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Zelda V: The Ocarina of Time

By Kirsty Singleton (Indigo_Spacen@mail.com)

Chapter 1

    Link, who was the tender age of 10 years, trembled in his bed. It was cold, but he was tired. Yet he despaired at closing his eyes, for he knew the dreams would come, plague his sleep. He could never remember the dreams themselves, only he would awaken troubled, and often in fear. He bunched the covers up around his slight form, wishing for more warmth that he knew would not come. His friends never complained of the cold, or of dreams like his, but perhaps that was because, unlike him, they had their faerie companions to deal with such things. Link knew he wasn't like his friends, he didn't have a faerie. Only real Kokiri, the name of his tribe, had real faerie companions. Saria, his best friend in the whole of Kokiri forest said one day that his companion would arrive, that he, or she, was just a little late. Link felt his eye lids sliding shut, he was helpless to stop them, they closed and then he drifted into a deep sleep, his dreams returning to plague him...

    In a clearing, not far from Link's abode, the Great Deku tree stood, letting out a sigh.

"What is it, Great Deku tree?" asked a tiny voice. The Deku's features shifted, as so to focus on a tiny faerie before him.

"We can wait no longer Navi, summon the boy, and summon him now, so that it is not to late for him to learn, to learn what is needed to be learnt," said the Deku tree, his voice weary and old. The faerie before him, whose name was Navi nodded sadly. She had been a constant companion to the tree as well as a helper. Never in all of her years had he sounded so aged.

"I will fetch the chosen one, he will not be too late, I promise you Great Deku," said Navi dutifully. "Thank you Navi, thank you," said the tree, as the tiny sprite left the clearing.

    Navi flew from the clearing, as fast as she could. Beams of sun had just began to stream through the trees of the forest, shards of light dancing off a stream nearby. A soft wind rustled the leaves of the trees, and as Navi was absorbing the sights and sounds of the forest, she failed to notice a fence looming up on ahead of her. She crashed into it, falling back to the soft earth, in amongst the dew soaked grass. She sniffled a little, shaking her head, smiling half-heartedly at the situation. She stood up, dusted off her dress and flew into the air, and over the fence, towards Link's abode. She flew in through the window, and saw a trembling form in the darkness, huddled up in the white sheets.

"So it is true," she whispered, alighting herself on the end of the bed. "You do know, you do feel the evil. Not anymore," said Navi, placing her hand upon the small boy's sweat soaked forehead. He simply shifted to one side, flinching away. She frowned a little. "Wake up," she whispered into his ear. No response. She stood up and pouted, fluffing her raven black hair a little. "Wake up!" she said, a little louder. The boy turned her way, his mouth slightly open, his eyes still shut. "Come on sleepy head! Wake up!" she cried, as loud as her lungs would allow. When he failed to wake, she grabbed his nose and pinched it hard, sending the boy's eyes wide open. The boy seemed a little hazy at first, then his pupils came together as he focused on the tiny faerie standing before him. "Talk about being a sleepy head. Now come on, you need to get up, the Deku tree needs to see you!" said Navi, her tone business-like.

"Wh-!" began the boy, shocked and surprised. Navi cut in.

"When I say now, I generally mean now," she added helpfully. The boy, Link swung his legs over the edge of the bed, allowing them to dangle above the floor for a moment. He looked at Navi, who was now to his side.

"The Great Deku tree?" he asked.

"Do you know any other Deku tree that hangs about this place?" asked Navi impatiently. Link smiled a little.

"Are you my new companion?" he asked hopefully. Navi shrugged.

"Y'know, I guess I am. So hurry up and get ready, the Deku tree needs to see you like, this century," said Navi. Link got up jumping into the air.

"Yaay! I got a faerie. That makes me a real Kokiri now!" he exclaimed happily. Navi flew across the room and grabbed a green tunic from a wooden table, she flew back over to Link, dropping it as his feet. Link smiled appreciatively and bent down and grabbed his tunic, slipping it on over his vest and bottoms. Navi dropped a belt on his bed, which he picked up and strapped around his waist. "Will I make my bed?" he asked, looking up at the faerie. Navi glanced over at the rumpled sheets and pointed a finger at them, slowly making them straighten out.

"No need, now come on, it's time to go see the Great Deku tree!" said Navi, flying excitedly out of the window. Link leaned out, looking down at the drop.

"I think I'll go through the door," he commented. Navi, looked down.

"Oops, sorry, I forgot," she admitted, flying back inside the small house, following Link out through the entrance and down the ladder.


