The Goddess's Secret

By Desi S

  A young girl ran on the dark shore. The tides lowered. But blue was still seen. An indigo beam shot by. It sped through the sand, creating a pit. She fell in it, and her head hit the rocky base, knocking her out. The beam took form, in the shape of a woman. She raised her out, with magic. In the air, the unconscious figure revolving.

“Ella Zoda. One of the few pure hearts left. But Twinrova knows. I must change her name. Later.” She said. Her hood fell, revealing long blue hair, as well as eyes.

“Perhaps.... Zelda. If the Triforce splits, she shall hold my Triforce, wisdom.”


In a small forest, a boy was running from something similar. A green beam though, not blue. It flew through a tree. It fell, and he tripped, hitting a rock in the same way, fainting. The green beam took from of a woman two, except green hair and eyes.

“Luke Ines. Pure hearted, and perfect for the part. The new name...Link. He will lead the world to a golden age. With Wisdom’s holder.”

“Farore! Find Naryu and leave! Mother Nature will notice!” Their sister, Din cried. Farore sighed. She summoned a green aura around the boy, Link.

“Lords forgive me. And my sister.” She said. They all arrived in the Desert Colossus.

“Din. Twinrova-Will never know. I made them think the two children are in Holdrum. They left. Hurry.” Din said to her sister, cutting her off.

“Alright. Magic! Courage! Power! Wisdom! Friendship! Love! Valor! Happiness! Light!” Naryu called. The Great fairies appeared.

“Fill this spring with magic water! Please!” Farore yelled. None questioned the goddesses. They knew why. It filled. Naryu looked at Zelda and she kissed her on the cheek. She then waded through the water with her. Farore did the same with Link.

“Din. You know there is still time.” Farore said.

“No sister. I know that I am doomed. Go.” Din said. A rainbow aura surrounded the four.

“Goddesses give their god hood up for now. But they will meet the ones they brought to not life, but destiny.” A great fairy said. Din looked at her and she nodded.

“I will help Link.” Navi said. This was the last time the two saw the children, for several years. Zelda was sent to the castle. Link, to the forest.

“Good Luck.” was the silent whisper.


“AHH!” Zelda screamed. Sweat rolled down her face as Impa came in.

“My Lady, what’s wrong?” Impa asked.

“I had another dream. But it would be in the past, not present.” Zelda said, clutching her small stuffed animal goron.

“You’ll have to tell Raru. But for now, try to sleep.” Impa said.

“Oh mighty goddesses protect this child. Naryu keep safe. Farore protect! Din help her.” Impa chanted The Royal Family’s Lullaby.

Farore...Link! Din...NAVI! Zelda thought.

Zelda fell asleep.


   Link stood still, bobbing in the water, more depressed then when he lost Navi.

Link thought. He let go. Looking in the darkness of the water, he saw something struggling. He could make out a chain, a post, and...Bow-Wow! He could fly, but was stuck and couldn’t swim. Some thing red whipped by around the dog, stuck to the chain as well.

Link thought. He was forced to swim up. He took out the dream ocarina, and slowly played “The Ballad of the Wind Fish”. The walrus bowled over the post, saving Bow-Wow and the now unconscious Marin. Link swam over to her.

Link couldn’t bare to think about it.

“Marin! Marin! Please wake up.” Link said after finding a huge board. The walrus at least knew of Lybrynnia, and was taking them there, attached to the board with Link’s hook shot.

Link thought. He took out the small bottle, opened her mouth gently, took the cork off, and poured the red liquid into her mouth. Her eyes fluttered open.

“L-Link? Bow-Wow! Where is he? Ralph? Dad?” Marin asked.

“I’d guess Ralph was just asleep normally, Bow-Wow is right here, and I have no clue on your dad. Sorry.” Link said.

“Link....I told you I wished on the egg? It was to leave the island...with you. My heart really skipped twice. An outside world, and ...a wonderful person.” Marin admitted.

