Finding Your Soul

By Pata Hikari

Chapter 8: Truth and Light


The thirteen year old girl turned to look at her guardian, the only family she had left. And it was all her fault. "What is it, Impa?" She asked quietly.

"It's time you learned how to fight. It's the only way you can survive in this world." Impa said evenly.

Zelda winced, "I don't want to!" She snapped, "Besides, I know how to defend myself." She frowned, "You already taught me how."

"Zelda," Impa shook her head, "Holding off an attacker until a bodyguard stops them is different. People will try to kill you, and nobody will help you."

Zelda looked down at the ground, "But...I don't want to hurt people, I mean..."

Impa placed her hand on Zelda's shoulder, "It's alight, I'll teach you my full fighting style, remember, actually hurting someone is only a last resort. There are hundreds of ways to disable a person without hurting them."

Zelda smiled slightly, "So...I won't have to hurt anybody?"

"Only if you absolutely have to." Impa said.

Zelda stood up, "OK...let's begin...."

Nothing could compare to the confusion Andire was feeling now. Five people was standing in front of him, five people who he knew were not weaklings. They were strong, both physically and mentally. He only surrounded himself with people he could trust.

"Let me get this straight..." He said slowly, "A kid took out the other two? How the hell did that happen?"

"This was no ordinary kid..." One of the said, "He broke this arm really easily..." He pointed to his cast, "It wasn't natural. He was more like a demon then a mere human."

"Yeah," another one said, "I've never seen anything like it before. He kicked Jamer so hard that the wall was cracked."

Andire frowned, "This... is different." He shook his head, "Could he be..." He had heard of such people, those gifted by the Goddesses, those who posses incredible strength and skill. Called upon for a holy reason, they dedicate their lives to doing the Goddesses will. A Sage of the Three. Andire was not a fool, he knew that such people still walked the earth. Yet, he doubted that, if this boy was indeed gifted, that he was using his gifts wisely. Or maybe it was just a lucky idiot who had a little talent. It didn't matter to him, the point was that he would find out who this boy was. "The boy is a Sheikah, correct?" He asked.

They nodded slowly.

"Tell me what he looks like..."

"Sheik... are you alright?" Kasuto sighed as she looked at him, Sheik's eyes were glazed over as he mumbled to himself. "Hello?" She waved her hand in front of him. He didn't respond. "Wait..." Kasuto looked at her arm, blood was now running down the whole of it. "Um, Sheik?"

"Huh?" Sheik looked up at her, his eyes shot wide open when he saw her wound. "Oh Goddesses!"

"I was wondering when you would return to reality." Kasuto said sarcastically, "Come on... we need to go..." She tried to pull herself up, but she still couldn't stand up.

"Don't do that!" Sheik said, "You're weak enough as it is, and with all that bleeding you're doing... You're going to need to save your strength." He wrapped his arms around her, "I'll help you up."

"Um..." Kasuto felt her face become really warm, "Thank you..."

"Don't mention it." Sheik pulled Kasuto up, supporting her against himself, "We need to get that checked out. Plus the authorities need to know about the scum here..."

"Sheik... I...." Kasuto whispered, "... never mind, I'll wait." She looked at him, "Just... never leave me."

"Kas," Sheik smiled, "I promised I'd never let you be alone, didn't I?"

Kasuto laughed with relief, "Oh yes... you did." She stopped thinking about things and just let him carry her.

I plan to hold you to that promise...

"Malon? Is something wrong?"

Malon looked at her father, Talon was staring at her, concern showing on his face. "No Daddy, I'm fine." She muttered. She pressed a hand on her head. "I just have a little headache, that's all..."

Talon frowned, "Malon... are you sure it's nothing? You look kind of pale..."

What was with her? All of a sudden she had felt a strange rush of emotion, and she had felt that Sheik and Kasuto were in some trouble, yet they would be better off because of it. Nothing made sense to her, what was going on? Not only that, but she could feel her fathers concern, like she was feeling it herself. Yet it was distinct from her own emotions. It all suddenly stopped. Malon slumped against a wall, "It's just a little headache daddy... no need to worry..." She said quietly.

"Malon!" Talon grabbed her, "I don't think you're fine. You look sick."

