Hostile Takeover

By Doug

            It has been rough couple of days for Link. In the past week King Olaf and his son Prince William arrived to negotiate with King Harkinian over an alliance. Link was told the Princess to be on very good behavior, he has tried yet it bothers him that this Prince William who was supposed to learning how to negotiate seemed more interested in the princess. The previous night Link was supposed escort Princess Zelda to ball that was being held in honor of King Olaf and King Harkinian’s new alliance, but the prince ended up dancing with her most of the evening while Link sat watching them.


            It is now morning and Link realized he missed breakfast which he was supposed to make, but overslept. Link runs over to the dining area in the castle however he is too late. He was supposed to have breakfast with the two kings, prince, and princess. Unfortunately for Link this day has started bad and is about to go to much worse. Link manages to catch up with the two royal families just as they are to head off for the market. Zelda gives Link a very nasty look for being so late. The prince talks a little to Zelda while Link looks on. Prince William asks Link to join him at a sword smith which he does. William says “Link, is it. Are you and the princess you know involved? I ask because I don’t cause any problems between our kingdoms over misunderstandings.” Link says “Yes, me and the princess are close maybe even like girlfriend-boyfriend.” William says “Okay I understand.” And they continue shopping as if the conversation never took place.


            That afternoon King Olaf and Prince William leave for their kingdom. Link thinks he did okay, but then Zelda calls him over away from her father of course. “LINK, did you think I wouldn’t hear about what you told the prince? Did you?” Link nervously responds “I just told him what I thought was the truth.” Zelda yells at him “You told him that you were my boyfriend and you know that isn’t true.” Link says “Well, excuse me Princess. I thought because the way things were when you were the only one that could see me that meant something. And what about that kiss we shared.” “Link, you and I are friends it can’t go any further then that. And you bring up the fact that we shared a kiss, you obliviously forgot that it didn’t mean anything besides you were sick at that time, remember.” They continue to argue while Ganon is watching from his underworld chamber laughing. Finally they walk away from each other angry. ‘I can’t defeat Link and Zelda together, but perhaps I can turn Link against Zelda,’ Ganon thinks himself. He looks through his spell book and finally he found it a spell when cast that can cause a victim lose his control and be controlled by another. He summons forth The Shadow or Dark Link. Ganon says to him “How would like to get revenge on Link for defeating you?” The Shadow smiles evilly and says “Master Ganon I would love the opportunity to get even with him.” Ganon says “We have the way to get this done. Link likes his ale and maybe a stronger drink might entice him. I will cast you to become this stronger drink and you will be able to take him over from the inside.” The Shadow agrees as Ganon begins casting. A couple minutes later Dark Link disappears and bottle of what appears to be whiskey appears. Ganon thinks ‘it worked now just to get Link near enough to drink it without stirring any notice.’ Ganon transforms himself into a merchant and heads to North Castle with this new bottle.


            Link at this point is pretty mad at the princess and goes a tavern where he enjoys a bottle of ale. Someone over in the corner of the room signals for Link to join him at his table. This person says “Is your name Link?” Link responds “Yes how did you know that?” “I had heard you are the greatest adventurer of this land and was wondering if you would join me for a drink.” Link thinks for a moment then says “Well, why not.” Link sits down and both enjoy a drink. After this first drink the man pulls out a bottle and says “This is finest whiskey of my land and it is yours I ask nothing in return just that you enjoy it.” Link is cautious but takes the bottle, opens it, and begins drinking it. The man talks some more “So you and the princess are close.” Unknowingly Link says “I thought we were but heck she messed that up with what she said to me today.” The man says “I thought you were highly thought of here? I mean you saved her on several occasions.” Link is sharing a little but something about this guy makes him feel easy this fellow to Link seems familiar. “Yeah I have saved her life on several occasions and I thought we had something but I must read something wrong I don’t know.” As Link finishes the bottle his anger seems to be more present then before. After a little while longer the man rises and leaves wishing Link well. Link at this point takes his leave and heads to his room in the tower.


            At this same time Zelda and her father are having dinner. The king asks where Link is he normally doesn’t miss dinner. Zelda doesn’t seem too concerned and tells her father not to worry about Link.  Harkinian then asks her about what had happened earlier between her and Link.  Zelda says “I just told him the truth he didn’t seem to take it well. So I don’t care, he just made me real mad acting jealous around the prince.” Harkinian says “Now Zelda I can tell he really cares for you and I know he acts jealous I think he may even love you. I don’t know that you should have blown up at him like that.” Zelda a little upset says “Still father he could have caused a lot of trouble with King Olaf’s kingdom acting like that.” The wise king says “But he didn’t and the prince didn’t take it personally when Link said what he said. Now you shouldn’t make Link mad he might leave and then what we will do in fighting Ganon.” Zelda admits “Well, I may be wrong about how I acted perhaps even a little harsh on him. I guess when I see him again I will apologize for getting mad at him.” The king satisfied with the answer lets it go and dismisses from the table.


