Link's Reawakening
(Or the Orb of Darkness)

By MiKe

Chapter 3

Later that night back in Hyrule castle Link was sitting upright in his bed. He couldn't get to sleep. Quickly finishing the remnants of the loaf of bread Zelda had so thoughtfully delivered to him, Link began to think how good it was to be home again. Even though he couldn't remember where he had been he still knew that he had been gone for a long time. The more his thoughts lingered upon his journey the more it bothered him that he didn't remember it at all. As he sat there picking his brain for the memories he had lost, a storm was brewing.

"All right, maybe if I go through this step by step, then I might remember what happened," Link thought to himself.

He remembered leaving but he didn't remember actually going anywhere. Link was stuck. There was no more that he could think of to so. As his frustration rose so did the intensity of the storm winds. The shutters on Link's window began to strike against the wall repeatedly. This distinctive sound broke Link's concentration.

"Ugh, stupid window," Link groaned as he heaved himself out of his bed. Link approached the window and reached for the shutters.

KA-BOOM!!!! An intense bolt of lightning had struck near the castle. This occurrence brought back a flood of memories.

The raging winds of the tempest drove the rain hard into his skin. Brilliant explosions of lightning flashed across the sky accompanied by deafening thunderclaps. Waves crashed over the bow of his hired ship and lashed out at Link. The salt water burned in Link's eyes but he knew he couldn't let it distract him form his unending battle with the rigging. His whole body ached with pain, but he knew that if he stopped he would soon share the same fate as the rest of the crew. They had been completely unprepared for a storm of this magnitude. Link had watched as the enormous black cloud wall had engulfed the horizon. Link had also watched as the storm swallowed all other nine of his fellow knights of Hyrule. Despite his exhaustion and pain Link refused to relinquish his hold on the cord. He knew that he couldn't give up now... A blinding blue-white light. An explosion...

Link stood there for awhile, absorbing his past memories. He then finished closing the window, still in a daze. He returned to his bed. He remembered his journey in vivid detail. It was hard for him to believe that he ever forgotten. Yet, even now it seemed that something important was missing. There was an echo of a whisper in the back of his mind that implicated that Link didn't have all of his memories.

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