The Girl in Shining Armor

By Victoria


            A girl Ganon thought dead is going to kill him for separation of her family, and attempts a new power that is powerful as the Tri-Force.


            A girl at the age thirteen was running down the halls. She had to help her town. She stopped at the weapon gallery and armory quickly grabbing sword and shield. Then she put on a suit of armor and left to help. The invader was a man from the desert my guessing is to control one town one at a time then he’ll force the people to attack the royal family. I stopped and looked of what I saw. I saw the invader taking my friend Will hostage. He was dragging him to the temple bell. I ran over to the temple to rescue Will.  The inside was dark. I threw my shield and removed my helmet. I searched for the kidnapper, and then I heard yelling.


“Where is she ?!”


“Why do you want with her?”
”Because she is the princess of Hyrule and I did not succeed of killing her when she was a baby” said Ganon

I felt my heart stop from that. He knew who I am. If I ran up to him and saw my face I’m dead meat. I ran back to get my helmet and put it on. Then I ran towards the man with my sword high in the air. But he knew was right behind and turned around to dodge my attack. We fought only for a half hour until he grabbed me.


“ Who the hell are you” Ganon said when he reached for my helmet. I felt my helmet going off, but with all my strength I kicked him making both of us fall. I felt my face my helmet was gone! I turned around to see Ganon with my helmet in his hand. But luck was not on my side. Though it was dark lighting was crackling causing light enough to see my face. Fear had taken my whole entire body

” I have finally found, know if I could suck your-”

“THERE IS NO WAY YOU WILL TAKE ME!!!!!!”I took a dagger and threw it to his leg. Though he is strong but it will damage him. He looked at me and smiled. He took the dagger and stabbed me.  I screamed in pain and fell. I looked up to not see Ganon but my friend Will unharmed. I heard was footsteps.



“What’s happened?”

“She hurt she was stabbed from, Ganon”
”if it came from Ganon quick take her to the royal family doctors they will cure her.”

“Luna your goanna be alright …Luna…Luna”

Everything went black.


They reached for the castle carrying the girl. They entered to the throne room.


“Why are you here?”
”Your highness there’s girl that fought Ganon and wounded Ganon but yet he also wounded this girl. Here name is Luna and from here friend Will say that she is your daughter.” said captain Smith. Zelda and Link were shocked “its the prophecy was true Zelda had a dream about it. “ Link said. He walked up to her and looked. Her skin was his lightly tanned. Her body was like her mother’s when she was thirteen. She had her grandfather on her father side hair, perfect brown. By the time the girl opened her eyes.  Blue like his and her mother. But she fainted.



“ Quick give her some medicine to heal all her wounds!” said Link


“Yes sir”


After an hour the doctor came out.

“Well is she is healed she just woke up I explained everything to her” the doctor said, “ she asked to see you.” Link and Zelda were all very excited. “But she is not alone”, said the doctor.


To Be Continued  

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