Link's Reawakening
(Or the Orb of Darkness)

By MiKe

Chapter 5

Outside the weather was beautiful, Link, Zelda, Lance, and Crystal had decided to take advantage of the good weather by heading off to Kakariko village.

"I love the food at this place!" said Lance thinking out loud as usual.

Link smiled, it was good to finally be home again. "You gotta love good old 'Pride of Hyrule'!"

"Well it is the best tavern/restaurant type combo in the whole land," commented Lance.

"Are you guys going to talk all day or are we going inside to get some food?" Zelda asked in a sarcastic tone.

Crystal laughed. "Maybe you guys should just go around and tell everyone how great you think thin place is."

"All right then, let's get moving," Link said as he walked over and opened the door.

They sat down at their usual table. The owner Larry came over to talk to them.

"Hey how's my best customer?" Larry said merrily addressing Lance.

"I'm doing fine..."

"Holy Triforce!!!! Is that Link? Oh geez everyone in the kingdom was so worried. Well, I mean I knew you got back all right but I didn't know that you were out and about yet!" Larry fired off quickly interrupting the answer to one of his own questions.

"Yeah I'm back all right but I don't really remember how I got here."

answered Link.

"Oh that's great let me get our hero some food free of charge." Larry said as he slid back to the kitchen.

Link looked over at Zelda and saw her whispering with Crystal, they both looked serious. Link looked to Lance to see if he knew what was going on, but he didn't seem to be paying any attention. Link strained to hear the quiet words exchanged between Crystal and Zelda.

"He doesn't know?" Link heard Crystal ask softly, she sounded surprised.

"'He' doesn't know what?" Link inquired loudly.

"I guess not," said Zelda answering Crystal, but temporarily ignoring Link. Lance snapped up in his chair. Link's three companions looked at each other as if they were partners in crime being faced by the proper authorities. Link watched them flounder, each of them hesitating to speak in turn. Finally, Zelda spoke up for them.

"Well, you see, Link, after you left Lance began to court Crystal. You did tell her that you just wanted to be friends again, and that you didn't mind her being involved with someone else," Zelda said, giving justification to the trio's former antics.

Link thought about it and he honestly didn't really mind. When he had first seen her he had thought that she was the most beautiful of the seven maidens excluding Zelda. After awhile he had grown tired of waiting for Zelda to admit that she was in love with him. Link had no more patience for their romantic game, so he finally decided to just move on. Link knew that "moving on" would drive Zelda crazy, and it did, he could tell. Even though she tried her hardest to conceal her feelings of jealousy, Link knew that she'd crack sooner or later. If Link had let it get that far, Zelda would have broken up their wedding, but he hadn't, they had only ever kissed even once. In the end, however, Link felt really bad for having used Crystal for a substitute for the girl he really wanted to be with, Zelda. To Link even thinking of her name brought him joy and to him Zelda's voice was the most beautiful and soothing tone that his mind could possibly hope to have ever heard. Link had realized that Zelda was his true love and so he broke it off with Crystal gently.

"Gee, buddy... I'm sorry. You don't really mind, do you?" Lance said with some insecurity in his voice. He felt bad, it was like he had betrayed Link somehow. Link smiled.

"No. I'm not mad. I'm really happy for you both." Link responded.

Looking at him they could all tell that he really meant it. With that said, they put away all ugliness and resumed their friendship. Zelda felt secretly glad that there was no longer anything preventing her from being interested in Link anymore.

"Hey Larry, what's the hold up?" Link shouted.

"Yeah, where's that on the house meal you promised?" chimed in Lance. They looked around but Larry wasn't out front. Lance and Link approached the bar. Frank the resident drunk tapped Link on the arm. As he lower the bottle from his lips he had a serious look on his face like he was about to say something important.

"Hey Link, you have to go to the Waterfall of Wishing. If you go there you will see a beautiful Fairy." The room erupted with laughter for that was the only thing Frank ever said to anyone who stood next to him.

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