Hardships of the Seventh Sage

By Sheik Sheikah

Chapter 1: The Visions

Great black clouds appeared from nowhere covering the vast, beautiful land of Hyrule. It was midday, but the land was shrouded in shadow. A man's face appeared in the clouds with dark skin and flaming, red hair. He laughed evilly with a grin on his face as Hyrule Market burst into flames with the villagers screaming to get out. The bridge to get to the Gerudo Fortress was destroyed. And the dead walked again. All exits to get out of Hyrule Field were either blocked off or guarded by Stalfos. There was no chance of escape, except for one exit. At the far end of Hyrule Field, a brilliant, green light billowed from the entrance of the Forbidden Forest. A boy, no more than 10 years of age, stepped out wielding a small sword, and… a fairy? In his hand was held the Spiritual Stone of the Forest. The man with evil eyes started cursing as he and the clouds were whisked away followed by enemies retreating and peace returning to Hyrule.

After that moment the Princess Zelda of Hyrule regained sight. It felt like it was a dream, but she could tell it wasn't though….it was a vision of a forgotten prophecy. She had been having these visions for 2 weeks, but no one believed her. Not her father, the king, the guards, or the villagers. Only her Sheikah nanny Impa. Last vision, Impa's part was to teach a song to the young boy in her dream a song…Zelda's Lullaby.

"Lord Dragmire, why have you come here" heard Zelda.

Her father, the king, was talking to a man with flaming red hair!

"My liege, I ask for your forgiveness of my people for we have need of your assistance. Our sacred temple has been taken control by powerful beings and we ask for your help…The Ocarina of Time!" said lord Dragmire.

"Lord Dragmire! We cannot trust your people after that last assault and I would NEVER let ANY race use the Ocarina! It is for the commemoration of when the triforce was pieced together." said the king.

"You will regret this day!" spat Ganondorf

At that moment Zelda didn't notice till now that a young boy stood behind her. He wore a green tunic and he had a fairy, just like the boy in her vision.

"Hello, I'm Link and I'm presuming you are Princess Zelda," he said shyly.

"Yes I am, and I know who you are. You are the one that is going to save Hyrule!"

They had a long talk of legends, and visions and of Link's task. Link was taught the lullaby and Impa sneaked him past the guards. Zelda hoped, hoped that he would save them all someday from the future King of Evil.


Chapter 2: Ganon's Return

Three days later, Ganondorf returned.

" I am giving you one last chance, give me the Ocarina of Time!" yelled Ganon.

"You are in no spot to demand things from me. Guards!" called the king.

" Oh yes i am," said Ganondorf.

The room went dark and Lizafos came killing one by one of the guards recklessly. Then Ganon called them off. Only the king was left alive. Ganon pushed the king to the ground and pulled out a black, curved sword out of its holder and plunged it into the king's rib cage. The king writhered in pain. but was not dead.

Impa tried to block Zelda's view, but she had seen the whole thing.

"FATHER!!!" cried Zelda.

Ganon had heard her and so had the king. The king painfully reached into his pocket when Ganon wasn't paying attention and pulled out the Ocarina of Time.

"If you throw that", said Ganon," I will murder you!"

The king's face was full of fear as he looked longingly at his daughter.

"Goodbye my sweet", said the king,"I'm off to see your mother now and i shall not return. I'll miss you and try to protect my people and you as much as i can."

With his last breath, he threw the Ocarina to Zelda.Ganon sneered and grinned.

"Long live the king."he cackled.

With that he took the sword out of the king's chest and plunged right back in except into his heart.Bubbles of blood gurgled out of the kings mouth as he died almost instantly.Ganondorf took out the sword. The king's heart was still attatched. He peeled it off the blade and fed it to his Lizafos who all scrambled to get it.

"Great..."said Ganon," Now I'll have to polish my sword again, but for now i better get that Ocarina."

Impa grabbed the fastest horse in Hyrule, Gwahiria, and put her and the princess on still in tears.

