The Light of Darkness

by Zucatt, King of Sages

Part 4

    After defeating the now reborn Gannondorf, it was believed our heroes woes had ended. But it was not so. For the climactic battle had opened a rift in the Sacred Realm releasing Ganon! What will become of the trio of Hyrule? What new strengths has Ganon gained?

Link stared as Ganon's hoof dropped to the floor with a loud thud. Followed by his enormous body being heaved through. As Ganon's large, mastodon like horns came into view, the beast of destruction let out a blood curdling roar. "HHHRRRRROOOOOOOAAAAARRRRRGGGHHH!!!!!!"

Images of Link's previous clash with Ganon came flooding back to the Hero of Time. Link was abruptly shook back to reality. "Link! LINK! Wake up!" Zucatt was screaming. "Huh? What?" "Ganon is here!" "Ganon." Link whispered to himself. "Yes. Let's do it!"

The three brave warriors spread themselves around the monstrous pig. It eyed them with it's jewels of yellow. As Link raised his sword to shoulder height, pulling it back to strike, Ganon's eyes light with a heavenly gleam. The energy ran from his eyes, through his temples, out into his horns, and into their tips. A humming sound began to emanate from them.

Link looked to Zucatt with a worried look. Zucatt stared back and just looked back at Ganon, signaling to Link to just stay ready. By now the sound had turned into a high whine. It pierced the air, with it's screeching noise. Just before Zelda thought she could no longer stand it, gritting her teeth, a shot erupted from Ganon's horns.

The beams sliced through the air, almost in the blink of an eye. Link jumped, but the tip of one caught his foot, sending a shock wave of agony through his body. He fell only a few feet from where he had attempted his leap, clutching his ankle. Zucatt's hands beamed with green energy. Zelda ran over to Link's side. Zucatt threw his force with all he had at Ganon, but the evil swine merely held up his forearm in defiance and absorbed it with out a flinch.

"HA HA, FOOLS. I HAVE EMBRACED MY PART OF THE TRIFORCE AND I AM NOW THE EMBODIMENT OF POWER." Ganon sucked in a breath full of air, through his disgusting snout, as if to gain strength. "NOW, TRY AND DEFEAT ME!" And with that he exhaled an inferno of flame, the likes of which not even Death Mountain has never seen. Zucatt held his hands up in a shield of blue energy. "I...uhn...can't keep this forever! We need a plan!" Zelda looked down to Link with desperation showing. Suddenly an idea sparked her mind. "The sages." Zucatt looked back at her in hope. "It will take time to summon them. You must keep him distracted." Zucatt nodded to Link. "Pay back time." Link said.

Zelda gave Link her only bottled fairy. With a flutter around his body, Link leaped to his feet. "I must have complete concentration." "Don't worry." Zucatt said. "Alright then. Good luck." Zelda stiffened her body and held her arms up calling for the sages from the four corners of Hyrule. "I'll go with the first wave, then you stun him." Zucatt said, still holding up his shield while the firewall Ganon had started died down. "Right." Zucatt dropped his shield, and let loose a flurry of white beams to distract Ganon. The monster grew angered by such a petty attack. Then Zucatt let out the big guns. Arms pointed outward, Zucatt began to gather energy into his body, in a blue aura, his eyes blazing. Then he let go the energy through his hands in a large volley, striking Ganon. Then blue flames of Magick erupted around him bending over him and into his body, electrifying his skeleton.

While he was stunned, Link took five of his arrows out from his sack and combined them into one white, arrow of light. Running in a circular pattern around Ganon he released his weapon, falling the enemy to his knees. The pig was gasping for air now. Just before he could muster any strength, the sages arrived, firing their color coded Magick at the evil lord, rendering him inert. They changed into their altered forms and encircled the pig menace. They spun around in a blur of light, crashing through the ceiling and revealing the late night sky. As they reached the heavens, they exploded in a bright flash, falling to earth slowly, sparkles of multi-colored Magick trailing behind.

As they touched the ground they returned to their normal forms. They rested, tired from their efforts. Link and Zucatt watched the sky. Ganon appeared out of thin air, quickly gaining speed as he fell to earth. He was screaming, as one would and crashed into the ground, pulling it downward like taffy. As the ground resumed it's level, Ganon was sucked in, in a flash of light. Link and Zelda sighed. Zucatt let out a big "Phew" Link and Zelda looked at him. "What?"


    Zucatt was out looking at the stars. Zelda walked up to him in a blue satin dress, with her crown upon her head. She hugged his arm, snuggling close. "Hey lover." "Hey." Zucatt said dryly. "Rupee for your thoughts." She said cutely. "When we fought Gannondorf, it ripped open the seal." "Yeah." "I think it ripped open more than that." "Like what?" "I'm not sure, but I know it involves the fourth Triforce piece." "What!?! I thought we destroyed that thing long ago!*" "Nope." "Well what will you do?" "We have to go find it. And I have a feeling, we can start looking in the Shadow Temple." "Oh boy." Zelda said, holding Zucatt's arm.

*See King of Sages

To be continued in "The Quest of Evil"

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