The Hyrule Hero

By Jake

Author’s Note: This is based on the Lion King in terms of plotline and some other things I do not own characters from either franchise as this is done from a strictly fan made and in no way is done to make a profit.

Link wants nothing more then to protect Hyrule just like his father Argent but when tragedy and murder strike the people of Hyrule Link blames himself for it and runs off to a distant land where he learns to be free of responsibility and strife. However when an old face from his past returns he must choose to live out the carefree life he always loved or to face his past and return to his duty... as Hyrule's Hero.


Chapter 1

   The sun rises on Hyrule a land of peace and beauty that has lived through many conflicts and war. But even this cannot stop the people’s joyous celebration of the birth of Hyrule’s princess. Her name is to be Zelda as was the tradition among the royalty of Hyrule. She was met with a rousing crowd of both common folk and nobles as she was held up to the people by the family’s longtime friend and guardian Impa.

    Elsewhere however a man named Argent whom served Hyrule for many years as its guardian and protector now awaits his child. Argent was a simple man, tall, fair haired and strong and an accomplished swordsman. His son Link was very similar with bright curious eyes wanting to see the world in all its glory.  

   Not everyone was happy about Zelda’s birth however as the king’s half-brother Gannondorf was toying with a mouse. He was the king’s half-brother and was a big muscular dark skinned man who was cunning and devious and desired the throne with great desire.

 “Life’s not fair is it?” he said to a mouse as he let it wander his hand. “You see I’ll never be king...And you...” He grabbed the mouse by the tail grinning “shall never see the light of day…ado…”

  “Did your mother never tell you not to play with your food?” a small voice said in his ear it was Navi the royal messenger of the family. 

   “What do you want?” Gannondorf said in an exacerbated tone.

  “I came to announce that King Dapnes is on his way” Navi then glared at Gannondorf “so you’d better have a good excuse for missing your niece’s ceremony this morning!”

  Ooo I quiver with fear!”

  “Now Gannondorf…don’t look at me that way…help!!!” Gannondorf grabbed Navi by the wings preparing to pluck them when a stern voice said

 Gannondorf drop her.”

 “Impeccable timing your highness you have no idea!” Navi said as she was dropped on the floor by Gannondorf.

    Standing before them was Dapnes Hyrule ruler for a good many years and standing at his side always was Argent who trusted Gannondorf about as far as he can throw him.

 Dapnes said sternly “Aura and I didn’t see you at the ceremony of Zelda.”

  “That was today?! Oh I feel so awful!” Gannondorf said in mock sadness as he ran his nails along the stone wall creating a very loud noise that caused Navi to shudder. “Must’ve slipped my mind…”

  “Yes well as slippery as your mind is as the king’s own brother you should’ve been the first one in line!” Navi snapped as Gannondorf flicked her away casually.

 “Well I was first in line until that little wench was born…” Gannondorf said in a voice filled with contempt.

  “That ‘wench’ is my daughter...And your future Queen…” Dapnes said in a calm but stern voice.

   “Oh I should practice my curtsy…” Gannondorf said as he dramatically turned away.

  Argent who remained silent this whole time spoke out “Don’t turn your back on your kind Gannondorf.!”

  “Oh no Argent...Perhaps you shouldn’t turn your back on me…” Gannon said in a voice of hidden venom.

  Argent in a burst of anger at the words yanked out his family sword and shouted “Is that a threat!?”

 “Temper temper…I even think of threatening you or my brother with your ears to hear…”

 Navi spat at Gannon while perched on Argent’s shoulder “Pity…why not?”

  “While may have the brains and all the magic power…when it comes to strength of arms…I’m at the shallow end Lake Hylia..

  Navi sighs “there’s one in every family…57 in mine in fact and they always have a way of ruining special occasions…”

  Dapnes sighs “What am I going to do with him?

 “Well he could make a nice throne rug...”


“Well if he gets dirty we can go out and beat him!”



Chapter 2


     Link got up from bed, yawned and stretched out his arms. Then he excitedly remembered it was the day when he would finally be able to see Hyrule. He jumped out of bed practically dancing while getting ready. He was a small boy no older than 10 or 12 with short blond hair with the bangs covering his forehead. He dressed in a green tunic with brown boots and a leather belt. He was so excited he almost forgot his lucky green hat, it was a very weird hat even by Hylian standards but it belonged to his dad so he figured he may as well take it along.