"Lower the bridge!The king has been killed!" cried Impa,"We must save the princess!"

They galloped past the gate where Link was standing holding the 3 spiritual stones.Holding the Ocarina, Zelda left a telepathic message in the Ocarina that only Link would experience if he held it.She chucked the Ocarina past Link into the moat.Ganon appeared. Link stalled Ganon just long enough for the princess and Impa to escape. From a mile away Zelda saw a bright light from Ganon. She shuttered about what could of happened to Link, but then she smiled.

"My Hero, my Hero of Time......"

Chapter 3:The Tunnel to Ohtar

Zelda and Impa rode far for the place they were headed to always changed its location.It wasn't on Death Mountain, nor the Zora's River. It wasn't in Lake Hylia or by the Gerudo fortress.The last place it could possibly be was at Lon Lon Ranch.They arrived there in the middle of the night when everyone was asleep. They entered a small shed in the back which usually held a Heart Piece. Now when the duo moved the crates, a tunnel even big enough for Gwahiria was there. The tunnel was long an dark,but they entered it anyways. On the way through the tunnel, Impa spoke of what they were doing.

"Zelda, you cannot return to the kingdom yet. It has been taken over and it wil never be as it was.You must get along with your life,better yet, forget your old life.I shall take you to a place even the"Great Ganondorf" knows of.It is the remaining Sheikah Village of Ohtar.This is where i wa born and raised. I shall train you as my adopted daughter. You will learn the ways of the Sheikah and train like one also. You will not utter a word at all costs that you are Hylian unless i tell you too. Do you understand me?"

Zelda just stood there dumstruck.

" I thought so. Anyways, Zelda was your name in Hyrule. Everyone even the Sheikah know that. So inorder to be a Sheikah you must first have a name....It could be Vitini, no its way to irregular....Sheik! That's it! I'll callyou Sheik."

Still....Zelda was silent just staring into space.

" Let me guess. Your wondering about me being Kakariko Village. Well you see, unlike other Sheikah i wanted adventure. So I explored outside into Hyrule and i grew to love it there so I bought a house in Kakariko, and said i was the last one as not to bring awareness of our kind.Sheik, i think you should cut your hair to about your shoulders, what do you think?Zelda??Are you even listening to me?"

Zelda seemed unaware of what was happening. In her mind a vision came. Link was pulling out the Master Sword.While Link pulled it out, Ganon entered the Chamber of Sages and separated the Triforce. Ganon had the Triforce of Power, Link's hand was burnt red as the symbol appeared on his hand but it faded quickly. Ganon exited the Realm and took over Hyrule. Zelda saw herself look at the sky and the face of her father appeared. He looked disappointed unto his daughter with a face of disapproval and he faded away. Zelda's hand burned with a blue tint on it. The symbol of the Triforce appeared. Hell did it hurt the Triforce took so long, like a tatoo was being burnt onThe thing that hurt the most was that her father was angry at her.

"NO!! FATHER!! I'M SORRY!! DON'T LEAVE ME!!!" screamed Zelda. "Impa i saw my father. He was disappointed of me, and the triforce, and LINK!!"

" o.k what about Link...."said Impa soothingly.

"He pulled the Master Sword and.... Ganon he ruled Hyrule.BUT THE TRIFORCE!!! IT HURT!!!"

"there, there",said Impa," there, there..."


Chapter 4: A New World

"Hey Impa, in case your wondering, I meant to say yes to cutting my hair."said Zelda"But just one question.Where are we going to get the scissors?"

"Scissors!"cried Impa." Zelda, Sheikah don't use scissors,we prefer cutting our hair with our swords. It brings us a lot closer to the weapons we use."

As quick as a...well a...Sheikah(ya i couldn't think of anything better) Impa unsheathed her sword and whisked Zelda's long hair to the floor.It was now ruggedly cut to her shoulders.

"Impa, does it look all right???"asked Zelda.

Like her old self in the castle, Impa nodded in agreement with her arms crossed.

