Link's Reawakening
(Or the Orb of Darkness)

By MiKe

Chapter 11

The black smoke stuck thickly in the air as Lance entered Kakariko village.

"This...this is horrible!" cried Zelda.  "I can't believe that this happened to Kakariko!"

Lance coughed, the putrid black smoke filling his lungs as he pushed his way through the smoldering rubble.  The whole town in ruined chaos, it was hard to believe that this was even the same place he'd seen a few days before.

What Lance saw next, a million lifetimes couldn't have prepared him for.  There in the dirt and rubble, still clutched in an embrace, were a mother and her child.  The charred and desecrated bodies lay smoldering in what had once been the doorway to a house.  The horrible stench of burring flesh forced Lance to fight back a gusher of vomit.  A flood of emotion swept over Lance and the tears began to fall from his eyes as the sight registered in his mind and burned a hole into his soul.  Lance had never known his mother.

"Damn you Ganon, Damn you!" Lance screamed in frustration.  There was nothing to be done, it was too late.  A gentle hand landed on his shoulder.

"Lance are you okay?" Crystal asked in her infinite compassion.

Then like an erupting volcano, a wellspring of hate rose within his soul as he saw the dark winged beast flapping its leathery wings above the skyline of the ruined town.  Lance's gaze fixed on the flying demon and he knew what he had to do.

"I will be," Lance responded.  His voice was distant for he was concentrated fully on the task at hand.

Lance charged and hurtled his spear at the dragon with all his vengeful might.  The fierce battle cry he shrieked scared even himself.  His projectile ripped through the air with a terrible speed.

The demon sputtered as the spear hit true to its mark and tore through its chest.  Enraged the beast dove down at Lance, knocking him to the ground.  Lance lied there in a pool of his own blood, watching his vision fade to black.

The spear hit its mark in the dragon's chest.  Enraged the beast dived down at Lance, knocking him to the ground.  Lance lied there in a pool of blood watching his vision fade to black.


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