The Medallion of Evil

by Jessica Rosa

Chapter 4

It was only afternoon when Huda was able to return to his Chambers. He had spent the night before finding more books on the Medallion for Ganondorf and then when Princess Zelda was taken to the Castle, he had to guard her cell during the night. He hadn't gotten any sleep at all the night before. As he lay in bed, he thought about Ganondorf and about the Medallion.

"The Medallion is extremely powerful when used correctly," Huda thought.

"I wonder why Ganondorf hasn't asked me about the source of its power? Maybe he already knows it and just hasn't said anything about it. "

With these thoughts in his mind, Huda fell asleep and stayed there until the evening bell.


* * *

Zelda turned onto her back as she heard the dungeon door creek open. She quickly sat up and stared at the door as it opened. The guard in the door looked her over and smiled with approval. He slowly walked into her cell. Zelda was too weak to stand up so she pressed herself into a corner and curled into a small ball. The guard stopped when he was fiercely in front of her. He grabbed her arms and pulled her up against him. Zelda cried out at the pain that shot through her arms.

" Your lucky that Ganondorf wants to see you now, Princess, "Said the Guard with a sly tone in his voice. " Otherwise, I would keep you here and enjoy you myself." Zelda started to thrash her arms out and slashed him across the face with her nails. She only mad three steps toward the door when an arm grabbed her waist and pulled her back.

" You're going to pay for that my dear," The Guard said, as he roughly slapped her across the face. Zelda fell to the ground and a minute later found that the Guard had pinned her to the ground. She tried the free her hands from his grip but she couldn't move. He began to kiss her and rip off her clothing as Zelda lay there still struggling. As she screamed out in terror, the door busted open, and in the doorway, Ganondorf stood. With a swift stroke of his arm the Guard flew off Zelda and into the wall.

" I told you she wasn't to be harmed," Ganondorf growled deeply. The Guard struggled for words to convince him of his innocence but Ganondorf reached out and twisted his neck, killing him instantly. Ganondorf looked down at where Zelda still lay, shuddering with terror. Even though he wanted to see the girl suffer, he needed her to be as little damaged as possible in the case that she might be traded for the Triforce. He reached down, grabbed her arm, and dragged her out of the room. Zelda held her shirt together as much as she possibly could. She thought of trying to escape but she was being forced to move in front of Ganondorf. "It's impossible now," Zelda thought. She just continued forward until Ganondorf told her to stop. They were in front of two golden doors.

" In there are my servants," Ganondorf explained. " They will clean you up before you are to appear in the courtroom before me. " Ganondorf eyed her for a moment and said, " You really should reconsider taking off that spell on the castle. Next time a guard attacks you, I might not be so generous." he sneered at her opened the door and pushed her through it. He then closed the door and locked it.

* * *

Link looked out of his tent that night and gazed up at the stars. He let his mind drift back to the night where he proposed to Zelda. That night he had picked a star for her to call her own. He had even showed her how to find it throughout the year. He had told her it was a symbol of love and, unlike that star, his love for her would burn always for eternity. She had tears in her eyes from the gift and was completely blown away by it. He had later proposed to her and presented her a silver band with diamond stars engraved in it. She had cried in his arms and had gratefully said yes. They had walked in the moonlight for hours that night. They talked, hugged, and chased each other through the Castle Meadows. That had been one the happiest days of his life, besides of course his wedding day. He looked down and started fingering his wedding ring. " I hope she's alright," Link thought. Just then, his thoughts were interrupted by the sound of footsteps approaching behind him.

" Hey Tim," Link said.

"Hey," Tim said. He lowered his eyes to the floor and then hesitantly asked, " Link can I talk to you for a second?"

"Yeah, sure. Sit down. What do you want to talk?" Link asked, moving over to make room for Tim.

Tim sat down on the ground next to him and started fiddling with a stone on the ground. Link waited but after few minutes had passed, he asked again.

"So, what's up Tim?"

"Well," Tim started. " Link…I…About … Oh…I hate this. Link, I want to apologize about what I said to you today in the courtroom. I don't know what got into me but I guess I was a little jealous."

"It's okay. Why were you jealous?" Link asked.

"Well, Zelda and I knew each other since before we could walk and were always best friends. At the age of 14, we had started seeing each other, and shortly after I had fallen in love with her. She had told me about you but she had never seemed interested in you or least not until she was 16. Suddenly you were all she wrote about in her letters to me and she stopped sneaking out of the castle to see me. Then one day the letters stopped. I went to visit her about a month after the last letter and I found her in the garden…with you. After that, I never spoke to her again and even though that was such a long time ago, for some reason, seeing you brought back a slight anger. I don't know why. It's very childish of me though."

