Finding Your Soul

By Pata Hikari

Chapter 9: Growing Closer

Zelda opened her eyes, she found herself in a soft bed. The room she was in was sparse, filled with books and little else. Zelda thought about who would have a room like this... Only Kasuto came to her mind. Her face flushed as she realized that she was in Kasuto's room... in her bed.

"Bad thoughts Zelda... Bad thoughts." Zelda shook her head, "I should just go... out..." She smiled weakly as images of Kasuto flitted through her mind.

Zelda quietly exited the room, taking care to disturb as little as possible. She found herself in a small hallway with some stairs leading down. She quickly moved down the steps, and went through a door. Leading to the main room of the shop. She saw Kasuto behind the desk, she was wearing a loose turtleneck sweater with dark blue jeans. She turned and smiled at Zelda when she noticed her presence.

"Hi there Zel." Kasuto said lightly, "You tired yourself out there."

Zelda blushed slightly, "Heh..." She looked at Kasuto, raising an eyebrow, "Do you ever wear any other color?" She asked, pointing to Kasuto's sweater. Which was, of course, a pale green color.

"Maybe. You just haven't seen it yet." Kasuto said in a sing-song voice.

"Cute." Zelda smirked.

"I know." Kasuto replied.

Zelda laughed, "You're horrible." She walked over to Kasuto, "It feels sorta unreal, you know?"

Kasuto nodded, "It does..." she placed a hand on Zelda's shoulder, "Well, what do you want to do now?"

Zelda paused for a moment... a faint thought running through her mind. Well... I need to tell her. Might as well be now... "I have something to tell you." Zelda looked into Kasuto's eyes.

"Hmm?" Kasuto blinked, "Is it important?"

Zelda nodded, "Yes. I'd say it is." She said seriously, "Kas... tell me, how old do you think I am?" she asked.

"Um, twelve, thirteen?" Kasuto shrugged, "You look to be about the same age as me."

Zelda smiled sadly, "Try nineteen."

"What?" Kasuto shouted in shock, "But how? What? That can't be..."

Zelda quickly continued, "Don't worry! I'll explain it! Just please don't ask me anything until after I'm done." She quietly silenced Kasuto and begun explaining everything. Ganondorf's rise to power. The Sages, Link, the great battle. And finally, the Seven Lost Years, where she turned back time to heal the world. It took about half an hour to explain it all. But she told Kasuto everything she could. By the end of it, the Gerudo was looking like she was in shock...

"Kasuto?" Zelda asked, "Are you..."

"That's... not possible." Kasuto whispered, "The Triforce is supposed to be a myth... wait... Shadow..."

"What?" Zelda shook her head, Kasuto did not seem to be taking this well.

"Shadow..." Kasuto looked up, "He said... that you hold the Triforce."

Zelda's eyes flashed with remembrance. A month ago... Zelda had done a truly foolish thing. Thinking that her life was no longer worth living, she had tried to kill herself. Only to discover that a holder of the Triforce cannot die by such means...

They are immortal, only leaving this world when they are truly satisfied with their life. Zelda still had much to live for, both for herself and others. So she could not die.

"You misheard him." Zelda said calmly, "I merely hold part of it." She held up her hand, letting the flash of gold light appear. "Nayru's crest, the Triforce of Wisdom. Remember, I told you that Ganondorf had the Triforce of Power." Zelda smiled, "Without this thing..." She pointed to the golden triangle, "Sheik wouldn't exist."

"Really?" Kasuto said, "So, it must be pretty important to you..."

"I guess so..." Zelda sighed, "Sometimes I wish I had never gotten it though."

"Don't say that!" Kasuto almost shouted, "He's part of you... you're part of him." Kasuto pulled Zelda into a hug. "You wouldn't be the person you are today if you hadn't gotten it."

Zelda flushed, "Thanks..." She smiled weakly, letting the now familer change wash over her. For the first time in her life, she didn't dread, nor dislike, the change. For the very first time in her life... she welcomed the change.

"I love you." Sheik whispered, grinning from ear to ear. "Just thought you should know that."

Kasuto giggled, "Sure you do... you just want my body." She teased.

"Oh really?" Sheik laughed, "Well... I seem to have it!" He pulled her closer to him, holding Kasuto tightly.

