The Hidden Power

byCarl Moller

Part 1


A great battle takes place. Link, the hero, dives and dodges a sword swing from the evil Ganondorf. He takes out his bow and shoots a light arrow at the beast, sending it to the ground.

"Link, hurry, the Master Sword is over here!!" shouted the Princess. With the beast down, the flames around the rubble of the castle disappeared and Link ran, he grabbed the sword that stuck out of the ground. He then ran back to finish off the evil incarnation but he had already gotten up. Link continued to dodge the monster's giant swords, trying to find the right the moment to attack. Link makes an attempt at attack but is thrown back by the beast. He(Link) quickly get's up and charges at Ganon. Link dodges two swords, dives and slashes at the monster's knee. Ganon let's out a mighty out a roar and falls to one knee. Link quickly slashes the other knee, and Ganon falls.

"Quick Link, now I'll hold him down, finish him with the Master Sword!" A golden beam of light shoots out of Zelda's hands and the beast is subdued. Link feels a mighty charge in his Master Sword. He swings left, right and left again, Ganon recovers from the blows and turns his head, Link notices the opportunity and stabs the beast in-between his menacing red eyes! The Incarnation Ganon begins to fade back into Ganondorf, the Evil King.

"Six Sages, I now call on your collective power, capture the Evil King and send him into the realm of nothingness!" cries out Zelda. The Six Sages appear: Darunia, King of the Gorons and Sage of Fire: Saria, lifelong friend of Link and Sage of Forest: Impa, Royal guardian of Zelda and Sage Of Shadow: Nabooru, former thief turned Sage Of Spirit: Ruto, Princess of the Zora's and Sage Of Water and Rauru, the Sage of Light, combine their forces and catapult Ganondorf into the realm of void, never to be seen again...

Almost 40 years later an old man tells this story to his grandchildren "... And Ganondorf was never seen again," the old man ends. His grandchildren stand up.

"Yeah, right, grandpa, like that really happened." the youngest says rolling his eyes.

"Yeah that's impossible!" the middle child says.

"Hey, shut up!" the oldest commands.

"No, you shut up Carl!" say the younger ones simultaneously.

"Talon, Sari, Carl! Stop bickering right now," a voice chimes in from the


"Sorry grandma" shout the kids. Carl the oldest stands up and walks to his grandpa, Carl's about 15, Sari is 9 and Talon is 6.

"It's O.K., grandpa, I believe you.," adds Carl. The grandfather sort of smiles at the remark. The grandmother comes in with a fresh batch of cookies.

"Who wants cookies!?" Sari and Talon run towards their grandma. She puts the cookies down on the table to let the children fend for themselves. Carl walks outside. "What's wrong Link?" asks the grandmother.

"Ohh nothing, Malon, just the kids don't believe me.

"Believe what Link?" she looks inquisitive.

"My saving the world as we know it," he says almost sarcastically.

"Ohh that. Don't make a big deal of it, at least we know you did... Fairy

boy," she adds in.

"Hey, farm girl!"

"Farm girl, huh? Well you took this ranch over for my dad, so you must be

fairy farm boy!" she smiles and Link looks at her remembering the first time he saw her smile. It's nice to know that despite they've aged they're still kids at heart.

"Yeah, go, ya!" Carl's voice is heard. The kids and grandparents step outside to see Carl riding a white stallion. Carl speeds him up, jumps over the fence, and rides to the family.

"That's Spirit! How did you ride him? Not even I can ride him!"

"I just saddled up, got on and gave the command," Carl says it as if it is no big deal.

"But that horse comes from a long line of stubborn horses," He looks at Malon and they nod. "That horse is Ballion's kin who is..." Link is interrupted by Malon.

"Epona's daughter, and only Link and I could ride her."

Carl shrugs, his grandparents shrug and go inside. The younger children still stand in awe.

"I'm going riding!" Carl shouts.

"Alright, be back for dinner," shouts his grandma.

Carl mounts Spirit and rides out of Lon Lon Ranch into Hyrule field. He stops at the drawbridge, gets off and looks at the sun.

"Hmm, about a half hour" Carl walks in and greets the guard.

"Boing, boing the time is 17:32 Hyrule time" the guard chimes. "Welcome to

Hyrule Castle Town, it's a peaceful, prosperous town," the guard finishes.

Carl walks by and into the bustling market. He sees the auction table and the people making their bids. Carl walks into a small shop "Hey, Felon," Carl says to the shopkeeper.

