Ganon's Return

by Action the Great

Part 5 - The Great Mido Battle

(Warning gruesome parts. May offend some people)

      The site before them was a site that none of them would ever forget. Ganon and his allies had killed a whole ship of immigrants from the new country Spartix that wanted to live in Hyrule. There were half bodies and quarter bodies lying all over the ground. The ship was still standing and had life in it. Link could see it was Ganon's monsters that had stayed and made the boat their home. Link looked away as one of the Darias threw out a head of one of his people. Link was outraged at the site he was about to kill all of the monsters himself when a soldier appointed his attention over to Mido Town. "They were just innocent people who wanted to live under Zelda and my rule. Poor innocent souls." Link mournfully said as he turned his head. Link saw a horrid site at Mido Town. It was Ganon's flag, Link saw that Ganon had made Mido Town his castle. Ganon had made himself some quarters on top of the City Hall and had linked the city hall into a castle instead of a place of records. Link had fire in his eyes and his Hylian pride shone out among the Hyrulians. Link sort of glowed that night.

      He ran ahead of the troops and sneaked up on the guards to the secret entrance, they didn't even see him before it was to late. Link slit their throats before they could even unsheathe their swords. Link traveled in the secret passage. His men hesitated at the entrance; this army had killed many of their families. "I think our King has gone crazy, he is a raving lunatic," said a soldier and more than half of them agreed. The soldiers traveled through the secret passage and found Link waiting for them. "I can't defeat them all you know" Link said. The soldiers followed Link's rule. Link sent 2 troops left, 2 troops right, 2 troops straight ahead, 2 troops to protect the front gate, 2 troops was sent to kill all monsters outside of the city. Another two troops was sent outside of the secret passage to block reinforcements, 2 troops were right inside the secret passage to block monsters from escaping. Then 3 troops were sent around as backup troops to help the other troops inside the city. The Last 2 troops went with Link to the City Hall. "Come on men, let's go inside the main building. Link looked to one officer and said "Commander Johnson you and your troop stay here at the entrance blocking all monsters from sneaking up behind us. Me, Commander Jefferson, and Private Rogers and their troop will accompany me in the fight inside of the City Hall." Link broke the doors open with help and the men charged in to find nothing on the first floor but to statues. "Wait don't go near the statues, they are an enemy called Iron Knuckles that sleep but are easily waked." Link warned his men. All of the men went to the other side of the room and Link went close to one Iron Knuckle and woke it. He ran back towards the men. The iron knuckle followed him and he swung and hit the Iron Knuckle then rolled out of the way. He repeated the process until the Iron Knuckle exploded leaving a heart fill. Link picked it up and went for the other one. He froze this one and hacked away and it also exploded leaving rupees this time.

      Link traveled up the stairs and found the second floor filled with creatures of all kinds. Link and his men finished them all off with out a scratch from the Keese and slugs. Link lead the way up and found Moblins and dark Moblins blocking the way this time. "These guys are a little tougher than the last ones but are still very easy" Link informed the troops. Link lead the party up and the Moblins clued in on them before all of them were even up. Luckily Link brought his blue ring and red power tunic underneath his ordinary green one other wise he would have died. Link attacked the dark Moblin and killed it. He got his heart piece back from the Moblin. After Link had killed all the dark Moblins he found a blue boomerang on the floor. He also found that half of the troop was gone and he killed the last five Moblins. Link sat the injured soldiers down and cared to their wounds. He gave them magic elixirs, which healed them fast. Link had to bandage one man's leg up because he was so badly injured. "Your highness please tell my family I died valiantly fighting helping you your highness." The "Unknown Soldier" told Link. Link then replied "What is your name? And your rank?" Link looked at the dying soldier and thought what might have happened if he hadn't brought help along. "My name is Tommy Hifig, I am a soldier (cough)(hack)" Link watched the man take his last few breaths and then watched as the man's soul went up to meet the three gods. Link had the other soldiers burn this valiant soldier. Link looked deep into the flames and saw that hideous face mocking him. Linked counted how many he had left. He had 10 soldiers left out of 20. He sadly watched the flames burn out into ashes.

