The Medallion of Evil

by Jessica Rosa

Chapter 5

Ganondorf sat in his quarters as the sun rose from a window at his right. The night before, he had completed his plans to attack the castle and recover the Triforce. Now all he had to do was wait for the right time. He had Zelda on the verge of breaking and Link was eventually going to come for Zelda.

"Heh Heh Heh," Ganondorf laughed out loud. "So foolish you are Link. You'll get lost in the Realms within 10 minutes and then you'll be out of my life forever!"

Ganondorf got up from his chair and walked over to where the Evil Medallion was being stored. He grinned at it and cradled it in his hand as the gem from within it glowed. "You, my precious medallion, are the one thing that will bring Hyrule, Link and Zelda to their Knees. You will help me gain revenge on them with your power. You know, I would never have thought that there was a power equal to that of the Triforce, since the Triforce is what gives all magic objects it's power. I wonder how it's possible that there is an object that is equally as powerful as the Triforce when it doesn't cancel out its power. Hmmm…Very interesting…" Ganondorf returned to his window looking at the sun that shone through the window and thought about how after tomorrow, the Sun would never hit Hyrule's surface for eternity…


* * *

"Come on Tim," Link said, encouraging Tim up the side of the steep mountain. " We can do it. Just concentrate on finding support for your feet. " Tim just nodded slightly and followed behind Link. They had been climbing for hours, stopping whenever they found a small cavity in the mountainside that they could rest in. Tim didn't dare look down ever for he knew that he wouldn't be able to move from that point on. They were on Death Mountain after all, and over the years, the mountain had become much rockier than it ever had been. The sides were much steeper and the mountain was much more active than it ever had been in its whole existence. But Tim tried hard not to think about such things. He just continued to climb upwards looking up at Link's back. Finally Link hollered that he saw the entrance. Tim automatically lit up. "Finally," he thought. "No more climbing."

As Link helped him over the edge, Tim saw before him, a deep cave with huge rocks covering its entrance. Link looked over and saw the extremely puzzled look on his face. Link smiled and then motioned Tim to watch. Link focussed on the rocks that were bestowed before him. Tim saw his head lower and sudden light appear from his hand. The Triforce design on his hand was glowing! Suddenly, a beam of green light shot out of the Triforce on Link's hand, and it banished the rocks. Looking up, exhausted but pleased, Link proceeded forward to the cave. When at the entrance, he looked back and smiled that the shocked expression on Tim's face. Link gestured with a smile for him to follow and Tim followed shortly behind him.

As Link entered the cave, he was hit with many raw and hideous odors. The sweet yet sour smells of decaying corps that were left here to waste away slowly. The musty smell of decaying woods and floors.

Link found his way to Ganondorf's old thrown room, and their he found it. The Portal that Ganondorf was able to use to teleport back into Hyrule. It was nothing more than a glimmering blue doorway, but it was only the beginning of the hell that lay before them. Link looked back at Tim. Tim's face was stern and grave. He had no fear in his eyes, and the hint of concern Link had felt earlier was gone. Tim nodded at Link and then at the portal. Link nodded, placed a hand on Tim's shoulder, and together they stepped through the portal.


* * *

Link and Tim awoke to find they floating in something that looked like black clouds. All around them, they saw black holes all leading to different realms, different times, and different enemies. Tim helped Link to his feet as they gazed at the mirroring tunnels. Link reached inside his shirt and grabbed the compass. He placed his hands upon it, grasped it, and then told Tim to do the same. A light engulfed them, sucking them into the correct void, which would send them to the Void of Forgotten Souls. Link felt dizzy as a cold sensation swarmed through his body. He felt as if he were going to explode. Suddenly he felt himself fall onto some solid, frosty grounds. Link picked himself up, and turned just in time to see Tim being plopped down next to him. He helped Tim to his feet and them examined his surroundings.

All around them, were thick masses of trees and shrubs, all covered with a fresh layer of winter snow. The ground was hard from the cold weather and the only greenery that could be seen were the patches of gray, dead grass scattered around the steep mountainsides. The worn out paths running through the woods were covered with debris, including the path they were standing on. Link looked towards the horizon where the sun was now setting. The sun sank slowly behind a huge Castle with many enormous towers bellowing over and shadowing the town below.

Looking around for the best route, Link slowly slide down the hill in front of him with Tim a few feet behind. His gaze fell upon everything before him.

"We'd better get a move on," Link said. "If we plan to get there before sunset. We have about 4 hours left in sunlight."

Tim nodded while repositioning his backpack. "How do you know which road to take Link? There are several and we can't even see beyond these bushes. " Link thought for a moment and then removed the compass off his neck. He held the little compass in between his two hands and then said, "Reveal the route to Ganondorf's Castle." With a burst of flames, the compass exploded leaving a glittering lath that lead down the dirt road…"and Hopefully to Ganondorf's Castle," Link said in despair, thinking of Zelda.

* * *

Zelda had spent the whole day in her room doing nothing but throwing up and aching from her wounds and broken ribs. She felt so unbelievably sick and at first thought that she had some sort of fevers. Later, one of her servants came in and proved her theory wrong. She had tried to rest but found that she couldn't fall asleep, and when she made her way over to her window, found that she couldn't sit there for more than 5 minutes before she started to yawn and grow headachy. Minutes before, she had finally decided to take her chances lying down in bed where she now laid huddled in a circle. She had started to fall asleep when to her surprise and displeasure, Ganondorf burst through the door of her room, jolting her from her bed.

"What do you want?" Zelda growled, trying to wrap a blanket around her. She hadn't even bothered dressing that day and was still in her ripped nightgown.

"My servants reported to me that you were ill and haven't eaten all day. As much as I would rather have you suffer, unfortunately you must be alive, and in one piece when I give Hyrule one more chance to return the Triforce to me. So what's wrong with you? Broke a nail off your royal finger?" Ganondorf sneered at her.

" I'm fine. I just wasn't hungry today…" Zelda replied looking down at the floor, avoiding his gaze.

Ganondorf took 4 quick strides and was at her side in a moment. He grabbed her arm and pulled her forward. Zelda screamed out in pain as she hit he side against the bedpost. He glared down at her and replied softly, "Nothing is wrong eh? I'll have someone set whatever that was back in…but for lying to me you'll be sent to the slashing hall!" Ganondorf pulled her out of her room and continued down the hall until he reached the last door.

Zelda had been trying to withhold her crying but an expected moan slipped though her lips. Ganondorf turned her around to face him, "A whipping never killed anyone Princess, but I have." He threw her inside the door and slammed it shut behind him.

* * *

Link and Tim trudged over the swampy wetlands and finally saw sight of their destination. Before him, Link saw an enormous dark castle looming over the next foothill. Link began to run forward and raced up the hill, anxious to reach the castle. Tim set off right behind him. "Looks like we'll reach it before dark after all," Tim thought. Once he reached where Link was standing, he looked around and realized that the sun should be setting in about an hour.

Link reached out suddenly and dragged Tim down on the ground with him. He motioned Tim to be silent and then pointed towards the castle gate. Tim followed his finger and saw the guards patrolling the grounds of the castle.

"I suggest we stay here until dark and then plan our attack," Tim whispered. Link nodded and said, "I hope Zelda can last that long."

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