The Great Desert

Disclaimer: We do not own The Legend of Zelda. No profit is being made from this story, nor is there any intent toward it.

Notes: This story is a co-write between Shadsie and Sailor_Lilithchan, using ideas we have discussed and role played back and forth with each other. This legend is set in an “original Hyrule,” a Hyrule we have yet to see – with a new cycle of heroes, princesses and demons. It has its own Timeline specific to the story. As far as the canon Timeline of the Zelda games goes, the Hyrule of this tale exists in a time well after all of the canon games. References to a number of games are made throughout the text, from classic games to recent. It is a Hyrulean Western with some touches of the modern world and science fiction, but, being Hyrule, magic is paramount.

Won’t you join us for our tale of dust and magic, swords and guns?

The once beautiful land of Hyrule is now covered by the unforgiving sands. Scorched by the heat of the sun, the green lands are scattered and few. Most people have lost faith in the goddesses and in the legends. In this faithless, dry country, it is time for a young man to bring back the peoples’ hope – with the Gun, the Blade, and the Courage in his heart…


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