"Oh what shall I do? I have this very cute brute grabbing me." Kasuto said lightly, "Maybe I should try and scare him away." She leaned in, kissing Sheik on the nose. "Boo."

"Heh, it'll take more then that to deter me!" Sheik said, his face a little flushed now.

"Kasuto... are you... oh my." Just then, Kasuto's boss came in.

Both youths looked at the adult, the strange Mask seller was giving them a look of pure amusement.

"Um..." Kasuto said slowly, "It's not what you think." She lied through her teeth.

"Please, Miss Lilla, restrain the fiery passions of young love until after work hours." Her boss said smirking.

"Um..." Kasuto muttered.

"Fortunately, I am closing shop early." the strange salesman said, "I have some business to attend to."

"Oh!" Kasuto sighed with relief.

"Yes. So be sure to take care." the man said, walking past them both.

The two youths looked at each other as he left.

"Well... that was interesting." Sheik smiled slightly.

Kasuto shook her head, "He always shows up when it's least expected." She paused, "It's odd... but as he was leaving I heard him mutter something. It sounded like 'stupid death god.'"

Sheik chuckled, "You probably misheard him."

"Yeah..." Kasuto nodded, "That's just silly.

Malon sighed with relief... no longer could she feel the biting presence of strange emotions. Now that she was out in the hay fields with no one else nearby.

What was happening to her? Malon had always felt close to people, always good at reading emotions. But now... she could feel other people's emotions... that was the only explanation she could think of!

"Can my life get any weirder?" Malon asked herself. Of course, a strange life was what she had expected when she had desided to follow Link a month ago... She had known that she would be probably seeing strange things. But this!

"What did I do to deserve this?" Malon sighed, "Is this some stupid new trial?" She asked nobody in particular... "Well... bring it on!"

She would beat this problem, or her name wasn't Malon Lon!

Sarae looked at the report she had gathered... She couldn't help but feel sorry for the kids, children didn't deserve to go through such things.

The Hyrulean Guard was responsible for upholding the rule of law in the Confederacy. They sought out the thieves, the murderers, the lowest products of society.

"Hmm... I think I should tell Lady Abbar about this." She said to herself, after all, it did involve her nephew. Besides, it would mean that she could meet one of the more famous Sheikah. Sure, Sarae wasn't in the Shadow Clan... but that didn't mean anything in these days.

"So, what do you want to do now?" Kasuto asked, as she and Sheik walked through the streets of the city.

Sheik shrugged, "How about we get some lunch." He smiled at her, "My treat."

"I'm fine with that." Kasuto rubbed her stomach, "Gimme food!"

"Demanding, aren't you." Sheik asked lightly.

"Yes. Now buy me food." Kasuto replied with mock seriousness.

"It's a date." Sheik wrapped one arms around Kasuto's waist, grinning from ear to ear.

Some of the adults walking by noticed the young couple, smiling as they saw the pure display of young love.

It's enough to make a person sick, if you weren't into sappy romance.

Impa was frustrated. After all, so far she had found nothing that could truely help her. It seemed that the OWR was nigh impenertrable. Yet she wouldn't give up...

"Um, Lady Abbar?" A quiet voice said.

"Huh?" Impa looked from her papers, there was a young Sheikah girl standing in her doorway. "Yes?" she asked.

"Um, hi." she smiled weakly, "My name's Sarae Duscan. I'm from the Moonlight Clan... and um, I have some papers for you. I'm in the Guard, you see." she said nervously.

Impa smiled slightly, "Thank you Miss Duscan." She said, "What excactly are they about?"

"Um, a Criminal Report... you're nephew was involved, so I thought it might be best to let you look it over." Sarae said quickly.

What did Sheik do now... Impa thought with a slight groan, "Well, what does Sheikam have to do with it all?" she asked evenly.

"Oh!" Sarae shook her head, "He didn't cause any trouble, in fact, he's a bit of a hero." She smiled, "This poor girl... her name is Kasuto Lilla, she was attacked by some brutes..." She sighed, "They tried to rape her, but Sheikam fought them off."

"Kasuto?" Impa's eyes widened, "Let me see that report!" She quickly snatched the paperwork from Sarae's hands. Her eyes scaned over the report. "I see..." She said quietly after a moment. "Thank you, you can leave Miss Duscan."

