The Light of Darkness

by Zucatt, King of Sages

Part 2

      To recap, Rauru has died, Ganon is resurfacing(?) Zelda has been made Sage of Light, and an army of evil. Well isn't that Speh-cial...* Uh, Church Lady? Dana Carvey? Okay, fine, I know, not HERE. People can't take a joke.


     Everything seemed to be going in slow motion as Link and Zucatt ran down the halls. Guards and servants were rushing everywhere. An elite guard from Zucatt's army came up to Link. "Our troops are in place. Hidden in the back of the castle in reserves." "Good, prepare our horses and send a call of arms to our brothers." "Yes sir!" The soldier cried, then quickly ran off.

The call of arms ran fast to the Gorons, Zoras, Gerudos and a few Kokiri. All were beginning to march on the castle within 15 minutes of the message reaching them. Meanwhile Link and Zucatt had reached the stables and begun to saddle up. "Wait!!!" Zucatt turned. It was Zelda. She ran up to him, and fiercely grabbed him by the shoulders. "Please," she begged, tears in her eyes "don't go." "I have to." Zucatt sputtered out. "Then here," she said puling his head down, and kissing him on the forehead. "Take this for good luck." With that he kissed her back and jumped on Sheik. He took one look at Zelda...and had to look away. He sped off towards the battlefield. "Come back to me my love."

As soon as the front lines were assembled, and the archers were in place, Zucatt and Link stood waiting for the advancing force. They're probably over Lon Lon Ranch by now, Zucatt thought.

And then, just as fast, an entire LEGION of monsters flooded over the field. Zucatt raised his sword to the archers. All took knocked an arrow and aimed. The Poes and Keese were the first come. They passed in range of the archers range, but Zucatt still waited. They came within 50 yards of the men. Still holding. 40 yards. Holding. 30 yards. HOLDING. 20 Yards. HOLDING!!! 10 YARDS!!! HOLDING!!! Link looked nervously at Zucatt. "Trust me." he said to Link. 5 yards away and closing!!! And just as a Keese swooped, screeching at Link, Zucatt lunged his sword forward, and cried, "FIRE!!!"

The archers let loose their flaming arrows. Over two thirds of the Keese were killed, and all the Poes. The men rejoiced at the quick victory, while the few Keese fled, but Zucatt's smile soon faded. Link turned to Zucatt, then looked towards the horizon. Link's smile faded as well. Soon all the soldiers were gazing with haunted faces at the horizon. At least FIFTY Poes were now charging, led by the Sisters, and with the ground force in close step.

The archers quickly took aim again. So did Link. But with a four way arrow. This times those hags STAY down. There was no need for tricks now. It was simply a shoot-out. And they were greatly outnumbered. "Fire!" The archers took the front line, but their were more. Link shot the Sisters, leaving the remaining Poes in confusion. Suddenly from behind, large fire balls flew at the Poes blowing them to little Poe ashes. (hee hee) Link turned. It was King Link! "Hello brother! Fine day for a battle, eh?" Link smiled. "Yes, quite." "Hehe, CHARGE!!!" the king screamed. The first line of the ground force were 25 Redeads. They were Re-Redead, within 15 seconds. Next, 4 dozen Moblins came surging at the troops. Link and Zucatt charged with the men, chopping Moblins to pieces as they went. there were, but 15 left when a howling scream came from over the hill.

A lone Stalfos stood there, howling in the moonlight. "HHHOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!" Suddenly 20, 30, 50 Stalfos joined him! They bum rushed the troops, pushing them back into the valley in front of the castle. It was a bloody fight. 25 men fell quickly. the Stalfos were chopped down to 35,then began chopping back. As Link was fighting, a Fire Skull came swooping in to take his head off. "Ah!" Link ducked. A bright flash sparked the sky. Link looked to his left. Kokiri had begun to fire on the Skulls from atop the trees.

Zucatt was fighting with everything he had, but he was bombarded with swords left and right. Link looked over and saw Zucatt's struggle. But Link was indisposed as well. But he noticed an approaching force from the East. More monsters. No. An army. Of women? The Gerudos! Link was ecstatic. He called to Zucatt. "Zucatt, look!" Zucatt turned to Link, just as a Stalfos was swiping at him. "Zucatt, NO!!!" The Stalfos gutted Zucatt in the side. He fell to one knee and parried with his sword before knocking out the Stalfo's bare spine. Then he fell to the ground, clutching his side. "No!" Link took his shield and cut the Stalfos in front of in half. He then somersaulted, past two others and helped Zucatt up. A gerudo leaped in, and took out three of the Stalfos surrounding Link and Zucatt. "Go. Take the king to safety. We will continue the fight." Link nodded. Two more Gerudos jumped in with spears to help push back the enemies so Link could get to the castle.

Once at the gate, the sentries helped Link take Zucatt to he and Zelda's room. "Oh no!!" Zelda said. "Quickly fetch me some bandages and healing potions from the market. The attendants ran. Zelda kissed Zucatt's forehead. "Don't worry, I'll take care of you." Zucatt mustered a quick smile, but passed out from pain. Through the night the battle was fought, but the Gerudos had the win.


     Zucatt opened his eyes to his loving wife's sweet eyes. "Thank the gods, you're awake." She pressed her lips onto his. She breathed life into him. She pulled away looking into his eyes, stroking his hair. "I love you." she said. "So do I." "Oh give me a break."

Link was standing in the doorway. Zucatt propped himself up in the bed. Zelda sat down beside him and held his hand in hers. "Well I deserve something for winning the battle." Zucatt said. "YOU won !?! Gee, coulda sworn I saved your butt from certain doom." Zelda smiled. She kissed Zucatt again. "He, where's mine?" Link said. Zelda laughed. She walked over to Link and kissed him on the forehead. "Thank you." "Anytime Zelda."

"Do we know who attacked us?" "Well Rauru said Ganon, but I just don't understand how." "Me neither." Zelda walked over to the window and looked outside. "Well we may find out sooner than we think." "Why?" "Because a giant black cloud is engulfing Lon Lon Ranch." "WHAT!?!" It was true. A black cloud swooped from the sky and swirled Lon Lon into it's grasp with a tornado. It began to twist and shape it's form, into a black castle with bone encrusted spirs. It's style was strangely familiar. "Ganon." Zelda said. "Oh-" Zelda raised a protesting finger. "Don't you two even dare."


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