A Life Changed

By Stephy

  Sitting in the corner of her bedroom with a small pocket knife in her left hand, Ella sliced her wrist just enough to see her abused blood trickling down her arm. She could hear banging and screaming from downstairs, Knowing that her mother was getting a usual beating from her vicious stepfather. She tried to help her mother before but got a beating herself and usually watched as her mother was thrown from side to side against a wall and being punched hard in the face. Her mother always covered her cuts and bruises with make up but nothing could cover her tears .Ella was always frightened and thought that her life was a mistake. She didn't have her real father to turn to as he had died seven years ago when she was nine. She used to cut herself every now and then but now she done it nearly everyday. Soon the banging and the screaming stopped. She heard the front door slam. She pulled down her sleeve and slowly walked downstairs to the living room. 


"Mum?" she called. There was no answer. "Mum?"  She opened the door and felt sick. There was blood splattered on the

walls. She looked on the floor to see her mother lying there dead.  "MUM!!!" she screamed. She ran to her mother and knelt down beside her. She didn't want to touch her, she just sat there in shock. Her mother was clearly dead as her eyes just stared back at her daughter, without blinking. She wasn't breathing either. Ella ran to the phone and called 999. 

"Hello which service please?" asked the Operator.

"My mum has been killed!" screamed Ella. She started to cry hysterically.

"Ok is she breathing?" the Operator asked.

"No!" she cried. "She isn't blinking and there's blood everywhere!". 

"Ok I'll send an ambulance and the police!" said the Operator. Ella told her address and hung up. She sat in the corner staring at her mother's body. Tears streaming down her face. She started to feel dizzy and rested her head on the wall. She couldn't keep her eyes open and had to close them. She opened her eyes to find a blurry figure standing in front of her. There was flashes of light going on and off.

"It's ok" said the figure. Soon her vision was normal.


  "Mum!" she shouted standing up. She ran forward but was pulled back. 

"I'm sorry she's gone" he said. Ella looked up to see a kind looking young man wearing a hat, staring back with his blue eyes stuck to her. She didn't say anything and stood still. She turned around and saw people with cameras taking pictures of her mother's body. Her eyes stung with tears. 

"I want you to come with me" he said calmly. He led her out of the house.

"Where are you taking me?" she asked, trembling. 

"A different place from here" he smiled. He opened his jacket and pulled out a sword. Ella watched stunned. He then lifted it into the air making his hat fall off, revealing elf like ears and blonde hair.

"Oh my god!" she gasped, staring at his ears. He took no notice and drew his sword through the air. Instead of seeing cars and trees, she saw that she was in a room, a room like no other. She realised she was in a castle of some sort. She looked at the young man, who was taking off his jacket. He was wearing some sort of green suit with boots. She noticed his sword and stepped back in fear.

"No no, I'm not going to hurt you" he said, walking over to her. 

"Who are you? Where am I?" she asked, looking confused. He knelt down on one knee and took her hand and kissed it.

"I'm Link!" he said. "This place is called Hyrule". She stared into his eyes as he stood up.

"How old are you?" she asked.

"Well, I'm sixteen" he said. She looked down at the floor.

"I am as well" she said. Link smiled at her then frowned. 

"I'm so sorry about what happened to your mother" he said, scratching the back of his head. Ella looked up at him, tears in her eyes. 

"Thank you" she whispered. A tear rolled down her cheek. Link wiped it away with his soft hand. They turned around from hearing the door opening. There stood a beautiful girl their age wearing a long white dress. Ella stood there staring at her ears as she walked over to them. The girl took her hand and patted it.

"I'm princess Zelda" she said.

"Princess!" gasped Ella. Ella looked at her then bowed.

"No, no! It's ok" she smiled. She bent down and took her hand pulling her up.

"Not to be rude your highness, but why am I here?" asked Ella. 

"I felt a presence in another world for ages" she explained. "I couldn't figure out what it was or who is was". Zelda walked towards Link. "I told Link and he said that he would look for it, so I made a portal to your world and we found you!"

"So I was the bad presence?" she asked, feeling offended. 

"What we mean is that you are a bad presence because your depressed and we now know why" explained Link.

"But why did you take me here?" she asked.

"Because I couldn't stand the way your were being treated" said Link. Zelda nodded.





  "I can't believe this!" shouted Ganondorf in rage, banging the table with his fist. "That bastard got to her first!".

"Why did you need her anyway sir?" asked a guard. Ganondorf faced him with a cold stare.

"Because I felt her presence as well!" he said. "I could of used her to get that Triforce!".

"How could you use her for that? She's just a child" laughed the guard.

"Ah!" said Ganon, lifting his green finger. "So is Zelda and Link".

"And?" asked the guard.

"I think that girl is important" he said, looking out of the window. 

"But sir......."Ganon raised his hand to him to silence him. He stroked his chin.

"I think I have a plan!" he grinned.



 Ella was shown to her room.

"I hope you like it" said Zelda.

"Yes I do" she replied. Zelda smiled and walked out of the room. Link walked over to her and put his hand on her shoulder. She turned around and smiled. She never saw anything so handsome. She stared at his beautiful blue eyes and felt butterflies in her stomach. Link smiled back and hugged her. 