Meanwhile outside the City Hall…

      The soldiers had successfully finished off all of Ganon's followers. Outside the City Hall though was totally a war zone. The monsters outside had killed the 2 troops that were sent to kill them and the troops just outside of the secret passage. The troops just inside the passage. Built a stone wall out of the fallen bricks 20 feet in width. The monsters were just making their first hole in the brick wall and each time one would get in front of it a sword was stabbed through it's leg, arm, or head. The other troops inside the gates of Mido Town all amounted to one and a half troops. If you stepped anywhere in Mido Town then you would either be stepping on one of your men or one of Ganon's men. The few men that were alive (was about 20-30) were throwing-up from the site of all of their friends. Then while they were throwing-up a dark creature swept over them and with its 9-inch nails on his claws and ripped their head off. The head fell to the ground and rolled to the next guy. He looked at it and cried out in horror. "Oh my god, it is his head. Aaagggghhh!" The unknown creature then came down and that soldier's head with veins hanging out of the body came off with a clean cut. The shadow creature did this to the rest of the living soldiers, and then it flew up to the top of the City Hall and turned back into a human form.

Back in City Hall…

      "Admiral Hifig is now resting in peace, let's win this war for our families, friends, and our dead fellow soldiers. Soldiers we will prevail." Link rallied on his troops. They went up farther and found Stalfos Knights and Octoroks on the next floor. Link told the soldiers to kill the ten Octoroks and he will take care of the Stalfos Knights but to make sure they watch their backs for the Stalfos Knights. Link led the way and took the attention of the Stalfos Knights. The soldiers came soon after and had their shields up blocking the Octoroks. Link killed the first two Stalfos Knights with ease. The others soon realized that they had to attack at the same time. Link hid under the shield and quietly wished that the Stalfos Knights would die as soon as their swords hit his shield. One Stalfos Knight went to help the Octoroks and the others kept pounding Link. The Seven Stalfos Knights were pounding on his shield so hard it was taking the paint off that was hiding a shield made out of Lightweight gold. The shield seemed to know what Link wished and every Stalfos Knight that was pounding on him turned into ashes on the floor. There was a putrid smell and Link knew they couldn't get away from it. Link went and killed the Last Stalfos Knight and saw that he alone had killed all of his men down to five. "Does anyone want to go now? Or will they risk their lives to save Hyrule?" Link asked with a stern face. "Sir can we go down one floor and camp out there for the night?" said one soldier. Link took them down one floor and set camp. He then took 3 soldiers with him outside of the City Hall to look for any soldiers outside, there were none. Link shook his head in sorrow they all gave their lives to protect us and the rest of Hyrule. Then the brick wall burst open and a dozen creatures came in the gates. Link unsheathed his sword and killed half of them by himself the other 3 soldiers took the rest as they were approaching Link. Link saw a shadow over them and hurried the soldiers inside. They got inside the door just as the shadow creature came down and cut a building that was over them a minute ago and went back to the roof of City Hall.

      The soldiers went up to camp to find nothing but the bones of the soldiers and the camp tore up. "Damnit they have been eaten by those, those creatures of Ganon's. I will destroy him and his followers!" Link yelled outraged at the deaths. All the people who gave their lives here will be given the highest metals of honor. If they have no family they will be buried with them. All of the soldiers in this war will be buried in the Royal tomb. I swear on that." Link told his last soldiers. Link got whatever he could get out of the camp and gave each of the soldiers some of it. "We will eat and drink and then move on, understand?" Link asked both of the soldiers nodded quietly.

In Hyrule Castle…

      "Link? Link where are you?" Zelda asked. Zelda got in her robe and walked quietly down the stairs. "Why is there lights on?" Zelda said to her self. Zelda got down to he den and found her father, Impa and many leaders from the army and major cities in Hyrule. They turned and saw Zelda. "Honey come sit over here please. You should sit." Zelda walked over to her father and sat on the couch next to him. Impa started to explain the situation. "You mean Link is in Mido Town fighting for our lives with only a few soldiers. Why didn't you send more?" Zelda asked angrily. They explained it even further and then Zelda just sat quietly like she was a small child. "Father can you take care of any business right now? I am feeling sick" Zelda asked her father. Her father agreed to and she fell asleep lying her head on his shoulder. "We need a plan to defeat this evil force." Impa stated.

