Love and Hatred

By (ZC) Shadow


I am just going to do what all the other fanfics do in their intro`s. None of these characters except the wanderer, belong to me, blah blah blah. This is a action adventure fic with some romance throw in and *gasp another character not from Nintendo. youíll have to find out who for yourself. I might even throw in some Halo characters.



Chapter 1: The Longing.

Link stopped. He felt as though he were being followed. He quickly whirled around, bow in hand. It was no more than a pesky owl. 'Now what was I doing. Oh yeah I was heading back to Termina to see what my purple haired friend Kafei and his new wife Anju were doing. Why is it that thinking of their marriage always seemed to give him a longing for home. He knew better than to return to Hyrule for if he did the balance of time would be thrown off completely and Ganondorf would remain undefeated. As he entered the swamp of Termina he thought he heard it again. 'Pesky owl' he thought. Little did he know that it was not an owl, and he was being trailed.



Chapter 2: Return Home... Hero of Time.

When Link had got to Clock Town it was as busy as ever. The repairs and other various construction were coming along fine. 'Now lets see Anju and Kafei should be at the Stock Pot Inn right now its their time together'. He paused thinking again of Hyrule. He shook his head and continued on to east Clock Town. When he got there he found the Skull kid waiting to make a reservation. "Hey kid howís it been going since the incident," Asked Link. The skull kid replied, "Well I certainly havenít been wearing every mask I get my hands on". At this they both broke into laughter. "Whatís up boys," asked Anju who then saw that link was much bigger and corrected herself, "Sorry boy and man". "Not much," replied Link "Whereís Kafei?". "I think heís at Romani Ranch," she said. Link shuddered to himself, the though of Romani Ranch brought back memories of the one he missed the most, Malon. Apparently his thoughts had shown because Anju asked, "Is anything wrong Link, you look almost as though you want to go somewhere but canít do it". "No... yes I wish to return to my former home but I know I cant until 7 years have passed," he admitted."But Link," she said, "It has been over 8 years since you saved Termina". 'How can that be possible?" he asked himself. He found the closest mirror and the face that stared back at him did indeed look like a slightly younger version of his future, Ganon fighting self. And with that he left. Anju needn't ask where he was going, for she knew he was returning to his homeland. The land called Hyrule.


Chapter 3: Back Where I Belong

He arrived at Lake Hylia somewhere around 3 in the morning (he still had the sundial he had received in Termina). He thought it best not to disturb anyone, especially Malon. He really wanted everyone to know he was back, but he knew better than to do it in the middle of the night, so he decided to go to Kokiri Forest. When he got there a few people were still awake. "Who are you?" they asked. "Donít you remember me? Itís me, Link," Link replied. They gasped, "Is it really you?" they asked. Link nodded. He heard someone approach behind him. He quickly turned around to see what was behind him. It was Saria. "It really is you," she said. She started crying and Link put a hand on her shoulder to comfort her. "Youíve been gone for so long," she said. Link wanted to tell her of his adventures in Termina, but he did not have the time he needed to sleep. but at least he had the comfort of know he was where he belonged.



Chapter 4: Abusal of the Farm Girl

He awoke to the sound of chirping birds. The Forest was shocked to hear that Link had returned a full grown man. As he got out of bed he brushed some of his golden hair out of his eyes. He decided today to go see how Malon was doing. So after eating he mounted Epona, bode farewell to his friends, and even Mido, and set off for Lon Lon Ranch. The scene he arrived to shocked even him. He arrived just in time to see Malon stuck to the ground by an unknown man. 'Who does this man think he is?' Link thought. And so Link strode up to the man and glared at him. The man asked what Link had come for. "Donít play dumb I saw the whole thing," Link replied. Malon stood there, amazed that he had come back after all these years. "Is zat so," the man asked, " Zen Iíll `ave to `urt you as vell". Link whistled and pointed at the Great Fairy sword on his back. The man looked no less determined. Link snickered. 'Idiot' he thought to himself. As the man lunged and Link easily dodged and retaliated. That was all it took, for the man ran off in fear. Link walked up to Malon. "Thank you for saving me," she said. She blushed and asked him if he would like to stay for dinner. "Are you kidding. This place has the best food Iíve had inn all my travels," he replied. At this Malonís face was flushed red. Link knew he would have a decent dinner for the first time in months tonight.