"You're welcome." Sarae said as she quickly left.

Impa slumped down into her chair... there on a peice of paper... were some words that gave her what she needed, what she had been searching for...

"Sheikam tells that one of the assailents attacked him. The attacker claimed to be a member of the OWR, a orginzation with suspected terrorist ties..."

Malon took a deep breath, she was preparing herself.

Meditating was common in Hyrule, and in truth much of Torre, because it was essential to gaining peoper control over the various powers that each race posseses. While some chose quiet, or solitude for their focuse... Malon chose music, it was through singing that she gained the peace that came from meditation. Malon let the notes flow from her, letting the music take over. Malon felt a calm come over her as she sank into the song...

"I like this place!" Kasuto said cheerfully as she bit into her sandwich, "We should go here often." The resturant they had gone to served very large sandwiches, with lots of filling. Kasuto, it seemed, liked meat, a lot

"Sure thing." Sheik smriked, they were both sitting at a table set in an outdoor courtyard. The sights of the city were just behind them... not that the two were paying any attention to anything other then each other.

Kasuto sighed with happiness, "This is great, you know?"

Sheik nodded in agreement. Yet... there was a nagging in the back of his mind... telling him that he should be working on the problem on hand. But he shoved that thought back. Now was the time for him to spend time with Kasuto, he could work later.

Then Kasuto seemed to notice something "Wut dut?" she said with a mouthful of meat, "Is dit impe?"

"Please swallow your food..." Sheik shook his head, normally Kasuto was so polite, but when she ate all rules seemed forgoten.

Kasuto swallowed the food in her mouth, grinning sheepishly. "Is that Impa?" she repeated, pointing behind her.

"Huh?" Sheik turned around, and sure enough, Impa was marching though the streets, a distracted look on her face. There were some papers clutched in her hand, not appearing to be paying any attention to the world around her. Sheik had never seem Impa quite like that before. "Odd... I wonder where she's going."

"Why don't we ask her?" Kasuto asked.

Sheik shook his head, "Impa probably pretty busy right now. I don't think she's want us to bother her."

Kasuto smirked, "Well then, let's follow her and see what's she's doing first hand." She let out a mistevious giggle.

Sheik groaned, "Kas... why? It's not like it's something big..."

Kasuto shrugged, "I'm to damn curious for my own good." She winked.

"Fine, fine, we'll see what's the big deal." Sheik muttered, This girl's going to be the death of me... I can tell.

Their littletrip took them though the city, towards the less crowded parts. Soon the houses became larger, and more expencive looking.

"Nice looking." Kasuto commented, looking at the grand houses.

"This is the wealthier part of the city." Sheik explained.

"Neat." Kasuto ran her hand over a stone wall, "Know anybody here?"

Sheik nodded, "Somewhat. Most of them... you know, parties at the Castle, things like that. I'm not really close friends with anybody from here." He shook his head, "I've never fit in with high society really."

"I bet." Kasuto grinned.

Impa finally stopped in front of the most expencive looking house in the area. She looked at it for a moment, before clenching her fists and walking briskly towards the door. Sheik of course, knew who this house belonged to...

"Nice. I doubt this is where she lives though." Kasuto said, "What do you think?"

Sheik coughed, "This house belongs to my... uncle, Andire."

Kasuto blinked, "You have an uncle?" She frowned, "How come you've never mentioned it?"

Sheik coughed, "He's a very... private person." He looked the other way, "Besides, he actually lives in Windfall, to the south. He's only visiting."

"That's his place for visting?" Kasuto said in shock. "I'd hate to see what his actual house is!" She grinned, "You're house is still bigger though." She giggled.

"I guess it is." Sheik shook his head.

"By the way, why is the Castle over on the other side of town? Wouldn't it make more sence for it to be built over near all these places?" Kasuto suddenly asked.

Sheik nodded, "It was, once. But then the whole Castle got destroyed in the War of Unification. It was the last major thing to happen in the war before Princess Maria died, brining out the end of the War. The new Castle was built closer to the city walls and made open to all races. Plus it made quick travel to the Marketplace a lot easier."

"Oh." Kasuto replied, she then looked up and noticed that Impa was now at the door, pounding on it.Looks like following her isn't an option.Kasuto knew what she was doing. Here, on the outskirts of the city, there were few people. Here she could be alone with Sheik very easily.