“Well I first hoped it was your kiss that had awaken me when I did awaken.” Link said, heart skipping.

< They thought together.


“My Lady. Link has been sighted on the shores of Lybrynnia. He and...The lost Sage of Dreams.” Impa said to Zelda, who was shoving on a Kokiri Tunic Link had give her.

“What? You mean......Marin?” Zelda said, the last part of it a whisper.

“Yes. Your father’s brother’s daughter who went missing with him. ”

“Give me a sec. I need a minute or two to get a dress on.” Zelda said.

She thought, grabbing a white dress with the Triforce on it.


“Link, how famous are you?” Marin asked, spotting a huge crowd.

“Not that famous. I think some have come to see you.” Link said, startled.

“Me? But I’ve lived on Konholit as long as I can remember.” Marin argued.

“Why are Zelda and Impa coming out to meet us then?” Link asked.

“What?” But it was true.


Impa thought, looking at the girl who was truly her daughter, then her niece. Did they find Marin though?


A girl played hopscotch with her. A woman pushed them on the swings, the girl’s blonde hair soaring.

“Marin! Snap! They’re almost here!” Link said. Marin shook her head. Memories? She thought.

Impa came first. Marin came running up to her.

“Aunty Pami!” Marin cried, squeezing her, then she spotted Zelda.

“Cousin Ella!” (Another huge hug.) Link looks at her with a confused look.

“Marin, that’s Impa and Zelda. Who are Ella and Pami?” Link asked. They landed before she could answer.

“Ralph!” Marin yelled, remembering visiting his villa.

“Nice to see you, dream maiden and sage.” He said.

“You are still like a rose.” SLAP! Naryu, The Oracle of ages had appeared. Link tried to restrain from giggling.

“Sorry about Ralph. You are?” She said.

“Marin. Ella, what does he mean ‘Sage’?” Marin said.

“It’s Zelda. A sage is a person who holds the power of an element, in your case dreams and hope.” Zelda said. Naryu gasped and sped to the Maku Tree.


“Sisters! Din! Farore! Wake up! We have problems!” Naryu yelled.

“Wh-What? Naryu, Luke will take care of it.” Farore said.

“No. Link finding his real name might be the problem!” Naryu said.

“Why?” Din said.

“The one meant to be your holder! Marin. She remembers Ella and Pami’s real names. Even Pami is worried!” Naryu exclaimed.

“So separate her from them.” The Maku tree suggested.

“How? Ella knows that Marin is her cousin, not that way though, and I think Luke loves her!” Naryu yelled.

“What about Twin-NO! HOW COULD YOU THINK ANYTHING LIKE THAT DIN?” Naryu and Farore yelled in unison.

“How about tricking her? At lake Hyla, he is still alive. The shadow lives.” Din said. 


“Hi pretty girl. How about ditching mister no fairy and dating me?” Mido asked.

“Mido. Move. Link is just not here at the moment, and your m-err-boyhood is in the way of my arrow.” Marin said in warning.

“I’m sue you’ll get a bulls eye.” He said.

“My point.” Marin said. Mido turned his head. He gulped and left, bumping into Saria.

“Saria! Say how bout’-Funny how I’m aiming in the same place.” Mido left, and the two girls giggled. Suddenly, dark vibes came over Saria.

“Marin. I got to go to the chamber of sages. Something’s up. Bye.”


“You have the mask covered sis?” Farore asked.

“You have a revival spell?” Din said.

“Yes.” They said in unison.

“Naryu. He needs the harp to warp.”

“I know.” A small green lizard scurried about.

“One sec. Play the serenade.” Din said. There was a poof of green smoke. A girl stood in the Lizards place.

“I can’t believe you! Especially you, Mother!” She yelled, pointing at Farore.

“Now Fiona-Don’t now Fiona me! You can’t! It’ll make something without a heart, worse then GanonDork!” Fiona yelled at her mother.

