The Medallion of Evil

by Jessica Rosa

Chapter 2


Ganondorf studied the medallion as he cradles the glass object in his hand. All around him were piles and piles of books that he had been looking in, searching for more reference on this medallion.

"How come I never knew about this before?" He said out loud. " How come I never ran into this object during my studies of the Triforce?"

Just then, the little Sindella, Huda was his name, came into Ganondorf’s Throne Room. He was carrying more books that Ganondorf had asked for and he motioned to Huda to leave them on the floor.

Huda asked, " Is everything alright, my master? You’ve been doing a lot of research on the Medallion. Would you want our noble wise men to come in later to help you?"

" No thanks," Ganondorf replied, not really paying attention, " If I need help, I’ll call for them."

" Very well, Master," Huda replied.

When Huda left, Ganondorf sat up and began to think about the advantages he had against Link and Zelda.

" I should plan an attack," he thought to himself. " I could easily overthrow them since the medallion is stronger than their Triforce." Then it was settled. He would plan an attack. At dawn, while everyone was still asleep, he would attack the North Castle. They would be helpless. Then he could take their Triforce, leaving them powerless. Ganondorf smiled to himself, think at the moment nothing else then the satisfaction of seeing Link suffer slowly as he slowly killed him…

* * *

" Two O’ clock in the morning," Link murmured to himself as he once again found himself unable to sleep. This time he made sure that the balcony door was shut so that he wouldn’t disturb Zelda as he did the last time. He tried to analyze his thoughts. What was bothering him? It was like a pit in the middle of his stomach or a twisted knot that was too complicated it was impossible to be undone. " Maybe I’m having stomach ulcers," he thought.

He looked down at his hands, examining the two rings on his index and ring finger. One was his wedding band, a simple golden band with engraved designs of entwining curved lines. The other was his Kingdom King, which he inherited when he married Zelda. It had a silver band with a light blue stone in the middle. In the stone was a picture of the Golden Triforce. At that moment, he thought about how one day he would be King of Hyrule, how one day he would have to rule over this vast Kingdom that laid in front of him. He sighed again as he though about that. The thought scared him to the extreme of his very soul. But then, he wouldn’t have to rule alone. He would have Zelda, the Queen of Hyrule, at his side constantly. He smiled for the first time all evening at that thought. He had recently brought up the issue to his wife about the matter of children. He still remembered her reaction. She had the most frightened look on her face.

Then in the distance, Link heard a rustling, chattering noise. It sounded utterly familiar. He squinted to see if he could find where the noise was coming from. In the back of his head, an alarm went off. He finally focused on a point about a mile away from the castle. He saw an army of Sandals and other creatures that he couldn’t identify marching towards the castle. Leading the army he saw Ganondorf, with a smile of pure evil on his face and some kind of medallion in his hand. Link got up and ran into the castle to warn the King of the surprise attack.

* * *

Zelda lay in bed, thinking about how she could possibly find a way to get to sleep. No matter how much Link had tried, she had felt him getting out of bed a couple of hours ago. She laid in bed and thought about what he had said to her that previous evening. He had mentioned children to her and she had sort of flipped out on him, finding every excuse of why they should wait a little longer. He had just smiled at her and silenced her with his soft kisses. He had gathered her in his arms and carried her up to their bedroom. She smiled at the thought. Maybe it wouldn’t be that bad if they had a child. She didn’t know why she had reacted that way. Maybe I should apologize, she thought

Just then, she heard someone screaming in the halls out side her bedroom doors. She heard the door to the Royal Bedroom across the hall from her bedroom open and the person continued screaming. She was about to get out of bed to demand what was going on when the door to her bedroom crashed open. She let out a small scream until she saw it was Link standing in the doorway. She started towards him but he ran to her and pinned her back onto the bed.

" What the hell do you think your doing?" she cried. " Why are you causing so much commotion?

" Just listen before you start yelling at me," Link replied out of breath. He let go of her and pulled her up into a sitting position.

" The castle is under attack," Link said. " I spotted an army of Sindellas and a whole other species of creatures charging towards the castle."