In City Hall…

      The group of four finished their meal and headed up through the room where the smell of charred bones was still there. All of the soldiers threw-up at least once while going through that room. Link just walked through determined to make this war with Ganon the last war. Link walked through and up the stairs to the Daria's room. Link just went in there and was killing them one after the other. The soldiers were stunned at the performance of their king and then followed his actions. The three soldiers were the best soldiers out of the army he brought with him. These three will of course be raised in rank drastically. Link was watching them and was surprised at their performance. Link started to pick up the pace and so did the soldiers they killed all the monsters in that room faster than any other room and those were the hardest to defeat. Link turned to the soldiers and said. "How many floors does this City Hall have?" The soldiers counted and the highest in rank said "this floor has 6 floors counting the bottom floor and not counting the basement. Which that has been locked up with unknown things in it. The door to the basement is 20 feet in width of steel. Sir" Link nodded then Ganon will be on the next floor or the roof. "I want you guys to go down to the bottom floor go to the steel door and push these exact numbers 0010100011 then when you get inside the basement push those numbers again and the door will close. Find a place to get some rest and wait there until I open the door again and let you out. Don't worry about oxygen, there is an oxygen processor in there which is constantly running. GO NOW!" The soldiers rushed down and did what Link said. Link waited 20 minutes making sure they made it to the basement. He then went up to the last floor. He found Ganon there waiting for him. "I see you have mad it. I'm sorry that your little army didn't make it though LINK." Said Ganon. "Don't me by that name, hideous beast." "I am scared now, you are the one who was hurt last time we battled LINK." Link got mad and charged at Ganon but just hopped right over him and remembered in the realm he sent him to, gave the newcomers chains on their backs and even if you touch them it hurts the newcomers. Link also knew that if he cut it off it would either send Ganon back to the realm or kill him. Ganon turned around just as Link hit Ganon's chain. Ganon cringed in pain and Link charged at him and stuck his sword through Ganon's stomach. "Aaaaggghhh" was all Ganon could mutter out. Black blood poured out and was lumpy in some parts. The blood surrounded Ganon and went over to Link. Link could feel the hot mushiness of the blood. He ran out of the room to keep away from the blood before he pukes. Link knew he hadn't killed Ganon but he couldn't stand to see the room. The City Hall started to shake. Link accessed the code to the steel door and ran in. He turned on the lights but only one soldier was living, it was Commander Jefferson. Link saw Ganon's blood seeping through the cracks in the walls. "Sir that stuff dripping is poisonous and will kill us if it touches our skin. That is how the others died." Jefferson told Link. Link grabbed Jefferson and they ran out of the basement with Link's triforce shield over the top over them. Link made it out of Mido Town just has City Hall fell on the other buildings and caused fires throughout the city. Link and the Commander built walls of fallen bricks to stop the fire from spreading through the secret passage. They then went and saw that Ganon already solved their problem over at the Main gate. He had turned it into a wall instead of a passageway. "Come on we need to get to Hyrule Castle as soon as we can." Link yelled at the Commander over the noise. They traveled fast and far as much as they could. Link was tired from all of the war. Then they saw it, the castle, it gave Link some new inspiration. He ran faster than before and kept on running leaving the commander behind on his knees. Link looked back and couldn't leave his new friend there. He walked back and helped the commander to his feet. "So what is your first name Jefferson?" Link asked him. "My name is not Jefferson that was just a name to get in the army, My name is Draco Bandit." Draco replied. "I like that name, it is very suiting to you." Link laughed. Link quickly took off his shoes and luckily the landed up side down. "Why did you do that your highness?" Draco asked. "Please call me Link, and those shoes were in Ganon's blood." Draco looked confused at Link's answer and thought a minute then figured it out. The two heroes made it limping to Hyrule Castle and had to climb the gates to get over. It was 12:00 in the afternoon and Link didn't understand why there were no guards there. He was confused and hurried to the entrance. Link opened it and saw people in the den. Link recognized, Zelda, Impa, and her father but who were the other people. Link and Draco fell just outside of the den from exhaustion. Zelda was the first to se them she ran out and picked Link up. "Where are your shoes? Who cares, at least you are home" Link cringed from the tight hugging and cried out loud when she increased the pressure. She knew Link was in a lot of pain. "Don't touch me, I am too sore." Link told her. Zelda's father picked up Link and carried him to the couch along with Draco

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