"I hope you will settle down here" he said. He let go of her and walked after Zelda. Ella looked in the mirror. She took out her hair band and let her long wavy black hair fall to her shoulders. She held a few strands of hair between her fingers and twisted them about. Still looking in the mirror Zelda walked in holding a dress. Ella turned to her and stood up. 

"We can't let you walk about like that" she laughed.

"What's wrong with my clothes?" Ella asked.

"Well you're in Hyrule now! I don't want you getting teased" she said. She passed the dress to Ella. She held it up to look at it. It was light blue with long sleeves. "Plus we don't want you looking like a boy!" Zelda teased, looking at Ella's jeans. Zelda left the room while Ella got changed into it. It came down to her feet. She walked over to the mirror. She smiled, looking at herself. 

"Wow, this really suits me" she thought. "This will really impress Link!". She brushed her hair and put her hair up half and half down. She walked out to the balcony and leaned against the wall. She could see children playing amongst each other and hear the laughter that made her smile. She started to daydream about her and Link but was interrupted by Zelda walking in. 

"Now that's better" said Zelda, looking her up and down. "I knew we were the same size". Ella smiled at her.

"Thank you" she said.

"For what?" Zelda asked.

"For everything" she said. Zelda walked over to her and hugged her. 

"You will have a better life here!" she said. She took Ella's hand. "Now let's go find Link!".


  Link was sitting on a chair reading a book not noticing they were there. Zelda faked coughed to get his attention. Link put the book down and looked up.

"Wow" he said. "You really suit that".

"Thanks" blushed Ella. She sat down next to him. Link smiled at her then stood up and walked to Zelda. He kissed her on the lips and hugged her. Ella's mouth dropped and felt like her heart had been ripped out and stood on. 

"Oh what's wrong?" Zelda asked.

"Oh nothing" she mumbled. She turned away from them. 

"That bitch!" she thought. Link was grabbing Zelda and kissing her neck while she was giggling. Ella gave Zelda a horrible stare. 

"Well I'm getting a bit tired so I'm just going to go to my room" said Ella, getting up.

"Oh" said Zelda. "I will walk you".

"No it's fine!" said Ella, walking out of the room.



  Ella sat on the bed crying.

"Oh, you will have a better life here!" said Ella, mimicking Zelda. She wiped her eyes, cursing under her breath. She got up to go to the mirror but stopped from hearing a noise outside. She walked to the balcony and looked over the wall, not knowing that a Moblin was climbing the wall under her. She thought nothing of it and walked back to the room. She sat down in front of the mirror, brushing her hair. She noticed the curtains move and turned around. She stood up and walked over to them. She pulled them away and gasped. The moblin stood forward. She stepped back from it until she reached the bed. The Moblin snarled and followed her. She was about to scream for help until she noticed two other Moblins climb over the balcony holding a rope. They tied her hands while one of them gagged her with a piece of cloth, stopping her from screaming. The first Moblin lifted her over it's shoulder while she kicked and tried to scream. Then they were gone. 


"We have her!" said a guard. Ganon grinned.

"Bring her to me!" he ordered.

"Yes sir" said the guard. Two Moblins came into to the room dragging Ella. Once she saw the evil monster at the end of the room her eyes were wide with fear. She tried to kick and pull away but they were to strong and the rope didn't help. They dragged her to Ganon who was smirking with his hands behind his back, tapping his foot. They stopped and untied her hands and took the cloth off her face. They pushed her forward and left the room. Ganon walked towards the trembling girl. His feet clamping on the ground and his cloak swaying. Ella didn't move, she was to scared to even breath. His yellow eyes fixed on her as he reached her.

"I'm Ganondorf!" he said, looking down on her. "And you must be Ella!".

"How do you know my name?" she asked.

"Oh I know everything!" he said.

"Why do you want me?" she asked.

"I need you for something that is special!" he said. "You see I need you to get something for me!". He walked closer to her. "I need something called a Triforce!, and I need you to get me it!". Ella stepped back and shook her head. 

"No!" she said. Ganon stepped forward.

"Please, I'm not what you think my child!" he said. "I need to get that Triforce from Princess Zelda!".

"Why do you want it from her?" she asked.

"Because, she's using it to take over the world and if I don't get it then she will destroy everything!" he lied.

"What?" she gasped.

"Yes!" he said.

"No!, I don't believe you!" she shouted. Ganon grabbed her left arm and pulled down her sleeve to show her deep cuts.

"Tell me this Ella" he said. "Do you think cutting yourself will help ease your pain?". Ella looked up at him then looked at the floor. He let her arm go. "If you do this for me then I will ease your pain!" he said. 

"How?" she asked. Ganon lifted his hand and clicked his finger's and a glass mirror showing her mother smiling formed in the air. 

"If you do this for me then I will bring your mother back!" he said. Ella gasped and tears came falling down her cheeks.

"Mum" she whispered. She went to touch it but it disappeared.

"Will you do it?" he asked.

"Yes!" she said.