Malon groaned, "I...I'm sorry..." She whispered, her eyes closing as she slipped into a deep and dark sleep.

Impa shuffled through the papers, nothing new was coming to her. Hitting a dead end seemed to be the only thing she could do right now.


She looked up to see Andire giving her a subtle glare, she returned it. "What is it?" She asked coldly.

"There's a boy who has caused trouble for some associates of mine." Andire sat down in front of her desk, "A boy who has free access to the castle."

Impa raised an eyebrow, "And... you expect me to know of every young man who has some job here?"

"I do when he's a Sheikah." Andire said.

She smirked and folded her arms, "Unlike some people, I am not obsessed with race. The fact that this boy who seems to have angered you for some reason is a Sheikah means nothing to me."

"I am sure you know him. You know everything that happens in this place." Andire hissed.

"Is that a compliment I hear?" Impa laughed.

"I merely acknowledge your skill in obtaining information. I would be a fool not to recognize your talent.' He growled.

"Well, describe the boy to me." Impa said, "You may get lucky." She shrugged, "But I want a favor in return." She grinned viscously.

"Very well, a small one." Andire gritted his teeth, Impa was loving this. "But do not expect it to be done out of the goodness of my heart."

"Wouldn't dream of it Andire, seeing as there is no goodness in your heart." Impa said slyly, oh, if only she could hold this sort of power over him always!

"He is about four feet tall. With blond hair that covers one of his eyes. He was wearing dark clothing when they saw him." Andire leveled his gaze, "Well?"

Impa smiled, "He sounds familiar... I think I know him. His name is Sheikam, he goes by Sheik. He's my nephew. If he's been making your life difficult I'll have to give him a reward."

"You're nephew?" Andire growled, "Well, that explains why he is so insolent. Have you by chance trained your nephew?"

Impa grinned, "Yes. He's very good. He and Zelda are my best students."

Andire frowned, "Do he and Zelda know each other?"

"Oh, definitely yes!" Impa explained

Andire frowned, "Do the two... interact... often?" he asked.

Impa tried hard not to laugh, "Oh yes. Sheik and Zelda are very close. In fact, I'd say they're inseparable, if you know what I mean."

"Err..." Andire turned slightly pale.

"Oh yes, if you find Sheik, Zelda is bound to be nearby." Impa snickered, "Sometimes they seem to just be two parts of a whole!" She smirked at the look on Andire's face. "Oh yes... they are closer then any other people I know their age..."

"I see... well... good-bye Impa..." Andire stood up and quickly left. Discomfort clearly showing on his face.

Impa waited for him to leave.

When he did, she burst out laughing.

The moment Sheik and Kasuto stumbled out of the alley some people noticed them. Needless to day, they caused a small commotion.

"Are you OK?" A woman who ran over to them asked, "Oh Din! What happened to her?"

"My friend got attacked." Sheik answered, "She could use some help."

"Two of the guy's who attacked me are back there, they're... incapacitated. So you don't have to worry about anything." Kasuto added, "By the way, where's the nearest doctor?"

"Um, that way." She pointed in a direction, "Don't you two need help?"

"No... I fine." Kasuto smiled weakly, "Come on Sheik, let's go."

"Um, OK." Sheik sighed, "I could use some help though."

"I'll help," A man ran over to them, "Come on kids..."

They slowly made it to where Kasuto could get help.

"Hoo... The Paths of Destiny always swirl around you people in strange ways..."

Malon groaned, "Wha? Who's there?" She felt too tired to even open her eyes, plus she wasn't sure if she was awake or dreaming.

"Someone who's stuck watching over you children... Things are never simple it seems." The voice answered, "Everybody has a gift, some never realize their gifts in their lifetimes. Yet you seem to be. Good luck young Malon."

"Wait...what?" Malon sat up, her eyes jerking open. There was nothing in her room, yet, her window was open. She still felt the faint remains of a alien presence. Her window was open, and the curtain was still fluttering, even though there was no wind.

"Are you sure you're alright?" Sheik asked.

Kasuto sighed, looking at the bandage that covered her arm now, "Yes, I'm fine."