Which is exactly what she wanted.

"Let me in dammit!" Impa shouted as she slammed her fist against the overly ornate door. She felt about ready to kick it down. She drew back her fist, ready to punch it down.

Then the door opened. Andire was standing at the door, a very confused look on his face. "What the hell do you want Sheikah?" He asked her in that self-righteous tone.

"We need to talk. Now!" Impa hissed, "So let me in before I enter by force." If looks could kill, Andire would have been a pile of ash at this point.

Andire paused, as if to concider her demand, "Very well, I shall count this as the favor I owe you."

Impa was fine with that, and walked inside. The whole house was sterile... it was almost unatural how clean it was. But that didn't matter, not at all.

They went into the living room, filled with many shelves of books. "Well?" Andire asked, "What is it that is so impaortant?"

Impa responeded by punching him in the stoumach.

"You bastard!" Impa spat.

Sheik suddenly felt two hands grab his arms, for a moment he panicked, but before his combat instints could kick in he realized it was Kasuto. The Gerudo spun him around, pushing him into a shadowy corner. He didn't resist, why should he? Once they were not plainly visable, Kasuto looked straight into his eyes. Sheik was surprised at the number of emotions running through Kasuto's eyes. Joy, admiration, wanting... lust... and hunger, for something other then food.

"You belong to me." She said, in an utterly serious tone. The way she said it... it was clear that she was stating it as a fact, one which no one could ever deny. And amazingly... Sheik found himself realizing that she was right... it was a fact. Kasuto then wrapped her arms around him and pressed her lips against his.

To Sheik's credit, he retained higher brain functions for a whole ten seconds.

"Umph!" Andire stumbled back at the blow, "What was that for Sheikah! I'll have you- urk!" Andire suddenly felt Impa's hand wrap around his neck.

"Shut the fuck up Andire!" Impa shouted, "You thought you were clever, hiding it from everyone the whole time huh? Well guess what ? You slipped up!" Impa threw Andire against the wall, smiling as he slmuped to the ground.

"I have no idea what you're talking about..." Andire muttered as he stood up.

"Oh spare me." Impa snapped, "I'm not an idiot, you know. It was only a matter of time before you slipped up. You're just really unlucky it was me who found out." She grabbed Andire's arm and pulled him right up to her face. "Karma's a bitch, ain't it?" she sneered.

Sheik pulled Kasuto close to her. She could feel his body pressed against hers, it was wonderful. Sheik was now putting his all into the kiss, and Kasuto was loving every minute of it.

"Mmm..." Kasuto whispered inbetween lip-locks, "You taste good..." She moved her hands around, trying to take in every peice of Sheik she could. "Don't let go..."

"I won't..." Sheik muttered as he ran his hand through Kasuto's hair, "...ever."

"What are you talking about?" Andire growled.

"A boy... who caused trouble for some associates of yours." Impa hissed, "You... I never thought you could stoop so low untill today."

"What? Why are you suddenly so angry about this now?" Andire sounded confused, "Have you finally gone ins-"

Impa shoved the papers she had brought with her into his face, "Read them, you scum." She ordered.

Sheik's hands began running up and down Kasuto's waist. Her body... just barely begining to become a woman's... was the most beautiful thing in the world to him.

"Ahh..." Kasuto gasped when Sheik moved his hand over her stoumach, barely brushing against the bottom of her breasts, a wonderful feeling of warmth ran through her body... She grabbed him and kissed him even harder. "Mmm... more..."

Andireglared at Impa from over the papers, "What is this about?"

"Are you really that stupid?" Impa shouted, "You, asked me about my nephew... and then I find my nephew was involved with some brutes! Coincidence? I think not!"

"What the hell are you babbling about?" Andre muttered.

"Let me spell it out for you." Impa growled, "A girl was assulted, they would have raped her... if Sheik hadn't saved her. Just minutes later you come to me... saying that he's caused trouble for you! Those monsters are part of the OWR!"

Andire's eyes widened slightly... "What was this girls name?" He asked.

"Kasuto, the sweetest little Gerudo anybody could hope to meet." Impa snapped, "A kind and gentle soul... one that never deserves such fates!"

Andire thought about this for a moment... "I doubt it's possible for a Gerudo, of all people, to get raped." He said simply.

