Ganon's Return

by Action the Great

Chapter 2 - The First Battle-

      Link and Zelda listened to all of the villagers' complaints and sent them to Castle Town for the period of time it takes to rebuild the cities. Link offered to go out and inspect how long the villagers will be staying at Castle Town. Zelda told Link that he should stay because she had an eerie feeling Ganon was lurking around close to the castle. Link decided that it would be the right thing to do to stay with his wife that night and the next day he will head out to the destroyed Gin City, Valour Pass, and Silver Town.

      Later that night Link started to get a funny feeling that something bad is going to happen to his country, his home, and his people. Link felt sick from the visions he had of Ganon. Link knew Ganon was back and stronger than ever before. That night Link decided to train intensively on his magic skills. He was determined to be ready when Ganon attacks the castle and he would be there to protect his home, his wife, and his unborn child. Ganon would not prevail while Link is breathing his last breaths. Link was just about to do his famous twirl when he heard Zelda scream. "Zelda!" he said in a low concerned voice. He ran as fast as he could up those stairs and into their bedroom where he found Zelda sweating and whimpering. "It is all right now I am here, it was just a nightmare Zelda" Link soothingly said while holding her tight. Link could feel her trembling in his arms. "Link, Ganon, he is coming tonight after revenge on us." Link looked at her confused and asked "You mean he doesn't want the triforce?" Zelda looked up at him wide-eyed and shook her head. Link held her there for a few minutes more.

      Zelda got her-self back together and ordered troops around. "I want 3 troops at the front gate, 3 at the back gate, archers on the walls, I want a troop at every side of this castle. I want Impa, my father, all the servants and cooks in the cellars below the castle. I want 2 troops guarding them with their lives. The rest of the troops stand guard and get ready to back up any troop or troops that need help. Men to your stations." Zelda turned to Link and caught him with his Kokiri Suit on and his shield and the master sword. "And where do you think your going" she asked sternly. "Too help the guards," he said innocently. Zelda gave him an annoyed look and said "Okay you can go fight the battle, but be careful." Link practically jumped 5 feet in the air. He ran outside just as Ganon's minions broke through the front gate and were headed toward the castle entrance where Link was. Link laughed at them and killed half of them with a swish of his sword and the other half when he used the twirl attack. Link then saw a moblin go in the cellar and flew out headless and a second later came the head. Link was hit in the shoulder by a lightning bolt and knew Ganon was in reach of him. He ignored the pain from his burnt skin and found Ganon right behind him in the air. He threw another bolt at him and Link swung the master sword and even though it flew back and hurt Ganon it also drained some of his energy. Link fought Ganon with all his strength and somehow beat him because Ganon left with all of his minions. After Ganon left and couldn't see Link, Link collapsed to the ground stricken from all of his energy. He was helpless and the guards had to carry their King back to his royal bedroom to rest. "Tell..Zel….to..cum…here" Link barely said. The queen was tending to national business when King Link called her and she had the business wait. "I am here Link" she told him when she got there. "You….dreams……were..right….Ganon(cough)(cough)…is…..strong….. then….. before" Link gagged out and then passed out. Zelda had Impa look over him and make sure he gets well before Ganon finds out.

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