Ganondorf's Return

  By: Action the Great

Part 1 - The Escape


It had been a decade since the last time Gannondorf Dragmire had been seen. Link and Zelda had banished him to the realm of darkness using the power of the triforce.

Gannondorf is walking along the fiery tops of the volcanos when he sees a portal inside one of the craters. "Finally a way to get out of this wretched place, that wretched little Zelda and the annoying 'Hero of Time will pay dearly for this." Gannondorf walks over and jumps through the portal just as the owner of the portal was walking back.

  " Damnit Gannondorf got through it must be him since he is the only one in this realm" an old man cursed out loud. The old man opened another portal and jumped through. "I must warn North Castle of the return of Gannondorf."


  Hours later the old man reaches North Castle and says that great evil will come to the land if they dont let him see Princess Zelda immediately. The gaurds quickly escorted him to the Throne Room. Zelda was tending to some royal business when the gaurds came in and said that this man is here to give a national warning concerning the 'Prince of Darkness.

  "Leave us immediately."

  The guards did as they were told and left with a quick "Yes Queen Zelda".

  Just then Link came in with his crown on his head and kissed his wife. "Well now Darion, how did Gannondorf get through to this realm again." she asked accusingly.

  "I went to the Real of Darkness to get some Black Rabbits when Gannondorf must of found my secret place to put my portal and jumped through. I then made a portal and jumped through that one and rushed here your highness." Darion explained. Just then a riot started outside as dozens of angry villagers came to the gates of North Castle to complain about moblins, stalfos, keese and other evil creatures attacking their town and then leaving. Link and Zelda looked at each other and said "uh-oh".


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