Link's Reawakening
(Or the Orb of Darkness)

By MiKe

Chapter 6

After having a great time in Kakariko village the four friends returned to Hyrule Castle. They shared friendly conversation on their walk back. Zelda began to notice Link withdraw from the conversation. She looked at him, he just stared off, in deep thought. Link didn't respond to her glance, instead he just stared on, looking serious and almost sad.

They crossed the drawbridge into the castle, passing the king's soldiers.

"Welcome back your majesty," said the guard to Zelda.

"Hello," she replied while slowly turning to face the soldier as her train of thought collided with reality.

She began to walk again, catching up with Crystal. Soon after she began to listen into the dialogue between Link and Lance.

"...I'm going to bring my stuff back up to my room from the infirmary," Zelda heard Link say.

"I guess I'll help you carry all that shit upstairs!" Lance responded jokingly.

"No, I'll just get it myself."

"Are you sure buddy?"

"Yeah," Link sounded far away.

"...and I'm so happy that we're all back together again. Aren't you? Zelda? Did you hear anything I just said?" asked Crystal.

"Sorry, yes I am happy we're all together again," Zelda said still distracted by her own thoughts.

"Well I was just saying that it's good that everything is back the way it should be."

"I don't know that I would say that everything is back to normal," Zelda said still with the sound of reflection of her thoughts leaking into her words.

"What do you mean?"

"Well it just seemed to me that Link was acting strange."

"In what way?"

"He just acted like something was bothering him."

"Do you think he's mad about me and Lance?" Crystal asked sounding worried.

"I don't know. I'm going to go check on him." Zelda said as she started to walk off. "Bye," Zelda added quickly before she left the room, leaving no time for her friend to respond.


Zelda walked through the castle in the general direction of Link's room.

As she climbed the spiraling stone staircase that led to the floor were Link's room was located, she heard a soft melody. The song was being played slowly, it sounded sad. She thought to herself that the song would sound happier if it was played faster. It was being played on an ocarina. She knew it was Link.

Link set his tattered green tunic on top of the rest of his things that he had brought upstairs. Link's eyes feel upon the blue ocarina on the stand near his bed. He smiled as he thought of his friend Clain, who could speak to animals with the song of his flute. He had taught Link how to play the ocarina. After Link saved his life, Clain had given him it as a gift. After a few days Clain made himself a new green ocarina, for his core need to express himself with music could no longer be suppressed. Link had always had an ear for music, but he really had no idea how to play until Clain showed him.

Link grabbed his trusty ocarina off the stand. He examined it, turning it over as if seeing it for the first time. The sight of it brought into Link's mind a vaguely familiar song. He didn't know if he had just spontaneously composed it or if it was just some long forgotten tune. As it played continuously in his mind, Link began to cry. He brought the ocarina to his lips. He began to play, somehow knowing exactly how to play it. Link play it again and again for what seemed like an eternity. The song flew through him with such power that it seemed to almost be controlling him. Finally he ended his song.

"That was a pretty song. Did you just compose it?" Zelda asked in

genuine curiosity. Link turned as he heard her voice.

"Ye...well no, I mean, I don't think so." Link's words were confusing to even him. He watched expression as she noticed the tears which stained his face. She walked over to him.

"Link..." she said as she touched his face wiping away the tears.

"It's just so frustrating..." Link said as her searched for a word to describe what he was feeling. "There are just so many things that I know that I don't remember from my voyage."

Zelda reached down and gently grabbed Link's hand, leading him towards the balcony. Together they scanned the view below. The sun was low on the horizon and the sky was tinted with streaks of bright orange. The forest out below them in its full summer green and heat was quelled by a cool breeze.

"It's so beautiful." Zelda said as she looked landscape surrounding them.

"Yeah." Link agreed, but he didn't know of anyway to really do it justice. He looked over at Zelda as she leaned up against the railing, still starring down at the countryside she would one day rule. Her hair was like fine strands of gold gleaming in the sunset. She noticed him looking at her and turned to face him. They made eye contact. Link starred deeply into her eyes; They sparkled like twin sapphires. "Zelda...I love you."

"Oh, Link," Zelda said as she looked into his eyes. He gently brushed the hair to the side of her face. She put her arms around his shoulders. They kissed, slowly, passionately as the sun sunk behind them.

Sahasrahla entered Link's room.

"Link you left your sword in the infirmary, so I took the liberty of bringing it up for you." He got no response and at first glance the room appeared to be empty. Sahasrahla walked further into the room. "Link, are you in here?" It was then that he saw them in the balcony. He walked over to them, but they didn't notice so he cleared his throat to capture their attention. Link and Zelda relinquished their hold on each other. They were both embarrassed, but Link managed a feeble smile.

"Er...Hi how are you doing Sahasrahla?" Link said sheepishly.

Sahasrahla just grinned wryly. "I knew this would happen eventually."

"This scoundrel just kissed me and...all I was doing was just coming to check on him." Zelda said to defend her image in the eyes of Sahasrahla, while at the same time blushing.

"I'm not mad at you. I've always know that you had feelings for each other. Someone my age can see these things plain as the light of day. Just don't do anything foolish right away." After that Sahasrahla left the room.

Zelda still felt guilty and embarrassed for getting caught with Link.

"Wow! Do you believe that, Zelda? He trusts us!" Link said in amazement.

"This is you're fault!" Zelda said angrily at Link.


" seduced me....with your song and the..the balcony." Zelda stammered, too proud to admit what had just happened.

"Yeah, well you're the one who dragged me out on the balcony." Link said defensively.

"Well, you knew that I would get caught up in the moment."

"I didn't know how you'd respond...I didn't plan this." Link said growing frustrated of her stupid games. "And besides, I know you enjoyed it too." Link shot out after a slight hesitation.

"Oowwww!" Zelda scowled as she left Link's room. She hated to lose an argument but she knew that what Link had just said was true.

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