“Sorry hon.” her aunt Din said. They disappeared in a blue flash.

“NINA! LUNA!” She yelled. Nina brushed a blue bang away. Luna was tying her red hair into a braid.

“What is it Acid Head?” Nina punned.

“It’s our moms. They are going to revive Dark Link! And then give him the Fierce Deity Mask!” Fiona cried.

“Volvagia! Get my ocarina!” Nina yelled to Luna.

“Okay Morpha!” She replied to her. 


“Link? Where are you?” Marin yelled. She had appeared at The Temple of Time in a bright flash after singing a tune. She was scared. Wait! A boy...a red beam came after me...he saved me. But a green beam came for him. I told him to run. Then Fire and Ice surrounded me. I awoke on the island. LUKE! The last thought had come out loud. He had blue eyes...blonde hair...and courageous. Like Link! Again it came loudly. Suddenly, in the corner of her eye, through the window, was a flame. The Castle. She ran towards the inferno.


“My lady. We must go. The courtyard is aflame and guards are being killed by the dozen. There is a dark force. The sages are being called.” Impa said, grabbing random belongings of Zelda’s.

“What? It can’t be-It’s to strong.” Impa grabbed Zelda’s hand and began to run.


A white horse galloped by. Cousin Ella! Marin thought. A guard was flung by her. Lightning silhouetted the figure that had flung.  A tunic, boots, cap...Link! But how? She ran towards him.

“Link! What’s going on? Wh-GASP!” Marin said. The eyes had met. Not the soothing blue eyes, or golden blonde hair. Burning red eyes full of hatred, and white hair that had a nothingness touch. And not the normal look, but gross cartoon cell colored. (Got Ya!) Dark Link stared at her. Yes her. That’s Marin. The castle is your base. Link has been sent to Termina. But only for three days. And that was two days ago. Hurry. Naryu’s voice went through Dark Cell shaded(Just Kidding. If it hasn’t been figured. BOO with the new design.)Link’s head. He grabbed her and ran into the castle. Moblins covered the area he left.

“Hey! Let go of me! Link! Help!”


Link awoke, clutching his head. How many times is that moon going to fall? Link thought. Epona was at his side. I didn’t bring her this time. A note was on her.

“What?” Link yelled and jumped on Epona.

“Chlorine Head. Mom gave him legions of Moblins, Now what?” Luna asked.

“A: Run B: Run C:Shoot every one we see.” Fiona said.

“I vote a.” Nina said.

“B!” Luna said.

“Cousin. You control. A or b?”

“C.” Fiona said. She moved her hand around. Tapped Luna’s foot, then Nina’s.

“I win.” Fiona said and pulled out her bow.

“D: Set green spark in dungeons and cast Farore’s wind.” Nina said before flinging her hands in the air.

“CHEATER! YOU USED NARYU”S WISDOM!” Luna yelled a little to loudly.

“What the?” Dark Link yelled.

“Not the troublesome trio again!”

“Oh look guys. He remembers us.” Luna said.

“Goddesses. I asked for help and I got children?” Marin cried.

“Miss. Duck.” Luna said. Fiona cast Din’s Fire. Nina flung a Deku nut.

“You girls think I’ll fall to that? Ha-Ha-Hey! Where is everyone?” Dark Link said.


“Let go of me! I’m not going anywhere until I hear what’s going on!” Marin yelled.

“We wait here until our fourth comes. I am Fiona, she is Nina, and she is Luna.” Fiona said as they took their hoods down.

“Why not the goddesses?”

“Our mothers, yes, we’re daughters of goddesses, are the whole reason it came.” Luna said.

“Him.” Nina said.

“Nina! He’s gone! He’s lost. He is an it.”

“No! Nothings gone as long as some one believes it!” Nina yelled.

“You mom said that there is no way in Hyrule-The keyword! Hyrule! I’ll fund Konholit if it helps him!” Nina yelled at Fiona.