"Don't worry. Zelda has been known to have that effect on people. Zelda told me about you once but I thought you two had stopped seeing each other a long time before. Well, any ways, I'm willing to call a truce. " Link extended his hand and Tim took it and they shook hands. Then, they both started bursting out laughing. They couldn’t believe that they were discussing something so childish. They both felt 14.

Finally, after about five minutes of rolling on the floor they controlled themselves and started to map out the next few days of their adventure. Link explained about Phoebes Tremore and how the next day they would go to him to find the compass for the Map of Realms. Then Tim asked a question that troubled even Link.

"Link, you wouldn't happen to know where the entrance of the 'Void of the Forgotten Souls' is would you?"

Link looked down at the floor. A minute later he looked up and let out a long breath. "Honestly, I have no idea. I was hoping that maybe Zelda could telepathically communicate with me but Ganondorf must be cutting off her powers. It's possible though that the compass might lead us right to it. Or at least…I hope it will." Tim nodded his agreement. Then he returned to his tent to change for bed. Link's mind still raced as he got ready for bed. " I wish Navi was still here," Link thought. " I wonder how she and her new family is doing?"

Navi had left about a year ago when she had finally married a fairy prince. Even though she and her husband and now newborn child visited constantly, he still missed her company on these long adventures. With that, Link drifted off into a dreamless sleep.


* * *

Ganondorf paced back and forth in his chamber laughing to himself. "Those pitiful fools. They think they will actually find me. Well, let them. Little does Link know that while he's here looking for his Princess, I will be taking over Hyrule Castle? With Link out of the way, I can intercept the Triforce and become the most powerful being alive!" He cackled loudly to himself. Ganondorf had already began to form his army. His troops would be attacking the Castle in two days. " I can't wait to show them what this little medallion can do," Ganondorf whispered to himself. Then he tucked it away under his shirt and proceeded to the Map room where the battle arrangements where being prepared.

* * *

Zelda slowly awoke in her new room. The events previous night brought a cold tingle down her spine as she thought of the soldier that attacked her. She sat up in her bed, and looked around her room. It had been too dark the night before to inspect it but now that she looked at it, the room was truly beautiful. Zelda was quite surprised to find the room so cheerful when the rest of the castle looked so forlorn. The window near her bedside had a blue and yellow flowered curtain around it with a vase of daisies on the night table next to her. There was a dresser a couple of feet in front of her, which contained a brush with a golden handle and a few hairpieces next to it. And finally, to complete the room, in the corner was a small changing curtain decorated with many shades of warm yellows and blue. The room was absolutely gorgeous, but she had no idea why Ganondorf had put her in such a room, or why he had this room in the first place!

She got out of bed and approached the closet. In there, she found the blue dress she had been wearing when she was captured. The rips in the dress were repaired, to her surprise. She slipped it on, tried the door, and was again surprised to find it open. She entered the room and found herself in an open white room. There was hardly any furniture expect for a table in the middle of the room with two chairs and a strange painting on the wall. Zelda approached the painting and was intrigued by the many colors and patterns. As she examined the picture, she heard a door slam behind her. She turned quickly, and saw Ganondorf standing in front of her. Not with his usual mocking smile, but today, with a look of furry and exhaustion on his face. He motioned for her to sit down at the table with her hand and she obeyed.

He sat at the edge of the table and spoke softly.

"You know, I could easily kill you right now. There would be nothing more I 'd rather do but at the moment, you seem to be useful to me. I'm going to ask you again to take that spell over the tower. If you do, I'll release you and spare your husband the painful and long dead he will receive when and if he arrives here. "

"Never!" Zelda yelled back at him. She then got up and bolted for the door but before she could reach it, Ganondorf reached out with out and struck her with a lighting bolt. She fell to the floor and let out a slight cry as the bolt hit her. He then stood up and walked over to where she was. He reached down and grabbed her, and then he took her back to her chair and strapped her down to it with a rope in his pocket.

"Take the spell off the tower!" Ganondorf yelled.

Zelda looked up at him through weary eyes. " I'll never let you have to Triforce! I 'd rather die!"