"Good" he said. "She has hidden the Triforce in a chest in one of the rooms!". Ella nodded. "A few of the Moblins will take you back and by tomorrow they will be back to collect you!".Two Moblins came by her side and led her away. "And Ella!" called Gannon's turned to him. "Don't get caught!".



  Not long later she was back in her room.

"I can't believe this!" she thought to herself. "That bitch is evil!". She walked to the door and held the doorknob. She looked around and sighed.   "Here goes!" she said. Then she walked out. She looked through every door she saw but none so far had a chest. She started to feel tired and tried one last door. She opened it and walked in. She closed the door behind her. There sat a chest. She knelt down but realised it was padlocked.  "Damn!" she whispered. She walked out of the room.  "Where could that key be?" she thought. After thinking for about five minutes she knew where it was. She walked to Zelda's room and opened the door to find her sleeping. She tip toed over to her and looked at her neck. There was the key hanging from her necklace. Ganon's words echoed in her mind.   "Don't get caught" she whipered. She slowly bent down and carefully grasped the key and gently yanked it off. Zelda grunted and turned over in her sleep while Ella stood still in case she woke. She backed away to the door and  walked out.


"Phew!" she said. She ran back to the chest and opened it. A bright light filled the room. There sat the Triforce. She picked it up and put it in her pocket and walked out. She was just about to walk to her room when Link stood

in her way.

"What were you doing in there?" he asked, folding his arms. 

"Oh I couldn't sleep so I just went for a wander!" she said. Link noticed she had something in her pocket.

"What's that in your pocket?" he asked, stepping forward. Not knowing what to do Ella needed to change the subject. Then she had an idea. She walked to Link and kissed him on the lips. Something came over Link, he couldn't resist!. He slowly held her hips while she held his face. Deeply kissing him passionately. 

"What the hell are you doing!" screamed Zelda. Link pulled away from Ella to see Zelda standing there.

"It's not what it looks like!" said Link. Zelda's eyes filled with tears.

"How could you!" she said, running away.

"Sweetheart!, come back!" he said, running after her. Ella did feel bad for what she had done but she had to do it to save the world anyway! Well that's what she thought! She went back to her room. She pulled out the Triforce from her pocket.

"What a odd thing" she thought. There was a knock on the door.  "Wait a minute!" she called, hiding it under her pillow. Link burst into the room.

"What the hell do you think your playing at!" he shouted. Ella sat there in silence. "Well?".

"Link I need to tell you something, but promise me you won't get angry with me!" she begged.

"What?" he said looking confused.

"Just promise me!" she shouted.

"Ok!" he said, closing the door. Ella told him everything. Once she was finished he sat there looking shocked.

"So I need you to help me!" she pleaded.

"Do you know who Ganondorf is?" he shouted.

"He's trying to save the world!" she said.

"No he isn't!" said Link." He's the one that is trying to take over the world!".

"You mean, he tricked me?" she said, shocked.

"Yes!" he said. "You better put it back!"

"I can't" she said." He wants me to give it to him but if I don't then he might do something terrible!". Link thought for a minute. 

"Well I'm going with you!" he said.

"Why?" she asked.

"To get rid of him once and for all!" he said. They set up a plan for Ella to go with the Moblins and he would ride up with Epona and kill Ganondorf.



  In the morning the Moblins were there just like Ganon had said. They took her back to him while Link was riding with Epona like they had planned.   Ganondorf was standing at his balcony waiting to get his hands on the


"She's here!" said a guard.

"Good" he replied. Moment's later Ella was standing there with him.

"So did you get the Triforce?" he asked. Ella nodded. 

"Good girl" he said. "Now hand it over". Ella paused for Link to show up. "Come on give it to me!".

"Come on Link!" Ella thought. She was just about to hand it to him when Link arrived.

"Stay away from it Ganondorf!" he shouted. Ganon turned around, his face filling with anger.

"You!" he spat. He turned around to Ella. "You told him didn't you!". Ella looked at him in fear. He lifted his hand and smacked her making her fall off the balcony. Link ran to her and grabbed her arm in time. 

"Come on!" he shouted, trying to pull her up. Link's eyes filled with tears. Ella's hand was slipping from his grip. She looked up at him. 

"Goodbye" she whispered, tears falling down her cheeks. Her hand slipped from his grip. Link screamed as she fell from the high balcony and landed with a THUD on the ground.

"NO!!!" screamed Link. Ganon laughed. Link turned around to him and pulled out

his sword. "You will pay for this you sick shit! "Link screamed. He thrust his sword  into Ganon's chest. Blood came gushing out everywhere. Ganon collapsed onto  his knees, screaming in pain. Link pushed it in further. Ganon spluttered and  collapsed completely onto the ground. Link pulled it out of his chest. Ganon took his last breath then he was dead.


  Link ran to Ella and checked her pulse. Nothing. She lay dead on the cold  ground. Link's eyes stung with tears. He put his hand in her pocket and pulled  out the Triforce. He kissed her forehead. "Thank you" he said.  Ella was buried in the Royal graveyard. Zelda was told what had happened and  forgave her for what she had done. Link knew that he would never forget her. She was now with her mother in peace, spending the rest of eternity with her.


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