The Light of Darkness

by Zucatt the Sage King

Part 1

      It was late at night in the Golden Castle. Zucatt and Zelda were returning from a festival in the courtyard. "Hahahahaha!!!" They chuckled to each other while they walked. "And... re...remember the...clowwwnnnnnn...hahahahahaha!!!" "Zelda you like a giant strawberry when you laugh so hard like that!" "Oh shut up!" Zucatt and Zelda stopped by their door. "Well, here we are." Zucatt said. "Um hm." "So, do you want to be carried in again or not?" "Ahahaha!!!" Zelda laughed again. Suddenly a sleek wolfos bounded down the hall and pounced on Zucatt. It started to rip at Zucatt's arm. "Arrrrgggghhhh!!!" Zucatt screamed in pain. He put his hand to the beast's side and shocked it, sending it bashing into the wall. The moment it landed on the ground, it faded into the air, nothing but a dark shadow. "What the-" Zucatt stated. Then he and Zelda turned to a diabolical laugh coming from the end of the hall. "Hahaha!!!" "Rauru! NO!!!" Zelda gasped.

      Rauru lifted his arms above his head, then lowered them releasing bolts yellow energy at Zucatt. FWWAAAPP!!!. The bolts knocked Zucatt back a clear ten yards. Zelda screamed "LINK!!!!!!" Then Zelda was thrown back next to Zucatt. "Haha." the evil sage chuckled. Link came bounding down the hall. "Fool, you cannot stop me!" Rauru sent a shockwave of energy surging towards Link. Link pulled out his Mirror Shield. Just as the bolts were about to touch him Link yelled, "Reflection!!!" The shield light up, sending the energy in all directions. One bolt kissed Rauru's arm, giving him a searing pain. "Aaahhhhh!!!" he screamed. "Imputent fool!!!" he hissed. Rauru raised his arms above his head forming a large ball of energy. At this time Zucatt had gotten up and was watching. "rauru...please...noooo." he whispered.

      "Haaaaaaaaayaaaa!!!" Rauru yelled as he hurled the ball at Link. Only Rauru did not know of the fatal error he had just made. Link had to suck in a puff of air to make his next decision. "ABSORB!!!" The shield caught the ball and flashed with it's power. Slowly, second by second, the flashes increased, until Link commanded. "RELEASE!!!"

      "NNNNOOOOO!!!" Zucatt yelled. But, he knew it was too late. The ball went zooming out of the shield, aflame with it's own power. It hit Rauru and he fell dead flat on his back, almost completely knocked out by the blast. Zelda ran to his side. "Rauru why? Please tell me why?" Zelda sobbed, fighting back tears. "I'm...sorry...Gannon...made me." Rauru fainted in Zelda's arms. By the next morning, he was dead.


      "I thought Ganon was sealed away in the sacred realm." "He is," Darunia said. "We checked the seal just this morning." "Then how could he be pulling strings?" Link pondered. While all this was going on, Zucatt slipped away, over to where Zelda was sitting next to a pond of fairies. "Hey." She jumped a little. "Sorry." "That's alright." Zucatt sat down next to her. "Are you okay?" Zelda nodded slowly. "Yes. It's just that...I don't get it. If Gannondorf is not the one, then what did Rauru mean when he said Ganon made me do it?" "I don't know Zelda." Zucatt lay a comforting hand on Zelda's. She scooted close to Zucatt and he hugged her close, keeping her safe.

      Link walked over. "Zelda?" Zelda looked up from Zucatt's shoulder. "Yes?" "We've come to a decision." Zelda stood up. Zucatt took her hand and led her over to the table. They both sat down. Impa spoke. "Since Rauru has been taken to the gods, it is our place to elect a new sage of light." Zelda merely looked into her lap sadly at the sound of Rauru's name again. Ruto spoke next. "We have chosen you Queen Zelda." Zelda looked up startled. "Me?" She half squeaked. "Yes," Nabooru said. "You were the one to guide us out of our prisons and lead us into the fight against Gannondorf. You should be the shining light that guides us on. You are now the Sage of Light." Zelda could not disagree. She was the most qualified.

      "So what do we do now SAGE?" Link asked. "We find out who is behind Rauru's death." Zelda said bitterly. Suddenly there were two loud poundings that seemed to come from all over. "What now!?!" Zucatt said. A guard burst into the room. "Guard, you know that only-" Darunia began to say, but he was cut short. "I'm sorry to interrupt, but an entire army of monsters is heading straight toward the castle!!!" Zucatt and Link leapt up. "Monsters?What do you mean monsters?" Zucatt asked. "I mean monsters!!! Moblins, Keese, Poes, Redeads, Flame Skulls, and Stalfos all coming this way!!!" Link and Zucatt both turned to each other. "Oh boy."

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