"Hey Carl, what can I do for you today?"

"Hmm, I'd like some of that Kokiri Spice stuff... Deku spice, yeah that's it!"

"Oooo, Deku spice is very good! Expensive and rare, but good! Let me check in the back." Carl waits and the man comes back out.

"Sorry all out, I can only buy a very little of it, I think I'll have some Monday. Or you can go to Kokiri forest."

"That's O.K. I think I know where I can get it. See ya." Carl walks out and returns to his horse, he rides home. Carl walks in and smells the dinner cooking, "What's for dinner grandma?" Carl asks.

"Cuccu with essence of Gerudo," Malon answers. Carl smiles at the answer and walks into his room and takes off his boots. Sari and Talon run by playing and Carl laughs at them. He then pulls a rope that begins to open a sunroof. He lies in bed, looking at the late day sky. "Carl, dinner's ready!" Carl breaks out of his trance, stands up and walks into the dining room. He inhales his dinner and thanks his grandma for the great meal. Carl walks outside to the pasture and watches the sun set. He slowly falls asleep and begins to dream. Carl is standing in a strange castle and before him stands a great huge door. He walks towards the door and it automatically opens. Carl steps into the room and the door automatically slams behind him, two evil look figures stand in front of him, all of a sudden another female hylian appears next to him, Carl doesn't recognize her but she seems familiar. Carl sits up in a cold sweat, breathing heavily, "That same dream again... Why do I keep on having that dream? Who are those people!?" Carl seems frustrated, the sun has just began to rise, and he stands up and goes to the barn to do the morning milking. "Holy Din, you girls got a lot in you today!" Carl carries the six very large buckets out, one in each hand, and four on a shoulder harness with hooks on it. He puts the buckets in the milking barn for his brother to finish up."Here ya go lil' bro, you know what to do!" Carl says with a smirk.

"Ohh man six buckets!" Talon walks over unhappily and carries them into the back two at a time. Carl leaves the milking barn and heads into the house and to his seat at the table where a plate of pancakes await. He grabs the syrup, pours it on the pancakes and chows down.

"Carl did you do your chores?" his grandmother asks.

"Yes grandma." Carl finishes his pancakes, scrapes off some excess syrup,

washes his plate and puts it in the "sink". "I'm going out grandma."

"O.K.," she replies. Carl walks over to Spirit, mounts and begins to ride. He leaves Lon Lon Ranch, turns east, towards Kakariko village. Carl rides fast on the beaten path, towards the peaceful village. He speeds across the bridge and to the stairs that are carved in the mountain and stops there. Carl jumps off Spirit and begins to walk up the stairs. He turns the corner to see the entrance to the small village. Carl sees another of those Time-Keeping-Soldiers that Kakariko is famous for. Carl walks past a big tree, turns to the stairs, he walks inside a store, "Hello may I help you?" the cheery attendant asks.

"Umm. No just passing through." Carl says with a fake smile. He walks past the counter through the back door. Carl walks to another house and read the sign 'Old, Rare Materials, World's Strongest Potion, all sold here!' Carl walks in and looks around, the old lady behind the counter is oblivious to his presence, but she sniffs and then speaks.

"A boy from Lon Lon Ranch eh?" she asked. "Or has another ranch opened in Hyrule?" the lady asked.

"Umm... No I'm from Lon Lon Ranch... How'd you know??" Carl asked surprised and confused.

"Ah, I know the smell of a ranch, I may not be able to see, but my sense of smell is still strong. I once knew the owner of Lon Lon Ranch..."

" My father?" Carl interrupts.

" I don't know, Talon?" the lady asks.

"Oh that's my great grandfather. And my little brother" Carl confers.

"O.K. then well how can I help you young man?"

"I was wondering if you had any Deku mushroom spice?" "Ooh, Deku Spice, great delicacy, but very expensive, young man" "I'm willing to pay! How much miss?"

"110 rupees a bottle" the old with answered.

"110 rupees!" Carl shouted in amazement. He sighed, got out his wallet and

gave the lady the money. "I hope you enjoy" the lady remarks as Carl leaves.

"Thank you." Carl leaves the store and decides to explore Kakariko Village. He walks around, looking around. He hadn't been there for a really long time, yet everything was the way he remembered. Carl rounds a corner and accidentally bumps into someone.

"Oh I'm sorry sir," the man looks up at Carl and says 'No problem.' Carl recognizes the face but he can't pinpoint where. Carl walks away out of Kakariko village. He mounts Spirit and begins to ride back to Lon Lon Ranch.

