By Lady Aurian


    In the tumultuous city of Opela, the mystical, powerful Magefolk influence and protect the last living member of the Catalian Royal Family, the young Prince Adrian. Careless and negligent, the Mages enjoy their status at the expense of the restive Hylians.

    Lady Ariana, the youngest Mage, leads a sheltered life in a world of wealth and finery, oblivious to the misery in her kingdom. Under the supremacy of the conspiring Archmage Dragan and his nephew Avery, Ariana is destined to take the prestigious position of Fire-Mage. However, within her lie greater powers, ones that Dragan wishes to possess. Beautiful and fiercely independent, Ariana takes no notice of the cracks forming around her. And everything changes when she discovers that she is only a pawn in a corrupt scheme to usurp the throne set up by Dragan himself. But when Ariana bravely rejects authority, Dragan destroys everyone and everything she holds dear, unleashing horrors unseen for thousands of years.

    Now, powerless and on the run, Ariana and her unwilling companions flee to the magical land of Hyrule, hoping to become allies with the King and the spirited Princess Zelda. They are too late, for the darkness has already settled there. Together, they uncover more secrets and more pieces of the puzzle, discovering that the corruption runs deeper than they ever imagined. To stop the evils of the past aiming to destroy Demiari, Ariana must swallow her pride and accept the path Fate has forged for her. For she may be able to defeat the darkness, but only one special person can destroy the evil in Hyrule. . .