The two were in a hospital. After a doctor had treated Kasuto, she had asked them to wait for some officials to interview them. Now they were waiting...

Sheik tugged at the shirt he had been given to replace the one he had given Kasuto. He wanted to talk, but he knew now wasn't the time. So instead the two sat in silence, waiting for the ordeal to end.

Finally, a Guard came in, her face a calm display of neutrality. It was a Sheikah woman, her face lit up in recognition when she spotted them. "Well, hello there Miss Lilla," She said with some surprise, "Are you a trouble magnet or something?"

"I guess so." Kasuto muttered.

"You know her?" Sheik asked.

"Sort of." Kasuto sighed, "We met when I was arrested yesterday. Her name is Sarae."

"Oh..." Sheik shook his head, "Well, at least this time it's different."

Sarae smiled, "Glad to see you're in good humor." She looked at Kasuto, "Then again, I guess you were lucky."

"It wasn't luck." Kasuto said matter-of-factly, "I was helped by Sheik here." She smiled at him.

Sheik blushed and chuckled nervously, "Thanks."

"So... what happened?" Sarae asked.

"Oh..." The two looked down, the emotions from earlier coming back in a rush. Kasuto looked up, "Seven men attacked me, they were friends of the man I blasted yesterday. They wanted revenge."

"I arrived when she was unconscious." Sheik shuddered with emotion, "She was unconscious... they were... I just had to do something! So I... I used force... I disabled two of them, one by breaking his arm, the other by rendering him unconscious." Sheik took a few deep breaths, "Then... a third rushed at me... he was the one who was on Kas... he was the one with a knife... with her blood on it... I lost control... I became so angry..." Tears began flowing down his cheeks, "I cast a powerful Shadow spell. Killing him. The rest ran away after that..." He broke down into tears, "I'm sorry..." he sobbed.

"I see..." Sarae said, she shook her head, "Poor kid..." She whispered, "Is there anything else?"

Sheik snapped up... "Yes..." he said quietly... "There was something... the man... that I... I killed, he said ‘If you and your girlfriend think you can mess with the One Right Way and get away with it, you're sorely mistaken...'" Sheik eyes narrowed, "They were members of the OWR..." His eyes flashed, "Those bastards!" He hissed.

"By Din..." Kasuto whispered.

Sarae kept her face neutral, "I see... Well, I think we've gotten everything we can. We'll be contacting you. I just need your name sir."

"Sheikam Abbar." Sheik said quietly.

"Abbar? That's..."

"Lady Impa is my Aunt." Sheik said evenly, "I live in the Castle."

"I see... well, you're both free to go." Sarae said, "I'll be reporting this."

"Thank you." Kasuto said, "I hope those people who tried to hurt me will get what they deserved..."

"What about me?" Sheik stood up, "I'm a... a..."

"You did nothing wrong. You merely defended yourself and Miss Lilla here." Sarae smiled reassuringly, "Don't worry about it, we won't press any charges." She turned and left.

Kasuto sighed with relief, "Thank Nayru that's done with."

Sheik gulped nervously, "Kas? I think I need some time to myself... Is that OK?"

Kasuto shook her head, "That's fine, I'll be waiting at the Mask Shop."

"Thanks..." Sheik said quietly.

"Something wrong?" Impa asked him as they rested.

Sheik looked up at the stars, "I hate it all..." He said, "I hate what has happened to us, I hate what I caused."

"Things will get better soon, don't worry." Impa patted him on the shoulder, "Link has already awoken three Sages."

"At what cost?" Sheik said, "Seven years of death! Of pain that is all my fault! So many people's blood lie on my hands..." Tears flowed down his cheeks, "And for years I didn't even realize it! I dived into a second life, forgetting the first! I'm a murderer!"

"Sheik..." Impa said slowly, "Don't worry... nobody blames you, it was an honest mistake."

"So what? I'm still at fault!" Sheik snapped, "If I could undo it all, I could!"

Undo it all...

Sheik froze... his eyes suddenly flashed multiple colors, with a massive explosion of power, he vanished, and Zelda took his place.

-Awaken, Sage of Time-

"I can undo it all..." Zelda whispered... everything suddenly made sense to her. "I can..."

