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Zelda V: The Ocarina of Time

By Kirsty Singleton (Indigo_Spacen@mail.com)

Chapter 3

   "Hey Link, wait up!" called Navi as she left the shelter of the Kokiri Forest for the vast open and expansive plain of Hyrule field. Link turned around, sniffling a little.

"Why did it have to be me, why did I have to be the one that was different?" asked Link, sombrely. Navi sighed, wondering how the Great Deku Tree would have dealt with the situation.

"Link," she began softly, walking along with the young boy. Link watched her attentively. "It's fate, it's fate that you were chosen to be the hero of Hyrule, Hyrule's champion. You should be proud, and glad. Just think, of all the people in Hyrule, you were the one chosen to alter destiny," said Navi. Link looked to the ground as they rounded the corner of the narrow passage which led out onto the field.

"Don't you think it's more like bad luck?" he asked.

"You might think that now Link, but your views will change. I mean, you have a unique chance to see the world, whilst every other Kokiri will have to stay in that forest, living the same life, day after day for the rest of their lives. You on the other chance will see something new everyday, feel something different, experience something you never have before," said Navi. She smiled contentedly to herself, the Great Deku Tree would've been proud.

"You really think that's what will happen, everyday, something that's never happened to me before will?" asked Link. Navi nodded confidently.

"Am I ever wrong?" she asked. Link's eyebrows rose high onto his forehead.

"Haven't known you that long," he pointed out. Suddenly, a huge shadow fell across the ground before Link's feet. He looked up, his eyes greeting a massive owl, perched upon a tree before him.

"Hoot hoot...Link. It appears you have finally been beckoned from the forest and out into the world, where you are needed most. Be warned, the journey ahead holds many hardships, but this is your fate. Do not feel disheartened though when times are difficult, for you shall emerge a stronger soul. Your quest shall begin at Hyrule Castle, just beyond the crest of the hill ahead, for there you shall surely meet the Princess of Destiny. And for now, that is all you need to know, but do not fear, we shall meet again, sooner than you may imagine! Hoot hoot ho!" rang the owl. Then, he spread his powerful wings and took off into the sky, disappearing from Link's line of vision. Link turned and looked at Navi.

"Who, what was that?" he asked. Navi looked upwards, then back to Link, her voice almost a whisper.

"They say he was an ancient sage of old times, Kapora Gabora," she said.

"Who is they exactly?" asked Link.

"The gossip stones," replied Navi. Link looked at Navi for a moment, waiting.

"The what?" he asked eventually. Navi let out a sigh and rolled her eyes.

"You know, those crude carved stones, with but a solitary eye. We faeries, we can converse with them," said Navi knowingly. Link looked at her disbelievingly.

"You can talk to a chunk of stone?" he asked sceptically.

"They aren't chunks of stones. They say they were the frozen souls of the Sheikahs, who passed on during the Great fires," said Navi. Link shook his head and looked at the path ahead.

"Okay, whatever you say Navi," he finally agreed after a short pause. He nodded up at the hill. "Hyrule Castle, that way?" he asked. Navi nodded.

"Like the owl said, beyond the crest of the hill," she added. Link nodded, then set off up the path.

By the time Link had reached the hill top, early evening had set in, and the sky was tinged with yellows and pinks. To the north-east, Link could make out the outline of a mountain, surrounded by a halo of cloud, and directly in front of him, to the north lay the walls of Hyrule Castle and its town.

"It's beautiful," breathed Link in awe. The only architecture he had ever seen was the crudely built forest huts in the Kokiri forest. Navi sighed in annoyance.

"Look, you haven't seen the castle yet, so save the admiration for later. You don't won't to be out when it's dark, or the Stalchilds will get you," warned Navi.

"Stalchilds?" asked Link, a shiver coursing down his spine at the thought of whatever creature these stalchilds were.

"Yeah, they're the bones of lost children, who never made it to the safety of Hyrule Castle Town before night set in," said Navi, somewhat evilly. Link looked over to the castle then back to Navi. He looked up at the sky, which was becoming a much deeper orange, a sure sign that night would fall soon. He took off at a sprint down the hill, going to fast for his legs to almost cope, he nearly tripped on more than one occasion, and the speed that he had attained on the way down the hill propelled him towards the drawbridge that lay across the moat that protected the walls of Hyrule Castle and its town. Link heard the howl of a wolf rip through the peace, and the clanking of the drawbridge chains as it began to be hoisted up. Link took a quick breath and launched himself across the narrow gap between the land and the drawbridge, grabbing hold of it with his finger tips. He pulled himself up and over the edge, then tumbled down the side, onto the ground at the feet of an astonished town guard.