"Link!" called out a voice as Link touched the ground. He turned and smiled, waving across at his friend, Saria. She also wore a green tunic, the same as every other Kokiri. Her hair was short, and blonde, a green hat atop her head. Saria waved back, waiting for him as he ran over. When she saw Navi, closely behind she broke out into an even wider smile. "Oh Link! This is wonderful! You finally got a faerie companion at last! I said you would, she's just a bit late!" said Saria, drawing Link into a big hug.

"I'm not late!" protested Navi touchily.

"She's a sweet little thing, what is she called?" asked Saria, giving a short glance to Navi before looking back to Link.

"Uh," began Link, turning to Navi. Navi rolled her eyes.

"Navi, I'm called Navi," she said as sweetly as she could.

"Oh that's a lovely name Link, did you choose it?" asked Saria, not giving Navi a second glance. Link shook his head.

"No, he didn't. I was given my name by the Great Deku tree, which reminds me..." stated Navi haughtily. Saria's eyes widened.

"Yeah Saria, I've been summoned by the Great Deku tree! Isn't it amazing?!" exclaimed Link, his blue eyes shining. Saria gave her friend another hug.

"It's brilliant! After all these years, you never had a companion, and now you have one and are called to an audience with the Great Deku tree. You'll have to tell me all about it when you come back!" said Saria, enthusiastically.

"I will, I will!" said Link, nodding his head.

"He will most certainly not. Audiences with the Great Deku tree are to be kept strictly confidential!" said Navi authoritatively . Saria nor Link gave her a second glance.

"Mido will be so jealous! He's wanted to see the Great Deku tree since forever, and know you're going to see him before he even does. Serves him right. Now you have a faerie and an audience with the Great Deku tree!" said Saria.

"Yeah, that'll stop him from being nasty to me and saying I was an outsider just because I didn't have a faerie like everyone else!" said Link with a bright smile.

"I hate to interrupt your little conversation, but me and my companion have business to attend, don't we Link?" said Navi, speaking up again. She grabbed Link by the hand, and began to pull him a little forward. Link smiled at Saria, waving at her with his occupied hand, almost sending Navi into orbit.

"See you Saria. I'll tell you everything!" promised Link. He looked down at the stricken Navi and smiled sheepishly at her. "Sorry about that, I guess I'm just not used to you yet," apologised Link.

"That's okay, I don't think I'll ever be used to having a human," said Navi, wondering what she had got herself into.


"So, Mr No faerie returns!" said a snide voice. Link glared at the speaker, Mido. His hair was a reddish blonde colour, a little like his own, but a lot deeper. Link himself was a strawberry blonde. It sounded so girlie, but that was what the twins had told him.

"I'm here to see the Deku tree," said Link proudly.

"That's the Great Deku tree to you Mr No faerie. You're not even a real man without a faerie!" said Mido, prodding Link in the chest.

"A-hem, excuse me, but Link is not Mr No faerie anymore. He has a faerie companion now," said Navi smugly, appearing from behind Link. Mido stared in amazement, first at Navi and then at Link.

"What!?" he exclaimed.

"That's right, you can't call Link an outsider any more because he has me. So there!" said Navi.

"Whaaat!? B-but, what would the Great Deku tree want to see you for? Why not me!?" asked Mido in protest.

"Because he doesn't want to see you, he wants to see Link. So you'd better let him past, or the Deku tree might get very mad," said Navi. Mido shook his head.

"Not without a sword and a shield, you can't go in. Only a real hero can see the Deku tree, and you can't be one without the right equipment," said Mido, folding his arms, regaining a little composure. Navi looked at Link, who was looking questioningly at her.

"He's right, you probably do need some a equipment, but it's nothing you can't get," she whispered to her companion. She turned back to Mido, giving Link a sideways glance. "Come on Link, we'll show this guy," she said, before turning and flying away. Link gave Mido one last even stare before also turning his back on Mido, and following his new faerie companion.


"Where am I going to get a sword from, or a shield? I've seen shields for sale, but they'll cost me 40 rupees!" said Link shaking his head.

"Well, I know where to find a sword. The Kokiri sword to be exact," said Navi, smiling a Link. The young boy looked at Navi, brightening up.

"You do?" he asked hopefully.

"Sure I do. I'm a faerie and a smart one at that, I know everything!" said Navi, sounding almost insulted at Link's question.

"Great. Where is it, tell me and then I'll go get it!" said Link, hopping excitedly from one foot to the other.

"The training ground, it's hidden there somewhere. It's in a place where only a kid could reach it, so that no adult could ever steal it from us," Navi told Link. Link nodded.

