The Medallion of Evil

by Jessica Rosa

Chapter 1


During late hours of the evening, while the morning mists were just starting to settle, nothing could be heard except for the peaceful harmonies created by the birds and crickets. But in another realm, far, far away from Hyrule, an evil was beginning to arise. As Ganondorf awoke in a crystal-like prism, his mind was filled with pain and screams of agony. His hands flew up to his ears as he tried to block out the painful noise. The noise quieted as he cast a weak spell. He slowly arose from the bottom of the crystal, his ears still ringing from the screams. He banged his hands on the glass but it wouldnít break. He then tried to think about how he could have possible have gotten caught in this place. The last thing he remembered, was that blasted Link coming to the Underworld and attacking him. " Oh no." Ganondorf said out loud. Link must have sent him to the Evil Realm! Oh, Curse him! Ganondorf concentrated hard and then threw a strong bolt of light at the prisms walls. The walls finally shattered after a quite a few tries. It was a lot more laborious to do his normal magic with out his Triforce. " Iíll soon reclaim what is righteously mine," Ganondorf thought to himself. He wanted revenge on Link and Zelda for what they had done to him. " All in due time," he told himself.

Just then a creature appeared at his side. Many creatures actually. He looked at them strangely until one came forward and spoke to him. " You are our Master," said the creature. " What are you?" asked Ganondorf. " We are the legendary species of the Sindellas. We are your humble servants, my King of the Evil Realm. He couldnít believe his ears. These creatures thought that he was there King. Maybe these creatures could be helpful.

" As a gift of honor to you, my Lord, we give you this pendant. It is called the Medallion of Evil." The little Sindella handed the medallion to him. " You hold in your hand, the most powerful object in this world. It gives who ever holds it, the power to control this world also enough power to leave this world. It is possible that the power of this pendant almost out does that of the Triforces."

Ganondorf looked at the creature in shock. " How is that possible? The Triforce is the most powerful object in the world!" Ganondorf exclaimed.

" Yes, that is true," said the little Sindella, " but for every powerful object, there is another powerful object that can cancel out its power. This follows for the Triforces as well. This Medallion is the only object that can cancel out the Holy Triforces."

Ganondorf grinned. " Finally," he thought. " I will have revenge on Link and Zelda. With that he snapped his fingers and found himself in his cozy layer in the Underworld. "Ah," He said out loud, "Itís good to be home."

* * *

As the sun slowly rose over the vast plains of Hyrule, Link sat on the ledge of his balcony, where he had been sitting for the last couple of hours. Even though the sight of Hyrule this early in the morning was breath taking, Link couldnít have cared less. He had been awake for hours. Something had been bothering him the evening before and it had continued to bother him. He had managed about an hour of uneasy sleep when he had given up and stepped out onto the cool tiles of his balcony. It had been about 12:00AM in the morning then. It was now 6:00 AM. He groaned as he thought about the meeting with the King that he had to attend that morning. He would have a little less than 4 hours of sleep if he went to bed now.

In the back of his head, an uneasy feeling started to build again. He sighed softly as he dropped his head in his hands. He couldnít figure out what could possibly be wrong. The Kingdom has been at peace for almost a year now and Ganondorf hadnít poked his head in over 2 years. Everything seemed perfect. He and Zelda had been married for a little under a year and things were going perfectly. All the same, he had this troublesome warning going off in the back of his head. He hadnít talk to Zelda about it and she hadnít said anything about having any bad feelings. Just then, Zelda walked out unto the balcony and yawned as she approached her husband.

She slipped her arms around his waist. "Link, what are you doing out here?" She murmured softly as she kissed the top of his head. " Itís too early. Come back to bed."

Link turned to face Zelda and smiled warily at her. " I canít," he said. " Something was bothering me and I couldnít fall asleep. Iím sorry. I did I wake you?" He asked.

" No," She said as Link pulled her into his lap. " I woke up a little while ago because I thought I heard something. Then I noticed the Balcony door was open so I came out." She said as she leaned against him. " What was bothering you?"

"Oh itís nothing, really." Link said standing up, smiling at her. " Come on, letís go back inside."

* * *

Later, that morning, Link found himself in the middle of an important meeting that he should have been paying full attention to. For some reason, he couldnít focus at the moment. The King was explaining to his council about the surprise attacks that had occurred the night before. Hearing this, Link looked up and started to focus in on the conversation.

" The attacks were made on three of our villages in Hyrule, Ruto, Saria, and Mido. The left over remains of the villages proved that the villages were indeed attacked by a group of Sindellas." the King said slowly.

"Sindellas?" asked on of the solders, " What are Sindellas?"

Before the King could respond Link answered the solderís question. "They are a kind of fire-breathing, tall jelly creature. They are extremely easy to kill but if you are sucked into their mouth you can consider yourself dead unless you can manage to kill it from the inside before it starts to digest you. They were thought to be extinct until a couple of years ago."