"Hey kid, what're you doing, you almost killed yourself," said the man, helping Link up.

"I couldn't stay out there all night, or the Stalchilds might've got me!" said Link earnestly. The guard laughed.

"Now who's been putting them those ideas into your head son? Every adult knows there's no such demon as a Stalchild," said the guard.

"But," protested Link. Navi appeared beside him. The guard did not appear to notice.

"Besides son, where are your parents, you shouldn't be roaming Hyrule field at night alone, you from Kakariko?" continued the guard.

"No, but I need to see the princess," said Link. The guard laughed again.

"You'll have a job son, no-one but the King and her nursemaid are allowed to see the girl," said the guard. Link looked down at his feet.

"But its important!" he protested.

"Look son, you must be tired, how 'bout you come to the guard house and get some sleep, we have a spare bed there I'm sure," offered the guard. Link smiled appreciatively at the guard.

"Thanks," he replied. The guard nodded and walked into a nearby building, Link close behind. He was led up a set of stairs into a large dormitory, where several guards were sleeping. The guard gave him a hunk of bread and some hot cocoa, before leaving him again to get some sleep, which Link promptly did, the day of walking and adventuring had certainly worn him out.

    The next morning, Link was woken up by the same guard and turfed out of the guard house. Link then ventured on into the midst of Hyrule Castle town market, which was bustling with activity.

"The Castle is that way," said Navi, pointing towards the back of the market. Link nodded, beginning to head that way. As he neared the exit of the market, he noticed a girl, who looked to be of his age bobbing impatiently from one foot to the other. Her eyes were a twinkling blue, and her hair a fiery red. Link nervously attempted to pass her when she turned and spoke.

"Hey, your clothes! They're different!" she commented.

"You're observation skills are amazing!" commented Navi somewhat sarcastically. The girl ignored the faerie.

"You aren't from around here are you?" she asked. Navi cut in once again.

"No he isn't, he's from the forest if you must know," she snapped. The girl noticed Navi for the first time.

"Oh, you have a faerie! Are you a Kokiri?" asked the girl.

"Well what do you think?" demanded Navi.

"You sure have one grouchy faerie, but why are you here, I always thought the Kokiri couldn't leave the forest," said the girl.

"I'm going to see Princess Zelda," stated Link proudly. The girl let out a girlish giggle.

"Well good luck, but I doubt you could get past the guards, fairy boy," she stated.

"I bet I could," said Link, a typical male.

The girl appeared to think for a moment.

"Well, if you really think you can make it past the guards, do you think you could find my dad for me? We've been here since sun rise and it's well past lunch time, he's probably fallen asleep somewhere in the castle. What a thing for an adult to do!" That girlish giggled emerged again.

"No, we don't have time, we have an important quest to fulfil," snapped Navi. Link held up a hand, and smiled at the girl.

"Sure, I'll find your dad. But before I go, my name's Link," said Link. The girl smiled.

"My name's Malon, my dad is Talon, he owns Lon Lon ranch, we were here delivering milk when he disappeared," said Malon.

"Well it was lovely meeting you Malon, but me and Link have more important things to do," said Navi, before fluttering away and out of the square. Link gave Malon a sheepish smile before running off after his faerie companion.

"Bye faerie boy, hope I see you again soon!" called Malon after Link, but he was already gone.

    After a brief walk through the rest of the town, the two found themselves on the path to the castle. Link was giving Navi a small talk to on her insistence at cutting in on his every sentence.

"And you didn't have to be so mean to her," he added, talking about her attitude to Malon.

"Well she was asking for it. She kept calling you faerie boy too, I mean what was wrong with Link? What kind of a name is Malon anyway?" ranted Navi. Her speech was cut short by the hoot of an owl, and the two looked up again.

"Hey Link, this way!" called out the owl, whose head was twisted upside down. It looked kind of freaky. "The princess is in the castle ahead, but she is well guarded, so watch out you aren't caught! You've done well to get this far, but for now, it is farewell from me! You're a smart kid Link, you can do this! Hoo Hoo!" said the owl, before once again spreading his wings and taking to the sky above.

"He scares me," admitted Link, turning to Navi.

"And I thought you were supposed to be courageous!" said Navi.

"He's my friend, right?" asked Link.

"Trust no one," replied Navi. Link smiled mischievously.

"Not even you?" he asked.

"Of course me, you know you can trust me!" said Navi, outraged.

