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Zelda V: The Ocarina of Time

By Kirsty Singleton (Indigo_Spacen@mail.com)

Chapter 4

Link looked around as he approached the small mountain village of Kakariko. He walked up to the gate, which was being guarded by a town guard. The guard looked down at him, a friendly smile on his face.

"Good day, welcome to Kakariko village. I haven't seen you round these parts before son, you knew to Hyrule?" asked the guard.

"No, he's from the Kokiri forest, which way to Death Mountain Trail?" piped up Navi. The guard looked at Navi in surprise.

"Hey a faerie, is this your pet son? My daughter would love a pet faerie more than anything in the world," remarked the guard. Navi's forehead puckered up into a frown and she placed her hands on her hips as she fluttered beside Link.

"No, I'm not a pet, not his. I'm his companion," said Navi. Link looked at Navi for a second and quickly nodded.

"Yeah, she's my faerie..." began Link. He looked back to Navi who was shooting him daggers. "My faerie companion," he finished. The guard shrugged.

"Ah well, no harm in trying. You say you want to find Death Mountain Trial, well, you just go straight ahead, see that big tree there? Turn left and go up the staircase, keep going, up the next staircase and you'll be right at the entrance to the trial that leads up the mountain," told the guard hopefully.

"Thanks," said Link, before walking forward and through the village gate. "He was nice," commented Link to Navi as they walked forward.

"If you say so," said Navi, still fuming at being referred to as a 'pet'.

"You know, I wish I could go see Saria, and tell her all of this, she'd be so excited," said Link.

"Well, there's an entrance in Goron City that leads to the Lost woods, perhaps after we've been to Death Mountain we can go there and see Saria," said Navi, somewhat friendlier. Link nodded eagerly.

"Yeah, I'd like that," he said. He stopped by the tree, where a tall, broad shouldered, bald man stood, his arms folded and a frown on his face. The man looked down at Link, seeming slightly annoyed at the young boys presence.

"What ya doin' here kid? Can't ya see I'm busy? Where's your parents son? Whadaya doin' puttin' me off?" demanded the man. Link stepped back a little.

"Um, sorry sir," he mumbled.

"So you should be son! Young men today, I don't know, they's to lazy to do anthin', I'll tell you that now! In my day, we worked until our fingers bled all day long, all night if need be!" stated the man, scowling. Link shoved his hands in his pocket, scuffing the ground with his boots. Navi looked down at Link then flew up to the man, looking at him crossly.

"So what work, exactly, are you doing now?" she demanded. The man stared at Navi, wide eyed.

"I'm over-seeing these here carpenters and builders!" said the man once he had recovered the initial surprise of having a faerie in his face. He turned with a sweeping gesture towards a crowd of men, who were sweeping, sawing and hammering.

"Oh, well that looks real hard, doesn't it," said Navi sarcastically.

"Now hang on just a minute, this requires a lot of attention, meticulous detail, that sort of thing," protested the man.

"Well Link here happens to be here on a very important task, so why don't you just give him a break?" asked Navi. The man threw up his hands.

"Okay, okay. Just leave me alone, wouldya?!" said the man.

"Hmmph," snorted Navi, before flying off. Link quickly followed her

"Hey, thanks Navi, you sure showed him," said Link appreciatively. Navi smiled at Link.

"I did, didn't I?" she said as if only just realising. Link nodded with a grin. Link began to make his way up the staircase, still looking around, inquisitive. He had never been away from the Kokiri forest before, and now in just two days he had already been to two other places, three if you included the castle, he had never even dreamt of seeing. He'd not taken much time to explore Hyrule Castle town, and it looked like he wouldn't be staying here to long either. "Look, there's the beginning of Death Mountain trail!" cried Navi, pointing straight ahead of them. Link saw it too, almost exactly at the same time as Navi had. He nodded and jogged over towards it, but a guard suddenly stepped in front of him, and peered down his long, thin nose at Link.

"And where dost thou thinkst thou is going exactly?" asked the guard, speaking in old Hyrulian.

"I need to go up the mountain, there is something very special there that I need!" said Link. The guard nodded.

"Oh really? And what mightest this very special thing be?" questioned the guard.

"It's a stone, I need to get to it before Ganondorf does!" said Link earnestly.