"Grandma, I bought you Deku Spice." Malon comes out of the living room.

"You got me Deku Spice!?"

"Yep, for your birthday, Happy Birthday!" He gives her a hug and hands her the bottle of spice.

"This must have been very expensive! She says. "How much did you pay for this?"

"Grandma, you've raised me most of my life, a bottle of Deku Spice can't compare with that." He smiles, looks at his grandmother and walks into the living room. The day flies by after that, Carl lies in bed and begins to have the same nightmare again.

Meanwhile, in Kakariko village, the same man Carl ran into is climbing down a ladder into the dried up well. He walks down the passage. He reaches a large dark room. The man lights the torches and the room illuminates to reveal a symbol. The symbol of the royal family. The TRIFORCE! He walks to a carving in the wall. He presses in the symbol, and the congruent wall spins around, revealing a strange item. The man takes the item in his hand, rubs it three times with his hand. The object changes color each time he touches it. The man stands on the Triforce symbol, and begins to chant.

"Rarum, Darum, Sarum, Naborum, Imparum, Rutorum. The six sages imprisoned my lord and master, now release him to cause disaster!" The man throws the strange item to the ground, it shatters. The seal with the Triforce on it begins to break. All of a sudden the seal shatters and a figure comes through, flying in the air. He laughs a maniacal laugh. "Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, those foolish sages thought they could trap me forever. Now time for my revenge," The man gives an evil grin and looks down at the man who freed him.

"Ah Cilves, my faithful servant, you have done well, report!" the dark lord commands.

"Report sir?.... Oh yes, Link, the man who defeated you is old, he has two male descendants, and one female, the oldest, Carl, is 15 years old, He will soon discover his destiny, just as Link did. He has no fighting experience, nor magical and should be easy to defeat..."

"Capture the old man, I want my revenge first!"

"Lord Ganondorf, shouldn't we exterminate them both, this is our last

chance. If you're sent into the void..."

"Are you questioning me?" You say the boy has no experience, but all Hero's of Time are born with all the needed knowledge." Ganondorf raises his hand, a Triforce symbol appears, the top triangle shines, the Triforce of Power. Cilves begins to choke and is flung against the wall.

"We kill Link first," Ganondorf says sternly.

Cilves, breathing heavily, grasping his throat, replies "Yes sir".

Carl awakens from his nightmare.

"That man, in Kakariko Village, the same man in my dream." Carl has a

shocked look on his face. "What does this mean?" Carl gets out of bed and gets dressed, all of a sudden he hears a scream. His grandmother's scream. Carl dashes down the hallway, the room is in ruins, the ceiling had been torn up, and a gigantic bird was flying off with Link. Carl runs outside whistles and in an instant Spirit arrives, he mounts and rides as fast he can, trying to follow the bird, but it was too late, the bird had flown out of sight. Carl rides back to the ranch. "Are you alright grandma?" Carl asks very concerned.

"Yes, where's your grandfather?" she forces out of her tears of distress.

"That bird got away, I was too late," Carl puts his head down almost in shame.

The day goes on slowly as the family morns the lose of Link, they all go to bed at the end of the day, none sleep easy. When Carl goes to sleep he expects the same dream as always, but doesn't. Carl, Carl, it's your grandfather. Listen to me, I'm not dead, the evil Ganondorf has captured me. I don't know where I am though. You must see Queen Zelda, even if you must break into the castle, you must see her. She will help you in your task." A vision of Link comes into the dream. "Carl underneath my bed is the entrance to a cellar, in there you will find countless object, as well as a guide. Do as I say, please."

Carl rises out of his dream, it's early morning. The rest of the family is doing their chores, as best they can, and Carl sneaks into his grandparents room. He pushes the bed over to find a latch. He grabs the latch and pulls, the floor boards come up revealing a ladder. Carl cautiously climbs down. Out of no where a blue ball of light shoots at Carl, it flies circles around him; Carl falls right on his butt with shock.

"What are you doing here? Who are you?" the light demands.

"I... I... I'm Carl, who the Nayru are you?" Carl looks shocked and in wonder.

"I'm Navi, the fairy, Link's Fairy!" She quickly adds in, "What are you doing down here?" Navi demands to know.

"My grandfather told me to come here, in... in a dream. He was captured by a giant bird," Carl stammers out.

"A giant bird?" Navi inquires.

"Yeah... Um, can I ask you something?" asks Carl.