"Then I'll go there straight away!" he said, bounding off in the direction of the training ground, which was set up on a small hill. He ran up it effortlessly, Navi close behind him. He soon came to a fence, which did have an entrance, but Link just swung over it anyway, landing in a bunch of tall grass. He waded through that, to the main area, where one of the know-it-all brothers was, training against his shadow. The name know-it-all was just a nick name really, but it could be a surname, as the kids of the forest had none. There was hardly a reason, there were so few of them in the first place, so none of them had the same names anyway. The brother, named Dagunia turned and grinned at Link.

"Hey, Mr No faerie! What you doin' up here!?" he called. Link grimaced. It had to be the one of the know-it-all brothers who was a friend and cohort of Mido's.

"He ain't a Mr No faerie anymore, so quit while you're ahead!" said Navi loudly as she caught up with Link. Dagunia stepped back a little in surprise.

"You have a faerie?!" he asked.

"What does it look like bud, know move aside, we're looking for something," retorted Navi before Link could get in a word.

"Uh," began Dagunia, but Link had already spotted something.

"Navi look, that hole over there in the cliff, only a kid could get through there!" exclaimed Link, running over.

"Good. That has to be it then, you just climb on through there, I'll follow," said Navi, giving Link a small push.

"What if it's dangerous? Shouldn't you sort of go through first and check it's safe?" asked Link a little unsure. After all, a faerie companions job was to look after her human companion.

"I don't see why I should do it. If it is dangerous, how am I going to handle it any better than you. You're a big strong lad, you'll cope," said Navi.

"If you're sure," said Link getting down on his hands and knees and beginning to crawl through the hole.


"Well, it looks pretty safe," said Link once he was on the other side. He stood up and dusted down his tunic, looking around with interest. It seemed to be some kind of maze, with corridors carved from the earth. Navi appeared beside him.

"Yeah, it's looks safe enough. Come on, let's go this way," agreed Navi, pointing in front of them. Link obediently obliged, following behind her. Suddenly, as he walked through the narrow passage, they both heard a rumbling from behind. Link dared a glance behind his shoulder, just in time to see a huge boulder bearing down on them. "Run!" screeched Navi, flying forwards, Link sprinting behind her. They turned a corner sharply, then another.

"Hey look, there's a chest there," pointed out Link, panting. He walked forward and pulled it open with all of his strength. There was a click and it opened. Link looked inside and to his delight he spotted a shiny sword. He leaned down inside the chest, which was big enough to engulf him and grabbed it, holding it aloft for Navi to see.

"It's the Kokiri sword sure enough! Now let's go and show that Mido a thing or two about proper equipment!" said Navi enthusiastically.

"Yeah, but I still need a shield," said Link despondently.

"Don't worry, we'll get one. How many rupees have you got saved?" asked Navi. Link watched as the huge boulder rumbled past, down the opposite passage.

"Dunno," he replied, feeling his pockets. He turned and looked back into the chest, spotting a sheath. He grabbed that too, and strapped it to his back, putting the sword inside.

"Well, we're going to have to do better than that," said Navi. Link began to walk down the corridor, following the boulder till it came past the hole he had entered through. He stopped, waiting for Navi. "Well," she asked, looking at him. He shrugged again.

"I'll never find 50 rupees in time," he whined. "You will, but let's get out of here first," promised Navi. Link nodded dejectedly, then got back down on his hands and knees, ready to crawl back through the cramped hole.


"Yep, a fine shield such as this will put you back 40 rupees, but it'll pay for itself, believe me," said the merchant to Navi and Link. They were in the Kokiri shop, which sold all kinds of foods and drinks, as well as an unlimited supply of green tunics. It sold weaponry too, such as Deku sticks and shields.

"Could you not sell it for say, 20?" asked Navi. They had gone back to Link's house and looked into his savings. He had had a grand total of 22 rupees, which they had taken with them. The merchant looked thoughtful for a moment then shook his head.

"Nope, couldn't let her go for less than 35 rupees," he replied. Link sighed looking down at his feet.

"22 is all we got, you'll either make some money if you accept, or none at all," said Navi in a cool voice. The merchant twisted his face a little as he mulled it over.

"30 and it's a deal, but that's as low as I'll go," he said.

"If we got the shield now, it would rip the smug smile from Mido's face for at least a month," said Navi temptingly.

"A month! Boy would I like to see that, you really think it would?!" asked the merchant, his face lighting up at the prospect.

"Link has to have an audience with the Deku tree himself, only Mido won't let us through you see. The quicker this is done, the quicker that smile will be off his face!" said Navi.

"I'll pay the rest back, as soon as I can, I promise," said Link, talking for the first time. The merchant looked at Link carefully then finally smiled.