Malon was quiet all through dinner. "Is something wrong?" Link asked. "No its just youíve been gone for so long and Iím quite amazed your back," she said. He wasnít about to admit that she was the reason he came back, not yet. After dinner she asked if he could spend the night to make sure the man didnít come back. He nodded his head, but the instant he sat on the ground he fell asleep. He had good dreams that night. Very good dreams.



Chapter 5: Sacred Love.

Link awoke early and found that Malon was already up. The sun was just starting to rise, which turned the sky into a shade of blood red. He had almost forgotten how beautiful her hair was in the morning sky. He loved the shade of her hair among other things. Her hair was the same shade of red as the morning sun. He heard something rustle in the leaves. 'I canít believe that damn bird followed me all the way here' he thought angrily. Malon noticed Link and walked quickly over to him. "I have to ask you something," she said, "Why did you come back". Here it was the moment of truth. "Well, to tell you the truth, I came back because I got sick of thinking about you," he said. She looked angry. "I decided I needed to see you," finished Link. The angry look was gone now, and it was replaced by a look of shock. She had feelings for Link but she thought he went head over heels for Zelda. "But I thought you liked Zelda," she admitted. "I do in a friend way," he replied, " Iím actually going to go see her now". Malon looked at the ground. "Donít worry Iím only going to let her know that I have returned. Malon wanted to tell Link about her feelings of what she thought he was going for, but she somehow knew he was telling the truth.



Chapter 6: Zeldaís Secret Crush...

When Link arrived at Hyrule market it was as busy as ever, with repairs still at work he guessed it would continue for a while. He walked up to the guard at the gate to the castle and the guard said, "None may pass who are not verified". To this Link replied, "I think Iím plenty verified, I am Link, Hero of Time". "He, bold claim kid, thereís no way your the sacred hero," the guard replied. Link sighed apparently they needed proof. He lifted his right hand and showed him the Triforce that burned on the back of his hand. At this the guard sneered, but let him pass all the same. On the path to the castle he saw his old sworn brother Darunia. As soon as he saw him he knew he had to play with Darunia`s head. Link quickly pulled out the Goron mask which allowed him to become a Goron. When he rolled in front of Darunia the Goron leader said angrily, "How did you get past the guards and who are you?". "Really Darunia is that anyway to treat your sworn brother?" Link said. With this Link reached his hand to his face and pulled off the Goron mask. Darunia could say nothing but, "What, heís, its not". For the half an hour they talked. About the past, about Links other adventures, about his return. Well Iíd best let Zelda know Iím here, I told Malon Iíd be back before dark. "Well youíd better hurry brother, dawn is in about 20 minutes. That would be barely enough time for a greeting. But he ended up telling the whole story to Zelda. And when he left, to his dismay, it was already dark. All the while Zelda was thinking 'How can I let him know I love him with so much completion'. Then a smile crossed her face. 'Thatís how' she thought.

Link returned to Lon Lon Ranch around 8:30. "Sorry Iím late," he said, "I met Darunia on the way and we talked quite a bit". "Sure," Malon said in disbelief. "I swear on the Mask of Truth Iím not lying," he said. They both went to sleep 20 minutes later...



Chapter 7: and Saria's too.

Meanwhile in the Sacred Forest Meadow...

Saria sighed. She loved Link but he was much to old for her to get married to, yet the thoughts of marriage still crossed her mind. 'Just because Iím a Kokiri, does that mean I have to marry a Kokiri like me?' she thought. 'And not to mention, he loves that Malon woman'. She sighed once more, and then a thought crossed her mind. 'But wouldnít that be wrong?' she thought, 'Iím mean youíre not s'posed to break up true love'. But still though Kokiri werenít síposed, to she left the forest in search of Lon Lon Ranch.


Chapter 8: Trouble in Paradise.

Link awoke once more to the sound of that pesky owl. When he got outside he saw a scene he never thought heíd see. Three girls, Malon, Zelda, and Saria to be exact, were all fighting saying things like, "Heís mine". Link stood there in awe as the girls threw punch after kick after punch. "Maybe you should intervene," said three high pitch voices from behind him. They all sounded...familiar. He whirled around and saw Navi, Tatl, and Tael all hovering next to each other. He was angry and shocked at the same time. "Navi where were you," asked Link. "I was in Kokiri Forest waiting for you to return," she replied. 'What?!!??!' he thought, 'I left Hyrule to find you and you never left Hyrule'. 'You bet'. He heard her voice through the telekinetic link between fairies and their partners. 'If you donít intervene, I will'. He heard this voice was different from Navi's. It sounded...human. No sooner did the thought cross his mind that something fell from the trees knock all the girls backwards. Soon after a man fell out of the tree. He was about 5'8" with scraggly medium length hair, and brown eyes. He was followed by another white skinned man with a long blond afro and blue eyes, he was about 6'2".