According to Impa's mental calendar, they had been in the tunnel for about 14 moons( or days).The first impression Zelda got when she reached Ohtar was that it was magnificent, of course it could of been that she stared at nothing but rocks for about 14 days that made it seem so glamourous.

Many people with expressions of glee ran around, but most of them prefered to throw an exploding Deku Nut and turn up somewhere else.

The Sheikah looked so different from the Hylians. They wore skin tight suits with built in weapons like they were ready to go to battle at anytime for any reason, most wore a mask that hid almost all their face, and their hair.....they had hair of every colour of the rainbow.Blue, green, black, pink, purple, yellow,and orange.

"We will stay in the house I used to live in. It has been vacant for 11 years."said Impa." Zelda..er...Sheik, act like I'm your mother okay, Hylians aren't allowed to know about this place or even be here, not even the Princess Zelda.We better get your supplies at the market stands.

Impa showed Zelda five purple rupees.Everyone was pretty surprised to see a new Sheikah in town, but everyone was REALLY excited to see Impa back.All the Sheikah surrounded Impa and Shiek and bombarded them with questions about Hyrule.Impa made up stories about how boring it was as so they wouldn't try to go there. Finally they escaped the crowd and hurried off.

"Okay...okay," panted Impa,"First while we've got the chance let's get you registrated for Sheikah classes. The stand's right over here."

They quickly ran up to the stand and Impa gave the man a purple rupee.Impa and Sheik were about to get something to eat, but they instead decided to get new outfits to disguise themselves when the mob to see Impa arrived.Impa just bought a black cloak and Sheik was given a black, sleeved body suit with a capri bottom. The neck of it was long enough to cover her nose.They also bought a gold chestplate to protect her.Her only equipement at the time were the Deku Nuts, specially grown for Sheikah to use. The last thing they got, that wasn't really neccessary, were a couple of chocolate covered Deku Sticks.

" Now Sheik, I want you to go straight to bed. I'll get your outfit and Deku Nuts ready,"said Impa,"Tommorow your training begins..."


Chapter 5: The Meeting and Ending of a Friendship

"Everyone line up NOW!!!"yelled the instructer Chimpo."By the time I'm through with you this course will be done and you will be skilled Sheikah warriors.Now all of you slippery little Like Likes pair up!"

Sheik was with a girl that wore a silver outfit and had long navy blue hair.

"Hello.My name is Sakina of the family Renagade, and you may be..."said the girl.

"I am Sheik of the family Impa."replied Sheik

"Impa! She left years ago. I thought the rumors weren't true but what you say must be true."

Talking quietly the rest of the classes they had together, and having so much in common made these two inseparable and proved to be an important part in the continuation of Sheik/Zelda's adventure.


Seven long , carefree years later the visions came back.Link now seventeen years old was about to awaken in 13 moons.

"Impa, we must make haste and get back before Link awakens."called Sheik.

"Not without goodbyes and proper equipment you don't." said Impa motherly." I will accompany you.I knew this would happen soon so i sewed together the armor from the castle guards into this outfit."

Sheik couldn't believe that this was armor. It felt so light and it was so thin.There was a skullcap, and a bodysuit with vein like lines on it.To cover it wasa ripped top with the symbol of the Sheikah on it.

"I also think farewells will be needed between you and Sakina."said Impa."Tell her the truth."

Sheik saddened by this went to Sakina's dwelling.

"Sakina I..."Sheik started to say but when she looked at Sakina she could see that she somehow knew.

"I have heard of your visions told enough."said Sakina."It is in the Book of Drea that a Sheikah, a Hylian, yes I know your secret, would have to leave Ohtar on this very year,month,and day. For our friendship I have fashioned togetther an enchanted harp of gold that has a will of music of its own."

"I unfortunatly have nothing to give you in return except the truth."said Sheik."I am in truth Zelda, Princess of Hyrule.I was brought here with Impa to escape the terror of Ganondorf and wait seven years until a boy, the Hero of Time, awakened.You my greatest friend will always have a place in Hyrule if you ever need to leave,just don't tell anyone my secret.The fate of Hyrule rests upon this boy.I must depart now ... goodbye.