"Ganondorf? Ganondorf Dragmire? What dost thou know of that Gerudo from the desert?" demanded the guard.

"I just know if I don't get this stone before he does, then the whole of Hyrule will be in danger!" said Link clearly. The guard let out a loud guffaw.

"Haw! Haw! Haw! Thou is playing a small game with me, aren't thou?" said the guard, his lips turning into a sneer.

"No! It's true, it's true I swear!" insisted Link, his eyes wide.

"Children these days. In my day, we did not hath the time to make up silly games, no we didst not. Sorry youth, but only those with the King's written permission may proceed unto the Death Mountain trail, 'tis written law," said the guard, straightening up again.

"But I simply must go up the mountain, Princess Zelda commanded me!" persisted Link. The guard shook his head.

"Dost thou think I was born yesterday? What would a youth like thyself be doing consorting with this fair land's heir?" said the guard.

"Hmmph, from the way you're speaking, I expect you were born at least two centuries ago," muttered Navi under her breath.

"But I..." protested Link.

"No one goes up this path unless the King hath deemed so, so why don't you run along, and continued your silly little game elsewhere?" said the guard, a firmness in his voice. He turned Link around and pushed him a few steps away, before resuming his guard of his post. Link turned to Navi.

"If I can't get up the Mountain, how will I ever retrieve the spiritual stone of fire?" he asked, hoping for an answer. Navi rubbed her chin thoughtfully.

"Well, I'm not sure, but I think there may be an entrance directly to Goron city through the Lost woods. We could try going that way," suggested Navi. Link smiled in relief.

"Oh phew, I thought we might never get up the mountain, then where in Hyrule would we have been?" said Link, relaxing a little.

"We're not out of the woods yet, I'm not even sure where the entrance for Goron city in the Lost woods is. And you know what those woods are, they're a natural maze!" exclaimed Sprite, warningly. Link nodded, understanding. He looked across the sky at the lowering sun.

"Do you think we have enough time to get to Kokiri forest before nightfall?" he asked.

Navi squinted over at the fading sun and nodded.

"We'll have to go swiftly mind, and I vote we rest once we reach the forest. The Lost woods is no place for anyone when darkness falls."

The next morning, Link found himself being shaken awake, and a small voice in his ear.

"Come on lazy bones, move this lazy ass of yours! We have to get to Goron city as soon as possible!" Link opened his eyes and yawned, before sitting up, and staring at the small faerie who hovered just before him. "Come on! I swear, if I'd known you were this lazy, I wouldn't of bothered!" Navi told Link in a shrill voice. Link smiled sweetly at Navi then stood up, pulling on his tunic. The two had made it safely to Kokiri forest just as night fell, and both Link and Navi had quickly made there way to his hut, careful to avoid direct contact with anyone. Link was too tired to answer any questions just at that time, and Navi was too tired to answer them before he did. Once dressed, Link rubbed his eyes, yawned, then without question, stepped outside, into the new day ahead.

"Link? Is that you?" asked a snide voice. Link finished splashing his face with the cool water from the stream and slowly turned round, to see Mido standing above him.

"Yes, it is. Do you have a problem?" squeaked Navi, annoyed by the presence of Mido, who had proclaimed himself 'Boss of the Forest'.

"Yes I do. I told him not to bother coming back. I refuse to allow the murderer of our Great Deku Tree shelter of the forest," said Mido. Link finished wiping his face and stood up, squaring his shoulders and glaring hardly at Mido. He was a few inches shorter than Mido, but it did not perturb him. Mido sneered at him, his hands on his hips.

"I didn't kill the Great Deku Tree! He died of a curse that Ganondorf Dragmire, the man from the desert, put on him," said Link factually. Another smirk flashed across the arrogant Kokiri.

"And I'm meant to believe that? Do you take me for stupid?" asked Mido.

"You certainly look it!" said Navi scathingly.

"Tell that stupid faerie of yours to keep a lip on it," instructed Mido.

"Why don't you keep a lip on it?!" said Link angrily. Mido looked slightly surprised. The young Link had never really stood up to him before, never mind standing up for himself. But the surprise soon passed.

"I always knew you weren't a REAL Kokiri. If you can leave the forest, then you should stay out, outsider," said Mido. He stepped forward and shoved Link backwards, who stumbled and fell backwards into the stream. He was soaked immediately, and as he lay there, motionless for a few seconds, Mido walked away, guffawing loudly.