Chapter 9: The Wanderer and...Majora?

"My name is the Wanderer and this is my companion, Majora," said the Wanderer. Link gasped and pulled out his Great Fairy Sword. "Sheath your sword, Link, I know of your defeat of my mask and I am grateful," said Majora. "Link reluctantly put away his sword, but he stood ready to draw it at any moment. "We belong to a group of demons and witch doctors that fight for the light," said the Wanderer, "We have come because an evil will soon threaten your world that will require the greatest of heroes to unite". "As for us," continued Majora, "I have a collection of any mask that can do anything you ever need. He has magical abilities that surpass the greatest of magicians in any dimension". Link noticed a ring and a bracelet worn by Wanderer. The ring had the letters CG carved in it. "Whatís with the ring and the bracelet?" asked Link. "The bracelet was a gift from a friend". "A girlfriend," Zelda interrupted. Wanderer, glared at her with his fierce brown eyes, "No. And I made the ring". Zelda looked back into those eyes, they looked almost...sad. 'But demons are almost never sad' Zelda thought. There was just something about those sad looking eyes that made her forget all about Link. "The others chosen will be here soon," said the Wanderer, 'Though not by choice' he thought to himself.




Suddenly the Chief was standing in a field of green grass and plentiful in bushes. Then he heard a sound behind him. Gun in hand he turned around to see the Arbitor standing next to him. "It looks like fate have us work together to get out of here, eh demon," said the Arbitor. "Wherever this is it's a different time, a different scope maybe," said the Chief. And with this they set out to find a way to get out of this place.



Chapter 10: The Man in the Black Cape.

Suddenly, near Gerudo Valley, a ball of dark energy appeared. This energy slowly turned into a man wearing a black cape. He had silver hair, and almost glowing blue eyes, he appeared to be in his late 20`s. He also had an incredibly long sword in his belt, at least 1 meter long, or more. "Iíve come to this land to find another power. And it shall be granted to me," said the man. Then he cackled and said, "Then Iíll destroy these foolish creatures for you Mother". The man walked away laughing.



Chapter 11: The Wedding.

Link sat there thinking. 'What kind of evil can be worse than Ganondorf' he thought. Just then Malon walked in. Then Links mind jumped to different thoughts. 'I guess I will ask her' he reasoned with himself. "Hey Malon," he said. Malon looked at Link, "Yes". "Iíve got a question to ask you," he said. Malon looked at him as he got on one knee, she looked like she was ready to shed tears of joy. "Malon," he said, "Will you marry me". He looked up and saw her crying and thought he had said something wrong. "Malon Iím...". "Yes," she interrupted. This was possibly the happiest day of their entire lives, or so they thought.

The wedding went exactly as planned. They said their vows and then the time came everyone was waiting for. "You may now kiss the bride". Link pulled Malon close to her and he kissed her. Her lips tasted almost like strawberries, it was the sweetest thing heíd ever tasted.



Chapter 12: Malon...Kidnapped?

Just then a man in a black cape fell from the sky. He grabbed Malon and Link readied his sword. As the man went to say something the entrance to the room burst open and a man wearing a metal suit and some creature with its own armor came in. On sight that something was wrong the man pulled out his gun and everyone gasped. The other creature pulled out a glowing weird shaped sword of energy. The man in the cape laughed, "Hahaha, foolish creatures". The man surrounded Malon in a field of pure evil and pulled out a meter long sword. The creature was the first to attack. It and the man in the cape clashed head on. The mans sword hit the energy sword and was shattered instantly. The man looked astonished but still somehow calm. Just then Majora appeared. "Who are you?" asked Majora. "My Sephiroth," said the man. Then Sephiroth lowered the energy field around Malon, grabbed her, and leapt into the sky. 'No, not now' thought Link grievingly. "Do not grieve for her," said a voice from behind him. It was the Wanderer. "Why not?" asked Link, "Sheís as good as dead, you saw the evil in that mans eyes". "She is not dead and will not die," said Wanderer, "He abducted her because he needs you and Zelda". "Why? Why dos he need us?" asked Link. "Because he needs the Triforces you have," replied the Wanderer. To this Link said, "He canít get the full Triforce anyway, Ganondorf has the other piece". Majora and Wanderer looked at each other the Link. "He already has it," said Majora.



