Link's Dream

By Erin

      In Link's dream, he was standing in a small courtyard with beautiful flowers, a clear pure stream, and a girl. The girl had long cascading golden hair, and was holding an object. The strange object, unfamiliar to Link at this time, was glowing blue. It was the most amazing thing Link had ever seen, next to the glorious girl kneeling in the flowers. She raised the object to her lips and began to play a strange melody. The melody was soothing and relaxing to the young boy Link, who began to feel drowsy. The courtyard itself began to glow, and Link dropped to his knees and raised his head to look at the girl. She had her eyes closed, still playing the beautiful melody. She opened her eyes and raised her hand. A pattern began to glow, three triangles. Link raised his hand to sheild his eyes from the brightness, and discovered that he too, had the glowing triangles imprinted on his wrist. The girl stopped playing, and pointed to Link's side. He looked down. Something was sticking out of his pocket, an object identical to the beautiful girl's, exept his was not a bright blue, just a light shade of brown. He pulled it out of his pocket and began to play with her. The same song. Link did not know how he knew the melody. Suddenly, Link noticed a blue diamond growing around him. He stopped playing, startled. The diamond closed around him. Link, now unafraid, raised his head toward the sky. The girl stopped playing and smiled at him. "It's your destiny." She said softly, so soft Link could barely hear her. He stared down at her. The diamond was slowly rising toward the sky, and soon it disappeared.

      "Link, Link!!" a voice said. Link's eyes shot open. Saria, a fellow Kokiri and his best friend, was leaning over him, shouting in his ear, or so it seemed like. "I have news!!" She said excitedly. She stepped back so Link could sit up. He rubbed his eyes and looked at her. She was always a nice sight to see in the morning, Link thought.
"What is it?" He asked.
"The Deku Tree wants to see you!!" She jumped up and down at the thought. Link jumped out of bed. It was always an honor to be seen by the Great Deku Tree, guardian of the forest.
"See you later, Saria!!" He shouted.
"Bye!"she called. He was already half way down the ladder that led to his house. He ran through the Kokiri Forest, shouting hello to all his friends. He ran into the Great Deku Tree's meadow, slowing down as he neared the tree.
"Link." The deep voice of the Deku Tree rumbled.
"Yes?" Link called up.
"Would you please run to Hyrule Castle Town and get me some seeds for the trees?" The Deku Tree asked politely. He was always polite to all his children.
"Certainly." Link smiled up at the tree. "I'll be back in a little while."

      Hyrule Castle Town was always noisy, and Link enjoyed it's business. There was a little girl chasing a Cucco around and a chubby lady clapping at her dog. As Link walked toward the Bazaar, He saw a mysterious looking figure wrapped in a brown cloak. The person was sitting near the Bazaar door holding something in it's lap. As Link approached, the person looked up. Link saw deep blue eyes, A few strands of golden hair, and something else. He saw what was in her lap. It was the strange glowin blue object from his dream!! Link gasped and the girl looked surprised. She tried to hide the blue thing in her lap, but it was too late, Link had already seen it. "you are...." he started to say, but the girl raised one finger to her lips. She stood and pulled him into the nearby alley. "Who are you?" Link cried. "You were in my dream!!"
" I know." The girl said softly, the same soft voice as in his dream. "I am Zelda, Princess of Hyrule." Zelda pushed back her hood, and the same golden hair poured out. "I was waiting for you here. I knew you would come." She told him. And then she explained everything that was happening in Hyrule and what he must do. And that is how Link became the Hero of Time.

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