"But you just said..." began Link. Navi glared at Link, who promptly shut up. He looked around and spotted the castle gate up ahead. It was being guarded. "You think I can just ask him to open the gate?" asked Link hopefully. Navi fluttered to the cliff side, where a jumble of vines grew.

"I doubt it, but you could climb up here," said Navi. Link looked up and then nodded.

"Good idea," he agreed, beginning to haul himself up the vines. Navi floated up beside him, until he reached the top. He looked around and saw the top of the gate. He ran towards it, Navi close behind, then leapt down on the other side. He let out an 'oomph' as he hit the ground, but it wasn't loud enough to alert the guard on the other side.

"So far, so good," whispered Navi. Link looked around carefully, then crouched down and ran up a nearby slope, where he stopped and looked for more guards. There were two to his right and two a lot further away to his right. He got down on his belly and crawled through the tall grass, making his way towards the right, but not so far that he came near to the two other guards. Navi had by now planted herself in his pocket so he would not be given away by her natural light. He kept on his belly for a good 50 feet, before it was safe enough to resume a crouching position. He dashed over to a small cliff, avoiding another two guards and began to climb up it, it's quite jagged surface providing many good hand and foot holds. Once he was up there, he glanced to his right and noticed two guards further along, he was in the castle now, but still not beyond the moat. He couldn't walk to his left, because it was just cliff, and to his right were the guards. He looked down into the moat and hoped the Hyrulian Royal family weren't into infesting their moats with crocodiles or piranhas. He slowly lowered himself into the moat, as so not to make to much of a commotion then swam along it, keeping under water for the majority of the time until he was well past the two guards and dragged himself up onto the nearby bank. He then headed forward, were he spotted some kind of supplies depositing area, which was currently stocked up with many crates of milk. As Link neared the crates, he heard the tell-tale snore of a man coming from behind one of the crates. Link peered behind the crate, where he saw a large man, with a thick black moustache, and very little hair leaning against one of the crates. He was sound asleep, the snoring was coming from him. Link gently tapped the man on the shoulder, but when that didn't awake him, he gave him a harder shake.

"What in tarnation?! Can't a guy get a little shut-eye round here?" demanded the man, jumping up suddenly.

"Uh hi, are you Talon?" asked Link.

"Yep, sure as sure, I'm Talon, owner of Lon Lon ranch, but what's your name son?" replied the man.

"Link, that's what I'm called, but it's not important. I saw your daughter, Malon earlier on, she said she'd been waiting for you all day to come back," said Link. Talons eyes widened in realisation.

"What?! Malon? Oh darn, I'm gonna catch it now! I messed up bad leaving her back in town! I'm really gonna have it now! Look kid, I'd love to stay and chat, but you don't know my Malon when she's annoyed!" said Talon, coming more alive suddenly. He let out a small groan before running off in the opposite direction. Navi emerged from Link's pocket.

"I told you she wasn't right, I mean her own father's terrified of her!" insisted Navi. Link looked at Navi, eyebrows raised, his forehead creasing slightly.

"Okay, whatever Navi," he said. He looked around and saw a door, and walked over to it, attempting to open it. But it was locked. Navi was looking around also.

"Hey Link, could you fit through this drain?" she asked, pointing to a small space in which water was cascading from. It was on the opposite wall, and quite high up. Link looked around, then climbed onto a nearby milk crate.

"If I can get across," he said, leaping across. He made it with plenty of ground left. He crouched down and looked through the hole. "Don't see why I can't," he said, getting down on all fours and beginning to squirm through the gap.

    On the other side, the pair came out into what looked like an ornamental garden. There were hedges and statues, and even fountains littered about everywhere.

"Where now?" asked Link.

"I don't really know, Zelda could be anywhere. But let's try getting through these gardens first, then think about it," suggested Navi. Link nodded and stepped forward, quickly stepping back just in time to avoid bumping into a guard. "Careful!" whispered Navi. Link nodded and waited for the guard to walk off again before quickly sprinting to the next from of shelter which was also a hedge. Navi peered over the edge for him, and reported 2 guards.

"What now?" asked Link.

"I'll distract them. You run across behind that fountain, while you can," said Navi, before flying up and over the hedge. Link watched through the spaces in the hedge as Navi whirled around the heads of the two guards. They began swatting at her angrily, presuming her to be a huge fire fly, and Link took his chance, dashing across, half running, half rolling to behind the safety of the fountain. Minutes later he was rejoined by a breathless Navi. "You'd better thank me for that," she said raggedly.