Chapter 13: To the Ends of the Earth.

Link sat there at Lon Lon Ranch, looking at the spot where Malon liked to stand and for the first time in his life, the Hero of Time cried. When he heard a noise behind him, it was the Wanderer. "I know how you must feel, but donít do anything reckless," said Wanderer. "What you donít know is that I am willing to go to the ends of the earth for her," Link replied. Wanderer stood there thinking, reflecting. "What do you know about this," Link asked suddenly. "Sephiroth couldnít have left Hyrule, it would take days, and besides, he wants the Triforce," replied Wanderer. The next day they gathered all the sages, even Zelda and Saria, and formulated a plan. Darunia, Nabooru, Link, Impa, Wanderer, and Majora would go to find Malon, while Master Chief, Saria, the Arbitor, and Ruto would stay behind and protect Zelda. And with this the quest for Sephiroth's head began.



Chapter 14: Weíre Going Too.

It had been nearly 2 days and they hadnít found Sephiroth. They were now searching the area surrounding Gerudo Valley. Link looked at a rock. There was something strange about this rock though. It wasnít there a week ago. Link decided to smash the rock with his megaton hammer (which he found lying at the Temple of Time) underneath the rock there was a hole, from this hole sprang ten monsters Link had never seen before, but the bad thing was, there were 10 of them. Just then gunfire erupted, and a flash of blue flew by, and all of the enemies were nothing more than a pile of rubble. Link looked over and saw Zelda, Ruto, Saria, Master Chief, and the Arbitor standing there. Zelda opened her mouth to reply but Master Chief interrupted her. "We got bored," he said. After a little argument they jumped into the hole.



Chapter 15: Different Realms, Same Goal.

"Let me go!" exclaimed Malon, "You big jerk". Sephiroth snickered, "Shut up you lower life form! You are nothing more than another pathetic human!". For the first time, she saw that Sephiroth actually looked angry. "Wh-What? You look like a human to me," said Malon. At this Sephiroth laughed, "Oh, no, foolish girl, I am much more than some low grade human". Malon sighed no matter how hard the situation, she was bored. "So, Sephiroth was it? Whatís your story, I mean, why do you want this?" Malon asked. Sephiroth looked surprised that this lower being was interested in his story. So Sephiroth told her, "I want all land because humans have stolen it from my mother, Jenova, and I hate all humankind for it". Sephiroth then redirected his attention to his work, "Now I must find a way to resurrect the holder of the relic of Power". Malon gasped, "You want to resurrect Ganondorf". Sephiroth glared at her, "Another word from you human, and Iíll return you to the planet". "Malon had a look of confusion. "Iíll kill you, to a point where you cannot be revived, by any magic, sacred or not," said Sephiroth. " resurrect the holder".



Chapter 16: The Resurrection.

As the group of heroes went deeper into the tunnel, a faint sound of crying could be hear. "I know that voice anywhere," said Link. It was Malon. They hurried down the path and eventually found Malonís cell. "Malon," whispered Link. "Malon," this time he said it louder, "I am not a trick of your mind Iím here Malon". Malon looked up and rushed forward to the cell bars. "Link, I was really scared please help me. I donít wanna be here anymore," Malon cried. "And please make sure your...not...discovered, Link look out," said Malon. Link back flipped just in time to dodge Sephirothís attack. "Foolish mortal, I will kill you all," exclaimed Sephiroth. A fierce battle ensued. Link kept up with Sephiroth, but he was getting tired, he couldnít last much longer. Just then Sephiroth jumped into the tunnel overhead, no longer to be seen. Link rushed over to Malon. "I will find a way to unlock you if its the last thing I do," said Link as he looked around. Little did he know, in this time, it would be the last thing he did. He pulled out his sword and busted the lock. Just then, Sephirothís voice boomed through the tunnels, to be heard by minions and the group alike, but it was heard by another. Sephiroth fell from the upper tunnels and screamed, "RETURN TO THE PLANET, FOOL!" as he plunged his Masamune into Links back. Then Sephiroth whispered, "The death, its so...familiar". The figure that followed Sephiroth petrified them all. It was Ganondorf...



Chapter 17: The Battle of a Lifetime.

Sephiroth proceeded to kill the others, but as he swung, a flash of red and pink blocked the attack, the blur took the shape of a man. Though this man didnít look normal he defiantly was human-ish. He had red feathers covering every inch of his body except his face. "Who are you," spat Sephiroth. "You are evil, I was evil once myself, and I have learned the faults of evil," said the man. "WHO ARE YOU!" screamed Sephiroth. "My name is Kuja... and you have to deal with me too".