"Sure, what is it? Navi answers.

"My grandfather tells me about how he saved Hyrule and stuff like that, is he telling me the truth?" Carl asks with a bit of hope in his voice.

"Of course he is, I was his Guardian fairy, I remember when he defeated Ganondorf," Navi says, in a proud and reminiscing voice.

"WOW! My grandfather's a hero!"

"Shh. Quite, do you want to draw attention to yourself? Now what are you doing down here?" Navi is getting frustrated with Carl's stalling.

"Like I said, my grandfather was captured, and in a dream he told me to come down here and find a guide, was that you?"

"Probably, there are many weapons down here too, did he tell you about them?"

"Yes, yes he did, actually." Carl looks around at the shelves. He sees clothes, a bow, and a gigantic quiver filled with arrows. Carl picks up this strange looking object, he sees a trigger Carl pulls it and a hook shoots out of the end straight into the wall it sticks in. Carl lets go of the trigger and the chain begins to retract, but the hook is firmly in the wall so it drags Carl. He hits his head on the wall and to the ground, dizzy.

"WHOA! What is that thing? Carl is smiling dizzy.

"That's called the longshot. You shoot that hook and if it sticks, you can

get to hard to reach places. It takes a bit of mastering," Navi barely keeps in her laughter. "You can also use it as a weapon. There are many weapons here. Look around, but be very careful, did Link give you any other advice?"

"Yeah, he did. He said to see the Queen, at all costs, even if I had to break into the castle." Carl doesn't even look at Navi he examines a strange looking hammer.

"The Queen, you mean Queen Zelda?" Navi says in a shocked voice.

"Yeah," Carl answered. He picked up the hammer with a grunt, "Farorz, this thing is heavy!"

"Yeah, that's the Megaton hammer. What are we waiting for, we should go now" Navi says urgently.

"Why, what's the rush?" Carl asks.

"If Link told you to see the queen I think you should, immediately!" Navi

urges. "Follow me." Navi flies to hit small switch on the wall. She falls, "Ah. A little help here." Carl walks over and hits the switch, a panel in the wall opens, revealing a secret passage. "Grab the bow and the Longshot and follow me," Navi flies off "And put on a tunic, you can't go to the castle in your underwear." Carl grabs the bow, quiver and Longshot and follows.

"Wait up," Navi doesn't stop, "Stop!" Navi stops, Carl catches up. "Hold up a sec." Carl attaches the Longshot to the bow via it's handle and puts the bow and quiver across his shoulder. "O.K." In an instant Navi was flying ahead, Carl following behind her. They come to a ladder, Carl climbs up. When they emerge, they're in the back alley of Hyrule Castle Town. Carl slowly walks out of the back alley, and heads towards the castle.

Carl reaches the castle gate and speaks to the guard, "I would like entrance into the castle, and I would like to see the queen." The guard raises one of his eyebrow, looks over Carl,

"Not armed like that you're not! I suppose you're just some passer by that decided to see the queen huh?"

"No, not at all, you see..."

"I don't see anything but an assassination attempt, get out of here!" The guard shouts at Carl. Carl walks away. He puts his hands in his pockets. He feels a piece of paper in his pockets, he pulls it out and unfolds it. He reads it, This is Link, I Princess Zelda give him the right to save the world. Carl walks back to the guard and hands the note to the him. He reads it. "This is ancient, the Queen was still a child, I doubt you're that old. Now leave!" The guard seems frustrated. Carl walks away, rounds the corner, Navi flies out of his hat over to some vines, "Carl do you think you can climb these?" Carl runs, jumps and begins to climb. He reaches the high bank next to the gate. "Hey the gate doesn't go this high!" Carl walks slowly so he doesn't make any noise. Carl grabs a lemon sized rock and hurls it at the unsuspecting guard's head. He hits him and the guards falls, unconscious, to the ground.

"That's what you get for not letting me in!" Carl creeps slowly and looks around the corner. He sees two guards. Instinctively, Navi flies over to the guards and begins to fly around them frantically, distracting both of them. Carl tries to run by them but one catches him by the shoulder, Carl with a back elbow sends the guard down holding his nose. The second guard turns his head and Carl nails him with a standing side kick. "Whoa... How'd I do that?" Carl says amazed at what he just did. "Watch out behind you!" Navi yells. The first guard had gotten up, he grabs Carl in a bear hug, Carl with a back kick to the groin sends the guard down again. Carl begins to kick him in the ribs, "Attack... Me... From... Behind" Carl says while he's kicking him. Carl gets on top of him and smashes him with the hilt of the bow knocking him out. "Come on Carl we better hurry!" Navi exclaims. They continue down the path. Four guards block the main gate. Carl slowly slides into one of the bushes, takes out his bow and an arrow, slowly aims and shoots. The arrow hits right next to the middle guards foot. "DIN! I meant to hit him!" Carl proclaims. The guards spread out to search. "I'm no good with bow's of this sort, but I do like bo's." Carl cuts the wire with a dagger he had taken while in the cellar. "Now that's better!"