"Shei- Zelda? What happened?" Impa demanded.

"I am the Time Sage... With my power guiding the other Six... I can undo it all." Zelda suddenly laughed, "And there will be no more blood on my hands..."

"And now I've screwed up again... I took someone's life... deliberately" Sheik muttered as he walked through the main castle gate. "What now...? I can't undo it this time... Nayru wouldn't let me use my powers for such a small thing..." He pressed his hand against a stone wall. "I did it all for her." Kasuto, whom he was now one hundred percent sure about. But how to tell...

The note she had given him. The one he had promised not to open unless he was sure on how he felt.

He ran all the way to his room, not even stopping when he shifted back into Zelda to avoid being questioned.

Malon looked at herself in the mirror. There was something different about her. Yet she couldn't pinpoint it. All she knew was that there was a nagging worry gnawing at the very edge of her mind. It just wouldn't leave her, even as she reassured herself that she was fine, it was just... there. "This is giving me a headache." She grumbled, annoyance entering her emotional state. Yet the feeling of worry was still there!

"Forget this." She said, spinning around and leaving her room. Other then that annoying feeling of worry she felt fine. Whatever strange affliction that had over come her seemed to be gone. As she moved downstairs, the worry got "louder" in a way. She began noticing it more, as it took over more and more of her mind. "Stop it!" She whispered. She finally entered the living room, where Talon could be seen pacing around the room. "Daddy! I'm awake now!" She said.

Talon turned to her, and almost instantly the feeling of worry was replaced by one of relief. "You're alright!" Her father exclaimed, rushing towards her. As he did the extra emotions in her head grew louder.

"Gah!" It suddenly became to much for Malon to handle as another splitting headache returned to her. "Daddy... please back away... I think you're giving me a headache somehow." She muttered, "I know it sounds insane, but it's true."

Talon stopped, his face showing confusion.

Malon suddenly felt confusion pressing against the back of her mind.

"Malon... is something wrong?" Talon asked her.

"Yeah... I think there is..." Malon muttered, "I think I'm going to go sing... that always calms me..." She dashed outside, "Sorry!" She called out.

Talon stood there for a moment... "Must be hormones." He said finally.

Zelda pulled the envelope out of her drawer. Inside was contained Kasuto's secret, one that she desperately wanted to know. "There's no turning back after this..." She tore open the seal, "I'll stick by her, no matter what though..." She whispered, as she unfolded the note.

I don't care who you are.

I don't care what you are.

Nor do I care how the hell you got to be that way.

I love you.

"Kas..." Tears flowed down her cheeks, "I'm coming!" She stood up and ran, eager to reach Kasuto.

"What happened Kasuto?" Her boss asked her.

"Just a scratch." She muttered, "That's all."

"I see... do you need any time off?" He looked at her.

Kasuto thought about it for a moment, "I don't think so. I'll just wear shirts with sleeves for a while." She smiled weakly.

"I see.... Well, I'll be going through the inventory, you just man the counter." Her boss turned and entered the back.

About half an hour passed by with Kasuto taking care of one or two customers.

When Zelda suddenly burst through the door.

"Zel?" Kasuto blinked, "Did you run all the way here? And why are you-" She stopped when Zelda suddenly hugged her.

"I'll never leave you alone." Zelda whispered, "Ever."

"Are you..." Kasuto felt her face flush.

"I want to be with you Kas." Zelda smiled, "I want to stay by your side, never letting you be unhappy. I want to see you when I wake up in the morning. I want to see you when I go to sleep."

"Zelda..." Kasuto looked into her dark blue eyes...

"Please... let me..." Zelda pleaded, "Let me stay with you."

"I...will..." Kasuto said quietly.

"Thank you..." Zelda whispered, slumping against Kasuto. Her eyes closed as she slipped into a light sleep.

"Zel..." Kasuto laughed, "You're so cute... Does this mean you... of course it does."

The door opened as a young man entered, "Um excuse me, I was wondering if you had..." He stared at them.

Kasuto blushed, "She's asleep." She said dumbly.

"I can see that." The man said dryly.

A moment passed as Kasuto tried to think of what to say.

"So... How may I help you?"

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