  It was still very early in the day barely sunrise when Link ran into his parent’s room. Link jumped on the bed and yelled excitedly.

   Dad Come on dad get up!!” Link shouted as his father Argent turned over in his sleep.

   His mother Maria drowsily said in her sleep “your son has awoke Hun...”

  Argent replied even more drowsily “before sunrise he’s your son…” 

   Link in frustration tried to pull his dad out “come on dad!” link pulled on his dad’s arm until he slipped and fell on the floor Argent chuckled in his sleepy state.

  Link huffed and crossed his arms at his dad “You promised.”

  Argent smiled and sat up “okay okay I’m up I’m up” Link smiled and headed out for the stables. Father and son rode out into Hyrule field laughing happily as the son rose above the horizon. They stood on top of a cliff face overlooking Hyrule in all its glory.

  Argent turned to his son and said “Look link…everything the light touches…is the Kingdom of Hyrule.

  Link’s eyes widened as he saw all of Hyrule before him and could only say to this sight “wow!”

 “As the sun rises and sets my time as protector as this land will once set and your time will rise as this kingdom’s hero” Argent said mystically though Link knew he said it like that just to sound cool.

 “This will all be mine to protect?” Link asked.

 “Everything you see.”

  “Everything the light touches” Link then turned his head far west toward a place where the light didn’t touch and asked curious “what about that place? Light doesn’t touch there…”

  Argent turned toward where Link was looking “that is beyond our borders…you must never go there.”

 “But I thought a Hero could do whatever he wanted…”

  “There’s more to being a hero then getting your way all the time.”

 “There’s more?”

  Argent smiled and turned his horse down the path “follow me I’ll show ya something.”

    They now walked the field together side by side as a deer passes by “Everything you see here exists together in a delicate balance” Argent explained “As Hyrule’s protector you must be understand that all beings are important in Hyrule from the tiniest ant to the tallest deer.”

 “But dad don’t we eat deer?”

 “Yes Link but let me explain when we die our bodies become the earth and the earth grows the grass and the deer eat the grass so we are all connected in the great circle of life.”

 A familiar blue light comes in as Navi flutters in “good morning sire!”

 “Good morning Navi” said Argent.

 “Checking in on the morning report.”

  “Fire away.”

  Link hated the morning report nothing exciting happened ever while Navi rattled on and on. Link noticed a small frog and bored while Navi started talking about Zora populations and what not tried to catch it. He missed several times one time hitting his head on a rock until Argent took notice.

 “What are you doing?” he asked

“Sneaking…” Link said as he missed the frog yet again.

 “Let me show you a proper way to sneak around now stay low to the ground…”  Argent grinned as Navi moved onto an even more boring subject…moss growing “say Navi could you turn around please?” he said smiling.

“Of course sire now as you can see…” Navi turned around obediently then stopped halfway “Sire why am I turning around?”

“Stealth lesson” Argent said.

  “Oh a stealth lesson.  A STEALTH LESSON! Sire you can’t be serious!” Argent made a turnaround motion with his finger smiling. “This is so humiliating…”

 Argent whispered in Link’s ear quietly “now don’t make a sound.”

 “Well that’s the report pretty good eh Argent?” She turned around to see Argent smiling innocently with Link nowhere to be found “Link…?”

   Link then out of nowhere sprang out of the grass and shouted “BOO!” Navi let out a tiny scream then fainted onto the soil Argent laughing his head off at the scene.

   When Navi came to her senses another fairy came by “Navi news from the underground!”

  Navi listened to the news and shouted “Sire Moblins! In Hyrule!”

   Argent got up from instructing Link further and mounted his horse “Navi take Link back to the castle I’ll handle this.”

  “But dad I can help!” Link said before Argent would ride off.

  “No Link it’s too soon for you.”

Argent rode away, Link mumbled to himself after mounting his horse “I never get to go anywhere…” 

  Navi flew next to him and said encouragingly “Well when you’re a hero you can go chase and stab those mangy pig faced maggots yourself” She chuckled to herself and Link mad a smile but couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed.



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