"Are you okay?" asked Navi in concern, flying down to Link. Link looked up at her and exhaled loudly.

"Let's go and find Saria. If anyone knows their way around the Lost woods, it'll be her," said Link, standing. He was dripping wet, and water trickled all the way to the ground, forming a small puddle.

"Don't you think you should change first?" asked Navi. Link shook his head.

"It's only waste time. I can be resilient. Now come on, she'll be in our secret place, she always is at this time," said Link, walking towards the entrance to the Lost woods. Navi could do no more than follow him through the canopy of trees that led to Hyrule's 'Natural maze'.

Link walked slowly through the small clearing that lay in front of the Forest Temple, almost mesmerised by a tune played on the ocarina. It was Saria playing of course, her own song that she had written by herself only months before, she had taught Link it to, so that they could play it together, when they were together anyway. Link had heard it all the way through the woods, growing stronger and louder as he neared the source. He already knew his way to this place, what he and Saria called 'our secret place'. He's already travelled through the Sacred forest meadow, but it was a journey he was used to. Then, he spotted Saria sat on her usual tree stump, playing away, somewhat subdued, at her ocarina. Link walked towards her, slow and gentle steps, not wanting to disturb her, but as he drew nearer, the music stopped, and as if by some sixth sense, Saria looked up expectantly. When she saw Link she practically leapt up and ran across, meeting him in a hug.

"Link!" she cried excitedly.

"Let's not forget why we're here," Navi whispered into Link's ear pointedly.

Saria stepped half a step back, still holding onto Link.

"I never thought I'd see you again, never mind this soon!" said Saria happily. Link managed a small smile.

"Saria, it's lovely to see you again, and so soon too, but we need to know how to get to Goron city from the Lost woods," said Navi sharply. Saria looked up at Navi, her smile dissipating somewhat.

"Oh..." she said. She dropped her hands from Link's arms and shrugged a little. "I could take you there if you want, its entrance is marked by two huge grey pillars," she said.

"Yes, we can talk on the way too! I can tell you about everything me and Navi have done in the last few days!" said Link brightly. Saria smiled at Link. She breathed in.

"Sure, that would be great, I want to know everything," said Saria. She quickly pushed her ocarina into a small bag that hung at her side via a strap. She then linked arms with Link and walked him out of the Forest Temple clearing, Navi fluttering behind them.

"And after I got past all of the guards, I saw her. She was the most...erm, she was really nice," described Link. He was talking of his meeting with Princess Zelda.

"And did you get to talk with her?" asked Saria excitedly, as she led the two down another tree lined passage.

"Yeah, and she told me about this dream she had! I was in it, and so was this man, called Ganondorf Dragmire. He was the one who put the curse on the Great Deku Tree!" said Link.

"Wow! I can't believe you've done all of this cool stuff. Me, I'll never do anything like it," said Saria, sounding a little regretful.

"No, I bet you do some real cool things. Cooler than any of the stuff I'll ever do," Link assured her. Saria looked doubtful.

"I wish. I'll just spend the rest of my days sitting around, playing on my ocarina, not doing anything really interesting whilst you're battling away, meeting loads of new people, doing millions of different things," sighed Saria.

"Yeah, but it won't all be good. It's dangerous too," said Link.

"Danger...at least you have a little adventure in your life. The most adventure I'll ever have is coming out here, alone," said Saria, gesturing around her.

"Well at least you'll always be with people you know," said Link.

"Like Mido?" asked Saria, with one eye brow questioningly raised.

"Uh...well, there's others," said Link.

"Like the know-it-alls?" asked Saria, one eyebrow still raised.

"There's the twins," said Link, half shrugging.

"Yeah, I suppose, but you were my best friend Link, you still are. The forest is sure dull without you," said Saria sadly. She stopped, and pointed across to a stone pillared entrance.

"If it's any consolation, it's sure dull for me too without you," said Link gently. Saria smiled and hugged Link around the neck.

"Charming," muttered Navi. Finally the two stepped away.

"Thanks Saria, I don't know where I'd be without you," said Link thankfully.

"Lost," replied Saria with a half smile. Link smiled then looked at the two pillars.

"That's the entrance then?" he asked, longing to spend more time with his friend.