Drake, Linkís best friend, and companion spoke up from the back of the room as he approached the Kingís seat. " Excuse me your Highness, but I have fought these creatures along with Link many times and they are not the kind of creatures that will be able to cause so much damage as that seen in Ruto and Mido. It is impossible!"

" I agree your Highness," Link said. "The only time I have ever seen a group of Sindellas causing this much destruction was when Ganondorf had once controlled them with his power."

"Well, what are you suggesting Link?" The King inquired.

"Nothing your Highness," Link replied, " I just wanted to point out the possibility that Ganondorf could have resurrected himself from the Evil Realm as he has done before."

" Thatís very true Link," Drake said, as he stepped up behind Linkís chair.

"Thatís nonsense!" the King roared with fury. He quickly lowered his tone of voice but still remained taken back by what Link had said. " Ganondorf is dead. You and Zelda killed him yourselves."

" You Highness, Ganondorf was never actually killed. He was sent to another realm but he could easily return if his power was strong enough. We all just assumed that without the Triforce, he wouldnít have that kind of power to escape. " He could return, " Link uttered slowly.


* * *


As Ganondorf levitated back and forth in his layer, he smiled evilly at the thought of the invasion of the

of the three villages. He now had his own army. Even though the creatures werenít trained for combat, with a little bit of his own power, Ganondorf could turn them into killing machines. Ganondorf wasnít too impressed with the lack of destruction in the towns they had attacked the night before, but it was a start. Also, he knew that Hyrule had been at peace for much too long. He wanted to stir and awaken those fools from their fantasy world of peace and happiness. At one point, Ganondorf would have considered the attack risky considering that Link and Zelda had all three Triforces, but now he held a force stronger then their own Triforce, The Medallion of Evil. But, he still wanted to get hold of the Triforces. Then he would have double the power. And now, there was no way to stop him

* * *

Link stood by the stable waiting for his apprentice, Aaron. Link looked around and made sure all the equipment was set out properly and that it was all in order. Even though Aaron wasnít late, Link was starting to get impatient, but then, he was the one who was about ten minutes early? Link didnít notice Zelda coming out into the Gardens. He was too busy fidgeting with arrows and bows. Also, his mind has started to wander to a dream he had been having for a couple of nights. In his dream he was battling Ganondorf and he killed Ganondorf but each time he killed him, he would come back stronger than before.

Link was still daydreaming when Zelda sneaked up behind him. He strung up a bow and loaded an arrow into it. As Link aimed for the target, Zelda blew in his ear, causing him to miss the target completely, something he never did. He turned around, sword in his hand already, and went into attack position. Zelda backed up quickly but as he turned he knocked her to the ground.

Seeing that it was Zelda, Link quickly stopped himself from swinging his sword at her. He went over to where she fallen and hugged her, while apologizing over and over again. She was shaking terribly from head to toe. He held her tighter and kissed her gently, trying to calm her.

"Link, whatís wrong with you," she exclaimed still very shaken. " You were about to kill me!"

"IÖIÖI didnít know it was you," Link stammered. " I was thinking about a dream I had about Ganondorf and you scared me when you sneaked up behind me."

"So you attempt to kill anyone who sneaks up behind you!" Zelda replied angrily.

" No, of course not," Link said, " Itís just become a bad habit of mine to pull my sword out when ever I hear something or someone surprises me." He helped her up off the moist ground. She was covered in dirt but she didnít seem to care. He gazed at her, showing her that he was truly sorry. "Am I forgiven?"

Zelda didnít say anything. She just nodded. Link reached over and wiped some of the dirt specks of her face. " So," Link asked, " What did you come out here to talk to me about?"

"About that meeting this morning," Zelda said as she sat down near the garden fountain. She reached down into the fountain and began to wash her face.

" Hmm, I though you would ask me about that," Link replied sitting next to her. " Well, you father was concerned about those attacks in Saria and Mido and Ruto. He thinks that Sindellas attacked the villages, but I donít think so."

" Sindellas canít do that much damage," Zelda told him. Link nodded. " Thatís what I said and I thought that maybeÖoh never mind," Link said looking away from her.

" What, What did you think?" She said softly.

"Well, what do you think the possibility is of Ganondorf coming back?" Link whispered.

" Is that what you thought? That maybe Ganondorf returned and he is controlling the Sindellas again?" Zelda asked.

" Is it that far fetched? Those no one believe that he can come back?" Link replied looking hurt that his own wife didnít believe him.

"Well, itís possible but Ganondorf would be a fool to return," Zelda answered, touching his face. " He has no powers."

"I donít know," Link said. " I guess though if something was wrong, you would have felt it huh?"

Zelda nodded and smiled at him. She leaned forward to kiss him. Just then Aaron appeared for his daily training. " I think itís very unlikely that Ganondorf could return." Zelda said

* * *

In the shadows of the underworld, Ganondorf laughed to himself as he listened to their conversation. " Oh, Princess, if only you knew the power I actually have. If only you knew that I had the Medallion of Evil."

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