The Light of Darkness

by Zucatt, King of Sages

Part 3


After fighting off an army of darkness*, Link and Zucatt retired to Zucatt and Zelda's room. Well, Link retired, but Zucatt was dragged there. After a bit of chit-chhat, they were called to action again after Lon Lon Ranch was swallowed by an evil, dark castle. Is Ganon back in town? Let's find out. *by the way, has anyone seen that movie? It'spretty good*

Link, Zucatt and Zelda had all ran from the room to the balcony to get a better look. "Yep, definitely an evil, black castle." Link scoffed. "Thank you, Sherlock Holmes." Zucatt said turning to Link. "Sherlock who?" "Never mind." Zelda turned toward Link and Zucatt. "We have to get to Lon Lon." Zucatt's brow furrowed. "Malon and Robert could be in trouble." Link put his battle face on. "Let's go!"

All three hurried to the stables. Four of Zucatt's servants were just grooming their horses. "Our horses! NOW!!!" Zelda bellowed. The servants leaped to life. "Yes your highness!!!" Zelda leaped on her horse, which was surprisingly well done, considering she had a dress on. Link and Zucatt followed suit. "Hiyahhh!" Zelda screamed. "Looks like she's ready for action." Zucatt whispered to Link as they headed for Lon Lon.


    As the trio rode up to the gate, they noticed what changes had occurred to the ranch. The usually welcoming open entrance was now barred by large iron gates. The three dismounted and examined the gates. Zucatt placed a hand in front of the lock and a bright white light sparked the lock and forced it open. Zucatt and the others tread in cautiously.

As they entered the hollow castle halls, they began to hear a slowly growing sound. Zucatt turned to Link. "Say, do you hear that?" "Yes." Zelda circled around the room, towards another set of stairs. "What is it?" Link looked around. "I don't know, but it sounds, familiar." "Familiar?" "Yes, as if...from my...childhood..." Link began to understand the sound. A low, pinging clang of metal on stone-set floors.

<Clanging. Childhood. Wait a minute!> Link turned to the stairs. "Zelda!!! Look out!!!" Zelda turned just in time to see a 3-1/2 foot long meat cleaver coming down on her head. Zelda screamed, "Aaaaahhhhh!!!!!" Zucatt dove and shoved Zelda out of the way, just before the Iron Knuckle's blade came down into the floor.

Link unsheathed his sword. "Goron Sword." He muttered. The Master Sword's handle silently extended, as did it's blade widen and grow. The Iron Knuckle picked up his axe and he and Link circled each other. The Iron Knuckle came in close and swiped, but Link dove under the swipe and swung at the Knuckle's weak spot. The Iron Knuckle swung backwards, missing Link again. In a double slash, Link cut open the Iron Knuckle's armor. This got him even more angry. He charged (as best as they can) at Link and cut to large chunks out of the air. Link rolled under it's legs and cut it to pieces.

Zucatt helped Zelda up, off the ground. They walked over to the slightly panting Link. "Nice moves." Zucatt said. "Yeah well, you learn a few things when fighting Gannondorf."

The trio continued up the stairs into a dungeon. Robert and Malon along with the sleeping Talon were locked in a cell. Malon looked up and saw the three approaching. "Zucatt!!!" She stood up and ran to the locked door.

Zucatt blasted the lock off the door. She ran up to her friend Zelda and hugged her tightly. "We don't know hat happened, one minute I was out feeding the chickens and the next, a cloud sweeps over the ranch, we're pulled apart by invisible hands and then thrown together in here. Link and Zucatt looked to a large door with a moblin's skull in the middle. Zucatt nodded to Link. "Let's go."

Zelda told Robert to lead the others out of the castle, while she went to join Link and Zucatt in the throne room. As she entered, the door slammed shut behind them. "I don't like this." Zelda said as she shivered inside the dank room. "It reminds me of the Gohma confrontation." Link muttered to himself.

Suddenly a maniacal laugh. "HAHAHAHAHA!!!!" All spun around towards the voice. They looked up to a dark figure with evil glowing eyes. Link's eyes glared with bloody rage. "Ganon!!!" "No." it spoke, "Not Ganon. I am Gannondorf Dragmire, King of the Gerudos and Lord of all Evil. You may have met my less brilliant counter-part." "Counter-part? You're the Ghost Gannondorf!" Link said. "No longer. I am now the REAL Ganonndorf. I am the Lord of all Evil." All eyed him evilly. "Now, let us battle."

With toss of his cape, and a wave of his hand, his face distorted into a skull. With a laugh he tossed of his cape and summoned his staff. He began floating around the room. Zucatt flew up in his face and clasped his hands in a thunderous clash of magic. He grabbed Gannondorf's staff while Link came up from behind and tried to slash Gannondorf clean open. It failed. Gannondorf smacked Link away with a wrist movement and threw Zucatt against the wall. Suddenly a burst of light showered his body and burned his skin.

He looked down to see Zelda focusing her power. "Hurry guys, I've got him!" Gannondorf looked around as Link and Zucatt charged from both sides. He threw his hands up in defiance, dispelling Zelda's energy and knocking all three away. He threw green discs of energy all around the room. Zucatt bobbed and darted left and right to try and stay out of their way.

Zucatt fired bolts of electricity towards Gannondorf trying to freeze him in place. Zelda did likewise, while Link collected his thoughts, preparing for another offense. Link grabbed the Mater Sword and jumped high in the air and cut Gannondorf's mask off.

Gannondorf grabbed his face in agony and screamed bloody mary. "GGGGGGYYYAAHHHH!!!!!!!" As he fell to the earth the ground opened up in a swirling purple vortex. "I'll be back!!! You cannot rid yourself of me!!!!" Zucatt sighed, "Well, at least that's the last we'll see of him for awhile."

Just as soon as Zucatt had said that did the room start to shake violently. "Uh-oh." A large portal with blinding light opened in the wall. A giant hoof fell to the ground. Followed by an enormous body. "Ganon."


To be concluded in the Light of Darkness: Part 4

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