"Uh-huh," agreed Saria.

"Then let's go then!" said Navi, grabbing Link's hat, and fluttering across the small glade, and through the pillared entrance. Link gave Saria an apologetic look.

"Sorry I couldn't stay sooner. Navi can get real impatient," he explained.

"I understand. You two have an important job to do after all," said Saria passively. Link nodded then stood silent for a moment. Taking the opportunity, Saria leaned forward and gave Link a small kiss on the cheek, then leaned back. She noticed Links cheeks tinge with pink and smiled. "Bye Link," she said softly.

"LINK! HURRY UP WILL YOU!" screeched Navi from across the clearing. Link turned and saw the small faerie, who was waiting impatiently, and looked back to Saria, smiled then quickly dashed away from the spot, to where Goron city entrance lay.

"You took your time," complained Navi.

"I was saying goodbye," detested Link.

"Hmmph, long goodbye if you ask me," stated Navi. The two stopped and looked up at the ominous looking cave entrance.

"We sure foiled that guard. We didn't even need the King's permission to get to Goron city," said Link, in a self-satisfied tone.

"It might not be open, it could still be blocked off or something," said Navi. Link looked at the faerie.

"It might be. But then, it might not be," said Link. He stepped forward and into the darkness.

"Good thing you provide a natural light," commented Link as he and Navi made their way up the gradually steep path.

"It is isn't it. Saria couldn't have done that," said Navi, somewhat sulkily.

"What's Saria got to do with things?" asked Link, a little surprised by the faerie's outburst.

"Well, you made it perfectly clear back there that you'd rather have Saria on this quest with you than me," said Navi abruptly. Link stopped and stared at Navi.

"I never did! All I said was that it was dull without her. And it is, I mean it is a bit. In a way...oh you know what I mean," said Link, finally giving up.

"To be quite frank, I don't," said Navi, still offended.

"She's my best friend in the whole world. I just miss her a little, that's all. It's natural. I never said I'd rather have her than with you," said Link hopefully.

"You didn't have to," said Navi, a little aloof.

"Well I'm sorry okay, let's not argue again. It's silly," said Link. Navi looked down at the sincere looking Link.

"Okay then, I forgive you," said Navi at last. Link smiled and began to walk again.

"Come on then, like you've already said, we have no time to lose!" said Link, beginning to race ahead.

"I don't actually recall saying that, but, you're right," said Navi, quickly following her young friend.

"Wow! Look at this place!" said Link, looking around the huge cavern in amazement. They were in Goron city, home to the Gorons, the rock consuming people of Hyrule. The cavern was lined with ledges, and passages that all led off from the main cavern to other rooms, or stairways to the higher or lower ledges. Link walked out to the edge of the ledge he and Navi had entered on, it went around the whole cavern, as did every other, and he looked down. He saw a huge statue at the base of the cavern, and when he looked up, he saw a platform above him, held up by several thick supports. Suddenly he felt a rough hand on his shoulder, causing him to whirl round in surprise, and come face to face with a goron. They were strange creatures, with rough brown skin, and small tufts of white hair on their head.

"You...you bring rocks? I'm so...hungry.... Everyone, they feel hungry because of the food shortage..." began the goron, it's deep brown eyes staring into Links.

"Uh..." began Link, unsure what to say to the pleading goron.

"We are in danger of extinction...please, we need help...our quarry, it is taken over by...by Dodongo!" gasped the goron.

"I wish I could help, but I'm here looking for the Spiritual stone of fire," said Link.

"The Spiritual stone...you mean that delicious looking red stone that Big Brother kept up there, on that platform?" asked the goron.

"I suppose that would be it," said Link with a shrug.

"Big Brother has taken it down, he says too many of us are trying to eat it. He's taken it with him and shut himself in his chamber saying that he'd only come out when the Royal family's messenger arrived, whatever that means," moaned the goron.

"Who's big brother?" asked Link.

"Big Brother? Darunia? He's the boss of all gorons, his chamber is downstairs, at the bottom of the city," replied the goron, who was rubbing his stomach in hunger. Link looked up to Navi.

"He's who I need to see, isn't he?" asked Link. Navi nodded.

"He'll be your best bet I guess," she conceded. Link looked back to the goron.