Impa punched him again

Kasuto moaned with delight as Sheik's hand slipped under her shirt, She had never before felt another human beings tough like this before... the stories the adults told the children back in Gerudo Valley were true... there was nothing better then the comforting embrace of a lover...


"No farther." Kasuto said simply, "We're not ready for more."

Sheik paused, suddenly snapping back to reality. His face became beet red when he realized what Kasuto was saying. "OK..." He said, he sounded relieved, yet there was a slight hint of disapointment. "Heh, I agree with you on that."

Kasuto smiled, "Of course! I'm always right." She giggled... before she began kissing him again, savoring his taste...

"Shut up!" Impa screamed, "You have no right to spew out those hateful things!"

Andire narrowed his eyes at her, "You're exceding your bounds." He snapped.

"As if." Impa rolled her eyes, "Andire... the Captain of the Guard is a personal friend of mine. I could beat you till you were bloody and nothing would happen to me." She smiled nastily, "But why waste my energy? I know now Andire... you're in league with the OWR, and beleive me, I'll make sure your life is hell because of it."

Andire smirked, "So what? What proof do you have? All you have is circumstantialevidance. That's not enough to prove membership in an organization. Besides... the One Right Way is a perfectly legal group."

"They're terrorists and assassins!" Impa shouted in Andire's face.

Andire was silent for a moment... before laughing, "You're still obsessed about that! I can't beleive it. Even after eleven years... you just don't give it up." Andire shook his head.

"How can you speak of the death of your sister so casually." Impa hissed.

The bruning passions that had consumed the two just a short while ago had cooled. Now both were settling into a soft embrace. All was quiet...

"That was... different." Sheik said, as he ran his hand through Kasu

"Get used to it." Kasuto mock-growled, "I own you now." She ruffled his hair. "And watch out... I'm going to claim you as Zelda too."

"Should I be scared." Sheik smirked.

"Oh yes, watch out..." Kasuto gave him that hungry look, "I will get you... and soon." She kissed him again.

"I'll be looking forward to it." Sheik laughed.

Andire looked at Impa, for a long moment there was silence. "Marial was a fool." He said simply, "She was a fool for marrying that moron Harikan, she was a fool for falling for the lies people like you peddle."

"She was a good person... and would have been a great Queen... if people like you hadn't cut her life short!" Impa snapped.

"Please." Andire rolled his eyes, "Terris Mortil was a lone killer, he commited suicide shortly after the assassination of Marial. There is no evidence that the OWR had anything to do with him."

"Convient, isn't it?" Impa said slowly, "Nothing at all... so clean... to clean." Impa narrowed his eyes, "I know for a fact that he was a member of your group."

"So now you're calling it my group? I'm somewhat flattered that you think so highly of me!" Andire said mockingly, "Sheikah, you have no proof, nothing. All you have is a little hunch... and besides, even if I am a member, it's not illegal." Andire smirked, "Now get off my property."

Impa glared at him with more hate that Andire had ever seen on her face before, then she turned and left. He stood there for a second, sitting down in a chair once he heard the front door slam shut.

"Goddesses... that was difficult." He whispered.

"Huh?" Kasuto looked up and saw Impa leaving the house, "Eep!" The two youths scrambled away from each other, somehow managing to look as if they hadn't been making out a few minutes ago.

Impa walked past them, still having that frustrated look on her face, but then she spotted them. "You're both safe!" She said and ran over to the two.

"Impa?" Sheik asked, "Is something wrong?"

Impa stopped, a worried look running over her. "It's... nothing." She sighed, "I'm just so worried... this whole thing... how do we stop it? How do we make sure that none of what you," she nodded to Kasuto, "saw ever happened?"

Sheik gulped... He looked at Kasuto for a moment, she instantly understood. "Don't worry Impa, things will work out." He smiled weakly, "We'll meet you at the Castle."

Impa sighed, she looked so tired... "Thank you, I'm truely grateful to know you, Sheikam." She continued on her walk.

"Come on Kasuto." Sheik said, "We're going to need Malon's help now, so we're off to Lon Lon."

"Right." Kasuto nodded seriously, she knew now, that playtime was over. The two had had their fun.. but now it was time.

Soon they would infiltrate the One Right Way.

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