Zelda stared at him in shock. She couldn’t say anything except…

"Ganondorf?" she whispered.

" Yes," Link replied, " I saw him at the front of the army."

Zelda started crying in his arms, holding him tightly. She felt that if she let go she would fall into the pit that had appeared in her mind when Link told her Ganondorf was back. He held her tightly and then pulled back for a moment to look at her.

" Darling, don’t forget we have the Triforce," Link whispered, " We can finally get rid of him forever."

"Will it be forever?" She asked. " Or will it just be for a couple of years like last time!" She started to sob again. Then she straightens up and started to take control of herself.

" Your father should have his army ready by now. Ganondorf is powerless." Link said trying to comfort her.

"I guess we should go get the Triforce," she said, trying to calm her.

" The Triforce will be fine, I have to get you out of here!" Link exclaimed

" What! You really think I’m going to leave when my Castle is under attack!" Zelda shot back. " I’m especially not leaving without you, Link. I can’t believe you would even think..."

" Zelda!" Link shouted over her whining. She quieted down almost immediately, slightly afraid. " Listen, you can’t stay here. You will be Ganondorf’s main target. He knows that if he gets you, I will be following soon after. You can’t stay."

Zelda looked up at him with tears in her eyes. She reached forward and hugged him. Then she murmured, " Your going to be a main target too. Why can’t you leave also? I have this terrible feeling that something is going to happen to you…" she broke off as tears started to become heavier.

Link felt helpless. He didn’t want to leave her by herself but he knew he had to stay and help guard the Castle. He knew very well that he was Ganondorf’s target but he had to take that chance. Right now, he had to get Zelda to safety. His mind would never rest unless he knew he was safe. He pulled her closer to him and kissed the top of her head, but then he pushed her away.

" Come on Princess," Link said, forcing a smile on his face, " I have to get you out of here."

"I’m not leaving."

"Yes you are," Link said starting to get impatient.

" No, I’m not."

"Your going whether you like it or not," Link said sternly.

Zelda turned away from him and muttered, "Yeah, we’ll see about that." She turned back once to see Link look up from the floor and then she ran down the hall. She heard him start behind her but she kept running, trying to outrun him. She heard him yelling for her to stop but she kept running. Finally, she had made her way out to the Gardens. She seemed to have lost him. She knew she shouldn’t have run away but she couldn’t leave. She wanted to stay with her home, the way any Queen would.

She pulled her shawl around her closely and made her way to the Enchanted Spectacle. Actually, it was just a bunch of huge trees that have been growing in the Castle Gardens for hundreds of years. It had gotten its name from the wonderful view you can see when you climb to the highest branch.

Zelda climbed up onto one of the branches to see what approached the castle. What she saw startled her to the point she thought she might fall out of the tree. She saw an immense army of moblins, Fretals, Sindellas, and Drakino hawks. She had never seen Fretals and Drakino Hawks before. They were new creatures that Ganondorf had created since he escaped from Verscelnera, Hyrulian for ‘ The Evil Realm.' She wouldn’t have recognized them if Link hadn’t described them to her. Fretals have a similar shape to the Hyrulians but because they lack a skeleton they can twist their body in numerous directions and angles. Their whole body is armed except for a soft spot in the middle of their stomach. The only way to defeat them is to hit them in the soft spot. The Drakino Hawks are an extremely dangerous species. Although they are an easy to kill bat like creature, the claws on the tip of their wings and feet can cause you a lot of damage before you ever get a swing at them. They have huge wings with a wingspan of almost 5 feet. Their wings are extremely bony and thin, which makes them excellent flyers and extremely good at making sharp dives, turns and flips. These are one of the most feared creatures that Ganondorf has yet to create and here they are, less than 2 hours away from the castle.

" Oh, this is great," Zelda said out loud. She looked around and then climbed down the tree. Suddenly realizing that she was out of range of the protection spell over the castle, she regretted not staying with Link. " I better go inside and find him before he gets really worried," She thought to herself. As she started inside, she felt something tug at the back of her shawl. As she turned, she saw a Drakino Hawk diving down at her. Before she could scream, the hawk had swung one of its claws at her. She fell to the floor, bleeding tremendously from the claw marks across her face and chest. She looked up weakly and saw Ganondorf towering over her. Then everything blacked out.