"Down there? Is that where Big brother, erm, I mean Darunia, is that where he is?" asked Link, pointing down to the very bottom of the chamber, where the statue lay. The goron nodded, his eyes half closed.

"Yeah, he's down there, for the last few days he has been..." replied the goron, who promptly sat on the ground and dozed off.

"Jeeze, he must be tired," commented Link, looking down at the heap that was the goron. It looked like a rock.

"Or hungry. Or maybe just lazy," said Navi.

"Well, whatever it is, we should go and see Darunia, he'll help us surely," said Link, beginning to make his way around the ledge. Navi followed.

"But he said he was waiting for the royal messenger," said Navi. Link turned around and pointed to his chest with one thumb.

"Well that's me isn't it?" reasoned the young hero. Navi twisted her lips for a moment, thinking.

"Is it?" she asked. Link nodded his head.

"Yeah, sure it is. Zelda sent me here, she's royal, so I must be the royal messenger, perhaps Darunia had a dream too," said Link.

"Yeah, but you don't have a message do you. The gorons are known as a gentle race, I know, but I wouldn't like to see one of these guys in a bad mood," said Navi, sounding un-surer by the second. Link flashed a confident grin at his faerie friend as they walked down one of the many stone staircases that were to be found in the city.

"Trust me," he said.

"Okay then wise guy, what do we do now?" asked Navi, looking up at the stone doorway that sealed the entrance to Boss Darunia's chamber. Suddenly, the pair heard a grunt, and a goron nearby stood up, wiping his eyes sleepily.

"Is this where Darunia is?" asked Link. The goron stared at him stupidly for a second, still half asleep. He quickly nodded his head, then began to speak, his voice a low grumble.

"Aye, that's were he is. Not come out in days 'ee 'asn't. Big Brother has been like this ever since that man in black armour appeared, asking for the Goron's ruby," explained the goron.

"Really?" asked Link.

"The man in black armour, it has to be Ganondorf, it just has to be," whispered Navi excitedly.

"Yep, he wanted the Ruby real bad, he got pretty mad, then said Big Brother would regret refusing him the Ruby," retold the goron. link nodded and looked down at a soft mat that lay before the door. The symbol of the Triforce was sewn upon it.

"Is there any way you could get him to come out, we need to speak with him urgently," asked Navi. The goron shook his head.

"Big Brother said he would not come out for anybody, only the messenger of the royal family. We gorons are in trouble if this is the case, we need Big Brother to guide us through these dark times, without him, we are...desolate," said the goron, shaking his head sadly. Link quickly rustled through his back, and found the ocarina Saria had given him.

"What are you doing?" asked Navi.

"Impa said that the tune she taught me would prove my link with the royal family. Well, here goes," explained Link. He lifted the ocarina to his lips and softly played the tune of the royal family. After he had finished, the door before them began to rumble, and slid open. Link turned to Navi and grinned. "See, I knew it'd work," he said.

"I never said it wouldn't," said Navi. The goron who had been standing nearby walked over to Link and pointed at him, smiling.

"You, you are the royal family's messenger?! Oh thank the goddesses, now that you are here, perhaps Big Brother shall emerge from his chamber and guide us once again!" exclaimed the goron.

"Yeah. But not after I've spoken with him first," said Link, hanging his ocarina on his belt then walking forward, into the chamber beyond the door.

As the two emerged in the fire lit chamber, they saw another goron, this time it was a lot larger than any they had met, and stronger looking, powerfully built. He had the same deep brown eyes, and white hair, but he wore a beard also. He was an extremely powerful looking goron, with a certain presence about him. It wasn't hard to understand why he was in charge around here. When the goron saw Link, he stared, looking slightly angry for a second. Then he spoke in a deep and booming voice, sounding less than happy.

"What?! Who are you?! I heard the tune of the Royal Family, and assuming that the King had finally sent his messenger, I opened the door. But here, here I am met with the vision of a kid! Is it just the hunger, am I going delusional?" demanded the goron.

"Uh, nope," said Link, standing on one foot then the other, somewhat uncomfortable by the gorons reaction to his appearance. The goron through his hands up in the air.

"Has my status shrunk to such a pittance that I should be treated like this by the King, my sworn brother? I thought I was in a bad mood before, but now...I'm REAL MAD! GET OUT OF MY FACE NOW KID, OR ELSE!" yelled the goron. Link stood back slightly.