This was indeed a mysterious man. "True love is a gift, a gift that should never be stolen. Yet it so often is by people like you," said Kuja. Kuja confidently turned around and whispered, "They called me the Dark Messenger, but now I consider myself a messenger of the gods". To this Ganondorf remarked, "What does it matter to you, these are no more than common people. And besides, you canít beat us, weíve got the Triforces of Power and Courage". Then Sephiroth knocked out Zelda. "Now we have the third," he proclaimed as the three triangles accumulated and formed into one. Sephiroth eagerly reached his hand out. But was beat to it by Kuja. "I wish for these innocents lives you have ruined to be restored," Kuja asked. Sephiroth laughed, "What a waste of a wish, none who die by my blade can be-," he was cut short as Link staggered to the ground. "IMPOSSIBLE!" he shouted. Link took out a Light arrow and shot Ganondorf in the head, temporarily, paralyzing him. "Hahahaha. Show them your true form mother. Show them as I deal with the higher life form," said Sephiroth. Then, what looked like a ball with tentacles appeared. "Kuja, deal with Sephiroth, well get the SYNTHESIS monster," screamed Wanderer. Kuja proceeded upward for they were somehow no longer underground, but in an open field. "Hey Arbitor, this could be like dealing with a giant Flood," said Master Chief. "Indeed, Demon," replied the Arbitor. As the battle in the air heated up, so did the battle on the ground. They team was hacking away at it but it just wouldnít die. "Alright enough of this," said Wanderer. "Youíve pushed me to the last nerve. ARMAGEDDON". Kuja put a spell that made the team and the rest of Hyrule, not involved in the attack. But to Sephiroth, all he saw before it hit him was the nothingness of space. Then a meteor, another, 15 in all, hit him. Not separately, but all at once. "Hyrule and the rest of its inhabitant reappeared. "Haha, forced to use my upgraded stage, who'd've thought, mere mortals. BIZARRO SEPHIROTH!" Sephiroth exclaimed. Blinding light covered Hyrule field. When it subsided, standing there was no longer the Sephiroth they had seen. But a giant, hideous, twisted, mass of machine, animal, and human flesh. Kuja laughed, "Finally I get to use my higher grade attacks that I received from the defeat of nothingness. GREAT CROSS". $ planets and Bizarro Sephiroth appeared between them in the nothingness. Then the planets submerged at the point where Sephiroth was. He screamed in pain. "Only the second person worthy enough to see...SAFER SEPHIROTH," he exclaimed. Now he looked less hideous and more godly. With wings protruding in every direction. and a lower half which was no more than beast. And there was a ring above his head. He reached down and grabbed Malon. "HEEEEEELLLLLLLPPPPP," she screamed. Link now found a new power inside himself, one of great strength. "OBLIVION SLASH," he screamed. With this he proceeded to endlessly pummel Sephiroth with an incredible barrage of attacks. With each slash, his grip on Malon loosened until she fell. Link caught her and lightly set her on the ground. He stood up and addressed his teammates, "Do you think you guys can finish this without me". They nodded and Link proceeded to mend Malonís wounds. "He hasnít much fight left in him," proclaimed Kuja. Then Ganondorf's voice boomed, "GANON". What they saw next was a giant (but not as big as Safer Sephiroth) pig creature with 2 golden sythes. The group fought Ganon and Kuja finished off Sephiroth. "ULTIMA," said Kuja. Energy Spears short up from behind him and enveloped Sephiroth. "I will not be defeated," said Sephiroth coking on a little of his own blood, "SUPERNOVA". Kuja quickly covered his teammates in an impenetrable barrier. In the outer edge of the solar system a meteor could be seen. It ran through and destroyed Pluto, Neptune, Uranus(;)), Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars then it bypasses earth and hits the sun. The sun then expands and engulfs Mercury, Venus and before it reaches Earth it starts to retract.



Chapter 18: The end.

The heroes from other dimensions decided to stick around and enjoy Link and Malon's wedding. But after that they returned to the lands from whence they came, except one. Wanderer decided to stay in Hyrule, to be the bodyguard of the Princess and occasionally other work destroying things. Peace and harmony thrived once more in the land of Hyrule.




7 years later...

Link and Malon stared down at their newborn son. It was the most beautiful thing theyíd ever seen. They were happy, that was about to change.



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