Ganon's Return

by Action the Great

Part 3 - The Capture of Mido Town

      It has been a week since the first battle with Ganon was fought. Link is still not to his full power and is too weak to take Ganon on again. Ganon has formed a new plan a perfect plan. Ganon will first take over their main cities and he will start with Mido Town. Ganon has resurrected his followers and now joined forces again with the tribe of Darias.

      Ganon is now in charge of all of the monsters in Hyrule. He has hundreds of Moblins, Octoroks, Gohmas, Darias, skeleton knights and many other creatures. "My followers, minions and believers. You have all joined me to take over Hyrule and become the rulers. I have destroyed little cities, but they are not enough. Now we will start our ruling by taking over Mido Town and take no prisoners except for Link and Zelda" Ganon's minions are getting rallied by this and are getting ready for war.

      Link is still not able to fight. Ganon has taken all his power and has left him very weak. Zelda has ordered no one to tell Link if Ganon is attacking a village. "But Princess, We need Link in order to defeat Ganon" one soldier complained. "If he goes out and fights in his current state then none of us will have him to protect us" Zelda said. "This meeting is over, goodbye." As all of the soldiers were leaving Zelda heard one tell his buddy "no, she doesn't care about the country she wants Link to herself for personal reasons." Then she heard the other laugh. She was annoyed by this remark and would have that soldier arrested but she needs all the soldiers she can get.

      Later that night Zelda sat in the library reading a book called "The Many Prophecies of Hyrule" to look up and see if this was one of the prophecies and sure it was. The prophecy basically said is that "When a powerful enemy returns from another dimension then he will be stronger" then she read even lower and it said "At this time Hyrule will divide into two." Zelda got a real worried look on her face and turned a little pale. She then went to her father and asked him if when he was King or Hyrule did Hyrule think about splitting into two and he replied " Hyrule has been thinking to do it forever and we have talked about it at least once a year." Now Zelda had other problems she was thinking about instead of Ganon. It was late that night when Link came down. "Zel why haven't you come to bed yet?" He asked her. Then she told him "I have lots of national business to do that if the king knew how he should do it." Link looked at her with a funny look. Then he persuaded her to come up to bed.

      The next morning around 5 AM when Ganon got his army in order. "Come on men we will start our march to Mido Town." Ganon announced with a sinister grin. Ganon had showed his minions about Mido Town. It has a large Town Hall in the middle with shops around the outside walls and in between there are houses. There is a wall 6 feet wide around Mido Town. It has guards and holes for cannons and hot oil to pour through. Then there was a gate That was closed at night and would either need to be burnt, opened, or broke through to get entrance to Mido Town. Zelda had sent extra troops to Mido Town to protect it if Ganon attacks like she did every other town in Hyrule. Ganon's troops marched on to take over and kill all inhabitants of Mido Town.

      It was 10 AM when Ganon's troops were spotted outside of Mido Town. Soldiers brought all people just outside of Mido Town in side and shut the gate just as moblins charged at it and everyone heard a thump. "Inform all the guards inside of the Town Hall and send one out of the secret entrance to go get more soldiers from Hyrule Castle" yelled a guard. The first tub of hot oil was dropped on the moblins and they burnt to death. Then a cannon was shot and Ganon had his minions dodge it. Ganon shot a fireball at the gate and the wood burnt faster then a wood naturally can burn. "They have broken through the gate, ground troops attack." Ganon laughed as Mido Town's men killed the first troops and were left either dead or injured. There was hot oil being poured on all of Ganon's followers and some it hurt and killed, others it didn't phase them. Soon all of the villagers were evacuating the town through the secret exit. About half of the villagers that got away were injured. Some of the villagers stayed in their homes and hid from fright to go out. Then a daria or moblin would break their door in and burned the insides of their homes and expertly executed them.

      After an hour of fighting no troops came because a moblin who was stray from Ganon's minions decided he was hungry and saw the messenger and the horse and got lunch. All of the troops were dead and in all of the building there was nothing. Mido Town now had a new flag on top of City Hall it was a black flag that had the name GANON on it.

      All of the Mido Town inhabitants went straight to Hyrule City and to the castle. Ganon's monsters now inhabited Mido Town. This was a sad day for all of Hyrule. Many Hylians died valiantly.

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