by Jack O'Reily

Chapter 1: Evil is Born

      Milord, the enemy approaches." The Hyrulian Knight mentioned to the king. The king was very distressed over the matter at hand. The Gerudo Infantry had already captured most of Hyrule. Their next target was the Castle. The king wiped his forehead with a silver-lined gold handkerchief. He tucked the handkerchief back into his gauntlet. "Inform the Calvary of your announcement. The Gerudo have finally made a critical mistake towards their campaign. Make sure it is their last." The king said wagging his finger at the knight.

"A-ten-hut! Forward, march!" The Gerudo Infantry Leader called out. The Infantry soldiers turned and faced the Castle. Within bare seconds of stopping, the Drawbridge of the Castle slammed down against the ground and the Hyrulian Knights flooded out. The battle ensued for hours and was a bloody one indeed. Near the end of the battle the Gerudo King was watching the battle from a Tower that was constructed a mile from the battle field. The Gerudo King watched the battle through a telescope. He took a shot of Kakariko Rum and turned to his attendant. "What do you think will happen?" The attendant stood straight up, caught off-guard by the fact that the king wanted to actually wanted to talk to her. "Yes Milord?" she asked. The king repeated, "What do you think will happen?" The attendant looked nervous, the Dragmire Kings were notorious for torturing incompetent servants that have wrong answers. "Uh, I believe... you'll win..." She then said almost stuttering. The king grinned at her answer. "I love fear." He simply stated as he returned to his battle." The servant smiled and got back to her scrubbing.

"Excellent, that is what we have been waiting for." The Hyrulian King said to his Generals as they waited for his commands. "Have the Northern Infantry emerge from Kakariko and pushed into the Right Flank of the Gerudo." The King then laughed. "Gentlemen, we just won the war."

A scout ran up to the Gerudo king, she was breathing heavily from the running. "Milord, urgent news. Your wife has gone... into... labor." The scout said then immediately collapsed from dehydration. The King then climbed down the Tower and hopped onto his Black Stallion. He then galloped off to Gerudo Valley. Mere minutes after his departure the Hyrulian Knights made it to the Tower and did not hesitate to burn it to the ground. It seemed that peace had once again found a place in the Land of Hyrule, for this generation at least.

"Just keep pushing!" The king cried out as he held his wife's hand. She was screaming from the unbearable pain. "I am pushing you idiot!" She yelled at the king. A few minutes later it was over. The Gerudo Midwife approached the man with his brand new child. "By the goddesses," He said, "It's a boy." The woman smiled as she lied in her bed. "This boy shall be our heir, finally, the prophecy shall be fulfilled through our child." The Gerudo Midwife butted it for a moment, "What will his name be?" The woman grinned at her husband. "Ganondorf... Ganondorf Dragmire."

Before the king could rejoice at the birth of his heir an attendant approached him. "My lord, the Hyrulian Knights are at the base of the Valley. They demand to talk to you. I fear the worst, what do you think?" The king looked worried for a moment then shook it off. "If the name of Dragmire were prone to fear, which it is not, then I would be afraid. Prepare my horse and open the gates to the Wasteland." The scout saluted and began to walk away but then turned, "but sir, what shall we do when the Knights demand your presence." The King was already fastening his Helmet and Breast Plate. "That does not concern me, beside I will not be returning... ever." He then put a hand on the attendant's shoulder. "Good luck my friend, and may the Triforce protect us all.

Moments later a lone black horse with two passengers dashed off into the Haunted Wasteland. At the same time the Hyrulian Knights entered the Fortress area. The Calvary Leader rode up to a Gerudo Guard. "Where is the King?!" He asked ferociously. "Our king has gone into the Desert. I doubt it would be wise to follow." She snickered and returned to her post. "The king is dead!" A Hyrulian Scout called out. "Relay the message to the King! Long live the Royal Family!!!"

"Just a little bit longer, the Colossus cannot be much farther." The King muttered to himself. The child was almost screaming in his left arm as he controlled the horse with his right. "Just a little farther..." The King then yelled as the horse hit a flagpole, flipped over, and sent the riders flying. The child landed on a stone step near a pit while King landed in a quicksand pile... while unconscious. "What do we have here?" A voice asked inquisitively as a figure picked up the crying child. "Well, well, well. What do we have here?" He then said as he looked at the design on the babies blanket, it was the Dragmire Dynasty symbol, a warthog. "This will fetch quite a pretty penny." He then cackled as he stroked his long mustache. He then put the baby on his carpet and returned to his job.

"I will not go any higher than fifty rupees for a Eyeball Frog! I refuse to go higher." The old woman yelled at the salesman. "I am sorry ma'am, but I have a profit to turn, and if you want to be stingy then I must take my business elsewhere." The old woman hesitated. Then she heard a baby crying. "Is that a child?" The salesman nodded, "Not just any child, a ROYAL child." The old woman cackled. "I will give you five hundred rupees for that baby." "Deal" The salesman then said clinching the deal. "Wait," he then said, "What is your name?" He asked. "Koume, Koume Twinrova. Thank you for the child, it will come in handy quite indeed."

And so the stage has been set for the greatest opportunist in all of Hyrulian history. Ganondorf Dragmire has found his place among these turbulent times only to emerge as the King of Evil. Koume and Kotake Twinrova possess the child and will promptly raise him to do what is evil, making Ganondorf the first evil king of all Dragmire Dynasty kings. Within twenty short years Ganondorf will return to his place as king of the Gerudo and begin his plot to unravel what the Great Goddesses of Hyrule worked hard to create.

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