The Medallion of Evil

by Jessica Rosa

Chapter 6

When night fell, Link and Tim slowly edged down to the moat of the castle and silently treaded into the waters silently.

"Follow me," Link said. "I have an idea."

"Whatever you say," Tim murmured. They slowly swam along the castle wall until they reached the back gate of the moat. The gate was securely locked and looked like it reached the bottom of the moat

"Great," Tim whispered. "What are we going to do now?"

"Wait a minute, I'll be right back," Link said.

"Hold on. Link?" Tim watched as Link dived headfirst underwater.

Tim saw Link disappear into the murky water. He began to get worried when Link was under for more a few seconds. He came back up a few seconds later and confirmed his thoughts to Tim.

"Yep, just as I thought." Link said.

"What? Where'd you go?" Tim asked.

"Under these gates there is a about 2 or 3 feet between the end of the gate and the floor. That's how we are going to get to the other side." Link explained. "That's unbelievable. Why is it like that?" Tim said, astounded at such a flaw in the security.

"After so many years, a gate made of the steel they have today will start to wear away at the bottom and decay. It breaks off and causes these gapes. It all depends how old the castle is. I'm sure you'd find this in your own castle if you checked." Link said. "Come on, just stay right behind me."

Link and Tim both dived and Link lead him under the decaying gate. The two reached the other side and jumped onto the pavement side path. Grabbing a nearby torch, Link and Tim started to follow the cement path. After about 10 minutes, they found themselves in a room with 9 doors leading into different areas of the castle.

"Uh oh," Tim said. "This could take years to follow each of these passages."

"I'm going to try to reach Zelda." Link said, stretching out his hands. "Maybe she can help us somehow." Link hands began to glow a light greenish as he reached out to Zelda telepathically. "Zelda…Can you hear me?"

* * *

"Zelda can you hear me?"

The voice echoed in Zelda's mind over and over again. She awoke from her sleep. "Link," she whispered.

I'm here, Link. Where are you? Please help me."

"I'm in the Castle sewage moat. I need you to help me find you."

Zelda concentrated hard and her hands began to glow a faint purple color and gradually the color grew brighter. Finally, a beam of light escaped her hands and started traveling towards Link. The beam traveled through the halls of the castle down into the cellars until it reached Link's hand and connected the two Triforces.

"I'm on my way Zelda. Just hold on."

Zelda looked down at her hand. "Please hurry Link. Please hurry."

* * *

"I'm on my way Zelda. Just hold on."

Ganondorf awoke in a start and looked around the room. He wasn't sure what woke him up but then he heard it again. "Please hurry Link. Please hurry."

"It's impossible," Ganondorf hissed. "There's no way he could have found my castle."

Ganondorf shot out of his chambers and ran down the stairs and across the castle to Zelda's Tower. He saw the beam of light being transported between the two. He swore and ran up to her room. He broke the door down startling Zelda and grabbed her.

"You little wench!" he screamed at her. "You thought it would be that easy to escape didn't you? Well Link is never going to find you and trust me you'll pay for this!"

"Let me go!" Zelda yelled as pulled her out the door and began to run down the stairs. Zelda trailed behind from her injuries only angering him further. He reached behind him and slapped her across the face making her fall to the floor.

"You're coming with me if I have to drag you out!" Ganondorf yelled.

* * *

Link sensed their signal growing weak and felt it break suddenly. Him and Tim where already far into the castle and Link could sense her near. He turned the corner just in time to see Ganondorf turn and slap Zelda to the ground. He felt an unbelievable rage growing inside of him as he heard her cry out in pain.

"GANONDORF!"" Link screamed before he charged at him, the Master Sword in hand.

Ganondorf was caught off guard and fell to the ground from the mighty blow. He got back up and engaged Link in a head on head battle. He sent lightning bolts at Link which were reflected back with ease by Link. One last trick Ganondorf had though involved the Medallion of Evil. He began to gather a ball of energy in his two hands. Link grabbed Zelda and Tim and yelled at them to run. Ganondorf punched the floor letting lightning blots fly in all directions. Link threw himself on top of Zelda and was hit badly by the bolts.

"Hah hah hah…How did you like that Link? Now that you've had a taste of my Evil Medallion maybe you'll simply give Hyrule to me."

"Dream on slimeball," Link whispered. " We'll see about that." Ganondorf regained his strength and opened a portal sucking himself, Zelda, Link, and Tim into it. When Link came to, he found himself and the others back in Hyrule in front of the Castle. Link looked around and found Zelda unconscious and Tim carrying her to safety.

"You mortal fools. I have the Medallion of Evil, a piece of jewelry that is more powerful than the Triforce or anything in this land! It can overcome and destroy the Triforces completely. I've decided though, that I'd rather have the Triforces as a memento of this wonderful day where I destroyed Link and his Princess and brought back my ancient rein of Terror!" Ganondorf broke into furious laughter.

"We'll see about that," Link said. He held up his hand preparing to send a wave of electricity at Ganondorf but found that his power was gone from his Triforce. "No…" Link whispered. "How can that be!"

"Wah Ha ha ha! I told you fool! This medallion cancels out and overpowers the Triforce! Now to destroy Hyrule Castle!" Ganondorf sneered.

"No!" Link screamed running at him. "Link don't" Yelled Tim. Ganondorf threw his arm out sending a wave of energy at Link. Link flew back and landed hard on his stomach. Link saw Ganondorf approaching the Castle and saw a little creature appear next to him.

"Hear me Sindellas and all my creations! Today Hyrule shall fall at my hand and it will become a land of chaos. Medallion of Evil, Hear and obey your master! Destroy Hyrule Castle!" With that Ganondorf threw out both of his arms and the medallion on his neck began to glow. "Destroy!!!!" he screamed.

Link, Tim and Zelda watched helplessly as they saw…


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