by Jack O'Reily

Chapter 2: Return of the King

TIME: 20 PB (Post Birth, of Ganon)

      Ganondorf calmly walked into the Fortress area. He wore a long black cloak that covered him from head to toe. A Gerudo ran over to him. "Who are you?" She demanded. Ganondorf sneered and continued toward the Fortress. The Gerudo hesitated and ran in front of Ganondorf again. "I said, who are you and what is your business?"

"Who is in charge?" Ganondorf asked instead. The Gerudo became impatient and pulled out a Sheerakah (Gerudo long sword). "I will ask you one more time, who are you?" Ganondorf turned to the Gerudo looking at her in the eyes. His hand shot out and grabbed her by the throat. He began to squeeze and within moments the Gerudo was dead. He released and her body fell to the ground. Ganondorf let out a cold laugh, "Geh heh heh." Then, a group of Gerudo noticed the commotion and ran to Ganondorf. Ganondorf had become angered by the interruptions and threw off his cloak. The guards stopped in their tracks and fell to the ground. "My lord." The leader solemnly spoke as Ganondorf lifted his hand to smite them. "Take me to your leader..."

"Let me try to understand this... you think you can just waltz in and take over. Preposterous!" The pontiff laughed and continued. "I am sorry Dragmire, but I cannot allow you to take over. Gerudo Valley is a territory of the Hylian Empire, and I am in charge. However, feel free to occupy one of our luxury suites until you can establish yourself." The pontiff them turned to an attendant, a young Gerudo woman. "My aid, Nabooru, will take you to your room." The pontiff said, and got out of his chair. "I have business to attend to, I must go." The pontiff left. Nabooru approached the young Dragmire. "This way milord." Nabooru and Ganondorf exited the audience chamber.

Ganondorf's suite was exquisite. The room had several lit torches around the various windows of the room. There was a large ornate fireplace to the left wall and a desk to the right. The royal Dragmire coat of arms hung above the Mantel. Ganondorf walked into the second part of the room and found his bedroom with a large Organ. "Interesting..." Ganondorf quietly said with an eyebrow raised. Nabooru waited calmly by the door. Ganondorf walked back over to Nabooru. "You may leave, your services are unnecessary." Nabooru left the room with a wave of Ganondorf's hand. Ganondorf turned to his bedroom and sat on the bench in front of the Organ. He touched a key with his index finger and noticed the sound it made. Almost naturally the skill of playing came to him.

"Listen to that buffoon." The pontiff said to Nabooru as he watched a caravan enter the valley. The organ music lofted into the pontiff's chambers like a smell. "Why did you give him the Royal Chambers for a suite?" The pontiff struck Nabooru. "Idiot!" Nabooru rubbed her face tenderly, "Yes milord. If you don't mind... it's almost nightfall." The pontiff was still mad and it showed. "Get out." He just whispered.

"Ganondorf." Nabooru said quitely as she creaked open the door to the Dragmire Chambers. Nabooru kept walking into the room. She peered around a bit at the dark room. The only light was from the smouldering fire in the fireplace. The door closed and Nabooru spun around. Behind the door was Ganondorf in full armor strapping on a Shield. "What are you doing here?" He snapped. Nabooru walked over to him, placing a hand on his breastplate. "I want to help you take back the Valley from the Hylians." Ganondorf grinned. "I have an army preparing to enter the Fortress from the Wasteland. I never needed to come here, I just wanted to get to the pontiff myself. Arrogant bastard." Nabooru smiled, she stroked his helmet. "Take me with you." She mouthed.

The pontiff tapped his fingers on the arm of his chair. He hated the dark, and it was really dark that night. He heard a creak in the other room. "Huh?" He said as he spun around nervously. Even though it was freezing out he felt a trickle of sweat drip down his face. He got up and walked to the window. He shut it and turned around. There was Ganondorf in his armor. He had a ball of energy growing in his left hand. "Greetings Pontiff." He said calmly as he put his left hand on the pontiff's face.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!" A cry let out of the pontiff's chambers. A few Hylian guards noticed the noise and charged up to the pontiff's room. "Sir, sir?" They cried out in the dark room. They walked into the next room. One of the guards spun around and threw up on the floor. There was a skeleton lying in the chair, still smouldering. "Captain!" A guard cried out. The captain walked over to him. The guard pointed to the window... it was broken. "By the Triforce." The captain said as he noticed the Gerudo army flow into the Valley from the Wasteland.

Within the hour the Gerudo had regained control of the Valley.

1 Month Later...

That morning Ganondorf was prepping his horse. Nabooru dashed over to Ganondorf. "Where are you going?" She asked. Ganondorf grinned, he tossed on the saddle. "Are we going to attack the Hylians, now that the empire is gone and the Hyrulian Royal Family took over?" Nabooru asked. Ganondorf turned to Nabooru.

"I'm going to the Castle, I have research to do."

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