "Tell me, are you guys members of the OWR, and if so, are they all such pussies?"

The men didn't seem to like that, judging by the angered mutterings they gave out. "That was cute. You're pretty foulmouthed for a kid, even for a child of a whore." The leader snapped.

"Fuck you, bastard." Kasuto said dryly, "So if you'll excuse me, I have business to attend to." She marched foreword, as she walked past the group one of them grabbed her arm. "Soul Lance!" She casually blasted him.

"Arrg! You bitch!" The man shouted, rubbing his burnt arm. He threw a punch at her, but Kasuto ducked. She then ran past them, heading out of the alley.

"See you guys later!" She taunted, just a second too soon. Kasuto suddenly felt a powerful blow to her head, causing her to see stars. She fell to the ground, "Unng.." She started to pull herself up, but two sets of hands held her down. She was roughly turned over, she could now see seven men standing over her.

"Well, well." The leader looked down at her, "You're in quite a pickle, aren't we?" He pulled out a knife, "Hold her down." He ordered. The six other men grabbed her arms and legs, keeping Kasuto from moving. The man then pressed the knife against her neck, "What's your name, little girl?" he asked. "Mine is Menda Neterl." He said in a falsely sweet tone.

"Kasuto Lilla," She spat, "Remember it, because that'll be the name of the person who's going to kick your ass!"

"How cute," Menda said, "Well, Kasuto, I'm afraid there will be no ass-kicking today." He moved the knife down below her collar bone, "You're an awful pretty girl, you know that?" He pressed the knife slightly into her skin, causing a small cut.

Kasuto winced as he ran the knife on the curve under the collarbone, causing a long shallow cut. "What's your point?" She hissed.

"No point." Menda said, "I just wouldn't mind seeing a little bit more of you." He gave her an evil grin. "So how about it?"

Kasuto's eyes widened, "No, let me go!" She pulled and tugged, yet she couldn't get free.

"It's not like you have a choice." Menda said slickly, "Now, let's see..." he grabbed her shirt, "What's under here?" He easily tore it off, "Wow, I didn't know whores wore bras!" He said in mock surprise.

"Hey, she's pretty stacked for a kid!" One of the men holding her laughed.

"No no no!" Kasuto screamed, "Let me go! I'll kill you!" She shouted at the top of her lungs.

Menda rolled his eyes, "Shut the fuck up." He thrust his knife into her shoulder. He smiled as Kasuto held in a scream, "Hurts, doesn't it? Well, you're going to hurt a lot more by the time we're through."

Kasuto closed her eyes to hold back tears, the knife that was in her body produced a pain unlike any other. The metal of the blade felt perverse and wrong in her body, the coldness felt unnatural. She shivered as she felt her blood oozing out of the wound. "I will kill every last one of you." She hissed, "I don't care if it takes the rest of my life, none of you shall live through the next time we meet!"

"Talk, that's all you have." Menda said, he squeezed her breasts, "You are stacked." He commented lewdly.

Kasuto shivered I don't want this please help me I need help please please please please! Her eyes suddenly lost focus. She knew what she could do.

Sheik felt something strange. It was an odd feeling, like someone was tugging at him. He turned in the direction of the tugging, somehow, he knew what it was. "Kasuto!" He whispered, and ran towards the direction of the tugging.
Menda looked at Kasuto, she had gotten a blank look on her face. "You in shock?" he asked in mock concern.

"Forces of Time beyond existence..." Kasuto whispered.

"What's she doing?" A man asked.

"Give me the reigns to your chariot..." Kasuto started to glow with a pink light.

"What kinda spell is this!" Menda shouted.

"Chronos Freeze!" Kasuto screamed, and there was a sudden silence. "Huh?" Kasuto found that the hands on her were no longer pressing down. She pulled herself free. "Damn knife," She pulled it out of her shoulder, "Shit! That hurts!" She dropped the knife and pressed her hand against the still bleeding wound. "Alright, what's going on?" She looked around.

Everything was frozen, without color, and totally silent. It was just like when Shadow had stopped time a month ago. " stopped?" She didn't know how, but it had. She began walking forward, anything to get away from the men. "Damn..." She felt tired, every second she lost more and more energy. "So...tired..." She whispered, she fell down onto the ground. "" She blacked out.

"Huh?" Menda watched as all his men fell down when the little whore suddenly vanished. "Where'd she go?" He shouted, "That bitch, she's slippery." He growled, "Come on." He ran up the alley, dashing past the others. He made sure to pick up his knife first.

She didn't seem to have gotten far. She was passed out a short distance away. "Well, she tried, but she failed." He shook his head, "What a pathetic little creature." He calmly flipped her over. "Let's finish this job, it's a pity she won't be awake to see it."

"Kasuto! Kasuto!" A voice called, "Are you-" the boy who had been with the girl entered their sight, he could now clearly see he was a Sheikah. For a moment her stared at them, "Oh goddesses!" He screamed.

"Relax kid, your girlfriends fine." he said dryly, "We're just going to teach her a lesson in respect." He grinned.