"Thanks," said Link with a grin.

"Look, just past there, and exit," pointed out Navi suddenly. Link followed her gaze. Link looked at the 2 guards who were patrolling around the square formation hedge.

"All it requires is timing," commented Link, pausing for a couple of seconds then jumping up and sprinting towards the side of unguarded hedge. He paused another two seconds before running again, swerving into the isolated castle courtyard.

    It wasn't really a courtyard, but it was charming and tranquil. There was an arrangement of flowers in the middle of the small yard, all yellow. A tiny stream/moat surrounded the yard, which was covered in lush, and neatly trimmed green grass. At the end of the yard was a set of white marble steps which led up to a large, picture window. There, standing and peering into the window, slightly crouched, was a white dressed figure, who could only be a child of Link's age. Link quietly and carefully proceeded towards the figure, barely making a sound. But as his leather boots slapped of the white marble, the figure turned with a gasp of surprise.

"Who?" uttered the young girl who face Link. Her ears were pointed at the tips, showing she was a clear Hylian, and her eyes were very, very blue. A head-dress she wore allowed not one strand of hair to peek out but Link was immediately captivated by her delicate and beautiful features. "Who are you?" repeated the girl, interrupting Link's thoughts. "How did you get past the guard?" demanded the girl, although demand was too strong a word, her voice was too soft and kind to demand. Link opened his mouth to tell her his name, but the word caught in his throat, and it came out a whisper.


"What's that?" asked the girl, but then something caught her eye, and she momentarily lost interest in Link. "Is that..?" she began to ask.

"A faerie? Yes, and my name is Navi, this is Link, and before you ask, yes he is from the forest," said Navi rather impatiently. The girl seemed excited by the turn of events and leaned towards Link, the words pouring out in an excited blurble.

"Then...then you wouldn't happen to have the Spiritual Stone of the forest would you? That green and shining stone...?" Link attempted to answer but Navi beat him to it.

"Yes, and what if he has," she snapped defensively. The girl wasn't fazed by the faerie's attitude, and kept her gaze on Link.

"Have you?" she asked again.

"Yes," Link answered quickly, although his throat was still dry. The girl laughed with joy, a pretty and musical laugh that Link longed to hear again.

"Just as I thought!" declared the girl. "I had a dream...in the dream dark storm clouds were billowing over this land, but suddenly a ray of light shot from the forest and parted the clouds, lit up the ground below. The light, it turned into a figure, who held in his hands a green and shining stone, and he was followed, by a, by a faerie, just like you!" said Zelda eagerly, pointing at Link. "I knew this was a prophecy, and now look, here you are, with a faerie, and the Spiritual Stone of the forest!" said Zelda. She smiled at Link for a moment, who shyly smiled back, then her eyes widened. "Oh, but I am sorry! I haven't even yet introduced myself properly. Forgive me, I am Zelda, Princess of Hyrule," introduced the girl at last.

"Like we didn't guess," said Navi in a bored tone. Link turned and glared at Navi, before allowing his eyes to settle back onto Zelda.

"Your faerie said your name was Link...strange, it seems familiar somehow, but now, I shall tell you the secret of the Sacred Realm that has been passed down by the Royal family of Hyrule. But first you must promise not to tell another soul," said Zelda gravely. Link nodded.

"I promise," he said, his tone solemn. Zelda smiled, and looked down at her hands.

"The legend goes like this...

When the 3 Great Goddesses left this realm, they hid the Triforce somewhere in Hyrule, in the hope that it would never fall into the hands of a wrong doer. Power grants the wish of He who holds it in his hands. If He has a righteous mind, then his wishes will ensure peace and prosperity shall adorn the land, but if He who holds it has a mind of evil, then Hyrule and the world itself shall be consumed by a seething hatred and evil. To aid the Goddesses in their hope of securing the Triforce the ancient sages constructed the Temple of Time to protect the passage which lay between the realm of Hyrule and the Sacred Realm where the Triforce lay...

    "What? So the Temple of Time is.." asked Link.

"That's right, the Temple of Time is the entrance through which we can enter the sacred realm from our world. But the entrance is sealed and can only be opened by the 3 Spiritual stones, one of the forest, one of the mountain, and one of the water, and then there is one more item required, the treasure which my family keeps along with this legend, the Ocarina of Time."

"If you ask me, it sounds a bit like a tall story to me," said Navi sourly. Zelda promptly ignored her.

