Link's Journal: After the AoL

By Doug

July 2: This has been a long week for me. Ganon had captured the Triforce this morning and was working on trying to combine the two Triforces he had. I had to go after him. When I finally made into his throne room there were both the Triforces, but no Ganon something didn’t seem right. I can’t quite explain what. I got the Triforce of Wisdom, then I was about to grab the Triforce of Power, when I remembered what happened the last time I grabbed it. I had nearly lost my soul over it as well as my life the only that saved my life was the Triforce of Courage returning to me.

   As I was standing there, Ganon suddenly teleported into the room with a bunch of moblins and stalfos, I turned to face them, zapping four or five of them into Ganon’s evil jar. Just as quickly as I was taking them out he was calling them forth. I took careful aim at Ganon and hit him twice before shielded himself. I rushed forward and struck him a final time just as he was casting a spell on the Triforce of Power. He knew that I was going to try for it. When I struck him the final blow he re appeared in his evil jar. The stalfos and moblins were just stunned and ran from me.

   Again I moved to take the Triforce of Power and rats that spell he cast, zapped me. I looked at the evil jar where Ganon floating around laughing at me. My thought was you think this funny okay I will have some fun I pulled a bomb and placed under the Triforce of Power. A few seconds later “boom”, the Triforce was in three pieces just like the time he had those vire take the Triforce of Wisdom that way. One piece of the Triforce of Power wouldn’t move, but the other two were laying on his floor where I grabbed them. I will hide them where I know he can’t find them I thought to myself as I left the room.

   First I went to Zora’s Waterfall and threw one piece in there and then I took the other piece and placed it in great cemetery underneath a small rock with a bush nearby. My thought was it will Ganon at least a month before he can get out of his evil jar then probably quite sometime locate both pieces, maybe even a year most a few months.

July 3: Peace has returned to Hyrule as I return the Triforce of Wisdom to its rightful place at the North Castle. When I got in this morning Sprite informed that there was to be banquet held tonight in honor of King Shane of the Northern Barbarian Tribes. I was to be on my best behavior tonight; that meant take a bath, dress up fancy, and try to be gentleman. I told the Princess that sort of stuff makes me feel uncomfortable. I hate being present with all those stuffed shirts that don’t know anything about adventure or fighting, makes sick to hear them whine about stuff.

July 4: I knew that Ambrosia Ale would get me into trouble and boy did it. I showed up last night at the gathering and all was going well. I got to meet this King Shane, a very strongly built warrior with long black hair and a thick beard. I sat with him during the banquet telling him all about my adventures and impressing him with my collection of magic items. Zelda sat with her father and he welcomed Shane as guest. About nine o’clock I had a couple ales to many. The jokes I also told him were extremely off color Zelda began to notice, but said nothing. I got up and started singing “Zelda loves me, Zelda loves me.” Zelda left the room her face flushed with red and King Shane thought it was hilarious even started clapping. I sat back down after that applause from him. King Harkian gave me a very serious look and I settled back down. Later in the evening King Shane invited me to his room which I took his invite. I sat with him and his entourage for the next six hours playing cards, telling more stories, and even showing my prowess with my sword. We finally finished around 3 in the morning and I staggered back to my room and fell into my pillow to sleep with much more ale then I should have had.

   Early the next morning I think around 7, Sprite flew into my room. Saying “Get up sleepyhead the Princess wants to see you.” I responded by throwing my pillow at her which managed to dodge. I rolled out of bed and looked in the mirror. I had slept in the clothes that I wore to banquet last night. I changed to my regular clothes after Sprite left the room. My head was banging and I felt like throwing up.