            The next morning Link wakes up with a headache. He knows he didn’t drink that much, but perhaps it was the whiskey. It must have given him a slight hangover. Sprite enters the room and greets Link. “Hey Link how you doing? We missed you at dinner last night.” Link says “I’m fine. Sorry about dinner last night I guess she’ll be mad at me for that too.” Spryte asks “What do you mean?” Link sighs and says “Zelda got real mad at yesterday and really ticked me off.” Link starts to raise his voice a little “She was on my back about the prince and what I said I thought it was the truth. I don’t care now.” Spryte backs up “Link, you don’t need to fuss at me because of the princess besides she’s a snoot you ought to not aim so high.” Link laughs and says “You mean like I aught be with you don’t make me laugh.” Sprite hurt leaves “I am sorry Link I didn’t mean to infer anything.”  Link thinks to himself ‘whoops I guess I was a little mean to Sprite no matter she’s a pest anyway’.  Link walks over to the dining area and has breakfast he feels a little different it seems more aggressive but he thinks nothing of it.


            Later in the day he runs into the Princess. She looks at him and then says “Link, I am sorry for the way I blew up at you yesterday. I know you have feelings for me and I shouldn’t have acted that way.” Link says “Yeah you’re right you acted lousy treating me like that you’re lucky I didn’t quit right then and there.” Zelda is a little shocked Link acts macho at times, but not anything like this. Zelda backs up and says “I was just trying to apologize you idiot I didn’t need you to jump down my throat like that.” Link realizes what he has just said “Zelda, I’m. I’m sorry I shouldn’t have acted the way I just acted. I accept your apology.” Zelda says “What has come over you? Spryte said you insulted her this morning. I think you might need some time off or something,” as she walks away. Link tries to follow but decides that that might do more harm then good with what he has said. Link’s anger comes back as walks away.


            The next day Link and Zelda are walking along in the woods outside of North Castle when they stumble into an ambush. A large group of moblins about twenty surround them and attack with swords and arrows. The moblins don’t really attack in an organized fashion they charge a few at a time which Link is able to fend them off and slash or zap them. Zelda does what she can with her bow and arrows as she stands behind Link. The moblins are quickly defeated and then it’s just Link and Zelda standing there. A thought crosses Link’s mind about how easy it would be to strike Zelda, he even sees himself doing just that. He thinks some more then shakes his head. The thoughts go away for now. He feels angry at Zelda and he can’t figure out why she hasn’t done anything to him this day to cause him to be mad at her. They go back to the castle in silence.


            That night Link lays down to go to sleep. As he sleeps he begins to dream. In his dream Link is present before Zelda and the king. Zelda says to him “Link, I don’t think Hyrule really needs your services anymore in fact you’re a failure I am sick of dealing with you.” Link responds “What are you saying Zelda?” Zelda says “You really are blind I am saying get lost you’re fired. You are so incompetent I don’t know how I ever got stuck with a loser like you.” Link wakes up screaming but he settles himself back down and goes back to sleep. Again this dream repeats itself waking him up early the next morning. Link is now pretty mad almost acting like Zelda had called him all those things in real life rather then a dream. Link avoids Zelda for the whole day remaining angry at her.


            The next day a messenger arrives from Ruto requesting Link’s help. Link mounts his horse quickly and heads for Ruto he doesn’t even ask Zelda to tag along with him. He stops and buys a black tunic which he puts on. He makes it to Ruto to find out that they didn’t really need him this sends him into rage which takes on the mayor of the town going so far as threatening to kill him. The shocked mayor apologizes several times over, but this isn’t enough for Link who goes to a bar and starts a fight with some other patrons. He beats up four people without losing a sweat before he heads back to North Castle. The mayor hears of this sends a runner to the Princess informing her of what’s going on.


            When Link gets back to North Castle Zelda confronts him. She asks “What’s your problem Link? These people are our people they look up to you.” Link coldly responds “Zelda, they are simpletons and I don’t care. They are all fools. If they were smart they would know to defend themselves without crying for help.” Zelda is getting a little mad but is thinking this isn’t like Link at all. She quietly allows Link to leave her sight without anymore questions and goes to Impa to ask what she thinks is wrong. Impa looks into the Triforce of Wisdom and says “Your Highness I don’t know what’s wrong with him, but I think Ganon is behind it. Please be careful around him the Triforce is warning you that he is dangerous to be around.” Zelda walks away very concerned about Link’s well being. Zelda thinks to herself ‘I must find out what Ganon is up to.’  Link runs into her just as she is heading downstairs to the throne room. Zelda continues downstairs with Link following her. This time he confronts her telling to “Stay out my business you nosey fool or I will kill you myself.” Zelda shocked says “Link, I don’t believe I am hearing this from you. How dare you threaten me like that you are lucky I don’t have your head for this.” The argument continues into the throne room itself where Captain Krin and one of the guards over hear this and rush to the princess’ aid. Link’s rage is coming forth again, he draws his sword pointing it at the two guards that are at Zelda’s side “You two back away or I will make both of you sorry.” The two try to move forward but the princess stops them. Link laughs at them “Do you think I am afraid of you? I am the greatest swordsman in all of Hyrule.” Krin says “Link, I thought you and I were friends and I thought that you’re loyalty was to the princess.” Link lunges at Krin with his sword. Krin defends himself without trying to be aggressive, Link is the better swordsman but with his rage going forth he has no real control. Their swords clang and the melee goes back and forth for about ten minutes Krin is able to barely get the upper hand and stop Link. Zelda looks at Link shaking her head and almost crying “Link, I am sorry but I can’t have you around here if this is your attitude. I am firing you for this I wish you well.” Link furious walks out the door, Krin asks “Your Highness are you sure that is wise?” Zelda says “I think it is. He is unstable and I can’t control him in anyway.”