“Nina. I agree with Fiona, it-IS NOT impossible!” Nina yelled before diving in the lake and getting to the water temple.

“Sorry about Nina. She...Used to date him before he went all dark and mysterious. But she hasn’t given up.” Luna said.

“He had just become her engaged. ‘I will be back before you can say Deity, even with out your mother’s identity, you are a goddess.’ He said” Fiona explained.

“Why has he appeared now and so evil?” Marin said.

“First part is you. Second. We have no Idea.” Luna said.

“Me?” Marin yelled.

“You know the true identities of Zelda And Link. Ella and Luke.” Fiona said.

“I knew Zelda, and just figured Link, but what about Aunt Pami?” Marin said.

“Marin! Your okay!” Link cried when he saw Marin.

“Link!” She yell, running up to him.

“ Thought I lost you.” Link said in the middle of their embrace. When they finally let go, Link thought he was seeing things.

“You look like Din and Farore.” He said, dumbfounded.

“Luna and Fiona, Nina is currently in the water temple.” Luna said.

“She always goes there when she’s upset.” Fiona whispered.

“Okay. How do we get rid of Dark Link.?” Link asked.

“First: Stall Nina. Then randomly hit him with everything we’ve got. When we find his weakness, we keep on using it.”

“Why stall Nina?”

“She sort of new him before evil and fell in love and will not give up hope.” Luna said.

“If she learned our plan....” Fiona trailed off.

“What would happen?” Link asked.

“Ixnay on the I.N.F.O.” Marin said.

“Hi guys.” Nina said.

“YAHH!” Link yelled, jumping.

“Wow. Fifty feet.” Nina said. Luna nodded towards Marin who nodded towards Fiona who started playing The Minuet of The Forest. Link got the picture, tossed on his iron boots, and started falling in front of the water temple. Walk as fast as possible! Keep going. Link thought as he entered. He then flung on his Kokiri boots and played the minuet. (In game A Up Left Right Left right.)

“Nina! You better go get Link!” Luna yelled, Fiona wearing her windpipes.

“Sure.” Nina said, jumping in. The minuet finished, and they warped to the Sacred Forest Temple, landing on top of Link who had been in the middle of rescuing Saria by defeating Dark Cell(ok! I’ll stop! Just put the gun down) Link, who took this to advantage and warped in a orange flash, with Saria.

“Next will be Darnunia.” Luna said.

“I don’t know much about him, but I know enough that he won’t do a goron because he caught a little girl.” Link said.

“Then Ruto?” Fiona said.

“Nina’s there. No. It’ll be just where he warped. Nabooru.” Link said.

“Oh great. The desert. The Poe there is related to the Poe sisters. And guess who he’s going to blame. The holder of the temple.” Fiona explained.

“Let’s go then. Requiem. Requiem. Requiem.” Marin said, singing the song that would warp them.


“Stop squirming you little brat.” Dark Link said.

“No Way! Take this!” Saria said, kicking him where she knew it would hurt. Reflexively, he dropped her in pain. Okay. Great Fairy, here I come. Wait! Nabooru! Uh. Fairy would protect me while losing Nabooru. Nabooru would kick his butt, stab him where I kicked, and that’s if he catches us. Nabooru. Saria thought and started running to the goddess of sand.

“NABOORU!” Saria yelled. The Spirit sage came down on her elevator.

“Saria? What-Aha! Terrific! Two sages in one place!” Dark Link said as he came in.

“Judging Saria’s look, you ran into her kick. Do you want stabbed there?” Nabooru warned. While figuring out what it meant, Dark Link saw her go by, clutching Saria.

“Link! Quick! Take us somewhere-Anywhere!” Nabooru yelled.

“Okay!” Link yelled, playing the first tune that came to mind. They disappeared in a purple flash.

“A graveyard? He’ll adsorb souls!” Fiona yelled.