"Carl that guard heard you!" Navi says. And she was telling the truth, the guard was moving slowly towards the bush.

"Carl doooooo something!" Navi yells.

"Hold on, when I tell you to, fly at that guard!" He whispers. The guard gets next to the bush and look at it. "Now!" Navi flies straight at the guard circling him while he's distracted Carl leaps out of the bush and swings his bo at his legs. The guard tumbles to the ground, Carl swings his bo, smashing the guard once on each side, and then at the head, that one knocks him out.

"Check around the corner." Carl asks Navi to do.

"Coast is clear!" Navi answers. Carl creeps through, the front drawbridge is up. Carl looks extremely frustrated and agitated, looking behind his shoulder repeatedly.

"Hey Carl, I remember your grandfather had to sneak in once. He found a secret entrance near the side of the castle," Navi recalls. Carl slowly walks to the side of the castle, weary of guards. He finds the entrance and crawls through the small hole. The entrance is a small pipe in which water from the fountain in the courtyard came out and into the moat. Carl and Navi emerge in the east wing of the courtyard, not heavily guarded, but he still moves with great stealth. He sees a guard and watches his movement patterns. Carl dashes by when he's not looking. Carl comes across another guard, patrolling around a hanging garden. When the guard is on the opposite side of the garden, Carl leaps up onto the platform, the garden stands on. The guard turns around and investigates, but when he sees nothing , returns to his return. When the guard passes, Carl leaps down on top of him and slams his face into the ground, knocking him unconscious.

Carl treks on. He peers around the corner to see the center courtyard. There he sees Queen Zelda. Carl approaches slowly. When Queen Zelda turns around she looks shocked. All of a sudden a female guard dressed in green jumps down and in-between Carl and the Queen. She draws her sword. Carl remembers of the dagger, he draws it and stands ready. They engage in battle, the guard fights with much experience, despite her very young appearance. Carl is at a serious disadvantage with just a dagger, but he manages to fend her off. The two move steadily closer, and when they're close enough, the Queen picks up a nearby log and smashes it over Carl's head. While unconscious a picture in his head forms of Link and Ganondorf.

"So, old man, it's been a long time." Ganondorf says with a wicked grin.

"Not long enough! Ganondorf!" Link says with much distaste in his voice.

"I'm going to kill you, you know, BUT not before I get the Triforce Of Courage." Ganondorf grabs Link's hand and no Triforce symbol glows.

"You'll never get it, I've destroyed it!"

"You expect me to believe that? I will not kill you, but I will torture you!" Ganondorf hits a switch that activates a squeezing mechanism in the straps that hold Link down.


Carl wakes up: He's inside the castle before the Queen. She is sitting, in her thrown. Carl starts to get up, and the same guard draws her sword. Carl moves slowly and bows before the presence of Queen Zelda.

"You bow in my presence? And you're a male. Therefore you are not Gerudo. Who are you and why did you attack?" the Queen says in a stern yet caring voice.

"I am Carl, of Lon Lon Ranch,"

"Carl of Lon Lon Ranch, eh? Why are you here?"

"I was told by my grandfather to come here."

"Well, this obviously isn't a milk delivery."

"He was captured and I had a dream. He told me to come here."

"HA!" the guard laughs, but Zelda silences her.

"A dream? As you may know, I have prophetic dreams, who is your grandfather?"

"Link, of Kokiri Forest, most recent owner of Lon Lon Ranch. I am his oldest grandson," Carl quickly answers. The Queen has a slight sign of shock on her face; she quickly shakes it off.

"You are the oldest grandson of Link, Hero Of Time and savior of Hyrule?!"


"Your grandfather saved Hyrule, he has not told you?"

"He told me stories, but I kind of didn't believe him. What's a Hero Of Time?"

"You should have listened to him. What did he tell you?"

"He said some guy named Ganondorf captured..."