Sheik ran out not letting Sakina see the single tear roll down her face.


On foot, Impa and Sheik ran through being in it for 12 moons and having only one moon left.The exit of the tunnel was different this time, unfortunately being in the air above Death Mountain. Both of them were plummeting about 100 feet away from eachother.Sheik was going to land on the harmless enough stone, and Impa was above the active volcano.

"Sheik....goodluck..."said Impa as she landed inside.

"NO!!! Impa!!!

Thus the fair Sheik was red eyed, never to see the world the same.Seeing through blurred vision she vowed never to get close to someone again as she ran to the Temple.


Chapter 6:The Beginning of a New Era

Sheik hid on the window's edge above the Pedastal of Time crying over her loss. A blue light appeared and a young man and his fairy stepped out. Who else but Link and Navi.The temple was dark and reeked of evil.

"Well Navi,there's a lot of work to be done,but where do we start?" asked Link.

Just then Sheik wiped her tears and silently jumped down.Link quickly turned into a defensive position and unsheathed his sword

"Who are you?"said Link

"I've been waiting for you Hero of Time.I am Sheik, Survivor of the Sheikah.As i see you holding the mythical Master Sword, you really do look like the Hero of Time.When evil rules all, an awakening cry will go forth from the Temple of Light to the other sages who dwell within the five temples...One in a deep forest...One on a high mountain...One under a vast lake...One witin the house of the dead...One inside a goddess of the sand. Together, the Hero of Time and the sages will bind the evil and return the light of peace to Hyrule.The first sage is waiting for the time of awakening in the Forest Temple.The sage is a girl I'm sure you know. Unfortunatly, equipped as you are, you cannot even enter the temple. If you want to save the forest girl, head towards Kakariko Village."

Sheik stayed near the Pedastel knowing Link would use it to become his younger self to hide from his responsibilities of being the Hero of Time.

"...Saria!" yelled Link.

His brain must of just started working again after being seven long years in a chamber unreachable by mere mortals. Link ran off outside the Temple to Kakariko Village. Sheik could still here him screaming in her dreams. He gazed upon the land of Hyrule and saw of what it had become, a dark, evil place of death.


Sheik silently followed Link up to the tree in front of Kakiriko, where she must of dozed off.She saw Link riding the horse Epona into the distance.

"Din!"swore Sheik."I'll never make it to the temple before him...unless."

Sheik ran towards the Zora River. It was bitter cold out and the water was even colder. She stopped in front of Zora's Domain and turned right.

"Well, here goes nothing?"

Sheik dove into the water.It was freezing cold out and she could barely swim under the water. Her heart almost stopped as she reached the bottom.

"Almost...there.."thought Sheik as she reached the bottom. Now all she had to do was reach the surface before drowned.The surface was in arm's length. The first breath she had felt so good.Now she was in the Lost Woods.A puny kid stood in the way to the Temple.

"Let me go through it's an emergency!" said Sheik

"No."said the kid.

This must of been that kid Link hated...er.....Mido!!! Ya that was his name.

"LET ME THROUGH NOW!You won't like it if you disobey me."yelled Sheik


"You are such a Farored up kid you know that?!"

"Who's Farore?"

"OK! Now I'm pissed!!Oh look. There's Mario and Luigi!"exclaimed Sheik

"Mario! Luigi! I love you!!!Come back!"cried Mido

"Okay....I have a slight hunch this kid has some issues..."said Sheik

Sheik leaped over a tall maze, avoiding all the Moblins to make some time.With a kid like that it would be hours before Link gets here.With that thought Sheik decided to explore the temple.

A green haired girl stood at the entrance in some kind of trance. She raised her arms and mumbled some foreign words. From four different directions four ghosts came. They lifted them by her arms and carried her off... through the wall!

"Hello anyone there?Guess not, eh Navi?said Link

Just as Link was about to leave, Sheik jumped down.

