Ganon's Return

by Action the Great

Part 4- Hyrule Split in Two

      It now has been 5 weeks that Link has been in his bed since his encounter with the powerful Ganon. Link has had bad feelings ever since Ganon has captured Mido Town.

      He limps out of his bed and grabs his sword. Link crawls under his bed and escapes his room unnoticed by the guards posted outside his room making sure he doesn't go anywhere by the Queen's orders. Link closes the trap door and carefully makes his way down the stairs to the secret part of the basement. Only Link, Zelda and Impa know of this basement. No one has been down here for at least a decade. They last used it when Ganon was first banished to the other dimension. Link walked down the stairs and heard a noise, a noise that he has heard before. Just as Link knew what it was it was too late. "Ahhhh" he yelled out as the one eyed spider-like creature jumped on him. Link then remembered how to kill these creatures. He stabbed it in the eye and it dropped dead. "I have to remember that the gohma race lives in eggs on the ceiling and the noise I heard was that gohma breaking out of it's egg when it saw me below it" Link explained to himself. Just then another familiar noise came to him. "LLLIIIINNNNKKK. WHERE ARE YOU? I TOLD YOU TO STAY IN BED YOU STUBBORN FREAK." Yelled Zelda. Link laughed and wondered if she would remember the trap door under the bed.

      He kept walking down and saw a Stalfos Knight ahead of him. He snuck up behind it and was about to kill it when he saw that it was a guard that had died during one of the wars long ago. Link reached the basement and lit 5 torches in the room. He saw all of his old weapons that he had collected during the battle against Ganon. He then saw a very familiar object. It wasn't the Ocarina of Time but it was his fairy ocarina that was made from the wood of the Lost Woods. "I wonder how Saria is doing?" Were Link's only words. He picked up the ocarina and brushed off all of the dirt with his green tunic. He tried to play Saria's song and made a horrid sound that he was sure everyone heard. Link then played a while and remembered her song. Link played it successfully and he heard a voice. "Link? Link is that you?" a voice called out. "Saria you still carry your ocarina around?" he asked with tear filled eyes. "Link are you alright? What is wrong?" Saria asked worried. "Oh nothing, it is just that I have my ocarina stuffed down in a basement that has been closed up for years and you have had your ocarina at your side forever" Link explained. "So how you doing?" Link asked. "Lonely" she answered. "Listen I am going to talk to you later I have to train to defeat Ganon." Link closed the telepathic transition between him and his childhood friend. Link stuffed the ocarina in his pouch and went to his starting position. He started to fence against air when 2 figures approached in the stairway. Link automatically knew who it was. "LINK WE HAVE BEEN LOOKING ALL OVER FOR YOU. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN DOWN HERE? DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH YOU WORRIED ME?" Zelda screamed at him. "I'm sorry, I mean I do need to train to fight Ganon. You did tell me they could have used me at Mido Town. Oh hi Impa" Link responded in a soothing voice. Zelda walked over to Link and took away his sword. "Why did you tell me my weapons were destroyed when I destroyed Ganon?" Link asked. Zelda did not answer and pulled his ear all the way up the stairway.

      Late that night Link came down for dinner instead of dinner being brought up to him. Link was dressed in a deep forest green tunic and actually combed his hair back. He had been in bed so long that he had grown a beard, which he shaved to a goatee. Link had also grown his hair past his shoulders and he tied it into a ponytail. Zelda looked up at him and was surprised by his appearance. She actually liked the ponytail but hated the goatee. "Link, dear, please go take the goatee off we are expecting an important guest from South Hyrule and we don't want him thinking that the North part of his country is being run by an immature man do we?" Zelda whispered in his ear. Link knew she was trying her best to not yell at him and he walked back out of the den and into the bathroom. He shaved off the rest of his beard. Link walked out cleanly cut and sat down in his chair. An announcer came into the room, he announced "Lord Anderson of Southern Hyrule, is here to talk about splitting the country." Zelda dismissed the announcer and a man in royal blue garment and gold hanging all over him. The lord had enough courtesy to bow before the Queen but when he saw who was king his nose shriveled and he snickered just above his breath "A peasant to a king the queen doesn't have any taste. Damn I had a chance to be in his spot, but the Queen didn't give me a chance." Link heard every word and had a displeasing frown on his face. "What was that? Lord?" Link asked with a grin. Lord Anderson then said "nothing your highness." Zelda knew what the Lord said before and held back her giggle. The Lord had a displeased look and knew they were making a joke of him. "Well Zelda you know why I am here." Anderson started the conference. "Zelda? Isn't she your highness or my queen to you?" Link said like a smart-ass. "Please Link, we can allow him to call me Zelda." Link nodded silently. The meeting went on for a couple of more hours finally Zelda was forced by law to sign the paper giving all of Southern Hyrule to the new country that they named themselves. The northern part of the country will remain Hyrule. The southern part of the country will be named Spartix (Spar-tics). Link whispered to Zelda "At least we have the biggest port in Hyrule, Mido Town is in northern and it's port is right by it." Zelda nodded but had a depressed look on her face. He had gotten more than a thousand of her people to go against her. The Lord wanted to stay for dinner but Link kicked him out of the country as an illegal alien to the country of Hyrule. It was a sad dinner that night. Hyrule had lost most of its supplies. The south had no ammunition but the ammunition they kept in their homes. Zelda knew Hyrule was better off than Spartix. She just felt guilty for the separation. Dinner was done with out any words spoken. Zelda and Link went to bed early. Late that night, about midnight they got a warning of Ganon threatening to destroy the docks of Mido. Fire went into Link's eyes. He was not going to let Zelda down, especially not at her most time of need. Link dressed in his green tunic and grabbed his sword and shield. Then he remembered his weapons in the forgotten basement. Link went down there and gathered his supplies. There was a golden light coming from behind a wall. Link pushed the wall open and behind the wall was a black shield with the triforce shining in the middle and a crystal blue outline of the shield. He felt the power of the shield and turned around to see Impa there. She told of how this sword saved many a long time ago. She also told Link other short legends of the sword as they were walking up the stairs. Link thanked Impa for the information and ran off in a hurry. Link ran in front of the group of soldiers and he stopped them. "Men we are gathered here today to possibly fight the greatest battle we have ever fought before. We are here to reclaim our lost properties of Mido Town and other cities in our country. All of us may die, but if we die we die fighting heroes and will be honored for now on. Men don't be afraid of dying be afraid of surrendering. NOW LETS GO TO WAR!" All of the men got rallied by this they knew this would be one of the greatest wars in history. The Hyrulian army led by Link came to the grounds of Mido Town and saw the site of their lives…

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