   I got downstairs and went into the courtyard where the Princess was. When she spotted me her pleasant look went away and an angry face appeared. She started in on me about last night “Link, do you realize how much you embarrassed me last night.” My thought was like I got to hear this now. And she went on raising her voice while she continued “That’s the last time I ever invite to anything like that again. I was so humiliated by the actions of last night.” I responded with “I’m sorry.” “Link, that’s not enough. You managed to offend quite a few of my father’s closest friends with little show.” Again I said “Please Zelda I am really sorry.” “No, Link I don’t think you really are. Have you got a headache?” I nodded my head “good serves you right for last night.” Now she was yelling at me “From now and on when we have gathering or party you will stay with the Triforce and it doesn’t matter if Ganon is active or not! Period.” She calmed down a little and finished with “You know Link I thought you were better then that, maybe I made the mistake of asking you to be the Triforce’s guardian!” Now that last statement hurt more then a hundred slaps in the face and I know because that’s about how many times she slapped me. I was angry by now and I guess it must’ve slipped out but I came back with “You know something Princess I am sick being treated this way by you. Maybe it’s time you found someone else to protect the Triforce and the kingdom. Call on Fascade or anyone else I don’t care anymore.” Now I said it and her response was cold as ice “Well, if that’s the way you want it you can leave now. Clean your stuff out of your room and be out of here within the week! Okay.” I walked away feeling lousy about what I said and even lousier about what she said. I looked over my shoulder at her and she showed hardly any emotion at all. I went back to my room gather my things like she said I needed to do. When I got back there, boy was I in for a big surprise. The King of Hyrule requested me in his throne room. My first response was “Oh, great from the frying pan into the fire.” But that wasn’t it at all. I kneeled before King Harkian for what I thought was going to be the last time. He had me rise and started “Link, my son do you know what you did last night.” I nodded yes. He continued “Link, King Shane was very impressed with you and because of you he wants to sign a trade deal and alliance with us.” My jaw just about dropped to the floor. “Link, you can’t imagine how much this will help Hyrule. King Shane’s land has plenty of iron ore which is needed for farm equipment which we are now about to run out of. Again you have saved Hyrule. The only thing he asks is that you go sign the paper with him in his castle.” I hesitated to tell the king what had just transpired between me and Zelda. King Harkian asked me “Link, what’s wrong? You look like something terrible has happened today.” I told him what had happened and it caused to almost faint. At that moment King Shane entered the room and gave me a hardy handshake. King Harkian didn’t say anything still it seemed pretty dazed by what I told him. King Shane asked me “Is it okay for you to sign these papers? If so, you can ride with me this evening and we can make final arrangements on this deal at my castle.” I shook my head “Yes,” and left the room to pick up where I left off gathering my things. I knew it would be a lot colder up in the mountains where Shane’s kingdom was so I pulled out all of my warmer clothes.

   Just as I was about to mount my horse Catherine to leave Hyrule possibly forever, here came Princess Zelda. I figured she would want to start in on me again, so I backed up cautiously. She seemed shaken and a lot calmer “Link, I am sorry, I said some things that I shouldn’t have. Daddy told me what you did and I am proud of you. Daddy reminded those that were offended that if it weren’t for you there wouldn’t be a Hyrule.” I cut in, “Zelda, I have tried to love and protect you for almost two years and this thing that happened last night was bound to happen. Perhaps it’s my destiny to go somewhere else.” She responded “Link, I really am sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you I really didn’t.” I followed up “Zelda, you did hurt me and very badly. This is just the first time I have ever done anything about it.” “Link, don’t do this you’re breaking my heart,” she said tearfully. I had seen her cry before like the time when Ganon hit me with that bolt of energy and she thought I was dead, but I was a ghost that only she saw, because she loved me. She had her face in her hands crying. I felt bad now, but I can’t comfort her not after what she said this morning. She begged me “Please Link don’t leave me and the Kingdom you’re to valuable.” Now I responded “Princess I have to go, but I will write you if I plan on returning. Does that sound fair to you? I need some time to think things over.” I mounted and began to ride toward King Shane and his entourage. Zelda walked beside me, then suddenly grabbed my arm and pulled my face level with hers then kissed me. First time we had kissed in a long time. Zelda let me go and said “Link, don’t forget what I said,” as she waved me goodbye.

July 5: We are in the high northern mountain ranges of Hyrule just about to enter King Shane’s kingdom. The air up here is crisp and cold. The temperature is maybe 40 degrees. We have filled our water cups at a spring the road. And boy was it refreshing. One more day and we will be there.

July 6: We approached a large castle, but not near the size of North Castle. Still it is an impressive sight. King Shane’s people are overjoyed to see him. As soon as we entered the throne room we were greeted by Shane’s daughter perhaps 12 or so years old. She has long red hair going down her back and a very pretty face her name is Shelly, but not near as beautiful as Zelda. Zelda’s golden hair is what I remember most. King Shane has her lead me to my room. I got settled in for the evening. Just about seven o’clock in the evening I was called to dinner in a large dining room. The King treats me like an old friend which is very nice. As I sit I found that he is widower and that his daughter is the only thing that he has to remember his wife. That does sound familiar. But that’s enough for now.

July 7: I went downstairs for breakfast and after we ate went into a conference room with King Shane and some of his people. We discussed the trade routes over the mountain to Hyrule. There are at least three different paths to go perhaps more then that. It appears they don’t have much farming, so a food for iron ore trade would seem to work. They need Hyrule like Hyrule needs them. I wrote Zelda today telling her about this place, but I have not given her my answer about returning.