"When you saw me, I was looking through this window," said Zelda, gesturing towards the window with a sweep of her hand. Link nodded. "There is a man in there, he is called Ganondorf Dragmire. He is the leader of the Gerudos, a race who inhabit the desert to the west. I believe he is the other element of my prophecy, the dark clouds in the sky," said Zelda, pointing into the window. Link stepped forward and looked through the glass, where he caught sight of a man, clad in black armour, with olive skin and flaming red hair. "Can you see him? The man with the evil eyes?" asked Zelda. Link barely nodded, his eyes still on the man from the desert. He had to be the man, the man who had put the curse on the Great Deku Tree. His eyes met with Navi's, whose thoughts were the same.

"It's him," she murmured. Suddenly, the man turned and looked out of the window, Link ducked down, as did Navi.

"What happened? Did he see you?" asked Zelda.

"I'm not sure," replied Link, still finding it hard to talk to the princess.

"Don't worry, he doesn't know what we are planning, yet," said Zelda, looking almost gleeful.

"Didn't you tell your father?" asked Navi, turning serious.

"Yes, but he didn't believe that it was a prophecy, he just thought it was my silly imagination. But...I can sense that mans evil intentions! He has come to Hyrule to obtain nothing less than the Sacred Golden Triangle so that he can use it not only to conquer this land, but the rest of the world! We must stop him at all costs!" said Zelda, her voice turning once again a serious tone. Navi watched as Link nodded gravely, wondering how it was that fate had decided to pit two mere children against a fully grown man in a fight that would result in the entire destiny of the world. "Thank you Link, thank you. I am a little afraid, I have a feeling that this is a man who will destroy Hyrule. He has such terrifying power! But it is fortunate that you have come. We must not Ganondorf get the Triforce, we just can't. I shall protect the Ocarina of Time with all of my power. He shall not have it! You must find the two other Spiritual Stones. If we can obtain the Triforce before Ganondorf, then we can defeat him!" said Zelda finally finishing.

"I shall do everything in my power to protect the Spiritual Stone of the forest, and to obtain the other two," promised Link. Zelda nodded and leaned forward, giving Link a peck on the cheek. "And now you must leave, I eagerly await your return Link, and good luck. My attendant will guide you out of the castle. Do not be afraid to talk to her. Farewell," said Zelda. Link nodded, then turned and saw a tall, formidable looking woman at the end of the yard, he looked back unsurely at Zelda. "Go now, before the guards realise you are here," said Zelda. Link nodded then walked towards the woman, whose hair was cut short at the sides and the top, more like a man's than a woman's. She wore blue and silver armour, and her eyes were of a fiery red tinge. Although she looked formidable, Link could tell she was good.

"I am Impa of the Shiekah people. I am responsible for the well-being of Princess Zelda. Everything is as the princess foretold. You are a courageous boy to be under taking such a task. It was my role in the dream to teach the one from the dream a valuable melody. It was used as a lullaby to all the children of the Royal family, in including Zelda, but there is a mysterious power in these notes that pulls upon the ether. Listen carefully and repeat after me." Link listened as the woman blew upon her fingers to produce a low note, which was carried throughout the melody. He could see why it was used as a lullaby, it had tones of security and calmness. Link took out the ocarina given to him by Saria and replicated the tune Impa had just performed, almost perfectly. He was amazed at how well he played the ocarina, how it seemed to fit his hand perfectly, and produce the notes he needed. Impa smiled and nodded. "Now follow me, if the castle guards find you here, there will be trouble," said Impa, before leading them away from the courtyard and through a door Link had not seen earlier, which led to an underground cellar which eventually took them out of the castle, and into the grounds of Hyrule Castle town. Soon, they were outside the town and facing the mountain with the halo.

    "You are a brave lad. Together we must all protect this beautiful land of ours. Take a good look at that mountain. It is Death Mountain, home to the Goron race. They hold the Spiritual Stone of fire. My home, Kakariko village lies at the foot of that mountain. I was born and raised there. Talk to the villagers before you venture up the mountain, they may be able to give you valuable information on the mountain, more than I can provide. The song I taught you is only known by members of the Royal family or those close to it, so it will help you prove your connections with the family. Good luck, Link, we will await your return," said Impa. Then, she took a step back, and before Link could turn to watch, she was gone in a bang. There was a faint smell of Deku seed in the air after she had gone, like that of an exploding deku seed.

"Where'd she go?" asked Link.

"She just vanished, but she is a Sheikah. Now come on, we have to get to Kakariko. We have to keep ahead of the man of the desert at all costs," said Navi, before joining Link as he strode towards the staircase that led to the small mountain village.

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