            Link at this points walks into the bar in the market area where he meet the stranger and sits down and starts knocking back the drinks. Zelda rides out of the castle trying to figure what happened. Down the road a couple of miles she is ambushed by stalfos and goryia they quickly overtake her. They take her before Ganon who is laughing about the whole thing. “So Princess you actually think you save Link? Well, you can’t save him if you are here,” Ganon says. “What did you do to him?” she asks. “I just cast a control spell on him. He is under the control of the Shadow.” Ganon sends a message to the king that he has the princess and demands the Triforce of Wisdom for her release. The king doesn’t know that Link’s been fired sends someone to find him.


            Link is found in at the bar when the message gets to him. At this point the Dark Link is more in control then Link. But after hearing this news he leaves the bar going straight to the king. Link bows before the king “I will rescue the princess, but I need the Triforce to do so.” The king responds “Do you think that is wise Link?” Link promises “I know what I am doing I ask you grant me this request.” The king is hesitant but agrees. Link rides off with the Triforce thinking as Dark Link ‘I pulled it off I fooled everybody’.


In time he arrives at the Death Mountain entrance with no resistance he is lead into the throne room. In another part of the throne room Zelda is chained to floor. Link walks right past her without even looking down, but stops just before entering Ganon’s part of the throne room. Ganon sees him and appears right next to him “At last I have all the Triforces and can rule Hyrule. And you my servant have defeated Link once and for all.” Ganon points to Zelda “As for her Dark Link destroy her immediately.” Dark Link glares at Zelda his red eyes shining brightly “I have looked forward to this destroying both Link and you princess. Any last requests?” Zelda looks at him and says “One and that is if Link is truly gone please kiss me and then you can kill me.” Dark Link thinks to himself ‘what’s the harm’. He leans down and they kiss passionately for about a minute then he lets go of her. Link draws his sword about to strike the death blow on the princess then he winks at her in that moment his eyes have gone back to normal Ganon didn’t notice. His sword held high in the air goes down but just as it is about to touch the princess neck he spins around and zaps Ganon three times. Ganon is completely caught by surprise and goes to right to his evil jar. Link screams out loud as a blinding light from his body surrounds him. Suddenly he thrown across the room but at the same time Dark Link is also thrown in the opposite direction. Both rise to confront each other again. Dark Link picks a sword up from the ground. Dark Link says “This will be fun I get to kill both of you and get my revenge for my defeat.” Link responds “If you remember our last fight I won and the result will be the same this time.” They run at each other and jump at same time their swords hitting before they go to the ground. Link thrusts his sword at the Shadow’s legs which he avoids by jumping out of the way. Dark Link counters by going for a swing at Link’s head but Link ducks and comes up with a upper cut shot that hits Dark Link in the chest however it is not a deep wound. Dark Link is stunned a little bit but recovers quickly. Dark Link charges with an over hand swing Link catches it and deflects it back on him. Then Link swings at Dark Link’s stomach area which Dark Link is able to block. Again Dark Link goes on the offensive by swinging at Link’s stomach area Link jumps backwards but a little to late. Dark Link’s sword slashes Link in the left leg. Link charges again this time knocking Dark Link down and slashing down on him. At the time Dark Link pushes his blade forward which hits Link in the stomach. Link downward slash finishes Dark Link but the damage to Link is done. Link rises, walks over to where Zelda is chained, and cuts her loose. The injury causes him to drop into Zelda’s arms. Zelda cries as she looks at him. Zelda then says “Link, come on let’s get out of here.” “I can’t Zelda I am too badly hurt.” Zelda gives him a red potion which helps. They go over and get the Triforce of Wisdom and leave.  


            As they exit the dungeon Zelda asks Link “Link, I don’t understand you were under the Shadow’s control but you returned.” “Zelda I can’t figure it out either but I believe it has something to do with the Triforce of Courage in my heart. When Dark Link took over the real me was shielded by something. That kiss we shared reawakened the real me and helped me retake control. Thanks for helping there.” “I didn’t even know that that would work but I hoped there was a shred of the real you left and that your true would come forth. I am glad you’re back anyways.” Link asks “So am I still fired?” “No, I was mad Dark Link not you and so you are again the Triforce’s protector.” They walk on back to the castle.


The End

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