The Hidden Power

byCarl Moller

Part 2


"Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, destroy me? How foolish are you to think you can do such a thing?" Especially with a rope already at your neck!" Ganondorf snaps his fingers and Cilves comes in with a huge bag, he opens it, and Link, battered and beaten, comes tumbling out.

"I will exterminate you all!" Ganondorf takes out a whip and slashes it at Salin. It catches around her legs. She falls and Ganondorf begins to drag her towards him. Carl leaps and with one slash chops the whip freeing Salin;

She quickly springs up to her feet and draws a sword. The two stand close to each other, both ready for battle. Simultaneously, they charge Ganondorf. Ganondorf, with a look of shock on his face, grabs Cilves and pushes him in front of the attackers. Carl and Salin halt and stop Cilves. Cilves snaps his fingers and two gridakshma blades appear in his hands. Salin and Carl swing away at Cilves, he struggles to block their attacks. Carl hits a well timed blow to Cilves's arm, who then drops the gridakshma blade.

"Cilves, come." Ganondorf disappears and so does Cilves.

Carl runs over to his grandfather, and Salin checks on the Queen.

"Are you O.K. grandfather?"

"Yes." Just then streaks of gold shoot out of Link's body, the ropes fly

off him, and Link rises, fully healed. Carl looks amazed.

"How did you do that?" asks Carl. Link raises his hand. The same symbol of the Triforce glows on his hand, the bottom right triangle glows brightest. Zelda raises her hand and the same symbol glows, but the bottom left triangle glows brightest. Link walks over to Zelda, and gives her a hug for old times sakes. They both turn around, to look at Carl and Salin.

"You two have just met the most evil man to ever walk the Earth, that was Ganondorf."

Carl and Salin look at each other, not surprised at what they just heard.

"You two, as a team, must defeat Ganondorf, and his evil minion, Cilves,"

adds the Queen, "but first you two must learn something, a secret... A great secret. But before this, I must give you a gift." she says to Salin. Zelda walks behind the throne, hits a switch and a secret compartment opens in the wall. Zelda carries out a large chest and puts it before Salin. Salin opens the chest and takes out a beautiful sword; a handle lined with rubies and an image of fire engraved in it. And a very special blade. Salin touches the blade and pulls her hand back to reveal a burn. Salin holds the sword looking it over in amazement.

"That's the Burning blade, it's yours now."

"Thank you, thank you!" Salin says very appreciative.

"Now for that important piece of information." Link turns and looks at

Carl, then looks at Salin. "You, Carl and Salin, well you're twins."

"WHAT!?" Carl and Salin immediately reply.

"You're twins. Salin, we gave you up to the Sheikah, because both of you

two were destined for greatness. We Zelda and I, figured we should split you up, so if the unthinkable, should happen, there would still be one of you."

"Sooo, what you're really trying to say is, that you separated us at birth, and that Salin and I are twin brother and sister?" replies Carl.

"Yes, twins. Not normal twins, you are both special, and have a special connection with each other. You can read each other's thoughts, that's why, I know now, you two were such a match for each other when you fought. You could anticipate, each other's moves. You have a telepathic link with each other," says Zelda.

"So what do we do now?" inquires Salin.

"You must find Ganondorf and destroy him, once and for all," Link says with

utmost importance.

"Where?" asks Carl.

"He is hiding in the dried up well in Kakariko. Make sure that you don't

rise suspicion." Link walks over to Carl, holds his hands. Carl feels a slight surge pass through him. Carl now has the Triforce symbol on his hand, the same one as Link did.

"I've given you the Triforce of Courage. It will allow you to stand up to the most impossible, and hopeless situations. Now go, go and save Hyrule, destroy Ganondorf and his minion," Link says with great importance. Carl and Salin look at each other and they begin to run off.

"Wait, you can't defeat Ganondorf like that, go to my cellar. You'll find two shields, one shield has a special shiny layer. It's known as the Mirror shield, that's for you Carl. Salin there is a Hylian shield, not just any, it's magically gifted, that is for you. Now go!" Link urges. Carl and Salin run off.

"Do you think they can do it?" asks Zelda.

"I sure hope so" Link replies.

When Carl and Salin get out of the castle town, Spirit is waiting outside.

"Hey, boy, how'd you get out?" Carl shrugs "Oh well, doesn't matter it's

convenient." Carl mounts Spirit then takes her sister's hand and hoists her up. Carl hits the horse with his heel and they dash off. Within 15 minutes they reach Lon Lon Ranch. Our heroes are cautious. They enter the house, moving slowly. Malon is in the kitchen. Carl and Salin run by as fast as they can.