"That can be arranged," Ganondorf growled back. He drew power into his hands and struck her with another bolt of lightning. Zelda screamed in pain and started to whimper softly. " I have to control myself," Zelda thought. "I can't let him see me this way, I can't give in."

"Oh but you can Princess," Ganondorf whispered to her as he read her thoughts. " All you have to do to end this is take the spell off. It's very simple." Zelda didn’t reply to him. She only lay there and cried softly to herself. With the lack of her response, Ganondorf hit her once again with a blot of Lightning and then started to hit her with his own hands. He approached her and slapped her across the face. Then he punched her in the stomach and hit her back with his fist. She crumbled onto the floor at his feet but still said nothing. He started to kick her over and over again, each time harder. Until she finally screamed out in pain. She was beaten, bruised all over, and crying hysterically.

"Take the spell off the castle!" Ganondorf screamed.

Zelda tried to stand up but yelled out in pain as her leg collapsed out from under her. It was obviously broken. She gasped for breath and held her hand to chest.

"Never!" She rasped out. Ganondorf grabbed her and threw her across the room. As she hit the wall, she heard a crack from her arm and everything went black.


* * *


"How are we supposed to find Phoebes Tremore in this mess?" Link said aloud as he looked out into the jammed packed village. Kakariko Village had always been peaceful and very quiet. But, this morning, for some reason there was a huge mob of people surrounded in the center of the village. Link approached the mob and was determined to find out what all the fuss was about. In the center of the group of people, was a lone man, speaking loudly out to the crowd.

" Fellow citizens. The works of Ganondorf is once again threatening our country. Most of us have seen the damage that Ganondorf did to our towns all those years ago. Many of us are still rebuilding our homes, and still suffering from the horrible nightmares we are left with after those horrible seven years that Ganondorf reigned. So I ask you all, will you let Ganondorf destroy our lives again? Or will you FIGHT!"

At this the crowd cheered and began to chant insults against Ganondorf. Then they began to chant his name.

" Hmm." Link said quietly, " So that's Phoebes…"

* * *

Two hours later, Link and Tim was in Phoebes home. It was a cozy cottage located in an isolated part of Kakariko Village. Link couldn't help but take in the sweet aromas of honey and grains leaking into the living room from the kitchen. Link leaned back in his chair and began to just drift off as Tim inspected the colorful patterns of the rug. Phoebes walked into the room a second later and smiled at the sight of in front of him. The well-known Link, Hero of Time, destroyer of Ganon, and future King of Hyrule, asleep in his Living room! As he sat down, Link came to attention again.

"So, Link, "Phoebes began, "What brings you to my humble home?"

" Link sat up and fished the map and necklace out of his pocket. " I was told to come here by a friend of yours I believe. I need a compass to the Map of Realms. He said to come to you, and to give you this as proof." Link handed the necklace over the Phoebes and he became quite serious. His face saddened quickly at the sight of the necklace now in his hand.

" So, my brother sent you," Phoebes said gently. " I gather he's dead then? "

Link nodded slowly.

"I see. Well, come Link, there is much for us to talk about." Phoebes said. He slowly approached the bookcase and searched its contents for a certain book. He found it, pulled it out, and suddenly the bookcase swung back, revealing a secret stairway. He turned back and beckoned Link and Tim to follow him.

Link began to descend a spiraling staircase. The narrow staircase was damp and dark. Link could only see about 2 feet in front of him and only because of the torch that Phoebes was carrying. They finally reached the lower landing and Phoebes lighted the other torches. The room light up and Link saw that the room reminded him of the Ancient Catacombs used thousands of years ago shortly after Hyrule was created. He inspected the room to find that his assumption was correct. There was a large Stone paintings on the floor of the room of the Triforce and the three gods. Phoebes smiled as he saw Link admiring the paintings around the room.

"Years ago, these catacombs were used by the Keepers of the Triforce and the Spirit Sages. Before the Evil Realm was created, Evil and Goodness used to be combined into Hyrule. There were no boundaries between the two worlds as there are now. The Keepers of the Triforce and Spirit Sages hide in these under ground catacombs where they made plans to build the Sacred Realm and The Evil Realm, where they would trap the evil that invaded Hyrule." Phoebes said, touching the floor.

"I'm surprised these catacombs haven't been destroyed. I didn't know they even existed anymore." Link said in surprise.

" They don't," Tim added in. "This is probably one of the only ones still intact. "

"That is correct. Now, the reason why you come to me is because you need the compass for The Map of Realms correct?" Phoebes asked.