July 9: I skipped a day and I love it here. I wake up every morning with a full view of the mountains and it so inspiring. It doesn’t seem like anything could be wrong here.

July 10: I am afraid I was incorrect, King Shane has made mention of bandits hitting supply trains coming over the mountains. I am just supposed to be a guest here and nothing more, but it gets boring just sitting here waiting for something to happen. The bandits don’t attack the well-armed caravans, but the ones with fewer then ten guards they hit. I have a plan to fix this problem, don’t know if it will work or not I am going to speak to Shane tomorrow.

July 11: My plan is simple a group of about 30 of us will follow a caravan and wait for the bandits to attack. We will hide in the bushes near the pass, the caravan will pass us and the bandits will move forward then we will take them by surprise. In the morning I am riding out to led this.

July 12: Everything went as planned, but nearly failed. We managed to round up all the bandits this day. Shelly had managed sneak in with us. We were to busy getting ready to catch. When we finally caught her it was too late to send her back home as well as to dangerous. Shelly really surprised me by capturing the leader of the bandits just about all by herself. She took a terrible risk there, reminded me of Princess Zelda at times. The details are as follows we moved into position, the bandits came into view and we started shooting arrows at them they didn’t know what to do because they dismounted to attack the caravan. They surrendered after their horses run from them. Their leader still mounted made a run for it. I followed, but these woods I didn’t know and he had soon outpaced me. He had gotten onto high ground and was about to shoot me with a crossbow when Shelly who gotten above him tackled him. Both of them fell down the slope right down to me. He got up and was about to pull his dagger when I hit him with the butt of my sword knocking him out. We managed to return as heros, go figure.

July 14: A quiet day here nothing has happened in two days. I wonder if all is well back in Hyrule, makes me worry I haven’t heard anything. I have been here for more then a week so far.

July 18: Today it snowed for awhile. We only got snow back in Hyrule in December or later. No accumulations for the snow it was pretty sight. I received a letter from Zelda stating how much she missed me and upset that I hadn’t given her answer. This place seems to have two seasons, winter and not winter for a little while.

July 20: Shelly seems to be taking a liking to me, maybe even a crush. Zelda has a crush on me, but for the most part denies it. Shelly is impressive with a short sword matches well against me. My experience is what usually wins our duels. At night time I tell her tales of my adventures and her face lights up every time I tell her about saving the princess.

July 23: King Shane approached me about a job. I thought it was as a soldier, but he said with the way I lead that he wants me as a commander. Now that throws a major problem into going back home now. I love it here and this could be my home, but I do miss Hyrule most of all Zelda. I told King Shane I would get him an answer by the end of the month.

July 29: I have been busy finalizing this trade deal with Shane as he asks me to call him. He also brought the idea of my marrying his daughter when she became sixteen. Now this makes this situation even more difficult. I like Shelly as a friend, but nothing more. But Zelda has hurt so many different times, before she finally admitted to loving me.

July 31: I will return to Hyrule for good in August. This has been a very tough decision for me to make. In five days I will head back home with the deal signed and ready to deliver to King Harkain. I told Shane today of my decision, he was saddened to hear it, but understood. I wrote Zelda the letter declaring my love for her and my decision to come back home. Hope she will let me return.

August 3: Shelly came to me and confessed her crush on me. She asked me if there is anything she could do for me to change my mind. I assured her that my decision was final. But I gave her a magic boomerang and my force field ring to remember me by. I told her as brave in battle as she was that she was sure to find a man with similar qualities.

August 5: I said my goodbyes to Shane and his wonderful daughter Shelly. I promised to write her letting know of my adventures. I shook hands with Shane one final time and told him I would return if and when I marry the Princess. I hugged Shelly goodbye, mounted Catherine, and now on the lower range of the mountains in Northern Hyrule.

August 7: I got delayed by heavy snow and an ambush by moblins, but I dusted them off without much problem. I should be at North Castle late tonight.

August 8: Coming home to North Castle. It’s wonderful I am being greeted once again as Hyrule’s greatest living warrior. I handed the document to the king which he graciously accepted. Zelda was most happy of all to see me, her face lit up when I came into her presence. I dismounted and walked Catherine to the stable, Zelda followed me the whole way telling me how much she had missed me. Once Catherine was firmly tied up Zelda grabbed my hand and said she never wanted me to leave again, I responded by pulling her close and kissing her. She told me after we finished kissing that my letter to her declaring my planned return home pleased her more then anything else in the world. Since that day Zelda has not pushed me away like that again.

   I end this book to begin another in the future. Perhaps my next book will be about my trying to get Zelda to finally marry me.

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