"Fine, you pay me 22 rupees now, then the rest later. That means you'll owe me, wait a sec," said the merchant, quickly counting on his fingers, "8 rupees," he finished. Link smiled and took out his coin purse emptying the contents onto the counter. The merchant counted them with astounding quickness before putting them into a safe box. He then walked to the wall behind his counter and took down the shield on display, handing it over to Link. "It's only wood but it's tough, just as long as you don't let it near fire, otherwise, poof, it'll be gone," warned the merchant. Link smiled grabbing the shield and placing it proudly on his arm.

"Thanks Mr. merchant, you're the greatest! I'll pay you as soon as I can, I promise," said Link happily.

"Don't you worry about that kid, just seeing the smirk off Mido's face will be enough...almost enough for the money I don't get now," said the merchant. Strange, him calling Link a kid when that was all he was himself but still. Link nodded eagerly before running from the shop, Navi close behind.


"He's the greatest? What about me, he wouldn't have even given you it if it weren't for me mentioning the whole Mido thing!" said Navi. Link smiled sheepishly at Navi.

"Sorry, you're great too. In fact, you're the greatest faerie companion I ever had!" said Link, smiling. Navi rolled her eyes as she followed him.

"I'm the only faerie companion you had," she reminded him.

"Okay then, you're the best faerie companion anyone ever had!" amended Link. Navi flashed him a satisfied smile.

"That's better," she said, looking pleased.

"There's Mido! Let's go show him who's a real man!" said Link, spotting the Kokiri, who was still pottering about at the entrance of the Deku tree glade. Link drew his sword, slashing it about, almost catching Navi.

"Watch it, you almost took off my wing!" scolded Navi.

"Ooops, sorry," apologised Link with a grin. He was almost giddy with excitement.

"Oh Mido!" called Navi as they neared him. Mido turned and looked up, scowling.

"What do you two want?!" he asked. Link pointed his sword at Mido in an authoritative way.

"To see the Great Deku tree Mr. no sword," said Link triumphantly. Mido looked down at the blade, and then at the shield, before finally settling on Link. His face was getting redder and redder. Then he looked back at the sword, suddenly realising what it was.

"What's THAT?! Is that, is that the Kokiri sword?! What, where did you get it!!" asked Mido, infuriated.

"I found it, know let me pass," said Link, his turn to be smug.

"Huh, even with all that stuff, a wimp is still a wimp. The Great Deku tree is setting himself for a biiig disappointment," said Mido, folding his arms, stepping aside slightly.

Link stepped past Mido, smiling up at Navi. As they walked towards the clearing, they heard Mido muttering to himself. "Huh, how did he get the favourite of the Great Deku tree and Saria?! Hmph, well, at least I, the great Mido knows him for the fraud he is. He'll never be accepted by me..."


As Navi and Link entered the glade of the Great Deku, Link was overwhelmed by it's beauty and serenity. Stabs of light sliced through the trees, illuminating the Great tree itself. The Great Deku was all Link had imagined and more. It's leaves were green, greener than Link had ever seen, and the features of the tree were that of an old and wizened mage. The bark was all different shades of brown, dark in some places, light in others, but all beautifully rich in colour. The grass underneath Link's feet was plush and springy, comfortable under his boots. The tree creaked as it's features shifted onto the two figures before it.

"Ah Navi, thou hast returned..." he began, his lips cracking into a smile. "And you have brought the chosen one, Link, as I knew you would." Navi and Link both kept silent, Navi from respect, Link from both that and awe. "Listen carefully Link to what I have to say about this world, and of thee..." began the tree. Link nodded, not daring to breath never mind speak. "These past moons, no doubt your sleep has been restless and uncomfortable, full of nightmares that have persistently plagued you. You can feel it, your psyche is a-tuned to the natural balance of good and evil. You are different from the others Link..." went on the Great Deku tree. Link looked up at him, in amazement, not believing what he was hearing. "As the servants of darkness gather, a vile climate pervades the land, causing these nightmares of yours, and others. Link, the time has arrived in which you must prove your courage, and prepare you for the peril ahead, the peril which I know thou shalt succeed. I need you to break the curse within me, cast by the man of the desert, with your wisdom, your courage, and your power. Dost thou have the mettle to take on this task?" the tree's features shifted again, now solely on Link. Link gulped, and nodded. "Then enter, brave Link, and thou too Navi..." said the tree. There was the sound of snapping bark, a tremendous creaking sound scattering echoes throughout the forest, as the Deku Tree's mouth opened wide, forming an entrance. As Link and Navi walked inside, they heard the last words of the Deku tree. "Do not forget Link, to listen when Navi speaks, for her words of wisdom will prove to be invaluable..."

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