"Hi grandma, bye grandma." Carl and Salin go down the hall into his grandparent's room.

"What are you doing?" asks Sari annoyingly.

"Get out of here, Sari!" Carl says with a bit of anger.

"What are you doing in here? Who's that girl? Ooooooo, Carl's got a

girlfriend, Carl's got a girlfriend!" Sari chants to antagonize her brother.

"Sari, get out of here!" Carl gives her one last warning. Sari continues her chant; Carl draws his dagger and chases her out of the room (with no intention of hurting her).

"Hurry, quick, move the bed!" Carl runs over, they push the bed over and lift the panels.

"Carl! Get out here mister," Malon shouts coming down the hall.

"Hurry," Carl rushes Salin down the ladder. Carl grabs the ring to close

the panels and jumps down, closing the entrance behind him.

"Carl..." Malon looks around, "where'd you go?"

Meanwhile, in the downstairs cellar Carl lights all the torches. He and

Salin hurriedly look for the shields.

"Found them," calls out Salin. She hands Carl the mirror shield. He puts it over his shoulder, as does Salin. "What now?" asks Salin.

"We head to Kakariko," Carl says looking for the switch. Suddenly the Earth begins to shake, a fierce wind begins to blow, they can hear screams from Malon and Carl's siblings, they hear a thud.

"Where is he, old woman?" Ganondorf can be heard shouting.

"I don't know, I swear!" Malon says timidly. Thunder cracks in the


"Listen lady, I'm not playing games, where is Carl?"

"I told you I don't know," a crack is heard followed by Malon's cry.

"One more chance old lady, where is he?" Ganondorf is highly frustrated.

"I don't know!" Malon shouts through her tears.

"You won't tell me? Then you will die for your loyalties!" Ganondorf shouts

at Malon, the unsheathing of a sword is heard. Malon screams with terror, Carl pushes by Salin and hurries up the ladder, pushing the boards up. He sees Ganondorf standing over Malon holding a sword in front of her. Ganondorf raises the sword.

"Ganondorf!" Carl shouts. Ganondorf turns around and looks at Carl, he gives an evil sneer. Malon stands up and runs as fast as she can. The tarp on the roof has been blown off the house, the rain is pouring in, lightning and thunder go off constantly.

"You foolish little boy." Ganondorf charges Carl. Carl takes out the Master sword and stands ready. Carl side-steps Ganondorf and trips him. Ganondorf flies, landing face first. Ganondorf rises, looking extremely ticked off.

"The Great Ganondorf, true ruler of Hyrule, embarrassed, by this, this child!" Ganondorf lets out a roar of anger and swings at Carl. Carl blocks, the two engage in a great duel, parleying each other at every step.

Down in the cellar, Salin stands, waiting. Suddenly a great blast of water shoots past her ear. The water hits the wall and begins to burn through. With great swiftness, Salin turns around and draws the Burning blade to see Cilves.

"Hello, little girl." Cilves draws a gridakshma blade and runs at Salin.

Salin begins to block Cilves's attacks; Cilves swings at Salin's legs.

Salin, with more grace then you can imagine, performs a perfect back flip. Cilves, extremely frustrated, raises his hand, yells and shoots another blast of water at Salin. She jumps to the side but some lands on her arm and it begins to burn. Salin realizes the water is acidic. Cilves launches another blast. Salin raises her shield, and the water eats through it. Salin is shocked and steps back a few feet. Cilves blasts another torrent at Salin. Salin raises the burning blade. The heat of the blade evaporates the acid. Salin charges at Cilves, dodges a blast of water, and slices at him. He falls to the ground in pain; Salin, with one final blow, strikes him with her sword. Cilves, in a burning mess, collapses dead.

Meanwhile, the battle between Ganondorf and Carl continues, Ganondorf begins to get frustrated, swinging his blade in a mad rage, but he still backs up Carl. Carl gets knocked off balance and drops the Master sword. Ganondorf goes to pick it up. As soon as he touches it the same blue light that blasted Salin sends Ganondorf twenty feet in the opposite direction through the bedroom wall. Carl recovers and grabs the sword, he stands ready. Ganondorf stands up and walks methodically toward Carl. As Ganondorf approaches, the panels that are a part of the entrance to the cellar, rise and Salin emerges with a readied bow. She shoots an arrow straight into Ganondorf's stomach. Ganondorf falls to the ground, despite the shot, he rips the arrow out of his stomach, stands up, grabs Salin, punches her out, and throws her at Carl. Carl catches her and puts her down. Carl charges at Ganondorf, swinging the Master sword in a fury. Ganondorf, backing up, barely able to move due to the pain of the arrow shot. Ganondorf fights through it, blocking, even attacking at Carl. Ganondorf swings at Carl head. Carl blocks, spins and swings the sword, slashing Ganondorf's knee. Ganondorf yells in pain and falls to one knee. In his pain he drops his sword. Ganondorf begins to beg for mercy.