"The flow of time is always cruel. It's speed seems different for each person, but no one can change it.A thing that doesn't change with time is a memory of younger days. In order to return here play the Minuet of the Forest."

Sheik took out the harp that Sakina had given to her. It was true, she could remember her days with Sakina and Impa. A tear rolled down her face as she played the song.

"Sheik... are you okay?" asked Link.

Seeing that she could stay no longer she used a Deku Nut and vanished from Link's sight.


For three moons Sheik pondered outside the temple.She wondered where these speeches that she could never come up with on her own came from. Then the visions returned.

"Sheik.It is I Saria Sage of Forest. Head towards Death Mountain, link will be out soon. Take the passage from the woods to the Gorons.In the mountain, Volvagia the dragon was awakened by Ganondorf. he has taken the Gorons as prisoners except for the chosen Sage of Fire. You must make haste now."

Sheik awakened with her hand burning with the symbol of the Triforce. Knowing what to do she went to an entrance blocked by boulders and punched it.

"Ow.I think I broke my nail." said Sheik sarcastically as the boulders shattered.

She ambled down the tunnel to the empty Goron City and climbed to the tip of Death Mountain. There she waited sorrowfully. This is the last place she saw Impa.Link was there about to cross the bridge. She jumped down.

"A feeling in the heart that grows stronger over time...."said Sheik."The passion of true friendship will blossom into a righteous power, and through that power you will know the way to go.This song is dedicated to the power of the heart... The Bolero of Fire."

Again, Sheik took out the harp Sakina gave her and played a song etched in the back of her memory.It was like it was from a past life or from a different age.

"Sheik I..." said Link and tried to come forward to Sheik, but a wall of fire blocked him off.

"Until next we meet Hero of Time"said Sheik, then she vanished.

Chapter 7: First  Kiss
         A calling came to Sheik as she ran aimlessly through Hyrule Field.
"Help...Help me, please!" called the voice," I am in Zora's Domain, please hurry!"
         Sheik ran as fast as she could to the domain where hundreds of Zoras screamed because they were trapped under the ice. One zora was almost free, except her fin was still caught.
Sir...please help me." said the Zora.
         Sheik realized now who this was. It was the Zora Princess Ruto. Sheik went over and played a sharp note on the enchanted harp. It was so shrill that it shattered the remaining ice on her fin.
"Thank-you. I must hurry though to the Water Temple and slay the beast within, like my fiancee would if he was here at the moment. Yes, my handsome Link said so himself. But back to the point, please sav emy people and my father."
      Sheik flinched when she heard the news about Link.
"I am afraid that your people can't be saved. The ice is too thick to break and they shall run out of air soon."said Sheik" Your father however can be saved if someone brings blue fire."
"Oh well.I better get going"
"But don't  you even care about your people?"asked Sheik
"If they were going to live ya.Why?Wouldn't you do the same"questioned Ruto,"OW!!!"
"What is it!Did you hurt yourself???"
"YA!!!!! I scraped my fin!"cried Ruto
      Oh brother, and this cry baby of a princess is suppose to be a sage..
     A while after Ruto left, Sheik saw the Zora's under the ice slowly disappear as they ran out of air. One by one they drifted into the bottomless depths of the water.Shei couldn't bear to watch them any longer, so she waited in the Ice Cavern where Link was suppose to go anyways. While watching from above the door Sheik waited patiently for Link.
     Surprising Link, a White Wolfo jumped from the side ready to pounce. Sheik saw enough death for one day so after a couple swings Sheik called off the Wolfo. Link opened a chest to find a pair of Iron Boots, and he wondered what to do with them.
"If you came here to see the Zora's, you wasted your time."said Sheik as she jumped down."The frozen domain is all that is left. Time passes, people move. Like a river's flow it never ends. A childish mind shall turn to noble ambition. Young love( Sheik blushed as she said this) becomes deep affection. The clear water's surface reflects growth. Use the Serenade of Water to reflect upon yourself."