“My turn. Um...Fire! Fire! Fire!” Marin sang. They disappeared in a red flash.

“ACK! HEAT! HEAT!” Luna cried.

“My turn.” Saria said, and played a tune. They disappeared in a yellow flash.

“The Temple that Moblins plan to storm and are already doing so?” Luna cried.

“My move!” Fiona said, pulling out her ocarina. They disappeared in a blue flash.

“I’m a dead Gerudo Here!” Nabooru yelled.

“Sage stuff. Ruto will excuse you. Now start swimming!” Saria yelled. Link held onto Saria as they dove, being the lightest, it was easy for her to drown.

“GASP!” Was the response of all when they got inside of the temple.

“Blue bridges? Not again Nina!” Fiona cried.

“What?” Marin asked.

“She always goes into the room where Link won against his shadow. Trying to find a way to save him.” Luna explained. They climbed the bridges until finding the room. Link opened the door with caution.

“Nina?” Fiona whispered.

“Oh. The trio is broke. And the two plan to destroy me.” An Evil Cell sounding (OK! I stopped! This is sounding! Put the bow down! joking) said.

“Dark Link! Where are you?” Link yelled, unsheathing his sword.

“Right here.” He said, sliding from the water behind Marin.

“Marin! Move!” Saria cried. She’s paralyzed in fear! Nabooru thought. Nabooru prepared a Gerudo spin attack so she could kick Marin out of the way. Dark Link grabbed her in mistake.

“Gr. No way to avoid fighting. My orders were clear.” He said. He drew his twisted evil sword and fought Link, not knowing the boy had advantage. Hey! What’s going on? Let go of my mind! N-I am simply borrowing for a minute. You have my word of wisdom.-I’ll regret this. Marin thought.

“Link! Aim a light arrow at his head!” Marin yelled, in trance. She snapped as Link aimed.

“Fiona what did I just say?”

“Marin what-What did I say-aim a light arrow at his head.”

“I Knew I’d regret it!” Marin yelled as the arrow let go. The aim was true. The mask clattered to the floor. Link hooked it quickly. Dark Link was back to Black and red eyes.

Nina thought from behind the tree. Link had put on the Mask.

Marin thought. A flash. No! If Link eyes will stay in the mask and we lose! Nina saw this. Her heart was about to fall when a blue spark appeared in her hand. Naryu’s Love! She thought before tossing it. As the seemingly possessed Link’s sword fell, a stick would have worked better. It was like a leaf. It just bounced. Dark Link looked up, a strange spark in his eye.

“What the?” He said, moving up his arm. The blue crystal surrounded him.

“A longer battle? Great.” Luna moaned. Whenever it wore, Nina provided another shield. He’ll figure it out. Won’t he? Hey! I need a spark! Don’t tell me I’m out of magic! She thought. Link saw it stopped. He prepared for a final spin attack.

Marin thought, or until Nina started running from the tree. SHE’S GONNA BLOCK IT! OH NO! OH NO! OH NO! She thought with Fiona and Luna.

“NO!” Fiona yelled.

“LINK! Don’t!” Luna yelled. Link’s sword was blue.

“He can’t hear us.” Saria yelled. It had a tint of red.

“He’s got to!” Nabooru cried. Nina was in front of Dark Link.

“Nina! Uh. LINK!” Marin yelled, sticking her hand out. A silver beam sped towards Nina, hitting her half a second before the spin. Nina collapsed on to the floor. Naryu’s trance on Dark Link cleared.

“Nina!” She yelled, running from the entrance in her Oracle sate.

“Morph!” Luna yelled. Dark Link rubbed his eyes, the mask clunked off Link, and anything that could fog eyesight disappeared.

“What have I done?” Link asked.

“Nothing! The beam I shot hit her.” Marin yelled.

“Calm down! That was a standard sage beam. I make green, she makes orange. I was told silver was dream, but what did it do?” Saria said.