"Don't kill me!" pleads Ganondorf.

"Promise me power!" Carl shouts.

"All that I have and more. I'll give you anything! Just don't kill me!"

Ganondorf is desperate.

"I want the Triforce, you bastard!" Carl stabs Ganondorf through his dark heart. Ganondorf falls, motionless. Carl stands over him. Ganondorf fidget's and Carl stabs through him again. Salin stands up walks over to Carl and looks at the motionless Ganondorf.

"Is he dead?" Salin asks.

"He better be." Carl answers.

"What now?" Salin is confused. Suddenly Link and Zelda come walking up.

"This," Zelda adds, "6 Sages now!" Zelda raises her hands and the six sages

appear, a gold and white light shoots out of their hands, engulfing Ganondorf. Although he is already dead, they transport him to the realm of the void. Just to be safe. When the light clears Ganondorf is gone, the clouds break and the sun emerges. The Triforce of Power remains, it flies to Carl, he feels the same surge of power as he did when he got the Triforce of Courage, Carl looks up at the sky and breathes a sigh of relief.

"It's over, it's finally over," Carl says.

"No, it's not," Zelda adds.

"WHAT," Carl is shocked, "if there's more I quit as Hero of Time O.K.?!" He


"No, it's not bad, there is still something I must do. Walk with me, Carl."

Carl begins to walk along side the Queen, listening to every word she say. She clutches his hand in hers and passes on the Triforce of Wisdom, Carl absorbs the power.

"You, Carl, are now ready for your true destiny. You now have the full Triforce, and with that you are undefeatable, and the most righteous man to ever walk the Earth. Come with me."

A week later a crowd gathers in front of Hyrule Castle. They await Queen Zelda, who says she has an important announcement to make. Guards hold back the crowd as Queen Zelda steps out onto the elevated stone porch.

"Loyal Hyrulians, I have grown old, and I still do not have a rightful successor, I have failed to provide an heir, but now I have. Do you wish to meet your new prince?" The crowd begins to cheer. "Alright then, welcome, Carl, Prince of Hyrule!" The Queen points towards the curtain and Carl comes out. When he finally looks out he is shocked at how many people showed up. The Goron's, Zora's, and all the Kokiri had come. Carl almost passed out. But he keeps his cool and waved at the masses as they began to cheer at their new prince, and soon to be King.

"This boy is no ordinary boy, he is savior of Hyrule, and barer of the Triforce, also he wields the Master sword." Zelda states to her people. The crowd begins to muster amongst themselves in disbelief.

"Yeah, right!" a woman shouts.

"The Master sword is only legend!" another shouts. The crowd begins to get

angry, they push past the guards.

"The Queen think's you're fools!" an angry woman of the mob shouts. Suddenly ten Gerudo's charge the castle. The Gerudo's we're the one's who yelled all the disparaging remarks.

"Assassination attempt!" one of the guards shouts. The guards form into routine. Three Gerudos pass the guards and charge Zelda. Carl steps in front of her and takes out the Master sword. The Gerudos stop as they notice the blade being the Master sword. One charged, Carl blocked her swing and sliced her through, she fell dead. The other two charged, Carl fends them off, but can not get in an offensive move. He rolled back and the Gerudo's began the circle him. Carl raises his arm and the Triforce begins to glow. Golden beams shoot out, and evaporate the two remaining assassins. The angry mob stops and looked at Carl in awe.

"He really does have them."

"He is the true kink!" The mob fell to their knees before Carl, all but the

two remaining Gerudo's who had not been killed. Suddenly, two arrows shot out of the sky and struck the two down. Everyone looks up to see Salin standing on the balcony with her bow drawn.

The crowds settle down and after getting over the awe of viewing the power of the Triforce they went to their homes. The sun set, Carl began to speak with Zelda, about the responsibilities of being king.

The End


The After Word

A few years later Queen Zelda died, of natural causes. Carl assessed the throne, and in his long reign defeated the Gerudo's in the second war between the two countries, returning the land to Hyrule jurisdiction. During his rule, peace rules across the land. Carl married a woman, named, Kalia. The couple had three children. The oldest, a male named Lark, was raised told of his destiny from birth. He eventually came under rule, but Carl never died or grew old due to his possession of the full Triforce.

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