Chapter 8: Meanings
   While running to Kakariko Village, Sheik thought who was the next sage.
"For all I know, it can be Dampe's ghost."said Sheik as she entered thr house that used to belong to Impa." Hey who let you into the house of Impa! Take your cloak off now and show your face."
"Why Sheik,"said the voice," I thought I would always have permission to enter my own house. Don't you?" It was Impa!
"But how...did you..I mean"
"No time to explain.All you need to know is that I am the next sage, of Shadow. The monster from inside the well has escaped and we must move quickly before the creature destroys the house. You stay in the village while recapture the fiend.Hurry now...oh and by the way don't you think for a second that I didn't see you love birds kiss. How do you think Epona was startled. Now don't start any romance without me knowing."
      With her cheeks blushing,Sheik exited the house and guarded the well just before the house burst into flames and the creature escaped. It was a mob of purple mass that stared at Sheik without eyes.
"As my word of a Sheikah, you shall not pass me by.Go back from wherever you came from, you ugly...THING!"
"Sheik!" Link called. He must of just arrived." I'm he....HELL! wHAT IS THAT THING!"
"Link go back!"
     But of course, Link had to be the stubborn one and sheathed his sword. The "thing" came towards him, smothered him in purple ooze, and Link blackened out.
"Looks like your finally coming around."said Sheik as she smiled over Link's bruised, battered, handsome face,"The monster has gone to the Shadow Temple. Impa is trying to reseal it, but she cannot do it alone. You must help her Link. I will teach you the song. The song that draws you into infinite darkness that absorbs even time...The Nocturne of Shadow. You must hurry to the Temple of Light where I will give you further instructions." And yet again, Sheik vanished again.
     Sheik made it to the temple a split second before Link did. He was getting quicker every time she had to get somewhere before him.
"There will be times you will need to return here quickly, such as now." said Sheik,"You will need this song to be brought to this place...The Prelude of Light."
   As Sheik watched him put down the Master Sword to be brought back in time when he was seven, she partly jealous. Jealous of him for he would have the chance to see Hyrule and its many wonders, before the black storm swept all that was good and pure hearted in to the black abyss.Ganondorf.
    Wasting no time, Sheik tried to find a way to the Spirit Temple, which she did easily. Getting past the guards and following red flags and ghosts with her Sheikah eyes.
     Sheik didn't count how many moons wnet by since Link was gone, or since she waited above the temple. All she knew is that it was too long, even if it was only a day, but it was much longer than that. She xouldn't believe how easy it was, to be worried about the ones you love.That's all she did. Waiting, watching, and worrying. After staying awake as long as she could, she felt that Link wouldn't arrive during the hour she slept. How wrong she was. As soon as she fell asleep, Link arrived. Seeing no one outside he checked the colossus. He was about to leave when Sheik woke up. Her eyes wide and expressionless. Over her speeches she felt herself losing her grip on herself, but now she had no control over herself.
"Hey Sheik! I'm finally back. How 'bout a little peck on the cheek."asked Link.If Sheik ahd control, she would have been thrilled to do it,but whatever was happening prevented her from doing it.Instead a solomn speech was spoken.
"Past, Present, Future.Time is a river you can sail up and down, using the Master Sword as a ship. The port for the sword is the Temple of Time.This song will lead a child back to the desert, The Requiem of Spirit.This is all I'll use this hosts body for. You may have the choosen one back."
    A beam of blue light streamed from Sheik's heart, her eyes turned blank without pupils. Link leaned over trying to awaken her.
"No, Sheik don't die on me now, please. I need your help still.O gosh no.What happened to you Sheik.You were the world to me..."cried Link
"I'm..s.still...okay...ju..st go on without me,I'll..be fine."
     And there Sheik lay in the vast desert, unprotected, and Link going slowly away from her.
 "Zelda, Zelda can you here me?" called a mysterious voice.
"Who are you?" this voice was inside her head taking energy away for every word it spoke.
"I am Nayru goddess od Wisdom and I'm here to help you. The Triforce on your hand is not there by chance.It was put there by me when Ganon entered the Sacred Realm.You are the choosen one, the bearer of my part of the Triforce, and Link is the bearer of Courage. Ganon has the Triforce of Power. When you are all in the same place, the Triforce will reunite but Ganon will gain control.Now go warn him."
    Sheik knew what to do. Staggering through the gerudos, so not to be caught, across Hyrule Field, and into the Temple of Time, where somehow Sheik beat him there. She waited patiently.

