The Medallion of Evil

by Jessica Rosa

Chapter 7

Nothing. Nothing happened. Ganondorf looked bewildered and looked behind him towards his companion who had appeared during his casting. "You!!! What happened! Why isn't this thing working!"

Huda shrunk down and trembled. "We-we-well master, it's true that the Medallion is more powerful then the Triforce…."

"Then why isn't it working you piece of worm meat!" Ganondorf screamed.

"Master! Please do not anger with me! It's not at its full strength. It must be powered by its central energy source to at full power." Huda squirmed as he explained.

Link got up off the ground listening to this conversation and amazed himself that the castle wasn't in pieced at the moment. "What central power source? The Triforce? How can it be more powerful than the Triforce if the Triforce powers it?"

Huda beginning to relax more explained to Link what he meant. "That is very true young man. The Triforce can't power it. The Medallion of Evil the evil opposite of the Amulet of Nagul which is powered by the Triforce. The Medallion of Evil is powered by the Triforces evil opposite, The Calamity of Corruption, better known as the Corrupted Triforce. It's all in this book here."

"You idiot!!!! I will have your head hanged on a wall! I will get you Link! And I will have my revenge on you I swear that!" With that Ganondorf disappeared dragging Huda with him, who, in all the motion, dropped the book on the ground. Link was in complete shock. A second Triforce. The effect this could have on Hyrule was unimaginable. He turned to see Zelda standing behind him also dazed by what she just heard. She limped over, picked up the book, and held it close to her heart. Link looked over Tim, threw him his Ocarina, and motioned for him to call the horses. He walked over to Zelda and placed his arms around her frail and beaten body. She turned around and began to cry in his arms.

"I thought I'd never see you again," she whispered to him.

"Next time listen to me and don't run away because you want to get involved in a war. Deal?" Link smiled down at her. She laughed and kissed him. "Deal." she replied. Link picked her up into his arms and helped her mount Epona in the least painful way possible. Link climbed up after wards and Tim got on his horse and looked back at the couple. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm starving…. Hope the diner hall is still open."

Link and Zelda began to laugh and the three rode started on their way to the castle.

* * *

When arriving at the castle an hour later, the three heroes were met with cheers and a huge festival for rescuing the land's princess and future Queen. A tremendous festival was held in the Castle Courtyard and it was open to everyone in Hyrule. Link did not plan to stay long so he left Tim with a few of his friends and sought out Impa. He found her in the Library looking over one of the books on Hyrule's history that Zelda and link had given her for Goddesses' Day. When she heard him enter, she smiled a friendly greeting at him.

"Well, hello hero," Impa playfully mocked. "What can I do for you?"

"I'm sure Impa that you've heard of the news of this Second Triforce?" Link asked.

"Of course. I've been trying to find something on it all night. But I haven't really found any history on it." Impa said with a frustrated look on her face.

"There's a reason for that," Link replied. " I looked through this book briefly and read a little but I figured that you'd be able to make better sense of it all."

Impa flipped through a few pages and gasped at all the information she found. "This book is unbelievable Link. This much information on the Triforce has never been recorded. "

"If you flip to the back you'll find more on the Second Triforce. The reason why there aren't any records on it is because it is a flawed Triforce. The Triforce was created to be a holy balance but this one," Link turned the page to the picture, "somehow became flawed. You see, unlike what we believe, the Goddesses actually left one at a time and when the three golden pieces came together they didn't fit correctly and it became a corrupted Triforce. The Goddesses came down, collected it, and hid it in the depth of a certain location but I couldn't find where. When they left again, then that's when our known Triforce was created.

"Oh my," Impa said reading along with Link as he read from the Text. "This rewrites history itself. I'll definitely get at deciphering the rest of this. As for you Link, I think you should go check on Zelda. I haven't been in there in a while and I'm sure you two have some catching up to do.


"You got that right," Link smiled and then closed the Library door on his way out.

* * *

"Owww!" Zelda yelled. She had been laying in the oversized bathtub in her bedroom for over 3 hours as Link slowly cleaned out all her wounds.

"I swear, for his own safety, Ganondorf better never come around again or he'll pay for doing this to you. He'll have slash marks up his back for a year!" Link scowled. Impa had set her ribs and leg earlier and left Link to take care of the small wounds. Impa had also confirmed one of Zelda's private thoughts while she was being held captive. She was indeed pregnant. She smiled at the thought and wondered how she should tell Link. She watched him walk to the other side of the bathroom to get her robe for her. He helped her out of the tub and into her robe where he held her. He said nothing to her. He only looked at her and finally leaned over to kiss her. What started as a soft loving brush turned into a passionate kiss. He picked her up into his arms and laid her gently down on their bed. He continued to kiss her when he thought of something he had saved. Smiling down at her he reached over to their nightstand, pulled out a box, and handed it to her.

"What's this?" Zelda asked.

"Open it and you'll see." Link replied playfully.

She opened the box and found her necklace that had fallen off during her attack when she was taken. She gasped at the sight of it and tears came to her eyes. He removed it from the box and gently replaced it back on her neck over her slime shoulders.

"Thank you so much Link. I love you," She whispered.

"I love you too, and I will for the rest of my life." Link replied leaning down to kiss her.

Zelda put a finger over his mouth and gently nudged it away. Link made an insulted, playful look at her. Zelda just smiled and pulled him closer. "I have a surprise for you," Zelda whispered. "I don't know Hon," Link said, "do you think your feeling up to that?" Zelda hit his shoulder and pushed him off the bed when he started laughing.

"Not that kind of surprise, Link," Zelda said, scolding him. "Alright, alright. What's so important then?" Link asked.

"When I was apart from you in Ganondorf's castle I missed you horribly and began to think about all the times we had started to talk about children and I had always dismissed it so quickly. Well, maybe it was wrong of me." Zelda said, starring at the shocked but happy expression on his face.

"Does that mean you want to have a baby?" Link asked jumping up.


Link sat back down. "I don't understand…. What do you mean no?"

Zelda looked up smiling. "I'm already pregnant."

Link starred at her with his mouth gaping. He looked her over and a tear came to his eye. He threw her closer and hugged her not being able to mutter a word. "W-w-w-hen?" Link stuttered.

"Probably right before I was kidnapped. Well, what do you think?" Zelda hesitated, not being sure on his reaction.

Link got up, picked her up into his arms, and started flinging her around. "I think," He said when he finally stopped to kiss her, "that today is the best day of my life!" He exclaimed kissing her again.

They both fell to the floor laughing and holding each other, knowing that the hell they had gone through the last few weeks was, at the moment, over with.


Link woke up later that night though. There were still some lingering thoughts on his mind. He thought of Zelda, and his unborn child and how everything wasn't safe as he wished it to be. There was a whole new Triforce that was out there that could place the entire kingdom and his future family in danger.

"Ganondorf won't stop until he finds that second Triforce," Link whispered. "And if he does, we'll be done for…"




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