Link's Journal: The Return Home

By Doug

May 3: As of today my adventure in Hyrule is complete the Triforces are rejoined, Ganon is dead and gone, and peace has finally returned. Now I have to plot my next course of action as to a future.

May 6: Many celebrations now that peace has indeed returned to this land. I enjoy being treated with such honor, but I wasn’t the only that destroyed Ganon the Princess was with me the whole time. Princess Zelda, if it wasn’t for her I don’t think I could have defeated Ganon. She is rough on me at times, but her feelings for me and mine for her are true.

May 10: As of today I have decided to go back home to visit my parents. I haven’t seen them in almost two years. The last time I went back The Shadow had taken the kingdom and messed everything up and I had to fight to get it back for the queen. Spryte says that my plan to go back home is the right thing to do now that peace has been restored. I haven’t told the king or the princess so I don’t know how they will take it.

May 11: I approached the princess and told her about my plans to return home. She wasn’t receptive at all about it. She said I shouldn’t be so self-centered. That really upset me because I didn’t think myself as self-centered at all. I have been fighting for Hyrule since I arrived and now is as good a time as any to go home for a while, I also wanted to go home for the fact it will be my seventeenth birthday in seven days and I wanted share that with my parents. The princess acted like I was never going to return. When I went to the king, he understood and he was more then happy to grant my request. Later in the day the princess came to me and told me that she understood my reasoning. I promised her I would return after I visited home which seemed to please her. I asked her if she wanted to come with me. She was very nice about it and told me that she would, but had many other things to do. I also asked her if there something else she wanted me to do, but she didn’t say.

May 12: Everything is packed and I plan on leaving in the morning before anyone gets up say around 5:30 (like that’s going to work). Last time I planned on leaving that early I overslept by two hours, but perhaps I will be lucky this time. I have even went so far as to tidying up my room since I have all this extra time due to the final defeat of Ganon. This trip will last about two weeks. I hope to celebrate my seventeenth birthday with my parents.

May 13: Just like I thought I got up and left for home at eight this morning. I overslept big surprise. Zelda caught up with me just as I was going to mount and leave. She wished me well and hinted that she might be present for my birthday, but wouldn’t say for sure. I hope she will be there, it would be the perfect time for me to propose to her (I have thought about that for a little while now) and I figure catch her off guard. We hugged and then kissed.

May 14: My short cut through the Lost Woods wasn’t as short as I thought ran into to some moblins, defeated them quickly. There are not nearly as many as there were when Ganon ruled the underworld. Late in the day I found the path I used to come here and made it into the mountain ranges of Calatia and Hyrule. I am camped on a high mountain top and will descend into my homeland tomorrow.

May 15: I made it off the mountain and am in Calatia itself another day’s ride and I will be home at last. This is last leg of this journey.

May 16: I am home at last. I never knew how much I missed this whole place. My parents’ home in particular my old room with my bed. My mother couldn’t get over how I had grown since she last saw me. Mom kissed me for what seemed like ten or fifteen minutes. Dad was his usual self choosing not hug, but shook my hand and then pulled me close and nestled me. My little brother and sisters are not so little anymore. Taran my brother is most interested in becoming an adventurer himself. I told him that it is a life fret with excitement as well boredom. Tomorrows my birthday boy am I excited!!!

May 17: This is the big day I woke this morning to my mother bringing breakfast in bed almost made me feel like royalty. My whole family gathered around me as I sat up in bed and sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me. After breakfast we went down to the market together and my father went to his blacksmith’s shop and caught up to us with something in hand I couldn’t figure out what it was because it was wrapped up. I was told to wait till we got home before unwrapping it. I went to a jeweler at this point and picked the most beautiful emerald ring I could find along with a wedding band (you know who that’s for.) After an hour we returned home there was the royal couch of Queen Seline. When we entered the house the queen was present I bowed before her. She had me rise and said “Link, I didn’t have time to do this before when you visited last but I have something for you.” She drew a sword and knighted right there on the spot. With the words “Sir Link, I knight you as a guardian of Calatia. Rise up Sir Link and be recognized.”  As I rose she whispered to me “Hope you like this birthday gift.” I was honored and I let her know that. After about thirty minutes the queen shook my hand and left. At point dad said “Now you can open your gift.” I opened it with all joy in the world. It was a brand new shield that had my name inscribed on the inside of it. Dad said “I know you have shield of your own but I figure that this is would a back up just in case. I had reflect magic put on it to help you in any battles you might have.” I thanked my father for it and told him I would carry it with pride. As the day went into the afternoon then into early evening there one person missing I thought to myself. As it was getting near eight o’clock in the evening there came a knock at the door. My mother went and answered it I heard exclaim “It is very nice have you here your highness please come in and make yourself at home.” To my surprise it was Princess Zelda and she came to celebrate my birthday with me. She made mention that she had stopped by to see the queen and that took a little longer then she had anticipated. When Zelda saw me she said “You knew that I would be here for your birthday right?” I couldn’t give an honest response because I didn’t know for sure she would be so I just nodded my head yes. At this point I got down on my knees and asked her to marry me. She seemed a little shocked, but said clearly “Yes” then hugged me. After about three hours she said “I have to go. The queen invited to stay at her castle tonight, but I will see you back in Hyrule to finish what you asked tonight.” What a birthday I will never forget it. Next I might write about getting married.


The End

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