"Hey come on Darunia, give the kid a chance, there's no need to be so ratty!" said Navi.

"Huh?" asked Darunia, looking up at Navi, noticing her for the first time.

"Yeah, you heard me," said Navi. Darunia frowned. He scratched his head.

"Yeah, well if you'd gone through what I have, you wouldn't be in such a hot mood either! Ancient creatures have infested our quarry, Dodongo's cavern! We have had a poor harvest of our special crop, Bomb Flowers! We are all suffering from starvation and hunger from the rock shortage...!" started Darunia, his voice raised. Navi cut in.

"Rock shortage? There's plenty of rocks round here, what're you complaining about?" snapped Navi, disliking the tone the goron boss was taking with her and Link. Darunia glanced around, then looked to the ground.

"This race has become such gourmets that we can't stand to eat rocks from anywhere but Dodongo's cavern, that is why," sighed Darunia unhappily.

"Well I'm sorry, but if your hungry, you eat what you can get," said Navi crossly.

"I never asked for your opinions faerie. These are goron problems, we do not need strangers such as yourselves butting in," growled Darunia.

"You need to lighten up pal," snarled Navi back. Link looked at Darunia thoughtfully, he sure needed cheering up. He looked down at his ocarina and smiled. He knew every time he heard Saria's song, he felt better, even on his gloomiest days.

"Hey, how about I play some music?" he suggested. Darunia looked scornfully at the young boy.

"Music. What help can that do? Unless it improves the bomb flower crop, or scares away the Dodongo's, it's barely worth playing," snorted Darunia. Link shook his head and took up his ocarina anyway, and began to play Saria's songs, the notes quick and lively. As the song continued, Darunia felt himself becoming a little happier, a smile tugging at his recently perpetual frown. And then, as if something inside him snapped, like all of the anger and depression of the last few months, he began to dance wildly around the room, singing along with the tune, the whole cavern shaking as he bounced around excitedly.

"Oh! Oh-oh! C'mon! C'mon! C'mon! C'mon! HOT! What a hot beat! Whooah! Yeaaah! Yahooo! Heeeey!!" were several things the goron boss sang as he danced. When Link finally finished, the goron boss did too, and stood still, smiling at Link. "What a nice tune! It's like, my depression just evaporated away, something came over me, I just had to dance! I am Darunia! I am the big boss of all the gorons! What did you want to see me about?" asked Darunia, all the more amicable for the tune he had just heard.

"The Spiritual Stone of Fire, Princess Zelda told me to get it before Ganondorf Dragmire does," said Link. Darunia looked surprised, even a little shaken.

"What? You want it to? The Spiritual Stone of Fire is known as the Gorons Ruby to our race, it is a treasure, passed on through the ages. The man you speak of, Ganondorf Dragmire, he already came for it, but when I refused to give it to him, he blocked off our quarry with a huge rock, that none of us can shift," said Darunia.

"But will you give the Spiritual Stone to us?" asked Navi. Darunia frowned for a moment, thinking.

"I can't just hand it over to you. But if you do something for us, then yeah, I'll give it to you. If you can destroy the Dodongo's, then I'll give you anything in return, and that includes the Spiritual Stone of fire," bargained Darunia.

"But he's just a kid, how's he going to manage that?" asked Navi. Darunia gave the faerie a knowing smile.

"You say the Princess sent you. If this is true, then I believe I'm talking to our lands destined hero," said Darunia. Link smiled shyly. "So, you prove to be this lands hero, you get the stone. But before you go, here take this. It's the bracelet of the goron's, giving extra strength to whoever wears it. It'll be a little big for you, but it should still give you the strength you require for the task ahead," said Darunia kindly, handing over a thick band of gold, which was studded with tiny rubies. Link smiled and slipped the band on his arm and looked proudly up at Darunia.

"I'll get rid of those Dodongo's no problem. Just you see," promised Link. Darunia nodded.

"I know you will. You know where the quarry is don't you?" asked Darunia.

"Uh..." started Link.

"Halfway down the mountain, there'll be goron there, and a huge boulder. Good luck. But--wait! I don't think I caught your name, hero?" said Darunia as Link turned to leave. Link turned and smiled.

"I'm Link of the Kokiri, and this is Navi, my faerie...companion," introduced Link.

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