The Knighting of Link

By Doug

Background: This is story of Link being knighted based off the 20th Anniversary story and my latest saga. It revolves around his feelings and the things taking place as well as giving a backdrop for the saga. I like to include everything that happens of importance in the characters’ lives.

Nintendo owns all rights to Legend of Zelda and its characters. This is done with respect to these characters.


            It is much prettier day then most in the magical kingdom of Hyrule as the sun rises in the sky. Without Ganon peace is not in question anymore. Link the young brown haired, brown eyed hero that vanquished him once and for all along with the beautiful blonde haired, green eyed princess of Hyrule, Zelda have enjoyed the quiet. There have been many celebrations giving glory to Link and Zelda for this final victory. Link has at times felt unappreciated by both the people as well the princess and once even went as far as getting on his trusty his horse Catherine to leave but all that is behind him now. Link finally received what he always wanted from the princess a kiss the circumstances were a little different then he hoped for but he was happy. After the defeat Link and Zelda had much to do to rebuild the kingdom which didn’t leave them much time for each other. The whole time before Ganon’s defeat Link had loved the princess and she had felt the same way though she hid it quite well. Every time before their first kiss, Spryte or some other mishap had always prevented it from taking place. Again this was behind them. When Link proposed to Zelda he felt he had earned that right through all his trials with her (he had saved her from Ganon’s clutches on quite a few occasions), he also maintained his honor by asking the king’s permission to propose and then she kept him waiting for almost a week which would unnerve most people but not Link he spent a few sleepless nights waiting for the answer. He joyous when she said yes though he quite honestly didn’t think she would being that she was after all the princess and he was just a lowly adventurer that had no money for the most part. But it wasn’t his money or lack of it that impressed Zelda it was his sense of duty and right. She fell in love with him not his failed attempts at being charming or anything like that.


            But there was something missing in Link’s life something he had wanted. The princess with her magical abilities sensed something was amiss for the young lad that she loved so much. After she sensed this yearning of his she approached her father and asked him for this one thing. She said to her father “Daddy, I think Link would like to be knighted as a knight of Hyrule.” Harkinain responds “Well, uh Zelda I guess we can do that after all he has so much for us.”


            The day had rapidly approached Link had no idea that this coming. Link is walking in the downtown area of North Castle when some guards led by Captain Krin surround him. Captain Krin smiles and says “Link you are requested immediately at the throne of the king.” Link is nervous about this and asks “What’s this about?” Krin says “I can’t tell you.” Link’s nervousness is on the edge of open fear of what this might be. As they escort him back to the castle he remains silent worrying that he did something terribly wrong. As he enters the main throne room he sees Zelda standing has a smile on her face beside her father the king who is sitting. He also notices the number of people in the throne is in the hundreds he breathes a sigh of relief knowing that if it was something he did there wouldn’t be this many people present. The king gestures him to come forward which he does. King Harkinain addresses him “Link, come here and bow before me.” Which Link does do as ordered. Then Harkinain says “In these times of conflict there are few that stand for what is right and just in this world. Those that do are given the honor knighthood and become protectors of that peace and justice. There are very few in this room that have ascended to that high ideal. This day we honor one of those that has done and served Hyrule in this capacity. Link please draw your sword and hand it to me,” which Link does then the king looking directly at Link he says “Link, you are the one that has done all these things and it gives me great pleasure to bestow upon the title of Sir Link of Hyrule for you have earned this honor with your dedication to the duty of protecting first the Triforce of Wisdom and then restoring all the Triforces to one by defeating Ganon for once and all bringing peace back to our land.” King Harkinian with Link’s Cressword taps both of Link’s shoulders then his head and the king says as he pulls the sword back to present it to Link “Rise Sir Link of Hyrule and be recognized.” In the background there is a thunderous applause by everyone present. As Link rises as Captain Krin walks up and shakes his hand saying “Welcome to the order of knights.” Link grins and says “I didn’t know but I can’t thank you enough for this honor.” Krin says “But I didn’t recommend you for this.” Then Link looks at his soon-to-be wife who moves forward and embraces him. Link pulls away slightly and says “You…you recommended me.” She leans forward and whispers in his ear “Yes, my love I did.”  Then they share a kiss to which everyone continues cheering for them.

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