“Um..three people know. Nina, unconscious, Naryu, Choked up, and Zelda, missing.” Fiona said.

“Honestly. We’re related? Marin’s mom, the first sage of dreams, put Marin to sleep on Konholit, until her true love came. Her mom took Twinrova’s blast, frozen in time and the powers went to her. She put Nina to sleep, right here, and waiting for her true love. But that’s impossible, because he met with Veran.”

“Veran? But she disappeared from Konholit in a orange portal, with a strange song around it.” Marin yelled.

“Twinrova got the Sage of Nightmare. Anyway, he’s lost.” Luna said.

“Wanna bet?” Fiona asked.

“How much?” Luna asked.

“Our whole bank account and whatever we hold.”


“Prepare to lose. Look.” Fiona said. It was true. Dark Link shook his head.

“What’s going on?” He cried.

“Link! Put the lens of truth in front of him.” Fiona said.

“Ok.” Link said, confused. Dark Link looked around once it was shoved in his face.

“What is going on? Are you attacking me. Wh-NINA!” He said, crying the last part. As he ran towards her, the shadow disappearing in flashes. By the time he got there, he still looked like Link, but a year younger, dark gray eyes, and in jeans and a green tee shirt.

“Nina. Oh Nina wake up! Nina!” He said in a soothing voice, almost identical to an ocarina.

“Gr.” Luna was steaming.

“I expect an extra 9,999 rubies in my account.” Fiona said.

“Laos. It’s my fault.” Naryu said.

“I know it isn’t! So don’t try that.” Laos yelled.

“He’s right. It’s my mom’s fault.” Fiona said.

“What?” Link asked.

“Link. Your name is Luke Ines.” Farore said, who had just appeared. It was Laos’s turn to look confused.

“But that would make him my brother, the one I told you I came to Hyrule to find.” He said.

“Then Ella and Pami?” Marin asked.

“Are Zelda and Impa’s real names.” Din explained after appearing.

“Can I keep Link?” Link asked.


“Can I keep my names to?” A new voice interrupted.

“AHH!” Marin screeched as a man with blonde hair and red eyes walked up.

“Name. Yes, Zelda may keep your name. But I think Marin should call you Ella.” Nary said.

“I’m ok with calling her Zelda Nary. But what about Veran?” Marin asked.

“HELLO! NINA IS STILL OUT!” Luna and Laos shouted. Laos held onto her limp body.

“Nina. I told you I’d be back before you could say Deity. You are, and always will be, my goddess.” He whispered. A silver aura surrounded Nina and faded. Her eyes fluttered open.

“Uhn. What happened? When-Laos!” She yelled, tossing her arms around him.

“Ok. She’s fine, but what about Veran?” Marin asked. Naryu was about to answer when Ralph came in looking like he had just come out of battle.

“Naryu-Gasp-trouble-gasp-Veran-back.” He said before fainting. Saria quickly made a pile of leafs to put him on.

“Don’t!” Nabooru yelled only to be ignored. Link quickly looked him over.

“Some possibly deadly wounds. Marin go to my pack and get the bottle of red liquid and the bottle of water.” He said. As she ran over to it, Laos felt a shiver in his spine. He closed his eyes before hearing it.

(Thought waves. Laos can tune into them.) “Yes. A little closer and this fool will be worth controlling. No one defeats me and gets away with it.” A voice said. YOU! Laos thought. Link started pouring red potion on one of the wounds. Laos shoved Link out of the way as a shadow came sweeping out of Ralph’s body. Link shook his head and looked at his brother who was clutching his head.

“Laos?” Nina asked. Leave me alone you evil sick b***. I won’t let you control my mind again Veran! I-You will. Remember Termina? Her eyes went Goo-Goo for that Zora Guitarist? If only I could forget. But you-yes I will. You fell into darkness the next day, near Pinnacle Rock. Then I found you and put you in the water temple?-in shadow where I blindly nearly killed the brother I was looking for! And You did it in the tower! I was out sailing on my own when I was attacked by the Gerudo tribe Aveil rules! Nina was hurt in action because we went to save Luna! I will keep my memories! I will! All of them!