Chapter 9:Ending of Evil                 
        Standing infront of the Door of Time, Sheik saw Link arrive.
"Sheik, you're alright."said Link as he embraced around Sheik keeping her close to him as if to stay forever.
      His body felt warm and safe against her own. The moment didn't last long for Sheik's staggereing body had a broken rib that needed to be mended soon and she had to push herself away from him clutching her chest.
"I'm okay," said Sheik breathing hard,"Now I have things I want to tell only you. When Ganon touched the Triforce, it divided into three parts, power, wisdom, and courage. He only has the Triforce of Power. The two lost parts were put within the two choosen ones of destiny. Those shall bear the Triforce mark on their hand. The one who has the Triforce of Courage...is you Link! And the bearer of the Triforce of Wisdom, destined to be the leader of sages is..."
    Sheik stood as straight as she could. Her rags turned into a pink dress and her eyes returned to being the colour of azure.
"Is I, Zelda. Here is a treasure that destroys all evil...the sacred Arrows of Light. Link, you're going to have to protect me when us sages seal away Ganondorf. Hey what's happening!"
"I commend you for avoiding me for seven years, but you were foolish."said Ganondorf."I knew you would reveal yourself if I let this kid run around. If you want her back, Hero, come to my castle."
    Zelda knew Link would come to rescue her, but she didn't want him to or the Triforce would be once again united.
     The castle was dark and dingy and she couldn't tell how long she was trapped. Alll that mattered was that she wanted out. At once Link barged into the room sweqaty, bruised, and bleeding with a determined gleam in his eyes.
" Let her go now." said Link.
"These toys are too much for you. I command that you give them to me at once." said Ganondorf
     The strength that Zelda used to keep the Triforce was enormous. In the end she fainted from exhausten.
     Zelda awakened from Ganon's scream of pain as he spewed his guts out. Green spurted from his mouth and his eyes rolled back into his head. zelda was then released.
"Ganondorf, pitiful man.Without a strong, righteous mind, he could not control the Triforce."The ground shook" and now he's trying to bring the castle down on us with his final breath."
    A rainbow appeared made of all the sages power as Zelda and Link jumped from the top.
" Link, It's over. we can finally go now." exclaimed Zelda
  "What was that?!"
   Ganon emerged from the rubble, uglier than ever I must add, Except with a tail.He was a lot stronger and faster now.Ganon knocked the Master Sword from Link's hand.Link shot a light arrow at him to get some time to think. He had it.If he hurried now that tail could be the weak spot. Ganon winced in pain while Link grabbed his sword. Link attacked again but Ganon learned once and swung his tail at him, knocking Link against a stone block. Again Ganon attacked Link and lashed at him somewhere ahem "inappropriate". Link thought," okay now its personal." He shot another Light arrow which stunned Ganon.
" Now Link finish him off with the Master Sword. Sages now!" called Zelda
     A burst of light came as Link struck the final blow. Hyrule was safe, Ganon was sent to the Sacred Realm. There was just one problem left, regaining Link's lost childhood.
"Link." said Zelda," It's been a hardship for both of us, I now, but you must understand we have to go back to being children again. I was young and I didn't realize the consequences of traveling through time. Link hand me the Ocarina of Time. I'm sorry. What can I say?"
" You don't need to say anything." replied Link
    Link brought his face closer to hers, and for the last time they kissed.This time without anything to ruin it.
" Leaving you will be hard but I'll always havea piece of you to remember. Will meet when we're young and grow up together and do this sometime again."mustered Link
     He handed her the Ocarina.
" It's destiny..."

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