"What, Ganondorf? He's been freed? Salin, all guards on alert now!" the guard runs off as fast as she can.

"What's wrong?"

"Ganondorf is the most evil man to ever walk the face of the Earth, and must be stopped!"

"What am I supposed to do?"

"Carl, you must go to the Temple of Time, take these and play this song, then come back to me." Zelda hands Carl three stones, an emerald, sapphire and a ruby, along with a blue ocarina and a sheet of paper with instructions how to play a song written on it.

"Hurry!" Zelda rushes him. Carl runs off. When he's out of earshot Zelda calls Salin back. "Salin!"

"Yes my lord?"

"Watch that boy, he is of great importance" Zelda commands.

"Yes, my liege" Salin runs off , following Carl. Carl reaches the Temple of Time and enters. The mysterious holy chants that have no origin and no end are heard as soon as he steps in. Carl walks to a pedestal with three hollows and an inscription.

"Ye whom holds three Spiritual Stones. Stand with Ocarina of Time, and play the Song of Time?" Carl sounds confused as he reads the inscription. He takes the stones out of his pocket. He places them in the hollows and they begin to glow. He takes out the blue ocarina, and plays the song written on the paper Zelda gave him. The melody flows out of the ocarina, the three stones rise in the air, and glow with immense brightness. The Triforce symbol engraved in the wall, glows a golden glow. All of a sudden the wall begins to separate in the middle. To reveal two sliding doors. They open slowly. Carl's eyes widen, the doors stop, revealing another section of the temple, and he walks slowly. A gigantic creature jumps at him. Carl dives out of the way. The monster was like a huge skeleton, sporting a rather large shield. He moved methodically, occasionally swinging his sword at Carl. Carl keeps his distance, he takes out his dagger. Out of no where an arrow shoots from the sky and into the center of the creature. Carl capitalizes and charges at the creature with his dagger. He slices repeatedly at the beast's head. Eventually the monster falls to the ground motionless. Flames shoot up and disappear, the monster is gone. Carl looks around, trying to find the archer that shot the beast. The guard in green, known as Salin, appears.

"Why are you following me?" Carl demands to know.

"The Queen ordered me to follow you" Salin answers.

"Why?" Carl looked intrigued.

"The Queen said you are very important and to make sure you got the Master Sword" Salin replied.

"The Master Sword?!" Carl said with a hint of excitement in his voice. "But that's only a legend, isn't it?"

"As far as I knew it was, but the Queen assures me it is very real," answers Salin.

Carl and Salin enter the room that was revealed by the sliding doors. They see a sword, standing in a pedestal, with a Triforce engraved in it.

"Look, Carl, it's the Master sword!" Navi shouts. Salin walks up to the pedestal, grabs the sword and with a thrust of blue light is shot back and smashed against the wall. She falls on her face. Carl runs over to check her. She is still alive, but unconscious. Carl approaches the legendary blade with caution. He quickly grabs the handle and shuts his eyes, bracing himself, but to his surprise nothing happened to him. He pulls the sword out of the pedestal, the same blue light that shot Salin was shooting straight up, surrounding him, but not harming him. Carl feels the power pulsating through the blade. The blue light halts, and Salin begins to sit up. Carl holds the sword high in the air. He was breathing heavy with excitement, and couldn't believe that HE was holding the legendary Master sword. Salin slowly gets up, and just stares at Carl. She finally breaks out of her trance and so did Carl.

"You really are the Hero of Time," Salin says, her eyes wide with amazement.

"I don't know what that is, but yeah, I guess I am."

Carl and Salin leave the Temple of Time and hurry back to the castle, with

Salin it was no problem getting in. They entered the castle and walked to the main room. They got there and bowed before Queen Zelda.

"Ah, I see you have the Master sword. You are a Hero of Time."

"Umm, excuse me, what is a Hero of Time, your highness?"

"Ah, I should explain to you your destiny. Your family is a special family.

The oldest son of each generation is deemed the power of Hero of Time. You are given the ability to fight along with the 6 sages, and hold the Master sword. Almost 40 years ago the Master sword chose your grandfather, and now it chooses you, as it will your oldest son and so fourth."

"Sooooo?" asks Carl looking for a bit more information.

"You have the power to save the world." Carl almost faints. He stumbles back a few feet.

"Me? What about this Ganondorf guy?"

"You will have to destroy him..." suddenly the ground begins to shake and a mighty wind begins to blow. The huge castle doors blow open and Ganondorf enters.

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