The Hidden Power

byCarl Moller

People, Places and Things You Need to Know

Carl: Grandson of Link. Future Hero of Time and Savior of the world. He is also the hero of the story.
Link (Pictured as Teen): Once saved the world, bearer of the Triforce of Courage. Took in Carl after his father was mysteriously murdered and his mother died in child birth..
Salin: Loyal guard of Queen Zelda. Raised by Sheikah, very proficient with the bow. Is more then she seems.
Queen Zelda (Shown as Teen): The 7th sage. Queen of Hyrule, Bearer of the Triforce of Wisdom (With good reason).

The Baddies

Ganondorf: The most evil man the world has ever seen. Is hell bent on killing Link and Carl as well as taking over the world. Bearer of the Triforce of Power.
Cilves: Ganondorf's evil apprentice.


The Six Sages:

The timeless ones and the first six people to live in Hyrule. Immortal, with limitless magical powers. Once lived in Hyrule, but were awakened by Link and now rule the Sacred Realm.

Darunia: Sworn brother of Link and Sage of Fire.
Impa: Once royal guard of PRINCESS Zelda, Sage of Shadow.
Saria: Lifelong friend of Link, Sage of Forest.
Nabooru: Once thief, Link "showed her the light", Sage of Spirit.
Ruto: Princess of Zora's, was fiancee (through misunderstanding) of Link. Sage of Water.
Rauru: Explained to Link his destiny 40 years ago. Sage of Light.

The Triforce: An object left behind by the gods. Ye who holds it may make a wish, if that person's heart is pure, Hyrule will be cast into a golden age. If that person's heart is dark, Hyrule will be destroyed. Consists of three parts, Power, Wisdom, Courage, if person whom touches it does not believe in them equally it will split, and the part in which the person believes most will stay with him. The other two pieces go to whom deserve them most. This is why when Ganondorf touched it, it split into three parts, Power staying with Ganondorf, Courage going to Link and Wisdom going to Zelda.

The Master Sword: Resting in the Temple of Time, it waits for the Hero of Time to awaken it. With power infused into it by the gods, the sword is evil's bane. The metals it is comprised of or its origin are unknown. Hero of Time: Born with the destiny to save the world, the oldest son on Link's family are all these. They have the ability to brandish the Master Sword.

Gerudo: The Hyrulian versions of the Amazons. The Gerudo's are a society of female thieves. Every one-hundred years a male who is born of Gerudian blood is allowed to stay in the society. Ganondorf is this man. After the "death" of Ganondorf the Gerudo's revolted unsuccessfully, but are no longer under Hyrulian jurisdiction. Since the unsuccessful revolution many assassination attempts have been made on Queen Zelda.

The Hyrulian Gods: Din, Goddess of Power. Shaped the world with her flaming arms. Farore, Goddess of Courage. Gave the world a sense of law. Nayru, Goddess of Wisdom. Created all beings who would uphold the law. These three Goddesses created the Triforce and left it behind. Where they placed the Triforce is known as the Sacred Realm.

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