* * *

Link leaned against the cool castle wall breathing heavily from exhaustion. He had spent the last hour looking for his wife. He hadn’t overlooked any location but he couldn’t find her. " Where could she possibly be?" Link thought. "I’ve looked everywhere for her."

A Castle Guard ran up to Link and updated him on the attack. " Sir, Ganondorf’s troops have begun to attack our outer defenses," the soldier said, out of breath. " The keep charging, they’re aren’t lightning their attack. The General told me to call for you. We really need your help, sir."

Link thought for a moment. He knew that he needed to go out and help defend the castle but he couldn’t let Zelda stay out there by herself. " Tell General Daft I’ll be out as soon as possible. Tell him I need to find my wife."

" Very well sir," The soldier replied. The soldier turned to leave but then came to a halt. He turned slowly towards Links and said softly, " I hope you’re able to find her sir. Of what I saw, Ganondorf’s Drakino Hawks are approaching the castle and…well…" The soldier suddenly became of lost for words, " I hope you find Princess Zelda sir." With that, he turned and ran back to his post and was out of Link’s sight within seconds. He thought about what the soldier has said and though, " I hope I find her too. Before it’s too late…" Link headed for the Royal Gardens continuing his frantic search.

* * *

Rays of light were beginning to appear over the land of the Gerudos. Dawn was approaching and the morning mist began to settle. Timothy Chamberlain looked in the horizon of this beautiful land called Hyrule. His army was a mile back but should be arriving shortly. In the distance, he saw an army approaching the Castle. He took out his viewer and saw that it was Ganondorf’s army of vicious creatures. " Oh the dirty scoundrel," Chamberlain thought to himself. Ganondorf had attacked his country less than ten years ago, when Ganondorf’s reign was strong and all-powerful. His country was still under extreme repair from that sad battle, ten years ago. He never forgot the huge number of loss of soldiers, of friends. Yet, his father, the reckless fool, still ordered the armies to keep charging. His father was now dead and he had taken the thrown. He had always hated his father. His father was a fool, too easy to convince and only had one perspective his whole life, his own. Now, Timothy stood on the threshold of a new battle, a battle he had no intention of losing

The King of Hyrule had sent for Timothy for reinforcements in this attack.

The King had always been fond of his father since they were neighboring countries. Hyrule and Fantis had been allies for thousand of years. Timothy had received the message in the early morning hours and had right away set up an army of over a three thousand men. He had been waiting for the day that Ganondorf would attack again. He waited for the day when he could have revenge. He thought back for a moment on the horrible scene.

He had been only 15 years old at the time of the battle. He still remembers standing by his father’s side and listening to all the careless commands his father had given out.

" What is the current loss of men Sargent?" King Chamberlain asked.

" 50,000 men sir," The Sargent replied.

" Out of how many men?"

" 60,000 sir. 50,000 dead of 60,000. Should we retreat sir?"

" No. Continue the attack."

Timothy came out of his trance when he heard foot hoofs behind him. His best commander, Louis, came up behind him.

" Sir?" Louis asked. " Sir, are you alright?"

" I’m fine Louis. I’m just thinking." Timothy replied rubbing his head.

" The army is will be arriving within the hour. They are awaiting orders."

" Just tell them to continue on their way and to stay low. Ganondorf’s troop are visible."

Very well, sir." With that, Louis took off down the path he had just come from. Timothy began to slip back into his trance once more but stopped himself. I can’t keep doing this to myself, Timothy thought. I have to stop thinking about that day…about Sarah…

Timothy looked out once more at the army that was approaching. He looked towards the Castle and remembered the Kings orders. " Ask to see my Top General, Link. That’s all you have to refer to him as."

Timothy started his horse down the hill with one thought going through his mind… I will get revenge Ganondorf…I swear I will….


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