"Yes, that's correct," Link replied.

Phoebes nodded. "If you don't mine me asking, why is it that you need to travel through the Evil Realm?"

Anger began to form in Link's eyes. He looked down at his feet. "Ganondorf has reemerged and he has kidnapped my wife. He seeks the Triforce. " Phoebes nodded. He took the Necklace that had once been his brothers and walked over to a cabinet in the back of the room. He opened it, and inside was the shape of a star engraved into the stone, the exact replica of the necklace in his hand. He pushed the necklace into the hole, and all that could be seen was a bright blue light. Link and Tim turned away it, being blinded by the bright rays. After the light had died down, they turned to see Phoebes facing them with a Sapphire stone in his hand. He fitted it into the hollowed out star Necklace. Then, Phoebes reached down his own neck and revealed the other half of the necklace. He fitted this onto the back of the necklace and turned it. Another bright light shown from the necklace and the necklace turned from a rusty gold to a brilliant color of Silver.

"This is the Legendary Compass of the Evil Realm. It is known better as ' Soul's Star.' You are heading for a dangerous part of the Evil Realm. It is known as the Void of Forgotten Souls. Many have ventured there, and none have ever returned. Once you are lost, you are doomed to wander the Realms of Horror for all eternity. This is the only way to find Ganondorf's Castle and rescue your Wife. "

"How does the Compass work?" Link questioned.

" This Compass is specifically for The Void of Forgotten Souls." Phoebes explained. " You must first go to the Entrance of the Evil Realm which can be located at the Ruins of Ganondorf's old Castle. Then you two must stand put your hands over the compass, and it wills teleport you to the Realm. Ganondorf's castle isn't located far from the entrance to the Void. His Castle will be beyond the hill. Now you must go. Ganondorf is planning an attack and you must be back by then. It is the only way we will be able to fight to the power of the Medallion of Evil."

"What!" Tim and Link both yelled. Tim recovered first. "What is the Medallion of Evil?"

"So, you didn't know. The Medallion of Evil is the opposite of the Amulet of Nagul. The Amulet that Ganondorf had used before was also known as the Medallion of Goodness. Ganondorf used it for evil, but it was created years before as a guardian of the Triforce."

"I can't believe this. Again, Ganondorf has an advantage over us!" Link yelled. Silence swept over the room until Link turned around, bid farewell to Phoebes, and thanked him. Tim followed as Link dashed out of the house with the Compass.

"Wait Link!" Phoebes yelled. But it was too late. Link had already left the house. "Damn it," Phoebes said out loud. "There is something about that Medallion that Link doesn't know about."


* * *

Zelda woke up and found herself back in her room. She could barely move. She was on her side and found it hard to look around the room. She closed her eyes and began to remember the beating she had received from Ganondorf. She began to weep out of frustration, weariness, and fear. She missed Link so much. Zelda focused her thoughts on Link so she could forget about the pain. She forced herself to sit up so she could examine the damage she had received. She was happy to see that she was able to wiggle her toes. "Well, at least he didn't break my back," Zelda thought grimly. Zelda slowly swung her legs over the side of the bed and clutched the nightstand next to her. She tried to stand but gasped in pain as her leg collapsed out from under her. She fell back unto the bed and tried again, this time putting very little pressure on her leg. She slowly limped over to the dresser where she looked in the mirror and gasped back at what she saw. She could barely see her face under all the bruises she had received, but to her surprise, her wounds had been treated. Her arm was in a sling and her major bruises had patches over them. She looked out the window and saw that night was approaching. She had slept through the whole day. "I can't take this anymore," Zelda thought. She suddenly felt extremely nauseous. She clutched her stomach and headed for the bathroom. She emerged a few minutes later, feeling slightly better. The door to her room opened, and a servant came in and placed a tray on her night table. Zelda just glared at the food. She didn't want to eat anything provided by that jerk that was holding her here. But once she approached the food, she felt unusually hungry. She slowly sat on her bed, trying not to disturb her wounds and ate her food quickly. When she was done, she pushed the tray away, and sat in bed thinking of her husband, how stupid she was to run away from him, and that it was all her own fault why she was here. She thought about the night before she had been kidnapped, lying in Link's arms, as they had talked about the concept of children. At the time, she had simply laughed at him playfully and said that she would rather wait awhile longer. Now that she thought about it, she regretted saying it. She would do anything to be home, with Link as their children wandered around them noisily and played with each other. She smiled and slowly fell into a deep sleep.

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