The boy looked down "It looks like your trying to rape her!" He screamed.

Menda shrugged, "Sometimes it takes drastic measures." He smiled as one of his men grabbed the boy, "Looks like you get to watch. Hopefully you'll learn your place from this too."

The boy snarled at him, "You and your goons leave now. Or I can't be held responsible for anything I do to you!" He shouted even as he was held back.

Menda laughed, "You aren't in a position to argue. I hope you have already had fun with your girlfriend boy. Because she's not going to be pure after this!" He laughed and used his knife to start cutting the girl's pants.

With an animalistic scream, the boy suddenly grabbed the arm of the man who was holding him. There was a sick snap, and the man screamed. The boy then knocked the man down to the ground. His arm was bent at an unnatural angle.

"Let her go!" The boy screamed. With a blur of movement he kicked another man into the wall, knocking him out. "Now!" He growled.

Menda stepped back, "What?" His eyes narrowed, "You'll pay for that boy!" He lifted up his bloody knife, "I'll slit your throat!" He shouted, "If you and your whore girlfriend can think that you can mess with the One Right Way and get away with it, your sorely mistaken!" He lunged foreword with his knife.

"Soul Shatterer." The boy hissed, sending a wave of shadow at him.

The darkness hit him. For a moment, there was pain, but then he felt nothing. Total nothingness filled his entire body. He no longer heard anything, and his whole vision started to fade to black. "" he whispered, though he never heard his words, just one thing.

He heard the sound of shattering glass.

"" The evil man whispered, before his eyes shut. He fell down, almost in slow motion, before hitting the ground with a thud. He was dead.

Sheik had killed him.

The five men that could still walk stared at the sight. Sheik looked at them, "Well, you heard me! Go!" He shouted, "Unless you want to die as well!"

They quickly ran past him, leaving the dead man and the unconscious one. Sheik didn't care though. All that mattered was Kasuto. He kneeled down beside her, "Kas..." He whispered, "I...I..." Tears flowed from his eyes. "I know how I feel!" He shouted, "Please, I want you to be there when I read your note!" He said, "Please," Sheik whispered, shaking her slightly, "please be OK."

"Unn..." Kasuto opened her eyes, "Sheik? Did me?" She asked quietly.

"Kasuto!" Sheik wrapped his arms around her, "Praise the Goddesses!" She laughed, "You're safe!"

"Ow, Sheik! My arm!" Kasuto said.

"Oh," Sheik blushed, "Sorry, let's look at that wound." He looked down at Kasuto, and noticed that she wasn't wearing a shirt. "Um..." He became really red, "Sorry, here," he pulled off his shirt, "Put this on." He said.

Kasuto smiled weakly, "Thanks," she slipped on the T-shirt. "Ow..."

"This doesn't look to bad." Sheik said, now that he got a better look at the injury, "It looks like a little healing magic will fix it up fine."

"Thanks," Kasuto looked up at him, "My Hero." She whispered, hugging him.

"You're welcome..." Sheik said.

Now, what Kasuto wanted to do was shout "I love you" over and over again. But, sadly, that would be embarrassing. So she settled for hugging Sheik. "Thank you," She said, "I was so scared, but you saved me."

"Your welcome Kas." Sheik said, "I'm just...sorry."

Kasuto looked up, "About what?"

"For leading you into this!" Sheik shouted, "That's what!"

Kasuto gave Sheik a dry look, "Shut up. You're being stupid."

Sheik blushed, "Sorry..."

Kasuto sighed, she tried to stand up. But she couldn't, she was still so weak. She settled for looking around. The alleyway looked like a war zone. Two people were lieing down, still around them. There was a dent in a wall. "What happened here?" She asked.

"I...had to fight some off." Sheik whispered.

"Oh...well, at least two of those monsters who tried to attack me will be sent to prison" Kasuto said.

Sheik looked away, "One, actually..." He said quietly.

"One?" Kasuto frowned, "Why just one?"

Sheik suddenly looked ashamed, " of them isn't alive to be charged with anything. I killed the one with the knife."

Kasuto nearly passed out again, "You...killed him?" She whispered, the horror of ending someone's life entering her mind.

"I had to! He was going to rape you!" Sheik said, "He came at me with that knife, I had no choice!" He sobbed, "I'm not proud of it! Killing is the last resort only done...oh goddesses," Sheik's eyes widened in horror, "I lost control..." he whispered, "I lost control, I failed..." He began to cry, "I failed Impa, I failed my father..."

"Sheik..." Kasuto wrapped her arms around him, "It's OK...please...don't hate yourself..."

"Dad! I'm sorry I'm late!" Malon shouted as she ran through the door.

"Oh?" Talon looked up, "Hello there Malon." He smiled, "It's OK, I'm just glad you're making more friends."

Malon sighed, "I know, I just feel-" She stopped.

"Malon?" Talon asked, "Are you OK?"

"They were hurt." Malon whispered, "But now they're stronger for it."

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