“Link! He is fighting off Veran! Hit him with a mystery seed! I’ll hook her!” Fiona yelled.

Marin thought. Hm...She started tossing little silver orbs. Leave me alone! Now! You-Insolent fool! I will-AHH!” Veran’s shadow came flying.

“Now Fiona!” Link yelled. As soon as Fiona brought Veran in front of her, Marin pushed her out of the way. She tossed a final orb in the air. A silver dome appeared, separating Marin and Veran away from the rest of them.


“Girl, you think it wise? You have no mystery seeds, you’ve stolen Link’s heart, and you seal yourself with me?” Veran yelled.

“Veran! I know you can remember me, but this will help!” Marin yelled, tossing a small doll that was in her bag that strangely resembled Yoshi.

“What is-Wait. A man...glasses...a crane....controls...a small girl...the winning won it for me.” Veran started thinking.

“Wait! never happened.”

“Yes it did. You played on a harp my dad, Tarin, made you. Remember?” Marin said before singing the ‘Ballad of The Wind Fish’.

“Oh Mighty Wind Fish, savior of all! Awaken now! Before we fall! Take us away where mountains are tall! Let no evil touch us. Only Light and good. Where roadways are wide, so you can walk by!” She sang.

“That won’t awoke that memory...” Veran started.


“Sister! Our whirlwind has caught her! The Sage of Dreams.” Koume yelled. SMACK!

“Foolish sister! That is the sage of Nightmare!”


“Orange...whirlwind....a strange song...Marin!” Veran yelled. The shadow was forced out. It meant to escape to the spirit temple, but the magic barrier destroyed it. Veran shook her head. Where a women had been standing, was a Black haired, gray eyed, white dress girl.

“Where land doesn’t stop. Water ends somewhere, rainbow erupt.” She sang. The barrier collapsed. Link, who had been armed and ready, stood there staring at the new girl. Marin just ran up to her.

“Veran! Your back!” Marin yelled.

“We won.” Nina said. Suddenly, the puddle of darkness revealed a black crystal. It flew out the door towards the desert.

“No. We won the battle. They have no shadows to control.” Zelda said.

“Ooh! Mushrooms!” An only to familiar voice yelled. Marin ran towards the tree, empty bottle in hand.

“You turned into a raccoon last time Dad!” Marin yelled to Tarin. He stared.

“Marin! I thought I was the only survivor.” He yelled, losing all interest in the fungus. They embraced for about a half an hour before Luna said

“Um...almost night time. Those creepy zombies come out, and it will get cold in the water temple. Plus Ruto might come in.” It was the ‘Ruto’ that got everyone running.


“I-OW-told-OW-You-Ow-Only-OW-Marin-OW-would-ow-work-ow.” Koume yelled at Kotare while hitting her with a cobra mirror.

“What about-put it down-Plan Termina Tears?” her sister asked.

“Well it might work.” She said.


“Um-uh-Marin-um uh-would you-um-mar-Link! You’re only practicing and you’re nervous. Now come down so I can finish combing your hair. Have you not brushed it in three years?” Saria said.

“When would I have a chance?”

“When you were at Din’s camp? When you were at the Stock Pot Inn? Listening to Naryu sing?” Saria said.

“Ok! Ok! Get the picture.” Link yelled.


“Link. I’ve waited an hour!” Marin said. Link shrugged.

“Oh well. Why did you want to meet me at the bridge?” Marin asked. Link swallowed.

“Marin. Would you(GULP)marry me?” He managed to say. Marin was stunned, but knew the answer.

“I could not be happier with anyone. Yes.” She said, glad it was dark so he couldn’t see her blush. Link smiled, glad of the answer and her beauty. They took each other’s hand and went into town.


         The End

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